My daughter is having another surgery need prayers

  • my daughter is having another surgery this is very serious she has been having surgeris since her !st daughter was born she went into labor on Good Friday March 22.2008, at 6:00 a.m the hopitaal would not deliver the baby why?? no one wanted to work that night but she had been at the hopital all morning day and night they waited till 3:00p.m Sat afternoon when I ask for her to be sent to another hospital "they said she would not make it there alive her or the baby they then did a C-section they went wrong Friday night they gave her never damage in her back the dr. sneezed insde her ( no one wore face masks) giving her staff . infection cause her stomarch to rott she had to have several debrements and wond vacs, and surgeries also she had stop breathing had to started back, the drs, that did the orginal C-section "did a gross butcher job" horriable damaging other ogans when other drs. looked at her they ask what that?? she says C-section they say no a mal practice butcher job we don't want involed bye,she was told she would never grt pregrant agian due to all the damages , well I night of "prptected sex " yes, protected sex she got pregrant again went thr a very difficult time still on pain meds they did not hurt the 2nd baby girl but believe it or not the same dr, that did the 1st butcher job was called in to due the 2nd on after she was promised he would not ever touch her again the hospital sent her home July 30,2009 in labor after giving her a injection to stop her labor knowing fully well that she was in labor and tol;d due not come back to the hospital under any cicirumstances tonight ( in this state you must wait at least 24hrs before another hospital will see you for any reason including stroke , heartattact, etc, ) next morning after hearing her scream all night she had an appoint for an ultrsound I told her dad to just take her to her OBgy who was supose to deliver the impossibe to conceive baby the dr. when she said she was in labor he just laught at her and said "what do you want me to do" call an ambuliance for you or what she said aleast just check me since you and another surgeron promised to deliver thisbaby and perform the other surgeries when he finally got around to the exam she had diliated to 9 he had to push the baby back in ( if she deliver naturally she would have died and the baby neck would have broke and also died due to the 1st Butcher job,while her dad had to drive her next door to the hospital yes, same hospital yes, low and behold the same butcher dr. was there with a surgeron of his own he was able to locacte and pay over night, the dr, there had to push the baby back in asap, ( now you know why she was sent home ) yes, the time around went bad also, the dr, delivered a lttle girl ( she had a bowel movement ) was placed on and Iv and ox. and my daughter almost died they had to stop the surgeries due to bleeding and they removed a grapfruit size tumor also. ( which they lost ) the tumor was not tested to see if it was maliegent or not sorry about my bad spelling and typing I am shaking yes, this time around these were worst, yes, very bad no other dr. wanted to touch her finally another hospital agreed ( last time around we had to go for long hours of drives to out of area wound clinic not numbing her before removed rrotton tissue this was very painfull and she was awake during the whole night mare ) to see her ran a scans found internal bleeding m, blood cots, and something else they were not sure of toally inpacted bowels NO they did not perform surger they discharge that hospital admiistrator kept calling back and forth no one could under stand why do surgrery por antthing was perform, finally after monthes the orginal surgeon who was suspose to keep the OBGY who did NOT perform the surgies the 2nd time who was susposwe to has finally agree to perform surgery on our daughter on the 8th he claims she has multi herinas while the hospital who perform the scams says yes, but there is alot more he is going to do this in another county at another hospital ( she is rightfully scared so are we ) this is the surgeron who said when she was pregrant with the 2nd child to take her to a certain hospital that she was going to die if she did not have the baby deliver that day and have surgery while that hospial was required to admit her