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  • You're very welcome! 🙂

  • Hi! I would like a romantic one for me and my guy.

    Me: December 27, 1984

    Him: September 5, 1979

    Thanks in advance!

  • MsTay, this relationship emphasizes learning, experimentation, and personal development through experience. You two usually have enough respect and trust for each other to be able to rely on each other's observations and input. Even without living and working together, in many ways you will parallel each other in your evolution, needing only to contact each other from time to time in order to touch base. In fact, it may be difficult for you two to establish your relationship in the same physical space, for you both tend to be territorial and possessive, and find it hard to share what you see as your own.

    Struggles can emerge in a marriage between you over space and ownership as well. The extent of these controlling attitudes can become all too apparent should you two break up - your divorce can feature vehement fighting over property and children. The pre-nuptial agreement was designed for people like you. Your love affair will be less troubled. Here you two may place a much higher value on ideals, affection and consideration - in short, intangibles. Your matchup is also quite sensual; in fact, tasting, tactiile and sexual areas draw you two like a magnet and may prove a solid basis of your relationship. Still, avoiding the common ownership of possessions is a good idea in your romance too.

  • Wow, thanks so much TheCaptain! Really accurate...that's us almost to a T. I am guilty of the "this is mine and this yours." We will definitely seek out some premarital counseling.

    Have a great day!

  • @TheCaptain: Would you be willing to provide me a Romantic Compatibility for me and my potential future love?

    My BD: 11/8/1963

    His BD: 7/12/1954

    I would greatly appreciate it : )

  • Hello TheCaptain: I just sent a request to you a few mins ago for a Romantic Compatibility reading; I just noticed your post regarding the month/day order; so let me restate our dates of birth.

    Mine is: November 8, 1963

    His is: July 12, 1954

    Thank you; sorry for confusion 🙂 Look forward to hearing from you!

  • TheTransformed, this is best for friendship and worst for love. A relationship between you two would be very traditional and practical and have a strict set of codes and rules. It would tend to discourage excessive emotion and to favour rationality. Thus, a love affair here can be earthy and sensuous but may lack passion. Neither of you will compromise yourselves or undermine your own best interests, so if one partner should become too dependent or needy, the other person may well pull out of the relationship.

    However, if you two can manage to make it to marriage, commitments and promises are more likely to be honoured. Your married life together should be fairly easy and trouble-free, if somewhat tame and perhaps even mundane. You would have to give up your controlling attitudes around your husband if you wanted your marriage to last but he would come to appreciate your capability in pulling your own weight in the relationship. You both would have to work hard not to let selfish, bossy or boring tendencies creep in to destroy the marriage.

    Friendship is best of all here, having a tolerance and understanding that would allow highly personal matters to be discussed and shared. As practicality is the relationship's strength, you two friends could rely on each other strongly for advice. The lack of passion would be an asset here rather than a drawback as in a love matchup.

  • @TheCaptain: Thank you very much for the insight, greatly appreciated!!

  • Friend, is August 05,1970. & yours truly January 12,1969 ? Why do it take so long for responds, Nefretete

  • Nefretete, you are not the only person I have to answer. Please have some patience.

    This relationship is good for both marriage and working together. You are both ambitious people but your friend is even more so than you (who can find contentment at reaching a certain level). Your friend will always be seeking greater challenges - which can cause some friction between you. Your relationship generally however is solid, service-oriented and practical, with loyalty a strong bond here.

    A love affair or marriage between you can be enduring, faithful, and productive. Neither of you is overly imaginative or romantic, so you tend to have a very grounded and stable relationship. The responsibilities of running a household and having children will come naturally to both of you. Physical sensation and pleasure are of primary importance and you will want your home to be both comfortable and secure.

    You both will give your all to the relationship while it produces good results. Even in the result of a breakdown or failure, you both will give reviving the relationship your best shot and will experience tremendous struggle between loyalty and good sense in figuring out when to call it quits. You won't give this relationship up without a fight, in other words. But you might never have to give it up, if you both can use the strength of your sensibleness and play down your weaknesses of stubbornness, inflexibility, and fixedness.

  • Captain, thanks for that most helpful insight.

    Patience I will;

  • Hello Captain, geeze you must be real busy with so many interests in your offer. I am 20 October 1962 and my friend 02 October 1962. Lets see what you make out of this one...? Have a nice day

  • Magicwand, this can be a very romantic matchup where you both get swept along on a wave of euphoria - together you are a very self-confident couple. Your relationship has few problems of a mundane and practical sort. You share your innermost desires and dreams with each other and your relationship is filled with passion, excitement and daring. If you two are somewhat unconventional or outrageous, you are quite open about it and are prepared to take any flak that society might aim in your direction. You don't believe in tempering your affection for each other, privately or publically.

    However as individuals you are both very critical people. So, when you are together, this tendency is magnified, making the relationship extremely demanding and at times very stressful. Miraculously, in love (but less often in marriage) you two usually succeed in meeting each other's high standards, whether physical, financial, or social. There may not however be a correspondingly deep emotional bond here, which can indicate a lack of self-awareness and an unwillingness to confront feelings directly.

