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  • HIYA Captain.....okay I would love a lil insight on a new relationship that i am feels good but always starts of that way lol...well for me anyways....okay me 24/7/1979 T.D.V. he 23/8/1970 i thnk he is 39 yrs old O.J.....please give me your insight....thanks in advance....many blessings love light

  • MOONRAIZ, the greatest challenge that this relationship faces is to create and maintain a sense of balance. Neither of you is very emotionally stable and the relationship magnifies this problem of keeping emotions - especially anger - under control. In addition, ego issues are a hot button here. You will both need to maximise your control over your feelings, not only so you can be seen in a better light but also to increase your effectiveness when doing battle in the areas of love, business, family or social life.

    This combination may be too unsettled to last long in love or marriage. Trying to even out extremes will be a stressful process, a battle under the fire of bombarding emotions. In the same way that the relationship amplifies instabilities, however, it may increase the chances of reconciling extremes and finding acceptable compromises. You MOONRAIZ will be alternately pleased and appalled, depending on your mood, by your friend's outrageous and extroverted side. And your friend, when he is discouraged or depressed, will find it hard to cope with his own feelings and may not have the time or sympathy to cope with yours. Personal animosities and small irritations must be kept under control or even eliminated, at least in the presence of other people. If you two bury or suppress your differences of opinion, however, anger and other destructive feelings will inevitably break out at a later date. The best policy is an objective honesty, where opinions are expressed politely and in private, without emotional overtones or innuendo.

    For better or worse, this relationship is very challenging, ego-driven, and highly emotional. But it can often also be highly rewarding if you two can find a middle ground and control your emotions without supressing them. Guide your feelings in a healthy direction and try to be as honest as you can with each other. It will take big efforts on both your parts to pull this relationship off.

  • September 16, 1977

    November 12, 1982

  • Dabearsbug, wow, your relationship with your son is the pretty much the same as with your partner. You probably experience many of the same problems with both of them.

    In a love affair, you two rarely get carried away by romantic drives. The relationship can be somewhat dangerous for you both, since neither of you will hesitate to withdraw or break it off should it run counter to your interests or wishes. Yet it can be highly satisfying, even sometimes thrilling, especially sexually. Marriage can work out, for you both will usually take your domestic and parental duties seriously and will rarely compromise the family unit by untoward behaviour unless something extreme happens to one or both partners. Then this person(s) will need powerful love, kindness, understanding, and consideration to bring them back to normal. Loosening up emotionally on both sides is vital - neither of you must be afraid of expressing your feelings. If selfishness, inflexibiility or rejecting attitudes get in the way here, the relationship will suffer and may even break - which would be a shame as, at its best, it can be successful, honest and exciting.

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  • Me: 9/21/1970

    Her: 10/29/1987

  • Krisp, this combination is likely to be an unsettled and suspicious one, but also one in which a persistently contentious dynamic forwards the action on life's stage. Thus the relationship is characterised by impulse and aggression. Things will not go well between you if your friend feels that you, as the arbiter of taste, are treating her in a condescending way. She may even see you as a snob, and your approach as elitist. Feeling personally attacked on such a level will only cause countermeasures to be taken.

    No matter how gratifying a love affair here might be in the sensual sense, you will eventually give up on your friend if you feel you have been made the object of her unrelenting scrutiny or criticism. Nor will you enjoy the periodic blowups between you, which will tend to knock you off balance. Marriage is also unlikely to click here, mainly because your social tastes may be irreconcilable with your friend's wishes in this area. Most often you will make friends out of people who are likely to enhance your social and career opportunities. This will be unbearbale to your friend, who keeps her few friends for highly personal reasons, often involving trust and honour.

    Career connections are often of the more ambitious sort. Neither of you will shy away from using the other's talents to advance their own purpose, but when push comes to shove, real appreciation and loyalty may be sadly lacking. Most upsetting will be the justifications given for breaking off the connection, which will purport to be ethical but will in fact ring hollow. A friendship is an even worse prospect than a love affair. Issues of morality and of making promises that can't be kept will tear it apart.