since at that time she was past 28 week but they did nothing but tortment her & her dad sit with her ( I home with her 1st baby ) till she left they told her they did not want her there but legally they could not discharge her they did not want her there due to the liablity ( really whos care about a 25yrs woman and unborn child these days with they are afraid of a lawsuit leave and die ) Really this is totslly insane ! she currently has a conjuested chest and abcess present huge mutiable football size tings in her stomarch, this dr. is suppose to go thr her side with a light 1st and try to perform surgery it is impossible to go thr the stommy anymore due to all the other surgies and scar tissue and I already know what he is going to find ( he surely is in for a schock) I praying wishing lighting candles everything just need your support and prayers please! ( bye the way the other grandmother of her 1st daughter calls my daughter a vile vessle that that was used tio deliver the 1st child to her and her husband Not my daughter the childs mother or her trisexual drugaddicted son who is the father but to them cause God told her this really my daughter really does not need this woman stress and crazy way this woman needs out of my daughter and granddaughter life bye the way this crazy woman think in her mind everyone and all should bow down to her and she has custody no she does not my daughter does she get no child support or anything from either of her childrens fathers the 1st father she left while on a wound vac her broke her wrist anfd more stole her pain meds tried to force to steal her dad's med she walk out of the shower one day when the 1st baby was under 6mo still on a wound vac found in holding the baby screaming dirty diaper with a needle in his arm dress in her underwear yes, she took out a cour order against him i know this is true cause it happen here in my home it was awfull he also attacked me but of course the police failed to due anything and of course his mother's mother is more evil ( but now they are god's people) my daughter is meek and mild and quiet, forgiving, caring and loving, if I and the rest of the world was like her we would have world peace these people kidnapped the 1st child after she told the baby father to leave held the child hostage, blackmailed her used you can' ever have you child back without signing this agreement which she signed under duress of the notifery a friend of theirs knew what was going on and of couse the lawyer ( whho is unfit to see his own children ) had drew up this agreement which was not suppose to to able to hold up in court of chooose $$$ talk and my daughter lawyer forgot suddenly to file of couse the judge knew all about this and allowed these people to get away with breaking all these laws yes, this is important also last time my daughter was having surgery the baby father ( who has posted on many a site he does not want the baby her mom does and he must obey her how he would be happy to see the child at visiation center but his mon says no ) made him try to get full custody of her 1st daughter while sheis fighting for her life having the second child thank GOD another judge just happen to be on and re-watch all the tapes and laught him out of court but he did not have thepower to change 50/50 custody with 6 long hr drive every week for the child , who comes home bruised and underweight all the time due to his mother diet for the child jello is a meal for now a 18mo.old my daughter is not able to go back to court at this time tio fiight for full custody she is killing her self with takeing care of her girls that mean the world to her that of couse we help her with in all ways and with all her bills etc, we need a miracle here asap help for her bithdate 2/07/84 thankyou she need full custody with child support and to get well it I just want her to live and finally be health, happy and get full custody which Is in the best interest of her girls, bye, last yr while, pregrant sick, hurting, her dad is in the hospiatl , his mother ruin, Christmas, made sure that her dad did not see herdaughter who crys for him, on christmas day, she mess up every, holiday there has been by getting away with breaking the court order why daughtersays why put my baby's father in jail for what his mother is doing she still believe that being good wins over evil it is so sad.

