Compatibility analysis

  • LunaRio, your highly personal relationship may find you spending long periods of time alone together. In fact, you can get too involved with each other to the point where ego boundaries blur and the relationship takes over. You may find yourselves in open conflict with the relationship itself, which can prove demanding, involving, and inescapable.You especially can feel oppressed by your charming but imposing partner. Beware of isolation. Keep in contact with friends and family. A love affair, marriage, or friendship must be carefully monitored for signs of undue dependency, which is often a warning that further involvement is inadvisable. Sex* and love addictions are not at all uncommon - drugs too, prescription or otherwise, may pose a serious habitual problem. Magnetic sorts of desire figure prominently in the relationships of Cancers and Scorpios and your matchup can intensify this trait to create an even higher kind of attachment. Breakups will be especially painful, and may press home the need to be wary of such all-absorbing involvements in the future. You both need to maintain some objectivity in your relationship if you are to make a successful couple.

    LunaRio, you have a highly romantic and emotional approach to life. Work on coming down to earth more often and giving real form to your talents and inspirations. You have an extreme sensitivity that could cause you to withdraw into a private and isolated world. So this sort of relationship could make it harder for you to achieve your goals unless you make a determined and disciplined effort to ground yourself and be practical about getting what you want. You have a lot of lucky opportunities around you in this life so develop a capability, objectivity, and faith in a larger design. Learn to manage your needy side and don't depend on others to make your dreams come true. Getting involved in the day-to-day running of a business would be beneficial for you as will putting your own unique imprint on what you create. You have a great memory and the ability to learn anything. You tend to respond to the environment around you - you will be peaceful in a calm environment, and nervous and aggressive in a tense environment. Your creativity and intellectual skill would take you far in the arts. In love, you have a tendency to be overwhelmed by a more self-assertive and stronger partner, and you run the risk of losing yourself in a submissive role. Find a partner who is as independent and open-minded as you are and avoid overbearing, domineering types. Also, watch a tendency to be hypercritical - don't nag your partner just because he fails to provide you with novelty and entertainment 24 hours a day.

    Your partner may have an attraction to the wild side of life. He is blessed with a strong sense of who he is and where he wants to go in life and will doubtless reach his destination with flair and faultless timing. But he could have a tendency to grow complacent when things go easy for him and may rest on his laurels before completing the journey or fulfilling his highest potential. He may have to resolve his inner emotional conflicts or addictive patterns of behaviour before achieving success. He should hold onto his spontaneity and naturalness of approach, and risk revealing his true self to others. Excessive pride, intolerance, impatience, and arrogance can distort his perceptions and if he encounters criticism in work or love, he may stomp off in anger. It would be a shame if he let his destructive qualities block the fantastic creative, spiritual, and leadership potential he has. He is shrewd and a natural detective. Possessive and jealous in love, sex* is very important to him and he needs plenty of it. Somewhat insensitive to the needs of his partner, prefering to dominate rather than share, he may have many volatile realtionships in his life until he learns to control that self-indulgent streak.

  • beautyofgray, sorry to say this relationship does not look good for love. Great pressures could build up in this matchup through an insistence on getting everything right. It will be extremely demanding of itself and others, placing perhaps too much emphasis on mental concentration. Your partner is often more at home when he follows his hunches and you would prefer to deal with your feelings. So both of you may be uncomfortable with the uncompromising focus on logical thought that emerges when you are together, cutting you off from your real strengths. For all your drive and intensity, both of you do best in relaxed circumstances where you can work at your own pace. The relationship's insistence on perfection may undercut its effectiveness and arouse frustration. Both of you are full-blooded in your sexuality, yet this strength does not always emerge in your love affair with each other. You can have a strangely inhibiting effect on each other's carnal side, as if you were expecting criticism or reproach. In marriage too, high expectations can prevent good results. Interactions here are seldom free and easy. Your partner will hang around to the bitter end, but the relationship's strains and pressures may make you seek comfort and pleasure elsewhere. A friendship will be easier with you both sharing a common interest or activity, which you pursue with zeal.

    beautyofgray, your life will no doubt at some point concern a considerable commitment to the rights of the less fortunate. Nevertheless, beneath your lofty goals can lurk secret dictatorial or autocratic tendencies. You may even strive to gain freedom from persecution only to turn around and persecute others. You need to back up and gain greater detachment to discern the underlying dynamics of your relationships. You can be a considerable force for good if you don't let your moral sense degenerate into authoritarianism, and remember to keep the iron hand of leadership always within the velvet glove of consideration and caring. Let your nearest and dearest have their own beliefs and don't trample on their sacred cows. Release your need to judge and to be infallible for the joy of being there for another person. You have depth, insight and perception. In love, you want an active sex life and are affectionate and inventive.

