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  • Thank you for the reply Captain!

    Seems like he has a lot of issues to deal with. Well, I have to see if I fit (or want to fit) into the picture in any way.

    Well thanks again!

    All the best!

  • thank you Captain...I truly appreciate your time. I hope things work out...i'm keeping my fingers crossed...

  • much gratitude for the reading. yes, freedom is so important to me and he respects it and i respect his as well. living together or marriage is not on the horizon as i enjoy my own space. i had never lived on my own until after my one and only marriage of 25 years ended. i enjoy it so much! blessings, captain:)

  • could you analyze the friendship of my friend and me? her birthday is august 21, 1945 and mine is april 22, 1958. thank you, captain:)

  • Findingjoyinlife, this is a good matchup for friendship or even a creative partnership. It can prove both profound and private, having a secret life that has very little to do with ordinary reality - imagination and fantasy figure prominently here. Yet both of you are quite pragmatic, so that over the long term the relationship could be expected to become uncomfortable for you both. Your friend however will probably enjoy its secretive nature. She doesn't reveal herself easily and demands a lot of understanding which you may be unwilling to supply at times. You don't like secretive or misleading behaviour, you mistrust magic and miracles, and are apt to have little patience for what you see as your friend's game-playing, illusion or ego massage. You both generally apply hard work to difficult situations but hard work is not the answer to this nebulous relationship.

    You two are well suited to each other - your balance of fire and earth suggests you have traits in common. It may be however that these traits can lead you into conflict at times. Both of you are materially oriented, for example, but you are more lavish and your friend more selective, so that your financial orientation is very different. You may also differ in your methodology - where your friend usually feels the end justifies the means, you may be more severe in your ethics. You can get angry or frustrated when you friend hides her real intentions and retreats into fantasy.

    Still, in a friendship that permits a sharing of ideas and talents, these differences can be worked out or can meld synergetically. A creative partnership can also prosper here, emphasizing imagination, fantasy and role-playing.

  • Okay Captian I Know Its Been Awhile But I Still Want Ur Insight

    My DOB: 7/17/91

    His DOB: 3/7/1992

    Thanx Captian 🙂

  • Sammysocutehuh91, the involvement here is usually quite profound, plumbing to such a deep level that most of the interaction between you two may occur on a subconscious or even psychic level. Since much of what goes on here is nonverbal, the overall mood should be fairly comfortable. While both of you tend to spend a lot of time alone, your emotional understanding runs high, and you find it easy to be open with one another.

    In a romantic relationship, you two rarely hold back with each other emotionally. Emotional interactions, sexual or otherwise, are prolonged and satisfying. You two can be quite faithful to each other over the long haul, but an undeniable dependency manifests, having both positive and negative results. This relationship functions very well when you two can give your all to each other only when you choose to do so, each person having their own space to which they can retreat, whether you live together or not. Although outright sex and love addictions are unusual here, you may bond to each other so strongly that you are unlikely to become involved as deeply with another person even when the relationship is over. In both a love affair and marriage, the relationship should aim to be more open and for you two to form meaningful friendships with others, rather than closing yourselves off and isolating yourselves. In a friendship, you two are less likely to cut yourselves off from society. You Sammy can take the lead in bringing your friend out in the world, encouraging him and furthering his career and social development. He meanwhile can furnish the sympathy and understanding that you crave. This relationship can be outstanding as long as you retain some objectivity, justify trust, and beware of letting feelings dominate your lives.

  • Thanx Captian I Believe We Were Made For Each Other But U Confirmed This I Appreciate Ur Help Take Care

  • Captain you are very nice for helping everyone on this board. I am new and I am at odds of starting a new relationship with someone. My birthday is September 25, 1981 and his date is June 6, 1984. Thanks Captain :):)

  • LibraLoveGirl, there is a strong mental connection between you that makes a sharing of ideas and concepts primary in your relationship. These ideas may be either intellectual or practical, depending on whether you share everyday responsibilities or not. This relationship can be extremely easy-going, and in fact may have to be - dealing with painful or disturbing subjects may not really be possible here. Everything can go along swimmingly until you two hit a snag, then difficulties arise over what to do. You both may just back away or ignore trouble until the situation becomes irreparable. Outsiders may think this matchup is near perfect but of course they don't know what's going on at its heart. It is a relationship that emphasizes humour, intelligence and ease of interaction more than intensity or passion, so for this reason especially it is best suited to friendship rather than a romantic relationship.