    A deep involvement here is not a good idea.

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  • Thanks again for the analysis...I find myself knowing a lot of Scorpio women (either professionally and/or as friends)...My first relationship was w/ a Scorpio woman and it didn't end nicely...Can you explain that?

    The above analysis is for a friend but wanted to know the relationship possibilities...

    Pls. explain if you can...

  • Krisp, to explain a relationship, I need the birthdates of both people because even those of the same sign can vary according to their specific date.

  • Dear TheCaptain:

    Could you please tell me about myself and my husband.

    My bd is May 8, 1960

    My husband Ray is October 28. 1959

    Thank You

  • hi captain

    december 30th 1990 my partner 27 feb 1984

    i ended this relationship but were are still in contact

    thankyou x

  • Sporty48, this is a difficult relationship for love. Its focus is likely to be quick mental communication. Intelligence and the transmission of ideas are highly valued here, and there is also a shared interest in books, puzzles, games and feats of memory and reasoning. There will also be a concern with social and moral codes, issues of justice and injustice, and rather forward-thinking or visionary ideas. Your connection is often so close that each person may know what the other is thinking without a word being spoken.

    It's just a shame there isn't the same sort of emotional connection here. If your emotional communication was as good as the mental variety, there would be no problems between you in love or your marriage. You two are opposites in the zodiac and behave in very different ways. Empathic bonds are rare in this combination, since you Sporty don't live on the more emotional levels like your husband does and usually resist the kind of intense psychological scrutiny that is his specialty. Still, sympathy and understanding can become a trademark of your relationship as long as you both are determined to make them so. You Sporty will generally have an aversion to your husband's dark side - his secretiveness, suspicion, and manipulative mind games - but may also be fascinated by it, at least for part of your life together. Luckily this relationship tends to activate his sunnier aspects (mostly).

    This relationship will magnify your inherent involvement in the idea of fairness. You two may well show a crusading spirit, making your relationship socially and politically active, always on the side of the oppressed or disadvantaged or you may yourselves become the objects of someone else's unfair treatment in order to bring out your fighting spirit. A related concern with individuals who are seriously challenged, whether mentally or physically, can become the basis for a career of service.

  • MickeyCAP, this is a rather difficult relationship for love. On the positive side, it can be communicative, thoughtful, and good at problem-solving but if it turns negative, it can be stifling, dogmatic, and overemotional. Although it shapes up as a confrontation between the practical (you) and the spiritual (your ex), the emphasis here is on the power of the mind to seek out and find the answers to philosophical questions. Inevitably, communicating such findings to other people is also important here. Thus, both your individual strengths will be called upon, and your unique and profound understanding of the worlds of matter and spirit respectively will stand you in good stead. It is precisely in trying to iron out your marked differences that you two will stumble upon more universal truths.

    Love and marriage here are seldom particularly noteworthy, yet neither are they particularly negative. Friendship here is more remarkable, particularly when you two can benefit from your radically different outlooks. You will challenge each other mentally and engage in heated debates, which should be kept objective and prevented from flaring into emotional battles. Being apart for long periods rather than constantly being together helps give this relationship the emotional space and perspective it needs to be successful. Free thought and mental initiatives are the strength of this relationship - emotions are not.

  • Hi, Captain,

    May I prevail upon you once again? Perhaps the third time's the charm...

    23 July 67 (him) and 17 Oct 70 (me)

    Him Leo (Cancer/Leo cusp), Mars in Scorpio, Venus in Virgo

    Me Libra, Mars in Virgo, Venus in Scorpio

    many thanks and blessings, gd

  • Gracefuldaisies, this relationship can work out for love but it will take some work. It's a thoughtful relationship that may encourage you two to spend time alone together. You both feel very at home in the spotlight but your relationship enhances your more sensitive and reclusive sides. Your friend will usually have made introspective investigation an important part of his life much earlier on, but this may be the first chance you have had for a serious encounter with this part of yourself. Problems can arise if you come to resent the relationship for making you deal unduly with someone else's emotional problems up close. Your friend in turn may feel rejected by your lack of interest and get depressed, which will only make you feel misunderstood and isolated, engulfing both of you in a cycle of alienation. Much time and patience will have to be invested in this relationship to bring you two closer together.