  • I'm Praying for you!

  • God Bless..I wanted to say that half way through your post, I felt that I should share with you. ~ A few years ago, at least six months out of that particular year, there seemed to be nothing going right for me..I had several compounding calamities within that six month period…It felt like I was being Whipped on, so to speak, (but then again literally)…My perception of this tumultuous period in my life, and how to help myself …was that I was needed to work on My Spirit Walk, I needed to change perhaps my way of thinking, acting, (Something!). Believing it may have been something as simple as, Drinking to much, Being too argumentative, Not taking time to Count my Blessings .I wasn’t sure what it was for certain but I knew I was on thinking on the right path…I Fasted for a few days, during the fast..I quieted myself not allowing Any outside influences (family included), and I prayed, I prayed for forgiveness..(Whatever my folly) I begged for enlightenment, I searched my own soul and slowed down the pace of my life, to recognize the World.... Pick a specific time of the day, call your daughter and ask that she pray at that same time of the day, no matter where she is just a few words at the same time ea day…

    Pray for Relief....

    Love, Peace & Light

    Sorry didn't get to read the last of your post...I hope my post helps in some way..

    I am in no way suggesting that you do not already pray...but maybe try getting all of your loved ones in on praying at the same time of day as you... no matter where they are....

  • Will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers love and light x

  • I will pray so that your daughter and family find a little light of peace and love.

    With everybody's prayers and good will lets hope a change comes to your life.

    But remember that everything happens for a reason. We need to go through fire in this life, there's no easy way out. Just believe and trust in God. Everything will be ok someday, you'll see.

  • Dear Angelique,

    I am so sorry to hear about this awful situation, I have prayed for you and your daughter and I have faith that things will get better for you and your family.

    Please continue to have faith and be as optimistic as you can. My thoughts are with you and I applaud you for having such strength.

    Love and Peace to you and your family.

  • I will certainly pray for you and your family.

  • My prayers are with you too,keep the faith.

    Peace & Blessings


  • I would like to thank everyone who has posted here for my daughter and thank you for your prayers. yes, I pray alot also repent alot for unknown sins i may have thought or done and the ones i have done faith is getting hard to have right now. My daughter use to pray all the time and sent positive enery out all the time now something seems to go really wrong when she prays things gets worse no matter what or who she prays for she does not understand why. She got married at 17 right out of high school moved 840 miles away and during those 6yrs horriable things were done to her physical, emotionally, mentally, spirtfully, to make things worst some of the horror was posted all over the internet of her and other victims of her husband who never was arrested for them she came home to me about 2yrs = ago to be safe and now this stuff happens ....... the past 8 yrs of her life has been very hard tonight her condition has gotten worse while waiting on surgery on tues. Dec.08 as a mother this is very hard she has gone thr more than any woman has in a life time. I have had a very rough life but this is the worst 2yrs of my life. her legal husband had her so brainwashed she thought it was all her fault what he did to her it took 6yr for her to excape from him. please continue to pray for her most of all that she lives the scars she has in all ways will last for the rest of her life but she still smiles and tries to help other people and sent postive energis out to everyone. thank you for your wise kind words and prayers blessed be to one and all may good karma return unto each of you in this life time and your hearts desires become fulled and peace always favor your swords ... thank we need xoxoxowith the peace healing and hopefully God will hear and grant her good blessings thanks again for the xoxoxox that is sooooo kind and warmhearted of you patricia197ibra

  • Still in great need of prayers and postive energies to be sent to my daughter in all areas of her life thank you in ADVANCE. update; she had surgeries yesterday morning early, three were done this time, the dr. said either she would wake up in peace or screaming in pain. well, she woke up thank God and the good spirits . She woke in the wort pain she had ever had, she can't find a way to lie due to the incesions and the surgeries and the never damges in her back, the Dr. choise not to give her, her current pain meds he decided to change then to a lesser type, She cried and screamed all the time after waking and thr out the entire night. I woke at around 12:30a.m. and called her nurse she informed me she had screamed all night could not get or be put in any position in order to sleep or rest,,the nurse said she also had "back surgeries" the Dr. said he maybe have to also go thr her back our understanding was he did not . I informed the nurse we were not aware of this but we knew that she had sever never dmge to her back, arms and leggs also but our understanding from the Dr. was he did not do back surgeries at this time mmm. She is treating to leave the hospital due to med change that is not helping.We informed to staff that we could not either of us lift her and care for her this time at home and she needs to stay. They did 2 incesion on 1 side and 1 on the other side and went thr the what would be a naval if tthe other surgies had not went bad and he inserted a 6 tio 8 " drain tube,, he used metal and platic screws a lot of mess and wire etc,I said he did not want to go thr the what once upon a time naval due to all the other surgieris but had to ... He was able to remove a lot of scar tissue and fix alot of things.. yesterday and wee hrs of the morning she had nice sweet caring nurses hope the same happens today shift change occured at 8:am Please pray she has nice nurses today and she will stay at the hospital for at least 10 days or at least 7days her insurance pays for 3 days then you have to call the back of the card and get pre-approval for the rest of the needed time her worker named also Jennifer has Not been returning calls and no one understands why? The Dr. informed me he would do a refreal to another hopital for a totally diffent surgery at a later time after recovery from this time around. please continue to pray for her her name is jennifer dob 020784 and for her to receive full custody of bother her girls with child support also pray she keeps her apts. while waiting on her while she was in surgery the apt. manger threated to revict her althroght her rent is period and now beleiving her for not moving in help let her keep her apt there help thank you they never brought her apt up to livable standards Help let her have favor and keep the apt with peace. thank you in advance for your prayers