    Your partner may like to do things himself and needs to learn to relate more intimately to others. Modest and rather altruistic, he will be a good complement to your concerns for helping the less fortunate. Blessed with quiet, unpretentious dedication, he can be an inspiring figure, able to draw others to him for a common cause. However, he may have a tendency to be too self-sacrificing or refuse to admit failure. He may have such difficluty with his unwillingness to be alone that he is deaf to the calls to explore new worlds and new frontiers. Still, he is gifted with an extraordinary and steady determination that will impart great strength for the long haul. It might be a long time until he finds what he is looking for in life but, if he doesn't push himself too hard, he will reap the reward of his toughness and persistence by reaching his goals. Creative, highly emotional, open-minded and imaginative, he can achieve anything; however he may lack the necessary ambition. He may be attracted to religion, excel as a counsellor, teacher or psychologist, and will surely find himself involved in some sort of charitable work. In love, he needs the comfort and stability of a home base stocked with children. He is loyal and devoted to his mate and is an idealist and romantic at heart.

  • TwistedFish, the harmony between you two is in the nature of a sympathetic vibration. Like strings tuned to the same frequency, you and your partner are highly responsive to each other, such that the slightest upset or change of feeling in one will cause discord in the relationship. Because of the extreme sensitivity here, oscillations of mood are common, and it may be difficult to attain constancy or permanence. Yet this challenge can become the focus of the relationship, as you both seek to be ever more aware of your emotions and try to stay in tune with each other. Sooner or later, you will learn not to react so quickly to upset, and realise that being out of tune must also be accepted as a natural phenomenon that needs to occur from tiem to time. In love affairs, you probably enjoy spending long periods of time with each other. But although you are good companions as well as lovers, you do best when each has their own space to which to retreat to be alone. Emotional interactions are complex here, since it is difficult for either of you or an objective onlooker to know where feelings are coming from, so conjoined are you both. Feeling the other person's emotions and taking them as one's own is quite common here. The difficulty that you find in making commitments, and the problems your partner has in trusting at a deep level, may keep you from ever getting married. Should you tie the knot, however, the union may prove highly successful if you can work out your problems and accept each other's foibles.

    TwistedFish, put aside your belief in your unworthiness - don't let insecurity ruin the joy of living life on a grand scale. Release everything that is petty or small inside of you. You must do a lot of work on yourself to know just what aspects of your multifaceted nature require greater growth and which are best discarded. Failure to ground yourself in useful activity can be a problem. Your conception of the bigger picture is already so tinged with spirituality and idealism that you may refuse to develop your highest potential in ordinary ways and get lost in your sense of the grander scheme of things. Cultivate greater practicality and dwell a bit less in the realms of the theoretical and you will make great progress. You know how to get your way through charm and persuasion and people are often surprised when you drop your humble guise to become outspoken and ecisive. You know what you want from life - comfort and security - and your remarkable intuition will help you get it. Your needs always come first because you have a healthy respect for yourself. You are impulsive and love excitement. Risk taking can get you into trouble though. Your sharp, intuitive mind and desire to serve others is well suited to medicine or engineering or charitable, service-oriented professions. Also many prolific artists share your profile. You must cope with underlying tension and anxiety by finding outlets for your pent-up energy. Sex* is a good outlet and, with the right partner, you can indulge your sensual, imaginative, and experimental nature. Be careful not to build fantasies around your mate and then become outraged when he does not match your expectations. You have a right to expect fidelity since you are so faithful and devoted yourself. Choose a lover who will be completely open and honest with you, reciprocating your afffection, kindness, and generosity.