    Both of you have strongly balanced masculine and feminine sides. This not only makes many sorts of relationship possible between you, but also becomes a trait of whatever relationship you end up with. A remarkable equilibrium is possible here. Friendship, marriage or a love affair are surprisingly private in nature, considering the world's view of you as extroverted people. Should you two live together, your space is likely to be a haven of security and a bastion against the intrusions of the outside world. Your relationship will guard its privacy jealously, and will not admit intrusion easily. But you must be careful not to exclude others altogether to the point where you become quite isolated.

    Venus in Scorpio with Venus in Virgo: Trust doesn't come extremely easy to either you or your friend, but put you together and the atmosphere feels quite safe. You GD are passionate and intense—perhaps even provocative at times. If you sense passion and commitment is missing or waning, you may go to any means (often subtle) to keep the relationship from becoming boring. This is because you can be somewhat addicted to emotional excitement. Your friend is usually receptive to his partner's wishes and needs, and he tends to bend his ways accordingly. He works hard at making relationships work—something that you sense and appreciate. Neither of you is frivolous about committed relationships, and if you and your friend are committed to each other, this pairing can be hard to break.

    When you understand each other's different styles of loving, the combination can be very fertile. Problems in love generally arise between the differences in focus. Both of you are committed to making your relationship last, but your friend values practical expressions of commitment, while you value emotional ones. Subtle control issues may be the source of problems over time. If you sense any emotional distance on your friend's part, you may use various means to regain some sense of control. Generally, your friend only appears "distant" because he is busy tending to the cogs in the machine of your relationship. He may find your silences frustrating, because he is always willing to talk about the relationship and doesn't always understand why you resort to giving him the silent treatment. You can be skilled at knowing how to push your partner's buttons, however, and this may be one of the more potent ways you have discovered to get his attention. As long as game-playing is kept to a minimum, this relationship has many strengths and much potential.

  • hiya Captain, could you help me on this b4 I take it any further, capricorn man January 11th, I've known him for a year n something months Its like on and off with him how I feel about him like I now all of a sudden like him now. and I'm considering to be with him seen as though he has shown me love unlike the other jacka$$ Gemini .

  • MizzLibraz, this is best for friendship, worst for love affair/marriage. The focus of this relationship is likely to be independent thought, manner and speech. Keenly interested in the average person, you two sometimes see yourselves as staunch protectors of the less fortunate and the deprived citizens of society - an image that can in fact be true, particularly when you are young, a period often marked by quite radical philosophical views. As you grow older, however, you will forsake or modify many of your ideals in a more conservative direction, a tendency particularly noticeable in your Cappy friend. Moreover, as the years go by, you two may begin to close off to the world, even while remaining open with each other.

    Although your friend generally needs to be the boss in most of his relationships, here that overpowering drive of his is muted a bit. Nor do you need to be the top dog, as long as you aren't prevented from forwarding your ideas and translating them into action. There can be friction and stress between you, but such irritations can often give your relationship the forward push it needs. Together you two can have a tendency towards procrastination, but the relationship's slight impatience can periodically give it a shove, ideally in the right direction for you both to achieve your goals.

    A love affair or marriage here is not usually very stable. Your relationship may from time to time be rocked by dissension, with you both stubbornly refusing to give in on most issues. Although you two do have the ability to express love and sympathy, your greater need seems to be keeping your own individuality, so that you will often make a point of not compromising, or will make up only after the argument has subsided. That both of you can be brutally honest may make things better in the long run but is extremely stressful in the short term. Friendship here can be extremely close and is the best type of relationship for this combination.

  • oh btw I didnt put his year or my birthday does it matter...btw thanks

  • No it doesn't matter.

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