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  • Romantic please,

    Me- August 18th, 1989

    Him - February 27th, 1985

    He's my best friend, we have mostly the same likes/dislikes however we're both with other people right now.. should we continue on the path we are, or will we be together later? I've had dreams in the past of us years from now, but I can't tell if it's just wishful thinking or a glimpse of what could come..

  • Thanks so much TheCaptain! I will have to study this, as I seemed to be the more independent one in the r/s, which he had a hard time with. Fun read though! 🙂

  • me: april 3rd 1996

    him: january 16th 1993

    thank you captain :D:D:D

  • Sweetdestiny, this relationship is about communication and versatility, encouraging the pair of you to be more open and to branch out in your interests. Its energies must be controlled and directed however for they can easily get out of control. And, although researching new areas is characteristic of this relationship, you two should be careful not to waver in your attention to the job at hand or to spread yourselves too thin. Self-defeating and chaotic in certain respects, your relationship needs to keep its feet on the ground.

    A love affair may suffer through an overly open outlook, with commitment seldom seriously considered, let alone discussed. You two don't oppose each other's attractions to other people, and even encourage them, a trait that may undermine the relationship. And when you really need to spend a good deal of time together, slowly building your intimacy, you both tend to be busily flying off in all sorts of other directions. You should not attempt marriage unless these tendencies can be kept under control and commitment can be worked solidly into the equation.

    A working relationship is actually the best relationship of all here. Marriage and a love affair are the worst types of relationship between two such different personalities and seldom work out well.

  • Danielleissmiling, this relationship is good for friendship but terrible for love. Your friend's moral expectations are likely to be very rigid here. Tensions will arise if one of those involved tries to push for a more intimate relationship. Your friend's tendency to dominate may seriously irritate you and you will hate him trying to control you. You are bound to rebel sooner or later.

    A friendship on the other hand can be magnificent. Sharing, extroversion, and mutual ego-support will all emerge in a less threatening relationship as friends. Your friend is highly physical so you may prove to be his perfect companion in sporting, fitness or adventure activities. You both like pushing your limits, either your own or the record book's. The danger here may be a tendency to get into trouble, particularly with authority figures or the law. Make sure you only push physical limits and boundaries, not moral ones.

  • Hello again Captain,

    I was wondering how well am I compatible with this person. My DOB is June 16,1977 and His DOB is August 12,1978. Thank you in advance

  • Jena1977, this works best of all as a friendship. This relationship is a study in complex emotions and power struggles. The central theme is likely to be a mixture of persuasion and manipulation - it is often hard to say where one person leaves off and the other begins. Within the relationship, you Jena will usually be the master in both of these activities, but your friend tends to take the lead in dealing with work, family or marital issues involving other people. In these situations, he will treat you as his right hand. You are not averse to playing such a role, for in freeing you of responsibility and the obligation to fill the top spot, it allows you more liberty.

    Many contrary emotions will swirl around in this relationship's emotional mix and a difficult blend of interest and apathy, desire and indifference, sympathy and hostility, is likely to dominate this relationship at any one time. Understanding and empathy are generally constant factors, however.

    A love affair can continue for some time, or at least until either you or your friend announces an interest in getting married - when you may just as easily separate as proceed on together. In either sphere, sex is unlikely to be a crucial factor - you two enjoy each other's companionship in a wide variety of activities, and friendship is usually the underlying basis of any personal relationship with each other. You might even be said to agree that without friendship you have little else together.

    Working together would not be in your best interests as, though you two can be emotionally close, you two are not always that efficient in getting the job done. Your friend is better in the role of parent or boss - you in such roles may not be as effective in directing employees or parenting children as he is. At its best, this relationship can be understanding, empathic, and persuasive. At its worst, it can be ineffective, vacillating, and manipulative.

  • TheCaptain, I'd love to get one too (romantic, please)!

    Me: March 3, 1990;

    he: September 10, 1989.