    Your partner has a fear of rejection or humiliation that he needs to overcome, also he must relinquish an attraction to the darker side. He can be eccentric or even downright odd, and he doubtless had an early education in the folly of trying to fit in. He has a keen intuition and undertsanding of others and should be able to overcome the sense of rejection or personal touchiness that he might have brought with him from the past. This free spirit dances to his own beat, inventing new ways to be himself and having a love affair with the weird and wacky. He will probably never shake off his wanderlust completely and will always pursue his interests with abandon, neglecting the feelings of those he leaves behind. Extremely absent-minded and forgetful, he is not the most practical person, but makes a natural teacher with his fiery enthusiasm and great artistry. Mundane details - such as paying the rent or balancing the budget bog him down - he would rather be concerned with cosmic, abstract thoughts. He lives almost exclusively for the moment and makes few future plans. He changes his mind often so making decisions could take him forever. He lusts for absolute personal freedom and will run a mile from anyone who tries to tie him down. Intensly romantic and otherworldly, he walks around lovesick most of the time. He enjoys sex but could renounce it altogether to pursue intellectual pursuits. Once he learns to control his restlessness and masters a little patience, he may be able to bring some of his fantastic dreams into reality. Ludwig van Beethoven had this same profile as your partner.

    Hmm, someone here is going to have to be the grownup but I don't think it will be your partner. The success of this relationship involves grounding it in the practical. Both partners will have to accept the differences in each other.

  • Dear Captain thank you for your offer. I would want to know how this relationship will develop. My DOB 18-11-1967 and his 19-10-1953

  • Wow!!! Very Accurate and Indepth! Your readings are so insightful, yet very practical. Thank You So Much - it has helped immensely. Namaste.

  • I just realized I did not put the name of the months on my previous post.

    My birth date is june 7, 1971 and my husbands is October 19, 1961

    I look forward to a reading, thank you.

  • WOW! Thank you so much Captain. Your are good. We are both very much like you said but I think we are both progressing as you suggested even before I asked from your reading. This is good because we are on the right path so far.

    Thanks again

  • Thank you, Captain. You're right about him. I'll take your advice and see where it goes. Thanks again for taking the time to help me!

  • Captian, do youi think you will be getting to me today? Really wanted a reading. Thanks

  • Only fifteen people in front of you, worthy1248. I'll do as many as I can today but the reports take time.

  • Silverfeather, your enchanting qualities and the logical, orderly orientation of your partner make this relationship an unusu­al blend. The match that results has strong mental powers, not necessarily in mathematical or logical skills, but in the psychic or paranormal realm. Synchronistic experiences and other observable phe­nomena for which there is no obvious explanation are common with you two. Your partner may have an inher­ent resistance to matters of metaphysics and spirituality, but the chemistry of his bond with you makes him increasingly open to such phenomena and mental states. Once convinced, both by you and by the irrefutable evidence of the occurrences that happen when you two are together, he may take the lead in a newfound hunger for unusual experiences. Love affairs and friendships between you feature startling coincidences and juxtapositions that surprise and amuse both of you. Serendipity may prove such an everyday occurrence that after a while you both come to expect it, your openness to it perhaps increasing its frequency. Your partner will rarely give up his critical, hard-headed stance completely, but your distinctive blend of cajoling and good humor can certainly soft­en it. Relationships that remain love affairs and stubbornly refuse to move on to marriage are probably better off that way, since your viewpoints are likely to become increasingly polarized as you both get older and more set in your ways. The relationship has a gambling instinct, being attracted to dangerous enterprises the outcome of which may rest on a single throw of the dice. Friendships too thrive on the kinds of challenges to the mind and body that expose the two of you to real rather than imagined risk. The individual strengths of your partner and yourself are the practical and imaginative abilities respectively. ADVICE: Stay flexible. Let go of any fear of the inexplicable.

    silverfeather, your often rather mellow, laid-back exterior can disguise a very intense personality. It is likely your childhood was strife-torn or restrictive in some way. You will derive great contentment through your ability to re­treat into an intensely private inner world once you relinquish some of your formidable focus. The principal task will be to make every effort to examine and release old emotional baggage. Issues of dependency ad codependency can be problems, as you have a strong desire to please others before you get down to the business of acknowledging your own needs. Alternatively, you can become demanding or suspicious of others, insisting on control instead of addressing your own deeper needs. Still, if you realize the value of letting go and nurturing yourself, your natural curiosity and intuition will guide you toward a higher level of fulfillment. Don't fall into the trap of identifying your self-worth with whomever you are linked romantically. Value your talents and be secure enough to put them to a higher purpose. In love, you desire warmth and security, although part of you does not feel the need for one lasting relationhsip. You do have a strong need for companionship, however. Your partner may have trouble understanding some of your sudden mood changes so find a lover who can appreciate and tolerate your unique nature.

