BLMOON Can You Please Tell Me?

  • There has been a guy in my life for the past (almost) 12 months and we've stopped seeing each other last 3 weeks. I know this may sound pretty silly and I'm getting kinda old for this nonsense but I have so much going on right now and need to know one way or another what is happening with this guy. Do I hang in there and things will turn around and he will be back in my life in nearish future and be open to moving this to the next level or does he have no feelings and not interested in a relationship with me one way or the other. If I need to forget about him and move, well so be it, but I would just like some kind of clear sign as to whether or not I am wasting my time with him. My dob is 4th May 1971 and his is 2nd May 1971. I would appreciate your insight and then I will not subject anyone else on this forum ever having to hear about him and I again!

    Thank you and I really hope you can help me stop driving batty with over thinking this whole thing.

    Wenchie :-))

  • I pray that you'll get the clarity you need wenchie x

  • Thanks Stronginside,

    I really appreciate that. :-))

  • Sorry BLMOON, his dob is 2nd May 1979

  • Stalemate. This relationship has gone stagnate. You broke a few of his rules and no one's backing down. This kind of stance takes so much energy! I see so many "unspoken rules" this man has. How do you keep up? Don't ask--don't tell, don't push, don't be needy and above all don't harp. You have been obliging too long and cannot follow your own path and be under this man's foot at the same time. I see a big bold sign that says CROSSROAD. You are insightfuly right to feel like "this is it"--really change or give up. You have an opportunity to heal a life long wound. Early in life you were forced to "tone it down some". You have much power and have been toning it down all your life because down somewhere deep you still believe everyone will feel better if you do because having power is a bad thing. This man is just another energy zapper part of a long list of energy zappers you've inflicted on yourself and yes it is getting old. Say it out loud everyday--It is good to feel safe--It is safe to feel good. Power is good. How do you know when it's feeling too safe and good? It's the little anxiety attack--the one you get just before you reach for the phone and just have to talk to him. This man has nothing intimate and real to offer. Empower yourself and raise the sword. You will have the best New Year ever.

  • Thanks BLMOON. I appreciate that, even if it's not exactly what I wanted to hear.

    Every part of my life has turned to crap, not one part of my life is actually good right now. I feel like the rest will be easier to face if I feel like I have someone there for me, by my side to....on my side while I deal with the rest of it. I guess I'm just meant to go through this alone, but I'm kind of fed up with that to be honest.

    Anyhow, thank you again, thanks for your time and energy and insight.

  • Gee I wish I felt this power or knew what it was!!! :-))

  • Oh BTW, I am happy to offer a healing in return for you. Just not up to doing it today, but over the weekend will be fine.

  • Wenchie, everyone on this board is here for you! Big Hug

  • Thanks Stronginside,

    My heart is breaking into little tiny pieces, but hey, we've all got our fair share of sh*t to go through at the moment. Such is life isn't it. 😞

  • Wenchie you are such a kind spirit. Things will work out for you beleive that for yourself as much as you beleive that for me. xoxoxox

  • Thanks Lovin,

    Right now I think I must have been a really bad person in my last life because Karma is kicking me big time! I'm just tired and worn out and fed up and over it all. I'm having trouble at the moment thinking anything is going to work out for me any time soon. I'll be fine, put the happy face on and keep going.

    And things will work out for you, I'm confident of that.


  • I usually don't post after a message but spirit insists. You are blessed with strong healing energy around you right now despite the emotions at the moment. Let all the pain and feelings of abandonment wash through you until spent. All pain is not bad--it is energy--you are normaly very in tune with this concept so don't despare. All positive change starts with a period of painful resistance--if it was easy we all would have no problems doing the right thing! You will feel it to the bone for a bit--think of it as withdrawls. You are just tapped out right now--once you break the cycle you will be rewarded with a new charge of energy and it will be like someone flicked the on switch. Spirit says this too shall pass! you are loved. Expect a show of "magic" today.

  • Hi Blmoon!

    I have 3 quick questions cause I know your busy. : )

    Is Chris listening to the advice I'm trying to give him??

    Will he ever apologise for the trouble he has caused me lately??

    Will my brother snap out of the depressive mood he has been in lately??

    I asked about my brother cause he is like this every Christmas and it's taking a toll on me and my Mum.

    I'm sorry to ask but leoscorpian recommended you.


  • Oops sorry birth dates.Been sleeping bad and my brain isn't working properly today.

    Mine: 15/05/1974 Liverpool Australia 9.50am

    My brother: 26/11/1982 Liverpool Australia 1.50pm

    Chris: 25/01/1974 don't know where he was born but he lives in Leumeah Australia.

  • BLmoon,

    I am counting on your kindness and wisdom when I ask that you or WHOEVER wants to post to this last request START ANOTHER THREAD for the question and the answers and let this one disappear.

    This thread is a painful reminder to someone who does NOT need it right now. PLEASE let it go and don't let another person be needlessly hurt by reminders of things they do not need to be reminded of right now.

    I can't believe it was resurrected. Really, some things are so irresponsible as to be beyond comprehension.

    I'm counting on you, BLmoon, as someone who IS truly gifted as opposed to those who profess to know everything and injure others by that arrogance.

    Blessings and Light to you

  • hisbablove pls stop trying to cause an argument ok.

    I'm over arguments already I think enough is enough and u trying 2 provoke me is not helping so I ask u politely to stop trying to argue with me.

  • I wasn't arguing with you, addressing you, or even the slightest bit interested doing any of that, If you read what I said, I said this particular thread causes someone ELSE pain so start another one so they don't have to see it and be hurt needlessly.

    You can ignore that if you want and keep hurting someone ELSE by keeping this thread where they can see it and suffer some more. I did my best to try and stop it. At least THEY know and understand that.

    I'm also asking YOU politely never to address me, mention me, or even read my posts again. This is the first and LAST time I will ever speak to you directly. Nor will I ever read anything else you post,so save yourself the trouble.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Charmed, PLEASE for the sake of someone we both hold dear, LET THIS THREAD DIE. Its hurting her terribly at a time when she is already hurting. PLEASE. This isn't about anything more than then protecting someone else's feelings who has nothing to do with this. I don't care if a million people ask for and GET a million readings..just not on this damn thread. I know you'll help me help someone who doesn't deserve her grief to be compounded because of something she has NO control over.

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