    He's a new friend, with whom we've got really close recently and I think I started developping feelings towards him. Not really sure about the emotions on his side, he doesn't open up very easily, though he seems to care.

    Thanks in advance, that'd be really important to me. 🙂

  • Sinopsi, your Virgo friend is indeed quite the enigma, isn't he? But you yourself can be something of a loner so he probably wonders about your commitment, too. This matchup can be very good for marriage or the longterm, if it can survive that long. It generates tremendous creative energy, and is capable of expansive thinking, innovation, and reaching for lofty goals. You two are actually opposite each other in the zodiac so your energy arises out of opposition (which takes a bit more work). Capable of constituting a strong bond that can work to stabilize any group or organization, the relationship is also quite capable of standing on its own, so that a business partnership or a close professional association is especially favoured here. Your friend will tend to deal with planning, finances and management while you supply the imagination and often the theoretical or technical know-how.

    In a personal relationship, you two tend to get lost in each other. There are so many mysteries in your hidden personalities that you can become obsessed with personal exploration, losing contact with everyday realities.A love affair here can be deep and emotional. There is a real danger however of you two losing your personal identities and merging in an all-absorbing relationship that takes every bit of your energy. Step back now and then to take back your own individuality before you dive in again.

    A friendship or marriage is likely to be more objective than a love affair, and conducive to individual personal growth. Your relationship can be an extremely active social unit within your circle of friends and beyond; it is not uncommon for you two to assume an important role in the development of community, church or athletic organizations, where your service-oriented sides can be fully expressed. This work is usually done on a volunteer basis, and seeks little if any renumeration. It's good for your friend to set aside some of the more selfish or self-centred aims he may have in favour of learning how to give to others. He tends to vacillate between aggressive and passive behaviour, one moment ruling with a heavy and often ruthless hand, only to exhibit awareness and kindness the next, so his loved ones will have to endure 'trials by fire'. You may have to wait a while before he realizes that a double standard is not exactly considerate and that he must 'do unto others' as he would have them do unto him. Overbearing attitudes, intolerance or inconsideration may cost him many friends before he learns this lesson. But his inherent modesty, discernment, and powers of observation should help him overcome such problems, providing he doesn't become so concerned with his image that he forsakes a deeper understanding of human values. This guy has a big dislike for messy emotional displays and can exhibit a lot of rigidity and reluctance when it comes to expressing his feelings or dropping his enigmatic approach and overly high standards. You will have to rely on his actions towards you to provide insight into your relationship - if he keeps coming around and treating you well, then it's a sure bet he has deep feelings for you.

    There is a danger here that the two of you may lack the toughness or willpower to withstand disappointment or trouble. You may each disappear into your own cocoon and turn away from your responsibilities, particularly if you feel hurt or rejected. You must both pull yourselves together at such times and toughen your resolve. Don't let yourselves dissolve away, either through merging with the other person too much or running away from problems. Together you can be a great source of creativity and service to others - and to yourselves.

  • Hi TheCapitain,

    Can you please help me with this situation?!

    Situation with a Scorpio Man...HELP!!?

    I'll try to shorten this as much as I can :-). I met this scorpio male through a mutual friend for a work project. My friend told me a little about him letting me know later that he had someone already in his life (my friend also wanted to hook something up personally). I thought nothing much about him when we spoke over the phone and when we met for a meeting for the project (however I did think he was extremely sexy and attractive). Anyway as we began to work on the project, I found out more about him (found out we attended the same university, know a few of the same people; my sis-in-law's grandmom lived on the same street he currently lives on-3 houses down from his....). What struck me was that he did not seem to have much of anything for the girl he has. When I asked him if he had a girlfriend, his reply was "I am dating?!" and when I insisted on a "yes or no" answer, he said to be "safe" he will just say yes. I was a little surprised and he explained that she was on her way out because she does things to piss him off from time to time. There are other things he's said about her that surprises me. Since I've known him, he's never referred to her as his girlfriend. Beside her name on his phone he has in parentheses "she will NEVER tell the whole truth". Infact, the last time he brought her up, he said he does not know what to call what they have going on.