    Frustrations can emerge in love or marriage here. Your friend may be anxious to make contact with you at a deeper emotional level and will feel defeated when such sharing is refused. You on the other hand may want your friend to be less flaky and more organized. Your love affair will be permeated by unrealistic and undermining attitudes, and expectation also often plays too strong a role in marriage, setting the two of you up for disappointment once the mental satisfaction (and there can be lots of that) is gone.

    A truly unselfish affection is most possible in friendship where a comfortable and stimulating bond can be formed and where mental and emotional sympathies diminish the possibility of the misunderstandings that can occur in love.

  • Hi Captain:

    Need some help, not sure where this relationship will end up; married for very long time; crisis occurred nearly two years ago that has splintered the entire family; harmony has always had to be a conscious effort to maintain; however with everything that has happened in last few years has been very hard to find/regain a common ground as of late. Have troubling vibes about ability to recover; can you "see" anything?

    My birthdate: Nov 8, 1963

    His birthdate: Oct 7, 1960

  • TheTransformed, the speciality of this relationship is taking everyday events and turning them into bits of drama. Thus the rising action, climax and inevitable dénouement of life as lived by ordinary people is your chief interest, but principally as observers and commentators rather than as participants. By putting yourselves outside the sphere of human action, you two sometimes accord yourselves a kind of god-like status. You may also be tempted from time to time to influence the action around you, but usually by advising, motivating or even ordering others to act in a certain way. You may even be seen as busybodies who should keep your noses out of other people's business at times. Here you resemble directors rather than actors in the drama of life.

    One area in which you two do not hesitate to get involved, however, is in your own love affair, marriage or friendship. Though dramatic, such relationships have little pretense - they are spontaneous, honest and impassioned. You two throw yourselves into matters of the heart with little reservation but often lack the insight to fully comprehend what is happening to you. Too often, reality is overturned as you follow an excessive, obsessive and perilous course. This relationship works best when personal interaction between you is kept to a minimum. More objectivity and less criticism is essential to its success in whatever form it takes. But it usually best for a love affair and a business partnership, worst for marriage and family.

  • Wow! I am stunned by the deeply metaphorical analysis of this relationship that is filled with so much truth; a couple of ah ha's and light bulbs went off in this analysis. I wished that I could say that I am "encouraged" by your insights, as on point as they are, but unfortunately I can not say that 😞 What I am is more convinced of the seemingly inevitable approaching demise herein after so many years invested.

    However, I seem to be in a cycle of transformation and do not feel capable to effectively continue what has been a constant "struggle" to hold it together. It has been a very challenging journey as I am the type that lives predominantly from the heart while he is a man who "lives" predominantly in the head so having a sincere appreciation for those grave differences has not been realized. I have completely given myself, without reservation, as scorpio women are known to do, to this relationship, but have always felt a since of reservation in him as it seems that he has this subconscious safety mechanism that prevents him from doing so. I can not live authentically in a marriage that requires that "..personal interaction kept to a minimum...', but you are so correct TheCaptain, this is where things have grown to lately and even shown to be most effective however, how can it be considered a "relationship" when the two can not even "relate" to one another?? Life without the "passion" of relating/connecting/interacting to me is somewhat meaningless.....Unfortunately, I must admit I reluctantly see where this is way be heading 😞

    Thank you TheCaptain...

  • Hi... My bday is 18 nov 1988

    his is 04 aug 1988. Many thanks!

  • Yiwen, this is a highly entertaining matchup and you two really appreciate each other for who and what you are. Good humor often prevails when you are together, no matter what little time you may have available to spend with each other. Your relationship stays fresh and new over the years. But it is also often unrealistic and naive about the world. You two do learn important lessons from your experiences but you can be unusually willing to put any feelings of having been wronged behind you - in other words, to forgive and forget. This is because of the security you feel in your relationship, and the good feelings it generates.