    Your partner can have a much higher degree of emotional awareness and sensitivity than most Virgos, but he may struggle with the challenge to reveal himself and his soul to the world as a channel of higher insight and purpose. In­deed, this can be quite difficult for him, as he may find it extremely trying to overcome both his shyness and his need to impose order on the some­times chaotic world of emotion and feeling. In fact, he may spend his energies trying to control others' emo­tions rather than exploring his own. Yet by no means will he be devoid of talent or creativity. If he can successfully find a way to acknowledge and analyze his intuitions and insights and share them with the world in an atmosphere of mutual trust and inspiration, he will garner great support and enthusiasm from both you and the wider world. His greatest

    challenge is fighting feelings of defeat and inadequacy. His fulfillment: lies in channeling his wisdom by serving others. With his remarkable perception and powers of analysis, it's unfortunate that he sees fault before he finds virtue. In love, he tends not to be very romantic. Like youself, SF, he does have a strong need for companionship and for someone with whom to share ideas. He needs intellectual stimulation as well as physical love and can be very picky about choosing a partner.

  • Hi captain your offer of reading is very generous of you and im sure your words are helping many people. What an amazing thing you are doing! If I could please join the queue to ask for your help. My birthdate 19/03/1985 his 27/10/1984 much confusion & need to know to hold on or let go.

    Love & light.

  • unikue23, the uniqueness of character that you two possess can work against establishing a strong rela­tionship, since your combination only emphasizes your unconventional aspects and also adds a dose of overemotionalism. Since you both normally choose to invest far more in yourselves as individuals than you are willing to give to a relationship, a matchup between you doesn't stand much of a chance. Spending a lot of time together may not be in the cards, so more casual relationships are favored. Emotions are often out-of-synch here as well, as is evident in the impatience and irritation that you two often feel with each other. In love affairs and marriages, both of you seek attention; if you fail to get it, you will often try to annoy each other or deliberately create a problem that cannot be ignored. You both will often compete in gath­erings of friends and family by showing off your talents and abilities, or by being obnoxious. Both of you tend to be very self-centered, and failing to gain attention can result in one of you throwing a tantrum, starting a fight, or withdrawing. In the sphere of friendship, you both often do best as occasional companions or acquaintances. Limiting emotional contacts can allow common interests to be the focus and playful feelings to emerge. Examining the families with whom you grew up can lend insight into the relationship. ADVICE: Make an effort to get along—put the relationship first. Promote harmony through sharing. Be the first to give attention and the last to demand it.

    unikue23, you have a tendency to get depressed. Your challenge lies in developing your ability to express to the world all the wonders your mind is capable of producing. Self-sufficient and self-taught, you're a rugged individual who runs the danger of becoming so wrapped up in your thoughts that you fail to connect with those who would most benefit from from your special grasp of external truths. Settling down and staying connected with both the world of spirit and the world of social contact and connection will prove very important to your success. You possess a high degree of empathy. Overcome your tendency to grow bored, and create a solid body of work. Enjoy the pleasure of creation. In love, you are probably very attractive to many people. Frankly you are not very romantic but friendship is vital to you. Choose a lover who will understand your uniquely individual style and who can appreciate your imagination, intuition, intelligence, and need for freedom.

    Your partner may feel misunderstood, unappreciated, or otherwise outside the mainstream of life. He will have to work hard to overcome deep feelings of mistrust and alienation in order to succeed. If he can avoid self-pity, keep his sense of humour, and control his feelings of aggression, he can make great progress. His need to be accepted can hold him back, though. Looking deep within can alleviate feelings of anxiety or lack of self-worth. He must remain true to his heart's calling and live an authentic way of life. Intelligent, sensual, and sometimes careless, he is a very romantic soul who searches for a kindred spirit. He enjoys sex* and yearns for a partner who will understand his need for freedom and his idealism.