    Now when it comes to me, we started spending more time working and hanging together. I instantly noticed there's a mutual attraction to the point we'd cuddle, be affectionate towards each other, talk and laugh alot when we are together etc. This went on for 4months until one night we finally went beyond that (however, we didn't have sex. He actually stopped before we got that far-Thank God!!. But I believe that we both wanted to so bad and will probably do when put in that position again).The bomber was that the next day, he did mention that he was going to San Francisco and that the girl was going with him and he felt weird about it after what had happened the night before between us. I was not angry cause I figured this must have been planned prior to that night. The next time we met up, thankfully, the attraction was still there and we had fun hanging out. I need help cause I feel deep down he's the one (and it's very strong) but there's the issue of the girl and I don't want to be in a triangle. My friends and sister all say I need to find out what's the situation is with her and let him how I feel (in order to know if he is interested in me or not) when we get to hang out again. I am not a relationship expert but one thing I have been told and I do believe is that if a guy loves or at least cares about a girl, he would acknowledge that (and i don't see him doing that with her when she has brought into a conversation). My guy friends tell me about their relationships. Its either they are into the girls or not.

    I understand scorpios are extremely loyal in a relationship and I want it to be with me.

    Anyone's been in this kind of situation or scorpios please HELP me with some advice on this. What could be going on with him.

    PS: He's been pretty open with me in conversations. He seems to have fun when we hangout. Once I woke up at 4am and found a text from him (sent at 12:45am) saying "Just thinking; thanks for believing in me" (which I do and I told him I always will). If I have responded around that time, I probably would have gotten more on his thoughts/feelings.

    He's a typical scorpio will hear from him now and then he does not respond to a few of my texts. I have not seen him in about 3 weeks. I wanted to see him last weekend, he informed me that he would have liked to but had hurt himself (he sent me photos of his injury, he actually has surgery coming up). 2days ago, I responded to his text thanking him for lending his studio for a shoot we have coming up letting him know he's wonderful and I have not heard from him (which I know is typical)


    MY DOB: 7/26/79

    HIS DOB: 11/1/77

  • This post is deleted!

  • ScorpioManSituation, this matchup works best for friendship. You two share a belief in being truthful no matter what. Your relationship synergistically increases this quality, which may well become its core focus. Things won't be easy between you, since you both tend to be demanding and believe in giving life and your relationship and projects your all - or not at all. At the same time, you two often see the truth as something relative, rather than as an absolute written in stone. For the most part, however, you both agree that honesty, integrity, ethical behaviour, and sticking to the facts as much as possible are of paramount importance.

    Astrology predicts friction and conflict here, since you two are square to each other in the zodiac. And, given that you two are so very very stubborn, friction is indeed a certainty. But friction can also mean passion. There is a strong physical connection here. Sexuality is usually important in this relationship. In a love affair, honesty continues to play its part, being combined with a passionate and erotic intensity. Marriage may be no less passionate than a love affair, but is certainly more demanding in terms of responsibilities.

    Alternatively, a friendship between you can be very close. Despite disagreements and emotional upsets, especially because of your honesty, you two can have a great deal of respect for each other as friends and can count on each other in times of trouble. As much as you would hate to admit it, both of you will occasionally be forced to take personal or mitigating considerations into account and to allow for lapses in truthfulness, even in yourselves.

    So it's really when sex and imtimacy come in that you two will have the most trouble. A love relationship will bring jealousies, insecurities, and conflict with it. This is an 'all or nothing' relationship. You have choices here. You can try to be more human in applying standards of truth. You can choose to forgive and forget, and to cultivate some empathy for each other. You can be less rigid - learn to bend with the wind. Either you both make it work totally and fully or you both walk away. You can either resolve your conflicts or you can cut your losses and try to part as friends.

