Questions for anyone who has the book "Tarot made Easy"

  • Hi,

    I recently purchased the book "Tarot made easy" by Nancy Garen and had a question about interpretating the cards from this book. The cards are divided into 32 catergories. She mentions reading about another person's wants/hope for, but I find it vague in relating to the questions I have. I usually do a seven card spread(Nancy has the section for outcome and best approach), however for the following, I am confused as to what category to look under for these questions:

    1. Someone's feelings for you

    2. What that person thinks of you

    3. What is hidden about that person...would this fall under the unexpected

    4. Factors keeping us apart

    5. Type of relationship they want with you

    Thanks so much


  • Hi lefthandedqrl, What I did was to make a chart so that all 32 categories can fit each card, then ask the question, once you shuffle and pull a card let your intuition guide you to the category that the clue from the answer gives you, you can keep asking one question at a time, and will be led to the next clue and category until you are satisfied, write down a quick answer and keep a conscious continuous line of communication going with the cards one at a time. In time you will be able to find astonishing revelations corner to corner, up and down all thoroughly showing you different angles of your life.I am happy to see that you bought the book, but a little confused as to why you didn't ask me for this advice since I was the one who recommended it.

  • Hello Luv2laf,

    I was thinking about posting the thread asking for you to answer, but I was concerned that with my luck you wouldn't be on the board for awhile and if that was the case, someone else could answer. I was so glad when I saw a response from you. Basically your saying your intuition guildes you throught the right answer. In your opinion there is one area"what is hidden about someone"(yup I admit I am a nosey one 🙂 that I think would apply to the special guidance area(the author mentions this section is for unforeseen unknown elements, so I think this would be the one to look under.). This is the only question where I am not sure where the category fits. Your thoughts would be so much appreciated if this particular one sounds right. The other topics I feel I can let my instinct guide we throught the answers, but this one stumps me.

    Thanks so much,



  • Hi Marianna, I am glad that you wrote back, and I don't think that you are nosey.I think that the area what is hidden may apply to a blind spot in your makeup so to speak, the card will guide you to understand what motivates you in the reading or what hinders your progress. We all have this blind spot in our psyche. When trying to find out what he or she thinks of us you can do the 8 card spread and visualize being that person, and as that person, then concentrate on the question, try to see the situation from their perspective and I find that this method can be quite accurate. Blessings to you to, and thankyou for asking. I know that there are many people who can contribute to these questions that we all have, and I didn't want to intrude, but this book is like my baby so like an aries I had to speak up.

  • Hello again,

    Thanks for your response. For the eight card spread, do you mean the spirtual guidance spread in the book? I tried asking those questions stated above, still found that I was grasping at what the answer was but I am sure that the more I do it, the more I do it the better I'll get. I couldn't understand the cards at all when I first started, now after practice I seem to be better at it. I have asked about myself and the answers in the book are so accurate it is scary. Again reading about someone else is harder, alot. Thanks so much for suggesting this book to me. There won't be anymore need to go to a tarot reader(still might want some second opinions if needed on the board) or psychic when I get the nack of it.




  • Thats great! I hope that others get this book as well, it is empowering ourselves.

  • Hi,

    Sorry I did have two more questions. For the eight card spread, are you referring to the spirtual guidance spread in the book? Lastly for timing, I am not sure if I am reading it right, but this is what I get...for example the five of coins is 5 years, the 6 of wands if 6 months, 3 of cups is 6 weeks, and the six of swords is 6 hours.



  • Hi, yes to question one, and yes for question two, have an enlightening time. The time and court cards even align with info on a specific day for the moon and planets, it is the best tarot tool that I have come across so far.

  • Thanks again for all your help.

    Brightest Blessings,



  • I really don't use any other books now because they confused me, this book takes you into seasons, time, accurate discriptions of others, and how we are feeling, etc. etc. Even others intentions, as well as our own and best course of action to take. This is the book that led me to seeing that there is a higher power and is truly there to guide us with love, and sometimes forces us to take a good look at the truth about ourselves, situations and others.

  • Luv2laf, thank yOu for recommending this book!!!

  • You are more than welcome Goldenhill. hugs

  • Hi Luv2laf!

    Good Lord! Did you memorize all 32 possibilities for each card????

    I just picked up a copy of book... Lots of valuable info-

    gonna have to retrain myself, pretty much do intuitive readings..

    Do you use other spreads?

    Thanks for your insight,

    Best to you , hugs for you.

  • Hi, Goldenhill, no, it is a helpful map, to see what is going on in your life, it has taken me about 4 years to remember the words of the different catagories and it helps to be able to under stand how the cards relate to eachother in the spread. I have developed amazing intuition by using this book every day. Eventually the words will come to you and it will make sense like learning a new language, it will be worth it if you take time to allow the situations to be imprinted in your mind with the cards description. I mean I started taking the book seriously after I had it for 3years. It took 4 more years to naturally become familiar with almost every discription and category. I hope this helps. I can do intuitive readings, but wanted a more concrete and down to earth no nonsense way to read for myself and others. I hope this helps, ask anytime, I will try not to sound confusing.

  • Luv2laf, your insight helps alot, I will rake you up on some questions

    eventually, thanks again "Luv2laf"

    Best always, to you! : )

  • Thank you, and I will be here, for you. Have a golden day!

  • ~I would defintely recommend this book. It is addicting. It is accurate, but I have not been succesfull yet at finding out the other person's feelings. I tried one spread by the author(that is to be good at find out the other persons wants, desires as per the author) but the cards bounced back to me and my emotions. I guess I will keep going at it. I will try Luv2laf's suggestion at the eight card spread. Thumbs up for the book. My only thumbs down at this book is you think she would have a section for how another feels about them. Come on this has to be the top tarot question of all time, and she didn't even grant it a section in the book...:-) ~.


  • Hi lefthandedqrl, I have an idea, imagine the other person in front of you sitting or which ever way you feel comfortable with his or her image, start a conversation with him silently and ask him a question, ask your higher power to open your receptibility for the truth, and listen to what he says,then ask the higher power to help you pick the card, read the card and ask for verification from the person you are asking again. I have found this to be accurate. You can have a conversation with him if he is receptive, it may take a couple of minutes to ground yourself first to be able to connect and concentrate. I would sometimes find myself reading and looking at the cards for 6 to 10 hours at a time at first, I found it was more helpful to do only 1 or 2 spreads a day and see how things devolop. when you are the most relaxed is when the walls come down and we are most receptive to the answers. Write down the conversation after even if you feel that it is only you creating this, you will find in time that most likely you were in touch with the truth. Huggs.

  • Hi Luv2laf,

    ~Thanks for your suggestions. I will definetly follow it the next time I do the reading. The category spread looks interesting to. It is addicting and accurate like you mentioned. Good riddance to psychic's.~

    Hug's back.



  • Hi, lefthandedqrl, Yay! some one is on my team! Thank you, I can't tell you how many so called psychics that I have tried to connect with but they are determined to stay with in their so called group and are not open to these teachings. You have no idea what you have done for me today, thank you and lets pass this empowering info on with the book. Love to you and yours.

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