Compatibility analysis

  • Hello Captain,

    My birthdate is July 5, 1975

    His is August 30, 1967

    Thank you, in advance, for any insight.

  • Hi Captain

    Me june 5 1987 and his is december 15 1987

  • Last time I posted I got the birthdates wrong...Sorry Captain... can I please have a reading for

    Me July 14 1969

    Him Oct 14 1973

    Thank you for your time and talent 🙂 hugs

  • Hi TheCaptain, thanks for all of your insights thus far. As I'm dating again these days, I would appreciate your thought on my compatibilities, longterm, shorterm, friendship, business, romantic, etc.

    I am a female, birthdate is Jan 9, 1980, Thank you very much!

  • MorphingAS, this combination promotes eccentricity, and while the two of you are normally very hard-working, together you occupy yourselves mainly in the pursuit of pleasure and ease. Your friend can busily focus his attention on you, perhaps even trying to construct a psychological system to define or contain your more unusual side. But the relationship promotes unconventionality, and you are apt to slip out of your friend's grasp. And the harder he chases you, the more bizarre his own behaviour will begin to seem. The process can become addictive, and the two of you may soon want nothing more than the freedom to pursue it. Hiding from a thrid party, or from society's watchful eye, can become obsessive in this combination, using up too much energy. A love affair or friendship will do best when out in the open, then. A healthy affair like this will tend to evolve naturally towards temporary and then permanent living situations, and perhaps finally into marriage, whereas one cloaked in secrecy or subterfuge will not. The comfort and security afforded by a shared domestic space is one of the relationship's cornerstones; here the two of you can indulge your preoccupation with the bizarre and unusual. You will want to work together to make it aesthetically beautiful as well as functional. The nurturing and service-oriented side of the relationship suggests having or adopting children, but as parents you must be careful to leave enough quality time for each other, and for yourselves individually. Encouraging independence, avoiding addictions of any type (especially love), eschewing secrecy, and breaking with possessive attitudes may emerge as the biggest challenges in this relationship.

  • Hotvirgorising, you two are deeply involved in the idea of giving your word and keeping it. Truthfulness, honesty, and carrying through on one's commitments is important here. Yet because you HVR often have your own highly individual language, and are likely to interpret what others say or write in an unusual way, it may not be easy to bind you to a simple agreement. Similarly your friend, who tends to see the bigger picture, may dismiss smaller details as petty or insignificant when in fact they have considerable meaning. Thus it may be extremely difficult for the pair of you to come to a common or ordinary agreement, contractual or otherwise. Generally related to these issues is the fact that the written word will fascinate you both - newspapers, magazines, novels and poetry will all hold a special place for you. In a marriage here, where matters of integrity are of basic and vital importance, problems won't necessarily arise immediately. Only when serious difficulties and even partial breakdowns surface will disputes over written or spoken intentions or agreements emerge. You HVR will try to hold your spouse to the minute details of any previous agreement, while he will argue from a broad sense of the overall picture. These differences need not be irreconcilable as long as you both can agree on how literally statements and promises should be taken. A love affair will also hinge on giving one's word, often in matters of emotional trust. Promises made and broken may prove the sticking point - especially if the partner accused of breaking their word, sending mixed messages or leading the other partner to have false expectations is the Sag man, usually the more dominant one here. He needs a lot of freedom to do his thing and if you display any overly possessive or heavily demanding attitudes, he will rebel or even bolt. You HVR can be terribly wounded when a central fact you have assumed to be true in your relationship is suddenly called into question or revealed as an illusion. Misunderstandings amongst lovers and friends here are likely to be much harder to deal with than those between spouses.

  • 6des9, you gave me those exact same dates on page 168.

  • Hopelesslyromanticcappie, I will answer your question here -

  • Thanks, TheCaptain!

  • Hi Captain!

    me: june 21 1972

    him:june 7 1970

    Thanks in advance for your hard work.

  • Jennifer1234, a love affair here is likely to centre around you and your friend's needs to be understood and accepted. You Jennifer often know a great deal about yourself, but your friend will need a better understanding of himself, especially his suppressed dark side, before this relationship really begins to develop. A complex process is often at work here: investigation of each person's individual personality can broaden into a richer understanding not only of the relationship, but of other people, even of life itself. Expressing love and intimacy is likely to be the reward of such a process. Marriage will continue the evolution of the love affair. At first, your friend is likely to back off from a longterm commitment - you will have to show patience and steadfastness here. Once a commitment is made however, he will make a devoted and dedicated spouse.

    Your relationship can encompass a love of nature, and peaceful relaxation can be part of the picture. But mainly this relationship involves a search for self. Questions about identity, fulfillment and the soul will predominate here, with the two of you not only sharing your personal journeys but pondering your relationship as it deepens and grows. Although you may seek external goals, your relationship is more likely to try to deepen itsself through inner exploration, plumbing psychological, emotional and perhaps spiritual depths. Your friend has a shadow side that longs for understanding, and being the good and sympathetic listener that you are Jennifer, you are just the right person to counter his fear of looking foolish and to help him know himself better. The emphasis on inner growth here is also just the ticket for one such as you, being so thoughtful and profound as you are, and you will also benefit from your friend's enthusiasm and from his ability to share ideas and information.