  • Dmick59, this relationship is a conflicted blend of alternating amicability and animosity. It is best for friendship and worst for love. It keeps both of you on your toes, certainly. But the guardedness that results causes a kind of energy blockage that can hamper both the relationship's results and its development. You two have much to offer one another, but your respective strengths are unlikely to merge, coalesce or complement each other, for this would demand exactly the free flow of energy that this combination lacks. The customs here - especially in business or friendship - are distance and blockage. Furthermore, this relationship may include a certain enviousness - you for your husband's quick perceptions and creativity, and he for your practicality and money sense. Your husband will tend to overshadow you in this relationship, but you will exert your own subtle influence and can function as his most valuable critic, advisor or even teacher. He will initially be attracted by your complexity and secretiveness, perhaps wanting to unravel the mystery of your intriguing personality. Observation is a hallmark here, but usually to no avail, as inherent blockages keep this relationship from progressing.

    Love tends to bring out the nervous sides of both of you. Insecurities abound, and as a couple you tend to worry a lot about whether you are pursuing the right path or were really meant to be involved in the first place. Marriage's domestic responsiblities will benefit the relationship a bit, but too often you will be left doing all the work while your husband is off having a good time. The resentment you may consequently feel you may just hammer down inside, resulting in depression and withdrawal. On the other side, your husband will often feel that you fall short in your ability to supply him with what he needs emotionally. Lots of time and space is needed here to alleviate the guardedness that inevitably develops up between you.

  • hello,

    I would also like a reading

    my b-day: Feb 19, 1992

    his b-day:June 23,1992

    Thank you very much

  • Maelstrom, this relationship works best for friendship, and worst for love. Both of you have an ethereal quality that in other combinations can make you unassertive and capable of being taken advantage of. Yet you two come together extraordinarily strongly here. Anyone who knows you individually is liable to be shocked by your relationship: together you manifest raw energy and power. The reaction is nearly chemical, elevating strategic thought over emotional sensitivity, instinct over feeling, drive over indecision. This is an awesome combination, associated with initiative and work. Its focus is passionate and powerful - the energy here builds to a tremendous intensity, both for good and bad. Such energies are best directed outward; any infighting can tear you two apart.

    At work, and in friendship and marriage, you two are a powerful force for getting projects on the rails in your immediate environment. Despite your often quiet and unassuming presentation, you can be called on to get the job done. Your power is not necessarily strongly physical, but may manifest psychologically or spiritually, often accomplishing wonders with little effort. The relationship is very good at teaching others by example, and the effects usually linger on after you both have departed. The success of this matchup will depend not only on its effectiveness but on your ability to relax together and be empathic.

    In a romantic relationship, liking is usually at least as important as loving. An affair can too often degenerate into a power struggle, especially if you two lose respect for each other and for yourselves. Sexual manipulation may be used destructively here, and the threat to deprive each other of physical interaction, or to break off the relationship altogether, is not uncommon. Care will have to be taken that you two do not engage in struggle and combat. Usually, building quiet but firm bonds of trust and reliability will overcome such aggressive tendencies.

    At its best, this relationship can be initiating, energetic, and powerful. At its worst, it can be manipulative, combative, and overaggressive. Remember that affection can often be more important than passion. Cultivate empathy and point your energies in the right direction.

  • i would like one on this to I find it hard to pass up any of your offers. i just need one more insight on this relationship for me to make my final decision.

    His April 14th 1989

    Mine Feb 28 1991

  • Fiercetika, you and your friend have very different wants and needs. He wants to be right all the time and have everyone follow his plans and ideas, while you just want to find someone who can give you the protection and safety you crave. Your friend's compulsive need for order takes advantage of your tendency to become dependent and thus a sort of master/slave - very unequal and unfair - type of relationship emerges. His need to feel superior manifests as making others feel bad and inferior to raise his ego. In your search for a teacher or mentor, you mistake his controlling ways for authority, knowledge and real power, but he is not the saviour you believe he is. He is really very weak and insecure and hides it behind being enigmatic and secretive and non-sharing. Actually, he is unable to trust anyone at all and feels people are very insensitive to his needs, when it is really him who is unable to give to others. He only gets into a relationship because he is unhappy on his own - because being alone might force him to look deeply into himself which is something he fears doing. In fact, developing self-revelation and trust are the only ways he will deepen his relationships with others but he is very reluctant to do so. Strangely he can become wracked by jealousy and possessiveness over those he is having a relationship with, but it's more about ownership than love or affection.

