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  • I have a question (or, rather, hopefully a conversation-starter): What does it mean when I have an empty house, or several, on my natal chart? I'm tempted to take this literally and say, "Hey, my 9th house is empty. That's the Sag house, associated with higher education, foreign travel, and philosophy (among other things)-- but I've got a BA, I've lived abroad and I'm halfway through reading The Sacred and the Profane! What's that about?"

    I'm interested on hearing different interpretations of this, and also, to see how people respond to their "empty houses."

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  • Great question, Saundra. What I learned about empty houses when I was studying Astrology is that these represent areas of life where you've "been there, done that" in terms of past-life experience. Therefore, there's not a big emphasis on these areas in your current lifetime. Which is not to say that NOTHING happens in those areas of life - they're just not the main focus. The main focus - the areas where you're doing the most growth - would be on houses where there ARE planets.

    What makes interpreting empty houses a little trickier is that, let's say your 9th house is empty (as in your case, Saundra), but you've got some planets in Sagittarius (the sign associated with the 9th house and also connected with things like foreign travel, higher ed, philosophy, etc.). In this case, 9th-house themes will still be strong in your life, even if your 9th house is empty.

    Another way to look at the houses that might be helpful is to see them as representing phases of development rather than "areas of life." The brilliant astrologer Barbara Hand Clow clued me in to this approach. According to her scheme, the 9th house represents the process of "spiritual integration" - how we connect with god (whatever that means to you) or higher consciousness. Looking at empty houses from this perspective, we might say that spiritual integration isn't one of the major processes you're working on in this life. However, at various times you'll get transits to this part of your chart and need to deal with it (as we all have to work through the themes of every house at some point).

    I'm curious to read other people's thoughts about this question!

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  • Saundra I have always wondered about empty houses in my chart and Emily you have confirmed what I thort could be the reason for this. So does that mean the more planets in one house ie, three planets in the third house is where I will have the greatest growth challenges in this lifetime? I think

  • hi Lisa - I would say yes - with 3 planets in the 3rd house, you've probably got a lot of lessons in those areas of life (communication, early education, connecting with and fitting in with the people around you...). Of course, how challenging those lessons are depends on which planets are in there, as well as their sign(s) and the aspects they make.

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  • I'm just wondering how common it is not to have ANY empty houses on your chart. (Maybe this would hint at a young soul?)

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  • Personally, I'm not sure I've ever seen a birth chart without at least one empty house, so I think that would be pretty rare.

    However - I suppose if you added several asteroids into your chart (Ceres, Juno, Pallas, Hermes, etc.) you could probably fill up those empty spaces! Maybe in that sense - considering that there are literally thousands of planetary bodies out there, all of which have some astrological significance - none of us really has ANY empty houses... (But really, this is an overwhelming thought to me, as I find the typical 10-planet plus Chiron plus North Node chart already contains PLENTY of information to ponder for a lifetime...)

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  • Hello,

    I am new to astrology and am looking for a few answers. my husband and I want to start a family but am not sure if this year would be a good time for us. I'm a cap (1-14-74)and he is on the line between gemi/tarus(5-21-74). I just need a little advice. I have a ton of planet in my 5th house. Any suggestions?

  • Hi, tentiger. While Astrology can certainly help with identifying an opportune time for starting a family, I think this is too big of a question for an online context like this. As an astrologer, I would want to take an in-depth look at charts for both you and your husband (based on birth time and place as well as date).

    In the meantime, if you're looking for more immediate insight, I would suggest a Tarot or I Ching reading. No matter which divination system you use, I think making decisions like this always comes down to tuning into and trusting your intuition. Divination can help you clarify your thoughts and feelings, and to identify the underlying issues related to your question.

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  • Tentiger, I agree with Emily and think that divination tools can help you tune into your intuition. I was cynical about Tarot at first, thinking that any kind of information "delivered" by the cards would be arbitrary. I figured I would have to stretch my thinking so that the messages of the Tarot would fit into my personal situation. But when I actually sat down for a reading, I realized that by giving more attention to the issue at hand (whatever question was at the center of my reading), I found that the cards offered new perspective or even forced me to look at the issue from unfamiliar angles. (This often happens when the Death or Devil cards come up-- you don't want to accept them at face value!)

    I've often felt that way about horoscopes (though I also think you have to find an astrologer, or astrologers, that resonate with you).

    Lastly, as part of my layman's point of view, I've been pleased to learn that the field of astrology isn't as black and white as I'd thought. I had assumed that astrology would say that certain signs are categorically incompatible in relationships, or that x date is a horrible time to have a baby-- instead, it allows you to better relate to the person (or situation) you're involved with by giving better insight. (That might be why Jung increasingly used astrology later in his career to relate to his patients)

    Good luck!

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  • I have a question:

    I'm a Libra with an empty 7th house (using the Equal House system; I don't believe in Placidus--no offense to any Placidus people out there!). However, I have the Sun and Mercury in Libra, 11th house. (I have no planets in Aquarius)

    Basically, what I want to know is if my positions explain the role that love has played in my life. I have had nothing but disappointment and I know this isn't going to change: is there something in my chart that indicates bad luck with love and relationships? I have a TON of square aspects in my chart (my sun especially is very badly aspected) so does that, too, have something to do with this?

    My other planets/houses are:

    Venus, Pluto=Scorpio, 12th house

    Uranus, Saturn, ASC=Sagittarius, 1st house

    Neptune, Mars=Capricorn, 2nd house

    Jupiter=Pisces, 4th house

    Moon=Cancer, 8th house

    Also: does it mean anything that most of my planets are "lumped together" (i.e, most are on one side of the chart, from the 12th to 4th house and then the lone Moon in Cancer)? Would this have an impact on bad relationship experiences? I've read about chart patterns before but I wasn't sure if that had anything to do with relationships or not.


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