    Don't cut yourselves off from the world - deepen your understanding of yourselves and each other, but stay physically active and also allow for individuality.

  • Thanks for your fast replie. What for a suppressed dark side he have? He is the one who is distance himself from me so the last mail I got is over 2 months ago.

    Thanks again for your answer.

  • Jennifer, your friend may have some issues arising from an unhealthy family situation or a lack of parental guidance that will have taken its toll on how he approaches any relationship in his life. It may have made him afraid to let down his guard at all for fear of being attacked, abandoned, or criticized. He constantly expects the bottom to drop out of his life so often he will escape before it happens. So he runs away, then he comes back, then he gets afraid again, and runs away. Etc. etc. He has a compulsive need for order in his life, and love and emotions to him seems very chaotic and disordered indeed. He tends to trust his mind over his heart. This can lead him into a desperate search for perfection in people and situations. But that search will never end because no one and nothing here is perfect. The only place he can create perfect order is in himself by relaxing and trusting the Universe to take care of him.

    His dark side manifests as deep insecurity or a feeling of being misunderstood by everyone. He is a gifted scholar and intellectual with special verbal skills, but he needs to explore his emotional side more in order to understand it and to lose his fear of his feelings.

  • So he have fears for relationships, right? What do you think I should do, cause I have the feeling we are soulmates?

    Thank you for all your answers.

  • Jennifer, he may be A soulmate of yours but he won't be the only one. We all have many soulmates during our lives - family members, friends, lovers, pets, enemies, etc. Certain people come to teach us lessons - they may only stay around for an hour, a day, weeks or years but they are our invaluable guides to giving us insight into our own selves. They can teach through hard or easy lessons.

    You will have to help your partner become more aware and less scared of his and other people's emotions. Help him to deal with emotional situations. Get him to talk about anything that is bothering him so that he grows more comfortable sharing his feelings. Keep asking him "How do you feel about..." this or that subject? As a Cancer, you know a lot about emotions. But don't push him beyond the point where he feels comfortable. Small steps at first.

  • Hi again, Captain.

    I was wondering if you could do a quick analysis of my failed marriage. So many questions. Such an abrupt and brutal end (not my choice).

    Me: Libra male: Oct 9, 1964

    Her: Aries female: March 31, 1973

    Married: June 20, 1998

    She left on April 2, 2011

    Divorced in July, 2011

    There was infidelity on her part. Lies, manipulation but periods of genuine closeness throughout the relationship. Very intense, ultimately damaging to me in a big way.

  • Thank you again Captain, but how can I help him than he is far away in his home town since last year november? Yes he said that he comes back in his last mail and that he is missing me, but I don't know if I can trust him.

    Thank you again for all your answers and help.

  • Hi Captain,

    My ex who I haven't spoken to for over two years has contacted me again recently. I would love to know our compatibility.

    Me: March 12 1985

    Him: December 12 1978


  • Jennifer1234, you will have to communicate with your friend vis texts, phone calls or emails until the distance thing is resolved. As to trusting him, your intuition will tell you about that if you listen to it. Do you have any uneasy gut feelings about your friend?

  • Triplover, this relationship was actually better designed for friendship than love. It had a good synergy for empathy and emotions, but you and your ex were just too different in your approaches to life to unite on a really deep level of understanding or acceptance. For example, when faced with problems or challenges, your ex would act more from instinct while you, being more mentally oriented, wlll generally hang back a bit. In the long run even though it didn't last, the relationship will have strengthened your individual sensitivities to know and understand another person's feelings. It will be easier on you to heal and move on if you focus on the benefits you got out of the marriage, rather than its negatives.

    Your ex's outspokenness and your reflectiveness may have occasionally clashed yet each of you had much to learn from the other. Often a procrastinator, you may have admired your ex's ability to make up her mind and act without endless rumination or indecision - she, being headstrong, may have learnt for her part how to be less rash and impulsive and to use more common sense. Given the differences in each of your orientations (in this case that of opposites attracting and being so exciting), this combination would not usually be recommended for a love affair but sometimes it can work out for a time - until the attraction of opposites becomes irritating instead of exciting. The crucial factor in longevity here is usually physical attraction. Not having much in common personality-wise, the fact that you both enjoy having fun will keep this relationship going for a long while. Assuming that your ex wasn't overly egotistical and didn't ignore your needs (as some Aries people can do), and you respected her need for independence (without being masochistic and losing your own self-respect), a truly unselfish love is possible here. Once the physical attraction wears off for one or both of you however, there will be little 'glue' remaining to hold it together. Comradeship and affection may have given this marriage its endurance for so many years but in the end you both will want someone who really 'gets' you on the deepest of levels.

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