Calling All Psychics

  • Well, here goes nothin'.

    HELP!! I have really gotten myself into a pickle this time.

    #1- I have a date with an aries man on saturday. somewhat not looking forward to it. I'm tempted to cancel. But, I'm not sure why. He's 52

    #2- I have a possible date the following weekend of the 12th. with a leo man. I'm excited about this possibility. Of these 3, he's the closest to my age. He's 32

    #3- I have a gentlemen I've been aquainted with since Aug. He's a sag. I put the brakes on it 2 months ago, reconnected recently and I don't understand my own motivations. Not totally clear where I stand with him. He's 51 as of today.

    I am 37. Sun in Libra, Moon in Taurus, Rising in Scorpio. 9/26/72 @ 11:28AM

    I do not always look to hook up or attract men, but seem to anyway. I've read it's a second nature for me. There are a few more that are interested in me, but not worth mentioning.

    What I'm requesting is if there are any psychics out there who can see what the near future holds for me concerning who I may or may not end up with. Wether it's one of these gentlemen or not? If you could provide the first initial of my dream love, well, that would be awesome. I realize that may not be possible, but thought I would ask anyway.

    Thanks in advance - Peg

  • maybe the Sagitarius dude. Sagitarius are very intelligent, hard to understand, yet very caring with a great heart. they have high endurance and can remain happy under whatever circumstances. and why do u date guys 20yrs older? icould see younger...

  • Thanks yvettezjones.

    to answer your question, age has never really mattered to me. I was married to a man that was 9 years younger than me and lets just say, different maturity levels, intellectuality, interests. Besides, 35-55 is what seems to have the ability to understand lifes issues.

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