Compatibility analysis

  • farawaysag, you two are deeply involved in the idea of giving your word and holding to it. Truthfulness, honesty and carrying through on one's commitments are important ideas here. Yet because your partner often has his own, highly individual language, and is likely to interpret what others say or write in an unusual way, it may not be easy to bind him to a simple agreement. Similarly, you, who tends to see the larger line, may dismiss smaller details as petty or insignificant when in fact they have considerable meaning. Thus it may be extremely difficult for you two to come to an ordinary agreement, contractual or otherwise. Generally related to these issues is the fact that the written word will fascinate you both—newspapers, magazines, novels and poetry will all hold a special place for you. In marriages and work relationships, where matters of integrity are of basic and vital importance, problems won't necessarily arise immediately. Only when serious difficulties and even partial breakdowns surface does dispute over written or spoken intentions emerge. Your partner will try to hold you to the minute details of any previous agreement, while you will argue from a broad sense of the overall picture. These differences need not be irreconcilable as long as both of you can agree on how literally such statements should be taken. Love affairs, family relationships and friendships are also likely to hinge on giving one's word, often in matters of emotional trust. In love, promises made and broken may prove the sticking point—especially if the partner accused of breaking their word, or sending mixed messages, is the more dominant one in the realtionship. Your partner can be terribly wounded when a central fact that he has assumed to be true is suddenly called into question or revealed as an illusion. Misunderstandings among lovers and friends are likely to be much harder to deal with than those between spouses and co-workers. ADVICE: Try to stay flexible and open-minded. Literal interpretations often miss the nuances. Not everything is as simple as it seems.

    farawaysag, you need to come down to earth and put your talents to constructive use. You may have to deal with ego issues first, however, and you may struggle with the call to greater humility and service. Moodiness and instability can pose problems, yet directing your talents to grounded and practical concerns will balance your inclination to emotional extremes. If you employ your great energy, dauntless enthusiasm, and self-assurance in such a way that you never lose faith in what is possible, you are capable of shouldering huge responsibilities in the interests of bringing your ideas to manifestation. Stabilise your inner and outer lives before you embark on achieving your aspirations, though. You can reach for the stars and even bring one back to earth. No matter how extravagant, restless, adventuresome, or impulsive you are, luck and cleverness follow you wherever you go. And you do like to be on the move, don't you? With your vivid imagination and love of weaving stories, you'd be an excellent writer, artist or filmmaker. However, sometimes people might see your love of exaggeration as lying. You are as inconsistent in love as you are in everything else. Finding a lover who can cope with your extreme moods - and who can walk as fast and travel as often - can be difficult but your partner is also a restless soul.

    Your partner may suffer from chronic feelings of being misunderstood, or he may fall in love with his own darker side. He's very social and motivated by a strong need for acceptance which can work to his advantage. Likely to have wonderful communicative talents or be gifted musically, he must use his gifts to open the avenues of communication between himself and others. If he can manage to get his unique ideas, thoughts, and feelings across and discover within himself the release mechanism for his own defensiveness, his life should fall into place. He must craft ways to use language to resolve conflict and choose to tackle his own problems. Extravagance, impulsiveness, impatience, and senseless rebellion can hold him back. He loves his freedom but needs to be more organised and disciplined. He can be very gullible, especially where a tale-spinning Gemini like you is concerned. He's going to be hard to pin down romantically, although he is very idealistic and sensual.

  • OK Caprius, you are on the cusp of Aquarius and Capricorn so althoough technically considered to be Aquarius, you will have some Capricorn qualities.

    For this second reading, I have already given you your individual profile so I will just do your ex's profile here.

    You and your ex together: It will come as no surprise that this relationship is bad for love. Instability is high in the relationship, and if it is to survive, a great deal of objectivity will have to be mustered to determine what it needs each time it runs into trouble. If it should fall off track, a supreme act of willpower might be necessary to right it. The relationship seesaws violently between emotional extremes, making any kind of settled life impossible. Your partner generally engages in a lot of criticism, but unless these assessments are ultimately positive, they may only worsen the tension and lead to the relationship's demise. You do not react well to nagging, complaining or even positive suggestions, since you resent all limitations on your impulsiveness. Your partner , however, will often doggedly and determinedly exert every ounce of his persuasive power to put the relationship on a more even keel before admitting failure. Love and marriage here are highly unpredictable. Since your partner has much less need for attention than you, and since he generally prefers isolation to troublesome or messy involvements, it's hard to imagine him even entering into such situations. If he does, he will periodically need to withdraw from the relationship's crazier aspects. These strategic retreats can actually promote objectivity; perhaps you would be wise to follow this example occasionally, too. Friendships in this combination are best when limited in scope and kept from getting too deep emotionally. You two as friends do best by keeping things light. Sharing entertaining activities together, rather than solemn or stressful ones, is usually the best bet. Your rebelliousness and eccentricity and your partner's tendency to dominate often make a dangerously explosive mixture. ADVICE: Withdraw and observe. Analyze mistakes. Behave maturely. Even out feelings. Don't be controlled by your moods.

