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  • After seeing my ideal matches i now want to know what you see for me and an interest of mine. I'm May 2, 1982 and he's July 11, 1974. Thank you!!!

  • Mizgator, particularly important in this relationship is taking the time to understand not only thoughts but feelings. Lines of communication must be kept open and compromises reached. When this is done, a marriage here can be solid, effective, and powerful. It will work even better if your love interest commits to it fully, and if he can modify his need to be at centre stage and to be in control. But the relationship often never gets off the ground at all, since your love interest is attracted to a very different type of lover, someone more 'exciting' and unreliable than you, even though you may be the one best able to give him what he really needs. A long-term relationship is only possible here if a love affair can actually be begun at all.

  • Thank you TheCaptain. I totally agree with everything you've said. I'm not exciting enough for him it seems. Oh goes on! His loss!

  • thank you thecaptain i am working on joining my husband he is in europe and i am in africa...i am praying that i can join him soon...lots of processing of papers and crossing boarders...i am working day n night to keep our bond strong until then...the rest is in Gods hands...

  • Hi Captain great to see you back which state did you move to?

    I would be very intersted to know what you see with my husband and i his dob is 12-11-70 mine is 27-4-69

    Many Thanks in advance

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Dear Captain, I could use some help on this relationship, it's very new and puzzling for me. If it matters anything, I have a Virgo ascendant, don't know about his.

    My DOB - 10. October 1984

    His DOB - 29. August 1974

    Many thanks again 🙂

  • LivingonaPrayer, I moved up to Toowoomba in Queensland.

    The slogan of your relationship with your husband could well be 'no hassles'. The two of you usually make well-defined demands, but your relationship - particularly in marriage - is remarkable for keeping your requirements of each other to a minimum, and for settling for what is rather than what could be. You LoaP enjoy being able to walk through the door and relax after a tough day; your hubby likes being appreciated for what he has to give. The relationship satisfies important needs then, but also encourages the easy give-and-take that makes living worthwhile. Love between you for the most part is likely to be magnetic, physical and sensuous, reaching new highs in torrid sexuality, much to the enjoyment of both of you. Very occasionally, it may also be volcanic, unleashing hostility along with desire and passion. In a marriage here, the home can become a reliable and comfortable haven from the world's pressures. Fighting can be kept to a minimum and peaceful evenings will unfold. This is not to suggest that the two of you are by any means turned off, but rather that the relationship's emotional intelligence is high. There is an understanding here of the value of compromise and understanding, and a realisation that impatience and constant anger are counterproductive and undesirable. The two of you are complete opposites in personality and attitudes to life, and this can cause both attraction and conflict. Beware that you don't try so hard to quench the fire or keep the peace that your relationship develops an unhealthy lethargy. Share stimulating activities together and don't fall into nonproductivity. Tension isn't always undesirable. Further the action.

  • Howlingmoon, it is not unusual for the two of you to find each other at exactly the right moment, usually when each of you is poised on the brink of something new, yet unsure whether or not to jump. Your relationship often helps you both to climb out of a well of loneliness and make a new start - a new life. Each partner here has the talents and skills to enable the other to see more clearly and with broader vision. Better able to scan the horizon, together you will be able to make better choices. You HM have a light and fun-loving side that is just the tonic for cheering up your partner. You also have an ability to assess other people and to act sociably, an invaluable support for your more retiring and socially awkward friend. For his part, he can show you how better to organize your life, helping you to develop the analytic skills that will allow you to make clearer decisions. Friendship often works best here, but a love matchup can be a workshop for accepting, resolving, or working out personal problems. You HM have a lot of psychological understanding, making you well suited to helping your partner begin to fathom his own personality, a necessary step if he is to become more self-sufficient and less needy. Marriage will often deepen your commitment to each other and increase the effectiveness of your mutual quest for self-actualization. You can also make a very effective working partnership. In this relationship you two will need to strengthen your willpower and learn how to work yourselves out of depressions. Build self-esteem together and above all let your hearts guide you. This may not endure forever but you can be a good team while it lasts.

  • Hi Captain

    It is spot on you described our relationship to a tea ,Toowoomba is very nice from what i seen i stopped through there a few years ago on a road trip coming home from the gold coast .

    Many thanks love and light loap 🙂

  • Thanks Captain, I would agree with that. There is a strong connection of some sort, I'm pretty sure we were never going to work out, which is fine, but he does seem kindev fearful of me at times, or he will say what makes you think I don't care anything about you or don't want to be friends? I tell the fact that he acts fearful:) I think hes about to be engaged to a nice picses person, hopefully that will work out.

  • Captain, may I ask one question about that? as its the connection that amazes and preplexes and always had me confused before I looked at it differently or from a more spiritual point of view, does he know we have that connection? or better yet, does he get the dreams, feelings> ect? I will at times know something is going on with him that I shouldn't know, and I've told him a couple times risking him thinking I'm crazy, if he thought it was odd he didn't say, but I wonder if he has that connection with me, does he get those vibes the way I do? I also wonder where the connection come from because we are not from the same area, but my family does come from where he does, and I've always been drawn to that place, even though I never go there. Is the connection one sided?

  • Bluecat, you have a strong conscious psychic connection with your ex but his is more subconscious and unaware in that he gets vague feelings and messages from you but dismisses them as fantasies or nonsense. He doesn't put much thought into pursuing their meaning or purpose. A psychic connection has to be strong at both ends for it to work.

  • Thank you for explaining Captain, I see what you mean. Could that be because he lacks interest in me as a person? or just doesn't beileve in the connection? I no longer want the relationship, but I do try to be friends, the connection always has seemed like a waste of a very cool gift that I value, and have wanted to use, I think its a cool thing to explore when you have it with another person, but it does seem a bit of a waste on him and I lol

  • Bluecat, it's not about you but him. He is just not that open to psychic matters.

