Can someone please help interpret this card

  • I asked the cards "what is the nature of the relationship between my ex and i?" i pulled out the 4 of wands. Can anyone interpret this for me please. Thank you!

  • M&S - Love your username puts out a good vibe!

    Jumping on this because because of the lovely no.# ; ) I don't do cards anymore, stuck in a draw somewhere but ... Instantly, I wondered is this an ex-husband or ex-bf and what were the other cards ... Sorry, I suppose it doesn't really matter as you've constructed the post, right? Here's what I think: The foundation of your relationship, its nature, has been set, determined. (ex ) All has been cleared away for your future, time for you to move forward, and do the happy dance of life. Happiness lies ahead. ( was something already telling you this ? )

    I have a feeling though you want to hear that there is hope for this relationship & a chance at a shared joy. Could it be Nostalgia? The forum seems to be full of this type of post lately. Time of year, seasons, something in the air ....I don't know .... Go with your intuition. Maybe you are a fire sign or the ex is , or maybe you are missing the passion of this relationship, the feeling of being "alive" ? Not so much the person.? ?

    For more info tarot wise, you'd need someone who has more to offer than I do. This post will at least move yours forward - best wishes.

  • aww thanks for the interpretation. He was my ex boyfriend. Your reply is much appreciated 🙂

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