    Your ex: He should use his communicative gifts for more than purely personal ends. Able to cultivate the qualities of focus and mental discipline necessary for self-realisation, he will nevertheless have to regulate a tendency towards emotional extremes. He may overtax himself by taking on an excess of responsibilities. Many fanatics and zealots looking for a mission share this profile, but your ex might just be the sort of person who is admired for his fine mind and formidable energy, plus his keen perception. He must fight a tendency to spring into action when action is not necessarily appropriate. In love, he may treat his partners as comrades but he is not easy to live with. He can be irritable, moody, with unpredictable temper tantrums. With a low threshhold of patience, his intellectual snobbery and his total indifference to other's opinions whilst always having an answer himself, would make trouble in the relationship..

  • I could really use some insight please. I met a man back in July of this year and we had an instant connection. We have been talking on the phone regularly almost everyday. We have so much in common it is scary., I am a Leo and he is a Sagittarius. He knows all my personal information because I enolled in school and he was my Admission advisor. both decided to build our friendship on a more personal level than just classmates. I have grown very fond of this man as I know he has of me also. This man is in my head 24/7 and I find myself very moody if we don't talk daily. He told me he was divorced and lives alone, not in any kind of relationship. I asked him how old he was and he won't come out and tell me , he just says that I am a few years older than he . I ask when his birthday was he he said Dec. 17th. I was thinking he was probably 52yrs. old. I then asked him for his address because I was going to send out christmas cards and he gave me an address, then a few days later he corrected that address with another number but the street was the same. I then asked him again for his address and he gave me the same number as the last one. I started to get little red flags going up in my head, and I have even gone as far as doing a full background check on him. Now the problem I am having is that he lives in Oregon and I live in Ca. so it isn't like I can go and check it out myself. I entered his name into the PeopleSearch and got back 24 people with the same name so I started to look at them and looked for some kind of clue and found a couple that could be him . The age is there but no birthdate , but doesn't live in the area where he told me he lived. I even went as far as going on mapquest to get directions to his address, and there is no such street. Should I confront him with what I know ? I want to believe the things he tells me, and I don't see any reason for all the secrecy on his part if what he tells me is truth. I have very strong feelings for this man and he is very good for me at this time in my life.

    We started this journey together and he says he will be their with me all the way though it.

    I know you are probably thinking " wake up and smell the coffee" . I have had 2 marriages that ended in divorce which were my choice. Do you think that it could be that I am scared of getting involved again and having it end up a failure again or does he have something to hide and is playing me? If we didn't have so much in common I wouldn't even be trippin, but the things we talk about in general we have both noticed that we are on the same page. He is the only man that can calm me down when I am so stressed just by his voice it amazes me. We can feel each others emotions. Please give me some of your insight and wisdom.. I am 55 yrs old and I an very much in tune to who I am. I follow the stars and I have and use my 6th sense and have been pretty much accurate in my readings. My readings say that I am going to meet a man and he will be the one. Would you check what the compatibility is for me Aug.1,1954, and Dec. 17th 1957 for him and also please check for the birthdate of Oct,30,1960> thank you


  • Captain,

    thank you so much ...

    ur comments are so true about us ...

    i decide to end it after 2 and a half year together ...

    really cannot stand him ... but he is really nice to be friend.

    and i hate myself for having 2 different characters ...

    i feel unstable ... when i mad i can be so evil 😞

  • Hi Captain. My b/d August 10, 1965. Their's is June 02, 1982. Are we compatible? This "relationship" has been like a rollercoaster ride and I never know what to expect next. Are we together or are we just friends?? Please could I have some insight?