  • Toto53, this combination has a healing effect, bringing out the eternal child in its partners—the part in every­one that is able to overcome adversity and move forward in joy. The focus here is on spontaneity, intuition and trust. The relationship has a playful quality that will feel freeing to its partners and could make it a haven from sorrow. No matter what its circumstances, it will keep its partners youthful. Boredom is the enemy for these two, who like to indulge in all kinds of unusual or even risk-taking activities; just to keep things interesting, they will push each other right to the edge. There is the appearance here of a kind of wildness, but the relationship is not without control: these two have a good sense of how far they can prop­erly go. Being a little bit out there is simply necessary to them—usually to relieve other pressures.

    Love affairs can be highly romantic, with the couple quite capable of throwing caution to the winds and flying in the face of society—even when one partner is already spoken for. These two can show remarkably little consideration for a third person, in fact, sometimes behaving thoroughly ruth­lessly. Should they marry, a certain amount of latitude must be structured into the relationship, especially for the sake of the Sagittarius. Friends in this combination who meet as schoolmates are likely to dare each other on to ever greater risks. They are very interested in how things work, both practically and theoretically; curiosity is a prime element of their friendship. They may well integrate their careers, forming a strong professional association. The start­up phase of projects is particularly interesting to them—once things are running smoothly, they are apt to lose interest and move on.

    ADVICE: Make peace with yourself. You may be more effective when less emotional. Minimize violence. Show more consideration for others.

    Toto53, your quest for self-mastery must involve a real commitment to a teacher or mentor with whom you can share your innermost self. Your sense of independence may lead you to resist that level of commitment and you make take refuge in a rather misplaced sense of idealism or fits of temperament until you face the fact that there will always be more to learn. This life journey will be more comfortable if you take your lessons or increase your expertise within the context of a more personal realtionship. You may marry your boss, for instance, date your professor, or become best friends with the chairperson of the corporation. You need an environment of instruction that is not threatening to you. Apply your fine code of honour and high standards to your education and set your own pace in whatever field of endeavour you pursue. Most people see you as jovial, optimistic, charming, and naive but you have a serious side - a scholar/philosopher who has amazing subtlety and insight. Social insight is your speciality and you are a natural diplomat. In love, you have no trouble attracting the opposite sex*. but you can be restless and need variety. Even when you think you have found the perfect lover, the itch to move on might outweigh fidelity.

    Your partner has passion, conviction, and considerable moral courage. But this can be undermined by a tendency to promiscuity. He likes instant gratification and has an unfortunate way of overdramatising situations. Learning emotional control is important for him as is realising he exists for the good of his audience and not the other way around. His ability to handle a crisis, his dauntless approach to problems, and his fine intuition about what the right thing to do is, will serve him well. If he can disassociate from his own passions and yet still nourish his playful expressive side, he can be a socially effective teacher and leader. He must deal with a very low boredom threshhold before it creates disaster in his life. He probably has very strong creative urges and craves acclaim, and status, and recognition. Pride and vanity can be a problem, however, and failure or defeat can be devastating. In love, when things are going smoothly, he is very happy, but the minute things go wrong, he will head for the door. Highly romantic and sensuous, he is nevertheless self-centred. He needs constant flattery and praise and, if he doesn't get it, he will find someone who will adore him in the way he so desperately needs.

  • Leonida, the focus of this relationship is rejuvenation. Breathing new life into shared projects, your partner or even yourself is the specialty here, particularly when one of you has suffered a failed relationships in the past, or has become jaded toward life. Not only may you both benefit from this effect, but your relationship can serve as a model for other individuals and couples, teaching by example rather than precept. Revived feelings and emotions, perhaps disavowed or buried, can spring to life here in a glorious new setting. Appreciation not only of the joys of human life generally but specifically of rebirth in nature, as in springtime revels, is characteristic. In love affairs, your partner may be more what you need than what you want. He is like­ly to be the more serious and emotionally mature, and to see you as childish; yet you may also awaken childlike qualities in your partner, letting him have fun and relax. In marriage, you risk trying to please your spouse too much; in trying to live up to your partner's expectations, you may forsake your own identity and life path. Children are of course deeply appreciated in a relationship so squarely based on the theme of rebirth, and you and your partner as parents can truly cherish your offspring. This is no guarantee that the relationship will be financially responsible or emotionally stable, but a caring and deeply interested attitude toward the children is usually characteristic. Friendships and working relationships in this combi­nation are usually easygoing, but require constant renewal through a broad spectrum of at least mildly chal­lenging experiences. The worst scenario in this kind of relationship is to get a rut of repetitiveness. ADVICE: Be more childlike, less childish. Renewal implies maintenance. Explore one thing thoroughly before moving on to another—but don't get stuck.