    You owe yourself something more than being a slave for the rest of your life. This man cannot provide you with the safety you seek - in fact, he will make you feel less protected and secure than ever with his demanding ways.

  • A few days ago I posed in another section of the forum about myself and my Cancerian friend...but I would be very interested in an another analysis of our relationship. This is for friendship. We are very recent friends but I feel our bond runs deep, however we are now separated by distance. He is also a very spacey Cancer...I haven't heard from him in a couple weeks (while other mutual acquaintances/friends have heard from him regularly during his silence with me) and miss him dearly. Would like more assurance that all the closeness shared while we got to know each other over the summer wasn't just a figment of my very active imagination, and that I will be able to count on it being a lifelong friendship.

    Me: March 6 1987

    Him: July 15 1989

    Thank you very much! 🙂

  • Tooralooryeaye, the involvement between the two of you is indeed quite profound, plumbing to such a deep level that most of your interaction can occur on a subconscious or even psychic plane. Since much of what occurs is nonverbal, the overall mood is rather comfortable. While both of you tend to spend a lot of time alone, your emotional understanding runs high and you find it easy to be open with each other. There is a tendency for you two to become mutually dependent, then, in a rather independent way.

    A friendship can be outstanding. The rather unhealthy tendency to isolate yourselves is not so strong here as it would be in a love matchup. Your friend will often take the lead in bringing you out into the world, encouraging you and furthering your career and social development. You meanwhile furnish the sympathy and understanding that your friend craves, particularly when his professional duties are put aside.

    What your friend is really looking for is not friendship however but love - he wants to be adored by someone who returns his passion. Perhaps, because of your psychic connection, he feels that you don't want this type of relationship with him. Yet you do want to experience happiness, harmony, fairness, and support with one partner whom you love. It's just that you must become your own partner first - getting to know yourself and giving yourself self-nurturing will make you feel strong, confident and supported. Perhaps this is what you are going through at the moment? If so, it's just your timing that's off with your friend.

    Also, according to his numerology, he's just started a very introspective period after his birthday (I know Cancers always seem to be in this sort of retreat, but it's especially strong for him this year) when he needs to look deeply inside himself and be on his own to get answers. Whereas you are in an outgoing, friendly and sociable year. Bad timing again! It may be next year before you can tell if your friendship will survive this pause or if it's a finality.

  • TheCaptain, I just wanted to thank you again for this! It's been very helpful. I do find the third paragraph a little interesting--he and I are opposite genders but both of us prefer our own, if you catch my drift 😉 It has however shed some light on other issues that affect our friends and the like. What you mentioned about me getting to know myself, self-nurturing, etc...has all been very true. Fall semester just started in the US and, being a fourth-year uni student, I've been throwing myself into my studies and feeling a big, positive change coming.

    I also really appreciate what you mentioned about his introspective period. A significant amount of people in my life that matter to me are Cancers, and I do appreciate their friendship and presence in my life, very very much. Of course I know they tend to "retreat" as you said, and you are very right in that, at least recently, I've been rather social. The past few weeks I haven't been sure whether or not his "space" has been the Cancer trait kicking in or a way to give me a "hint" to back off for good--but this is just one more addition to seal the deal! I'm the kind of person that will do anything for their friends, and wait for a century if that's what it takes. He means a lot to me, I can definitely wait a little while, while our friendship balances out and gets into its long-term rhythm.

    Thanks again! This has helped sooo much! I really appreciate it! 🙂

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