  • Captain,

    Thanks again for the awesome are dead on of course! We are both so restless I can only hope that this time around we'll figure it out together. Thanks again and many blessings for your generosity to us all 🙂

  • The Captain, this is very cool. You are spot on for most things especially about the guys. I am puzzled about few things though and hope you don't mind me asking

    1. About the Gemini guy: from your reading it looks like relationship between us is not the best thing? Would you suggest that friendship is a better path for us? I sort of always had really strong feeling about this guy but never knew why so therefore i am curious whether may be it is friends that we are suppose to be?

    2. I am also wondering a lot about what you said that i have "love'em and leave'em" mentality and that i find relationships and family burdensome. All my life i have been in relationships that broke down for one reason or another but i've always been the one that was looking for the relationship and the one trying to fix things in order to be with the person...I also usually get really attached to the people i am involved with and have difficulties letting go and always try fixing things hence getting myself in complicated situations...I don't understand how the love'em and leave'em mentality applies to me. Is it possible that is something that i sort of would ideally( for my personality) be like or something i might become? Because based on my experience although i've been the one leaving some of the relationships, usually i am the one that goes back and tries saving it and giving it another go. I've always been looking for the big love and etc. and wanted to be in a committed again i find it confusing that i came up like that in the reading. Anything you can really to clarify my personal bit. I am sort of at the point in my life where i'm trying to figure out myself after very messy couple of years...

    Thank you so much for your reading it's great what you are doing sharing your gift with us!

  • Hi Captain

    I am looking for relationship advice. My bithdate is 5 Aug 1951. His is 15 May 1953.

    Thankyou so much for your offer

  • Sorry Captain

    I forgot to give some insight to my dilema. My B/F was with a lady for 7 years. She moved to another state. They were visiting back and forth every few months. He met me and after breaking my heart a few times by her coming to town, he says their relationship is over and he loves me. I'm not sure if this is the truth. Please let me know your feelings on this. I can't seem to let go of previous pain, but I do love him.


  • redgemini, the answer to your first question is that it does sound like the Gemini man would be easier on your nerves as a friend rather than a lover. The Aries man sounds better for love. But if you really truly love the Gemini man, you should try to work it out.

    The answer to your second question refers to the fact you are looking hard for Mr. Right and you will go from person to person looking for that perfect parther. You have often been disappointed in love though, and to outsiders, it may look as if you do have a 'love-em-and-leave'em' attitude.

  • The Captain, yeah the truth is both the Gemini and Aries are great guys. I can't make up my mind at all about these two they are each other's absolute opposites if they were one person they would be perfect tho with serious behavioral disorder lol...I'm getting towards the decision of being just friends with both and see what happens from there in time. Thank you for the clarification much appreciated 😉

  • Firesign69, you and your partner are opposites in the zodiac, and your opposition can immediately translate into conflict, not only within the relationship but also outside it: together, you two can adopt an extremely aggressive stance toward the world. This tendency can best be harnessed if the relationship is geared to a cause; it can provide, for example, no small amount of success in business. Furthermore, as is often the case, conflict and passion are not far apart here, and this pairing can often include a magnetic physical attraction. In short, you (fire) and your partner (air) have a catalytic effect on each other. Such explosiveness does not usually augur well for marital and work relationships, where stability is so important over the long haul. A particular bone of contention will be your dislike of criticism; you are a natural, spontaneous creature who cannot handle constant scrutiny and judgment. Your partner, meanwhile, often can't help being critical. He also tries to keep his emotions under control at all costs, and will be disturbed by your honest emotional expressions and periodic spontaneous outbursts. In this respect he may be unconsciously reacting against traits that he secretly desires, since in some ways you are a living model for what he most needs to cultivate—the frank, open approach to the world that will allow him a release of his inner tensions and insecurities. As the relationship develops and feelings emerge, your partner will be able to see what he views as your 'problems' more clearly, and will want to get in there and fix what he perceives as wrong. This you will not be able to abide. But you may make mistakes too, in passing moral judgment on what you see as incorrect behavior on the part of your partner. Thus the relationship will become a vortex of swirling feelings, both positive and negative. As friends, you both crave action and excitement, and the relationship may be structured around sports, drama, adventure or social groups or clubs. You and your partner's saturation point for socializing is low, however—you both will often find it necessary to withdraw and find a quiet place. ADVICE: Allow for differences. Withhold undue criticism. Keep in contact with the world. Question your values. Don't assume you're infallible.