    Leonida, you are the type of person who can charm the birds right out of the trees and you should not suffer from too much secret insecurity. Don't let this make you complacent or morally lazy though, or you may fail the higher challenge to purpose, principle, and dedicated leadership, even if things are handed to you on a silver platter. Take care to develop standards and align yourself to a higher calling, rather than merely being the belle of the ball or the happy-go-lucky Peter Pan type. You can have good fortune and amazing success if you forge your own path and don't just go along with the crowd. Freedom comes from not caring what other people think. You are probably very popular with the opposite sex* since you have a sort of mystique about you that stems from your unique and unusual nature. Yours in not a romantic profile but you do have a strong need for companionship. As a lover, you are kind, tolerant, and forgiving and you need someone who will not take advantage of that.

    Your partner can be very didactic and overbearing, often unwilling or unable to see other people's points of view. He needs to cultivate an openness to new ideas. There is an impulse towards ever-expanding horizons and he may have done a fair amount of exploring other countries and other cultures at some point. He would be a good teacher or mentor (if he first engages in courses of study himself) as he likes to share his knowledge and wealth of experience, and once he has learned something, he never forgets it. He could also be a shrewd businessman who might do very well accumulating money. He might be somewhat tight with his wealth however, as there was some insecurity in his past (probably childhood) that causes him to be frugal with what he has earned in the present. He is drawn to careers that offer the most financial security. Despite his facade of stabilty and success, however, he is not as sure of himself as he seems. As he gets older, he must guard against a complacent, smug attitude. He must keep pushing to the limits of his capabilities and not rest on his laurels. He likes his creature comforts and has a strong domestic urge - the stability and security of a home base is just what he needs to feel happy and protected. With his strong need to be loved and reassured, he needs a partner who is loyal, honest, and supportive.

  • Hello Captain, I have checked daily for your reading and just before going to bed I thought I would check one more time, and finally there it is and I am very impressed with a lot of what you have to say, YES it is a rejuvenating time in our lives and there are still little bugs to iron out . I think you have given me a very good reading and you are very gifted. I am Spiritual and I am finding out that if I allow others to influence my plans or thinking, everything for me comes to a stop and i can't move on, this has been a pattern in my life and I am working on changing it. I also want to tell you that my partner is trying to change the patterns in his life, I think I am carefully & lovingly helping him with that, he is many of the things you have said. Thank you so much for your considerate time & knowledge, it was well worth the wait. Goodnight & many blessings .... Leonida

  • ebb723, you and your partner often heighten each other's practical abilities and are most effective when a job needs getting done. The relationship is characterized, then, by responsibility and the shouldering of heavy duties. You may not be well suited to each other temperamentally, but your relationship patches up many of your personal differences, and generally melds your energies. As far as the world is con­cerned, the spotlight is often on your objectives and accomplishments as a couple, rather than on you as indi­viduals. Initial power struggles may well be smoothed over as you come to an agreement for purposes of unity, allowing the relationship to bring you both to a higher level of performance or expertise. Despite the practical orientation, you two can often be found dabbling in the indefinable and the mysterious. Love affairs in this combination don't usually click—usually you and your partner are as incom­patible as oil and water. Emotionally you may find each other a bit threatening, and will prefer to back off. But you can be very successful striving shoulder to shoulder together in a marriage (assuming you both have some degree of physical attraction). Problems are bound to surface over dominance, but your partner is often capa­ble of diplomatically giving ground and establishing himself as the power behind your throne. Friendships generally don't go very deep. Work relationships are perhaps most natural for you two. The key to this combination is the relationship's melding of his financial, managerial and theoretical expertise with your leadership and team abilities, in particular the ability to delegate author­ity. What ultimately makes the relationship workable is the emotional understanding you two have for each other. Honesty is an unwritten law between you; this frankness may ruffle feathers from time to time, but it rarely causes open conflict. ADVICE: Create plenty of space between you. Minimize power struggles. Realize what is in your best interest. Deepen understanding. Let your hair down occasionally.

