Personal Year 7

  • My upcoming personal year 7 is coming up in 2010. I'm a little apprehensive about what it will be like. I know it is advised that you spend time alone and do soul searching. Maybe I am a little afraid of what I might find. Or maybe I am looking at it the wrong way. There are some things in my life I would like to improve but the security of my life is something I don't want to feel will be threatened. Sometimes I always fluctuate between feeling frustrated and unsatisfied with my current conditions and then at the same time feel a comfort in what I know and don't feel any real motivation to change things.

    Would anyone like to share their experince with their personal year 7? What did you learn? Did you actually enjoy the year or was it mostly painful? What helped you soul search?

    I remember my last 7 personal year was 2001 and I don't remember the year being terrible. I changed jobs and felt excited about it. I don't remember getting in touch with deeper aspects of myself though.

  • Year 7 can be an exciting time! With any year it can be all in how you look at it, but I find excitement associated with year 7. You have the opportunity to gain new experience and knowledge. You can advance in so many areas and feel better about you and your circumstances. What can be scary is events that can bring about the most change and growth can be more extreme. Try not to be apprehensive because I truly believe you will be ready to handle whatever challenges your path comes accross. As far as searching for some big secret about yourself. It is not some "out there" happening. Maybe take some stock at where your at. Review where you have been and where you are going. It doesnt require a extreme effort or necessarily a big ritualistic event. Focus on on your intentions. Are the things that fill your mind leading you where you want to go? What we think about most, with emotion, is where we are headed. Do you know where you want to go from where you are at? We must first know where we are headed to be able to take action to get there. Become aware of yourself and your surroundings. If you are open you will learn and understand more naturally. You may have some dramatic revelation but it can be quite pleasant to understand more about yourself and your place in the world. If the opportunity to engage in some new activities or something different that sounds interesting, get involved. You will gain more than you will lose. If you isolate yourself or become mistrusting of people and the process you will be less likely to be at peace. It is well worth your effort. You could very well look back and think "Wow! what a great year!".

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