    Firesign69, you will doubtless have a safe haven where you can retreat from the demands of the world, indulge in your pursuits, and truly be yourself. You are blessed with great energy and curiosity but you may have to work hard to turn that energy inward. You must learn to regulate your emotions so that your periods of introspection do not turn into depressions or simple moodiness. Do not neglect your personal development and do not retreat into a never-never land of unrealistic dreams and expectations. Apply your great passion to some profession or area of expertise and curb your emotional outbursts in order to find the freedom you seek in this life. Physical activity is vital to burn off that tremendous energy of yours - so enjoy some robust sex with hubby. You are passionate and enthusiastic in your pursuit of love.

    Hubby is a bit of a perfectionist. He's probably the victim of his own high standards and needs to learn to relax and allow emotion to flow through him and out to others. He may have a problem with repressing his feelings and should acknowledge that, deep down, he has a sensitive side that needs to be nurtured. Also, he has a tendency to be demanding and overexacting with others. It will be good for him if he cultivates a wider circle of social contacts and forms a variety of relationships to increase his tolerance of others. Also beneficial will be giving himself permission to be less than perfect. He needs to trust and use his emotional radar more. Approval is what he wants most of all, to soothe that inner feeling of remorse and melancholy. He should stop worrying what others are thinking of him. He probably has a strong creative drive, maybe musical or artistic talents. His personality is at odds with itself - there is a clash between the outer part of him that is romantic and starry-yed and the other inner part that can be cold and aloof at times. His vanity requires frequent reminders of his worth but he should not forget to return his partner's affection.

  • mandysfun2000, this couple often lacks a clear picture of itself and of what it does—it needs help in self-evaluation. The focus here, then, is often a mutual search for a standard or objective criterion against which it can measure or evaluate its achievements. Should debilitating arguments arise, you both may need to consult a counselor or mutual friend who can serve as a mediator. In interpersonal relationships, your hard-working friend often enjoys your free and easy attitudes, which can help him take his mind off his work and responsibilities. When he relaxs, he can be great fun, so that you two may thoroughly enjoy your leisure together. On the other hand, you will also get on his nerves if he is in a serious mood or is busy with a project. He sometimes find you extremely irritating and distracting.

    Love affairs rarely develop between these two, since your friend's dominance is usually more than easygoing you can handle. In marriage too, your friend is likely to set himself up as an absolute authority—a stance not acceptable to you, and unworkable within the relationship. You two tend to define your likes and dislikes extremely clearly with each other, so that the issues in your friendship and rivalry are usually all out in the open. Friendships generally bring out the best, and enmities the worst, in this combination. ADVICE: Try harder to work things out. Don't let your buttons be pushed so easily. Enjoy goofing off together. Don't take things too seriously.

    You are social, popular and charming in the extreme but should be careful to cultivate spiritual values and understanding. Release your need to be in control. Enlarge your rather narrow view of the world and release any rigidity, wild prejudices, and a lack of tolerance for others. Don't get addicted to your popularity and watch that need for approval. If you delve beneath the surface of life in search of truth, the reward will be maturity, perspective, and the ability to use your power with grace and refinement. Your greatest fulfillment is living in the moment.

    Your friend is gifted with a very strong set of morals but must avoid narrowmindedness or a 'holier-than-thou' attitude in order to achieve greater perspective and tolerance for others. Less serious and more fun-loving than most Capricorns, he will probably have great satisfaction from getting out into nature and the outdoors. Regular exercise and relaxation will temper his tendency to take on too much too soon or burn himself out with excessive worry and nervous nit-picking. He must free himself from his inner demons and lead a more balanced, upstanding life.

  • Shihian, this can be a successful relationship right across the board, with you both integrating your talents and abilities into a coherent and cohesive unit. This is not to imply, however, that you proceed by the straight and narrow: you two are unconventional and have your own

    peculiar methods of maintaining stability. The emotional level is exalted here, and you share a deep understanding of it, not only to the benefit of your relationship but also to charm other people. Your expressions of feeling may seem strange, but they come from a very deep place and prompt an unusual degree of acceptance from others. Your partner tends to be the relationship's star, with you serving as advisor, student, co-worker, assistant or just plain admirer. Although this charismatic guy is quite capable of standing on his own, he benefits tremendously from the support of his keenly perceptive partner - you. In love affairs and marriages, intimacy between you two can be very rewarding, both physically and emotionally. You enjoy this relationship because it lets you relax, - your partner because he likes the attention of his intense, mentally challenging lover. Since both of you have a strong need to develop your own clan, having children together may be the cement that holds the relationship together over the years. Friendship may have an outlandish side, with you both flaunting the relationship's unusual aspects and obviously enjoying the shock you engender in others. ADVICE: If others find you too aggressive, you will engender resistance. Tone down your image. Deepen your spiritual bond. Be less self-conscious.