  • Thank you Captain, the more I learned and approached it differently, the easier it really was to move on, and get past him. I appreciate your insight on it more then you know:)

  • Hi Captain, could you please tell me about my love life if I have one or my Birthday is 06/30/1963 and his is 10/26/1963..I have known him for a year and he has been coming in and out of my life since then... We are good friends and some how I guess we have a connection, cuz every time he finds someone and they dont last very long he comes back to me....Oh and here is another B-day ( 01/30/1970) that I would love for you to read about also...we are suppose to be a couple going on 3 mos and it was going well at the beganing untell the middle of June then some how he jst stopped txtn me and giving me excuses.. Hes suppse to be coming to Cali on the 15th of this mo. so that we can meet but I have a feeln hes not going to show up.....So can you tell me if I should jst let this one go and try for the other one or jst let both of them go...I really need your help.. Thanks

  • Tularegrl

    You and the 10/26/1963 guy: this relationship is apt to be pretty complex emotionally. It is difficult as a friendship and works better as a love relationship. Its great challenge is to build bridges of verbal communication and to set parameters within which meaningful contact can take place. You tend to favour unplanned interactions, wanting as much breathing space as possible, while your friend prefers rules and regulations that will guarantee him control. Power struggles are almost certain here, then, and will threaten the relationship's security if allowed to get out of hand. Patient diplomacy, compromise and discussion will be essential if this is to be forestalled. A love affair can go deep here. Sexual bonds are likely to be passionate and long-lasting, and your emotional encounters will stir you both profoundly. Negative as well as positive feelings will emerge. Before this affair proceeds to marriage, it would be prudent to outline the role and responsibilities expected of each partner, establishing general guidelines to guarantee the relationship has a solid structural basis. A friendship here is close but difficult to maintain. The two of you are unlikely to see the necessity for creating guidelines for your interactions, let alone agreeing on them. Your friend may also be suspicious of your motives (which he finds dubious) and actions (which he sees as sneaky). You are likely to view him as an overly moral control freak at times. The result of this is often a sort of on-again, off-again relationship. That's why it needs a love connection to strengthen it. Otherwise it will never be very solid.

    You and the 01/30/1970 guy: this is very difficult for love or friendship. The two of you function well as a business or working team, or operating together in a broad social context. You both naturally take the lead in any endeavour, sharing few tensions between you over dominance and control. You do however demand the highest quality both in others and in yourselves. The relationship's quality of nurturing and understanding hatches new ideas the way a hen hatches chicks. You two will take the lead socially or professionally, doing the pioneering work that others will follow, although the relationship's focus is not necessarily practical. There may be an aspect of the teacher/pupil to your matchup, with your friend enjoying learning from you and being cared for. In a love affair or marriage here, you Tularegrl are likely to be appreciative, nurturing and supportive of your partner. But you can be made very unhappy by his instability and shenanigans, particularly his flirting - even though you know that he needs to be free, and is happiest when given the space he requires. He demands constant appreciation, so much so that you may be relieved sometimes to find yourself alone. Your friend will generally enjoy the domestic comfort and security that you can provide, assuming that he doesn't find it too cloying or possessive.

  • Hi Captain,

    Could you please give me insight on my relationship with my boyfriend of six and half years

    my birthdate is 10/19/1987, and is 05/17/1988 If you could do this it would be greatly appreciated it.

    If possible to do a third one it would be greatly appreciated as well i have been friends with him for the past 7 years and theres just always been something there his birthday is 01/03/1988.

    Thank you so much.

  • Candy22cane, you and your boyfriend relate well to each other's youthful and wild side. Neither of you is looking for problems, although intellectual arguments are likely to arise. Quick-witted repartee may be prominent here, with irony, sarcasm and sharp humour abounding, but it is usually well meant and truly funny. It mustn't dominate the relationship, though. Deeper and more passionate or serious relationships are generally not encouraged by this combination, which instead nurtures rather easygoing and pleasant ones. Friendship or a love affair are favoured here, with marriage or a more permanent living situation often resulting from them. A friendship or love affair may in hindsight be seen as having been a proving ground from which a deeper commitment has evolved, but such relationships have great value in themselves, and are usually free of such expectations. As a friend or lover, your BF takes great pride in your mental abilities while you for your part admire his natural ease. This relationship has much to teach its partners - you will learn how to relax, and your BF how to focus his thoughts more effectively. Whatever the physical attraction here, the primary thrust of the relationship is not necessarily sexual or emotional but usually lies in the realms of the mind. Marriage both benefits and suffers from your easygoing attitudes, which may undercut ambitions and dilute dynamic drives, but can actually result in higher effectiveness and fewer losses due to argument and stress. A common love of aesthetics may also unite the two of you.

    You and your friend: this works best as a friendship. It is likely to be a volatile relationship, having an explosive quality and a focus on independent action, so that it needs a great deal of care and diplomacy. Your friend is extremely sensitive to criticism, so you need to tread carefully if the relationship is to survive. Unfortunately, this combination is not always completely realistic in its viewpoint, and it may bring itself down through a refusal to recognize its own weaknesses and limitations. A relationship that entails so much unwillingness to compromise sovereignty will obviously prove difficult. A love affair or marriage here may be built around idealistic pursuits in which mutual admiration and personal honour play an important role. Neither of you cares much about what others think of your relationship. Self-sustaining and loyal, both of you will tend to hang in for the duration if the relationship can learn to compromise and be more flexible. But it will not be easy.

  • Thank you Captain, appreciate it!!

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