    There is a lot of hard work to do if this romance is to endure as a more realistic commitment. You both must be prepared to dig a lot deeper emotionally and to give the opinions of others your serious consideration. The relationship's strengths are its enterprising, romantic and self-confident attitudes. Its weaknesses are stressful, unaware or escapist tendencies. It's up to you both which attitudes or tendencies you let power - or undermine - your relationship.

  • Hi, Captain,

    You did a reading for me with my ex on this thread, but that was a long while ago. Darn it, you were right, too, lol! So he and I were not meant to be, which is okay. So fast forward...I have been with my current love for 5 months (we've been friends for 5 years). He's stated that he wants to build a future with me, and has dropped hints about marriage. What I'd like to know is if this is a truly good relationship foundation that we can build a loving future on? I'd like to think so, but I'd love your insight, please. Thank you so very much in advance...I know that you're busy, so I appreciate your taking the time for my question! 🙂

    My birthday: August 23, 1960 at 6:05 a.m.

    His birthday: January 15, 1960 at 12:30 a.m. (he couldn't remember if he was born at 12:25 or 12:35, so I compromised.)

  • Darkness_angel, the transmission of ideas is of paramount importance in this relationship - you two are like siblings who have a great deal to talk about and share. A one-on-one learning situation often works well here. You two may be involved with a body of theoretical knowledge, technical, scientific or philosophical, which provides a common ground of study. Formal schooling, private lessons, or workshops are all possible activities to be shared by the pair of you. A teacher/student or mentor/protégé style relationship is very common in this combination and it sometimes can evolve into a love affair or marriage. This learning project can be serious but it doesn't have to be - it is often tremendously challenging but it can also be fun. Nor does the emphasis on study mean that the physical side of life is absent, for you two may well be involved in competitive sports and exercise. Whatever the area of study, your relationship usually settles on one topic and concentrates on it, rather than seeking diversity. Study however is only one way of learning and the value of life experience mustn't be ignored, either.

    In matters of the heart, you both tend to give your all, and your love may reach for the stars in its soaring bliss. It will rarely fail to be grounded in the here and now, however. Although both of you can be stubborn and unyielding in arguments, you will usually make up your differences when locked in each other's embrace. Marriage here may tend towards the prosaic, but you will rarely feel let down, for you will both instinctively feel that this relationship involves a whole different set of parameters from a love affair, and that they constitute a sacred trust.

    Should your involvement in a particular area of interest become deep enough, you two might form a business partnership built around a school or other learning centre. Devoting yourselves to the development of young people can become your speciality together.

  • Thank you very much, Captain! He is very gifted at making mechanical things, while I'm gifted artistically. He is also a wonderful, patient teacher. We both learn from each other, though, in our own areas of expertise.

    You did nail that we're both stubborn and unyielding in our differences...but one of the most important things that we do work on is communicating our differences (not arguing!) and sometimes even agreeing to disagree. But we do love one another deeply, and are constantly showing it and saying it. We have a very affectionate relationship. We do enjoy conversations and projects together, and we especially love to be with each other and explore whatever and where ever our road leads us. In the 5 months that we've been together, we've gone on roughly one trip per month, and we are greatly enjoying our time together.

    The funny part is, he is very left-brained, and I am very right-brained, so I joke that between the two of us, we make up one pretty smart and creative brain, lol!!

    Thank you again, Captain, for your wonderful insight! You nailed our relationship. Many blessings to you! 🙂

  • HI Captain....okay so me 7/24/79 him 11/14/78 now this should be enteresting lol ....thanks soooo much for everything.....many blessings

  • MOONRAIZ, the dynamic between you two is complex. Although you have very different temperaments, you can form an effective working combination, particularly when innovating and developing new projects. Where you are often a risk-taker from the word 'go' (or would like to be), your friend rarely takes a chance that could threaten his security. These attitudes can complement each other in the workplace, giving you the security you need and your friend the push to achieve. So we have a combination of radical and conservative attitudes here that can coalesce to form a relationship that has ambition and drive but also knows when to hold back and wait. The downside can come when either impulse predominates, weakening the relationship by producing alternations between rashness and caution, or power struggles between the two directions. You MOONRAIZ may have difficulty handling your friend's intensity and secretiveness.

    Your love affair can start out like a house on fire, then quickly burn out. Should such a relationship prematurely move on to marriage, there is the possibility of open combat between you and your more defensive, but ultimately retaliating, partner. Friendship can be exciting at the outset - you two will often be fascinated with each other's different approaches to life, and with each other generally. Later, after you have shared many experiences, you will also begin to realise that you actually have a lot in common. Whatever the relationship type here, you two should never rush things in the beginning, and later on should work to preserve and nurture the innocent and youthful energy in which your tie was conceived. Your motto: Not so fast - make love last. Or else you two will burn out like a shooting star.

  • WOW...Thanks TheCaptain...this happens to be my oldest son's son is now 10 yrs old and his father and I knew each other growing up...he always liked me when we were younger so he says lol...we met later when I graduated high school and two years later my son was born but we went through sooooooooooooo much..our relationship was so great at first than it quickly started to down spiral due to other people in our relationship he had baby momma drama fights were going so we had to part..I have another child and he does as well but some how we manage to resurface as friends who truly love each other...thanks so much

  • Ok my birthday is 10/28/47 and his is 9/14/61. We have been seeing each other six months. Would love to here what you have to say Captain.

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