    Becca, you are called to a life of freedom of expression and creativity.You may have to wrestle with issues of personal insecurity. Do some digging to unearth what is holding you back but don't get too bogged down. Could it be your need for material security that is stopping you from achieving true freedom? Dare to be different. As you cast off conformity, avoid going to extremes. You have a tendency to use your power for your own ends or manipulate knowledge and people. Take the high road of true creative expression, express your love of beauty, and share your amazing insights with others.

    Your partner must release his refusal to put down roots in order to manifest his dreams. He probably struggles mightily with the need for greater practicality and focus. Though wonderfully creative, even inspired, he may scatter his energies or succumb to the yearning for a higher plane. Then again there is a danger of overcompensation where he may become too rigid or discilined. Developing the humility to understand that there is much yet to learn will be an important step in his evolution, as will developing the discernment and experience necessary to understand that following one's heart is not always the route to achievement. If he can learn to do as well as he dreams, his life will be rich indeed.

  • the captain hello i was wondering if u would do one for me my b-day is june 2 1972 his is october 13 1969 if u cant its ok if u can thank u in advance.

  • Leobella, expression rarely manifests easily in this volatile relationship; you two may communicate only spasmodically, in fits and starts. Conflicts between you and your partner can easily seem to appear out of nowhere. In fact they are really about feelings. You lack the empathic talents of your partner, and are often insensitive to other people's emotions. The outbursts of anger and resentment that are likely to surface between you two may ostensibly occur over matters ranging from finances to aesthetics, but there is usually something personal behind these seemingly objective disagreements. Love affairs are likely to be vivid but somewhat unsettled. Any constancy of mood or evenness of tone may be difficult or impossible to achieve.Your partner will often feel that you are cold or unsympathetic, while you may be annoyed by what you consider your partner's emotional intrusions, which you would just as soon ignore. Marriage too will have its problems, but in some cases you both will hang in there for years, out of loyalty or simply a refusal to give up. The relationship tends to be long-suffering, committed but troubled. Friendship is much better for you two - it can be exciting and fun, emphasizing stimulating activities such as film, dance and music. You two will enjoy being part of a lively social scene only a small part of the time, however—you both have a pronounced need for privacy. Most often the activities you enjoy are limited to the two of you alone. ADVICE: Keep arguments to a minimum. Try to listen to what is being said. Even out your moods. Try to be more patient and understanding.

    Leobella, you may set your standards too high, either for yourself or for others. Cultivate more emotional detachment. You have a natural toughness and strength that will help you survive anything. Idealistic and socially inclined, and very loyal, you are inspired enough to 'dream the impossible dream' but wise enough not to expect the dream to materialise in reality. Thus, you should only have to endure a little disillusionment and disappointment in life. Try not to do everything yourself - be willing to work with others and form meaningful relationships with those who can help you along the way. Cultivate a need to share more and learn to relinquish control to fate. Don't be too masochistic in your search for perfection. Surrounding yourself with honest people will benefit your evolution.

    Your partner also likes to be in control. He must battle to overcome his negative outlook on life yet he is not as personally sensitive and has a higher degree of practical talent than many Cancers. However, he has a big fear of rejection which might manifest in excessive clinginess or aggression or need. Depression may be a common problem for him which is a pity if it stops him achieving his worldly goals. He is also a bit of an emotional sponge, soaking up other people negativity.

  • How about a couple of Sags? I was born 12.20.70 and she was born 12.21.69.

  • gem71, 1his combination could give forthright direction to a wide variety of projects: You and your hubby do well as a leadership team in clubs, schools and artistic or business enterprises. The emphasis of this relationship is generally less on your interactions with each other than on your joint impact on the world around you. You two have critical and verbal skills that meld, and working together you are likely to be able to achieve great success in publishing, journalism, teaching, work involving languages or translation, and perhaps politics or law. Given the relationship's leadership qualities, however, getting stuck together in a stuffy, boring or academic pursuit would be immensely frustrating. You both must use your talents to convince, to stimulate and ultimately to lead others to high achievement, be it in more popular or more esoteric spheres. Another danger here is that you both will lose your broad vision, feel unappreciated and retreat into a narrow circle of admirers, preaching to the converted. You do best together, in fact, when capable skeptics disagree with you and put up some real resistance, challenging you and your partner and provoking you to higher expression.