    This security through good feelings is especially evident in a love affair, friendship or marriage between you. Although neither of you are too trusting with other people, together you can open up emotionally to an amazing degreee. Conviviality is a big item here - you two will enjoy few things more than sitting around a table with friends, indulging in good food and drink and of course, conversation. Your friend tends to seek excitement and challenge in many areas of life but with you, he can relax and be himself. You too will enjoy letting your hair and defenses down, and also not having to play the boss, organizer or director.

    The responsiblities of marriage may not be welcomed by the pair of you, pleasure-oriented as this relationship is, so it's probably best for friendship or a light-hearted love affair. There can be difficulties with power struggles in marriage about who is to be the boss and make the decisions.

  • That's interesting! Thank you, TheCaptain!! 😃

  • Hello, I am currently torn, 26 June 1970, between two men 24 April 1970 and 16 July 1970. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • BriMoon,

    You and 24 April 1970: this is best for work and worst for love. In a love affair or marriage here, you will be too sensitive and fearful to stand up to your friend's dominance. Initially in fact it may even be very difficult for you to figure out how to approach him, let alone actually do so. If on the other hand he sets his romantic sights on you, even if only temporarily, you will bask in the warmth of his attention and affection, never allowing yourself to face the possiblitiy that you are being played with or used, and that the next step may well be the exit. You two make a bad combination as spouses, since your friend will grow impatient with your moods and what he will see as your ineffectual or misguided actions, while you will eventually either resent or become too dependent on his presence and support. Close friendships are also unlikely due to personality clashes. A light and easy acquaintanceship is possible however, if you are careful not to get too close because this guy can prove very overbearing and insensitive towards you and you would eventually revolt. A working relationship can be successful but it must be kept strictly impersonal and professional.

    You and 16 July 1970: this is best for friendship, worst for marriage. This is another romantic scenario where you would end up being dominated by your friend. You will be able to stand up for yourself but the arguments this would demand are a waste of time and energy and should be avoided. Your physical involvement can be extraordinary, featuring creativity and caring. A love affair may benefit from an active fantasy life emanating from one or both of you. This relationship might be better if it doesn't proceed to marriage because it can isolate you from other people. You two together will have a detached view of the world and people and, if others realise how you regard them, you two might find yourselves cut off from society. But you do have the capacity to rise above your shared antisocial approach. However, you must be sincerely interested in one another for this relationship to survive, rather than just sharing a 'me-against-the-world' ideal. You two can be quite determined when you put your heads together and very self-protective and defensive, looking after what you cherish. On the other hand, you mustn't shove your relationship in the faces of those who find it difficult or offensive. You both would need to develop a 'live-and'let-live' attitude towards others. Friendship here can be very relaxed and easy and a working combination can be a powerful one as long as you Brimoon are strongly motivated enough to play an active role.

  • Mine: May 14, 1989

    His: December 18, 1985

  • Necromancyx, you are strong enough to match your friend's love desires. You do tend to insist on deeply human values, however, while your friend often gets carried away with power and ego drives; as a consequence, you may feel unfulfilled and dissatisfied. For all the wrong reasons, your friend may take this personally, and wind up feeling inadequate or unattractive. Marriage is rarely recommended here, for you are likely to resent your friend's attitudes, which most assuredly can arouse rebellion. Astrology predicts instability in a marital relationship, and augurs poorly for its future. This relationship however is blessed with abundant energy and uplifting spirit - its tendency is not only to soar into higher realms of thought but to plunge into profound depths of emotion. The emphasis is on the grand, bigger picture so that the smaller details of ordinary everyday life often get overlooked. Believing in something is felt to be more important than thinking it is true; this sort of belief however is grounded in common sense and feelings.

    Friendship is easier than love here although your friend is likely to dominate, usually in a protective way though. Yet he may become quite dependent on your optimism and good spirits to keep him happy and free from depression. As friends, you two can become involved as equals in mutually uplifting spiritual pursuits in which you relinquish the power struggles that may surface in a love relationship. Your friend is a forceful leader and you may feel like his assistant or subordinate, but your considerable powers of persuasion and cheerfulness should not be underestimated. You can however feel a little used, frustrated, or neglected in whatever type of relationship you have with this man.

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