  • Thank you for the update and will continue to send healing energy and surround her with the love of the white light. Peace and love.

  • I will continue to keep you and Jennifer in my thoughts and parayers at this difficult time. Love and light x

  • Sorry I meant prayers x

  • My prayers are with you and your family

  • update: 1st thank your all for everything . I still need prayer & other for her asap also I need strenght , endurance, understanding , positive engery sent to me also her ! I can't keeep going like this! thie surgery turned into 6 major surgeries . she go to day to the office to have stiches removed she is now infected. the people who are currently keeping the youngest child 16+wks old baby father is not taking care of her,his stepmother 23yrs old who is due anyday is caring for the child she is jealous of the child she is carrying his child not his 52 yrs. old father child . So...... the baby's father is not interested in the child our child wants to party alot. 4 months 1st time they kept the baby now this strsss is too much.. His father the child's grnadfather is happy the only one . He does not know his wife is carrying his son's child oouch... I wanted to go get her last night the woman called her very rude and hatefull complaining no milk for the infant ,etc My husband would not let me go get herneighter would my daughter i the primary caretaker of her she feels like mine. My daughter will not be able to do anything for months the dr. said maybe yrs. we need a healing miircale. My son who is 33 with 3 children is jealous of his sister and her 2 children their father both have them now But he does not realize that she could die at anytime the dr. said it is not up to him he is just a surgereon. I hurt my left arm. hand should , back, right hand broken a finger and a bone in my hand,top things someone took her pain meds and mine too can't believe this need help thank you in advance. blessed be to one and all!ps. i never ran from anything or anybody in my life when it comes to the flight or fight swydome I fight 1srt time i ever really truely felt like leaving for good. I can't beleive it myself.

  • This is really a tornado, just spinning and it keeps picking up more debris. I can see what a nightmare your in. I don't even know what to tell you unless you get some more help from an outside source. This is more chaos than a normal life should have. I will send energy but I think you will need to do something to change this. We can only do so much. Love and Light

  • dearest father god the lord jesus christ and every angel in the universe, i pray for this lady and her daughter and children, i bring them to the foot of your crooss dear lord please help them father thru this awful time, bring releif dear lord and great assistance immediatley to these poor people, they have suffered enough, lord your divine intervention, is required immediately, lift this force off these people lord and place your loving protecting angels with them, i ask this of you in jesus name and every one on this forum support with their prayers, enough is enough, i trust lord that you have read this prayer and the prayers of everyone else, and the angelic rhelm, ,in jesus name i prey amen faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains

  • I would like to thak everyone for there postive energy and prayers at this time. Current update Jennifer is looking at possible have 4 major organs removed at the present time we are hoping and praying that maybe it will be less Jennifer is having problems right now obtaining a lawyer since this has been going on since 3/22/08 they kept telling her "when you are well even or better" that has not occured she has only less than 6 wks left to obtain a lawyer who will take her case she is sent this week and last week getting tests and prep for these furture surgeries please send her healing energies and good prayers thank you all of you for everything today is 2/20 2010 thank you

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