    Friendships, love affairs and marriages are all possible, but these relationships will almost always emphasize issues greater than your personal feelings for each other. Should external outlets for your leadership energies be denied or unavailable, frustration will often result, and the relationship's energies will turn inward—potentially quite a destructive outcome.

    ADVICE: Don't ignore personal feelings in yourself or others. Tone down your rhetoric. Allow others to decide for themselves. Hang back a bit.

    Gem, you have a darker side, don't you? It may take you some time to come to terms with it. You can actually summon up your dark side in a lover or friend - you are often attracted to people who are exact images of your own inner moods. Your defensiveness and fear of appearing foolish can hamper you in your journey and you will experience quite a bit of discomfort, rejection, and misunderstanding until you embrace opportunities for growth. Avoid feeling victimised and release your need to suffer, and find ways to cope with depression. You are gifted with extraordinary communicative skills - expand on your qualities of humour and philosophical detachment to banish your dark feelings. Understand that the issues that preoccupy you are actually in fact common to all of humanity. You are not alone.

    Your partner may suffer from low self-worth. He should release his insecurity and believe in himself more. He may try to hide his unique character but he will be noticed and maybe even sometimes reviled for it. Charming, versatile, and compelling, he must not fall victim to vanity or pride and keep a firm hold on a sense of purpose. His emotional sensitivity can get in the way sometimes of his leading others effectively. He has considerable personal, intellectual, and emotional powers and can inspire others through words or by his own example.

  • Hi Captain,

    My Date of birth is 14 April 1977 and his is 30 July 1975 Many thanks for your analysis.

  • worthy1248, light, quick, uncomplicated — these are the watchwords of your relationship. These two positions are at a trine aspect to each other (120° apart) in the zodiac, so traditional astrology predicts an easy relationship between you two, and is in this case perfectly correct — but not entirely complete. For the relationship between you two air signs is itself ruled by fire, indicating how explosively unstable the combination can become. Neither of you are the most responsible people in the world, after all - a tendency magnified when you combine. You may have trouble paying bills or being punctual, feeding the kids or the dog, and in general keeping daily life together. Furthermore, any desire for this relationship to reach a deeper emotional level will be unfulfilled. Love and marriages are best kept as free of responsibilities as possible: you two may decide not to have children, not to own a house, not to get tied down to a strict schedule. Freedom is the key here, which means that there may be little to hold the relationship together in times of intense need and stress. Your attitude is that such times are not what you came together for, and if things are going bad — well, it may be time to look for a new partner. Like a good contract, the relationship leaves a lot of open exit doors so that you both avoid the feeling of being trapped. Deep friendships and family relationships are probably neither possible nor desired, but companionships and acquaintances built around pleasurable activities are probably a good bet. Shared activities are the hallmark here and will be quite enjoyable. These are sociable relationships, often widening to include other people — for example, other family members — in vacation or picnic plans. ADVICE: Dig a bit deeper. Taking on responsibilities will give you more stability. Plan ahead. Face the fact that stress happens. Slow down a bit.

    Worthy, you have some startling intellectual gifts but you run the risk of either dwelling too much in the realms of the mind, or else indulging in too much recklessness and ill-considered action. You question everything and may come to be a thorn in the side of more established and traditional thinkers - you have to be careful not to expend too much energy in run-ins with authority. Familarise yourself with your own emotions and don't let your need for freedom interfere with your soul's growth. Learn to listen to your heart sometimes instead of your head. Nurture your affection for humanity with some down-to-earth interactions. Reach out and touch others.

    Your partner may have a need to continually assert himself or get stuck in fussiness and irritability. Blessed with an unusual degree of personal charisma, a certain combative quality may prove his downfall. He may misuse his energy by trying to bully or manipulate those around him. If only he doesn't become too cynical, disillusioned, or simply depressed when his plans fail, and keep himself open to the need to finish what he starts, he will enjoy a wide variety of friends, jobs, and interests in the course of his journey through life. He must take full advantage of these experiences rather than just touching on them briefly. He can enjoy inner peace by keeping things simple.

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