    ebb723, you are blessed with an innovative mind and real moral courage. Just don't allow your inner conflicts to get the best of you. A yearning for transcendance can surface as a tendency to create your own sense of crisis or emergency. Balance your need for excitement against the necessity for structured thought and dedicated effort. Your capacity for inspiration can be put to wonderful use in the service of others, for you can be a true leader. Learning to regulate your emotions, attending to details, and avoiding your addictive side will bring success. Grounding yourself in your body through physical activity will really help. Improve your day-to-day relations with others through a more balanced, measured approach. Never settle for far less than you are capable of. Pride can be both a strength and a weakness: self-respect reinforces your inner strength but it can lead to arrogance. Your creativty and originality make you suited to the fields of drama or the visual arts, you may be drawn to religion, and you have fine business acumen. A serene and tranquil home life is important to you and you know how to give-and-take in love. Your natural curiosity will probably lead you through a number of romantic affairs before you settle down.

    Your partner has both inspiration and common sense. He can apply his talents in a practical way but must be careful not to ignore or discount his more spiritual leanings as he pursues his career goals. Highly emotional, he must control an innate tendency to excess as his need for grounding can manifest as addictive or compulsive behaviour if not properly regulated. He has a natural ability to deal with facts and figures, and great powers of observation and attention to detail. He only needs to control his expectations in order to be very successful. He can be moody and lethargic, and may suffer from a lack of self-acceptance. Though considerate and generous by nature, he may have a slight superiority complex. Passionate and intensely romantic, he is a devoted and affectionate partner. But if love becomes stale, he will make a quick end to the affair. It's hard for him to hang around when the going gets tough. Like yourself, a tranquil domestic environment is important to his emotional well-being as is a good relationship. He is loyal but a bit over-protective towards his partner. He should guard against jealousy and suspicion.

  • Thank you for your asst. I have 2 relationships I have questions about and any hle/asst. you could givem me I would appreciate it. One relationship is ending and I don't know if it will can ever begin again- his DOB is March 7, 1959---My DOB is Feb. 7 1962... THe oteher person is a dear friend of mine his DOB is Jan 16, 1966. Thanks for your asst.

  • redgemini, (your relationship with the Gemini man): Your personalities' tendency to talk at rather than with each other can make meaningful communication difficult in this combination. The relationship amplifies your garrulousness, allowing you little rest from a verbal bombardment that often precludes listening. Communication is so important here partly because both of you are Geminis—but you are Geminis of very different kinds. Your partner is quick-witted, jumping from thought to thought. This sorely irritates you, as you dislike channel-surfing, preferring to explore a subject deeply and then say a lot about it, often too much for your partner's patience. Accordingly, you two often blab away without real connection. Finding a way to communicate, whether verbally, emotionally or in writing, is the first step to understanding here. The easiest language for you both to understand may be the language of love: silent looks, tender caresses or outright flaming passion may all prove effective means of communication. These are rarely enough, however, to replace the need for verbal expression, and breakdowns are bound to occur. Marital and work partnerships will have to convey information more literally, and here you both may be able to evolve your own shorthand of idiosyncratic expressions and speech—in short, a language for the discussion of everyday matters. To the extent that this language may be highly original, it may be hard for other family members or colleagues to understand. Friendships in this combination may work best if based on action, which usually tells its own story. Dangerous expeditions (real or imagined), fascinating investigations (in books or real life), and the more challenging side of life in general attracts this relationship like a magnet. ADVICE: Listening is necessary for communication. Beware foolhardiness. Remember that others may find you confusing. Take the time to explain. Slow down.

    You and the Aries man: this relationship can easily focus on the natural world—on exploring, for example, or preserving the environment. The combination can be excellent for a friendship or marriage based on challenge, travel, investigation and in general probing spatial and temporal limits, at home or abroad. Moreover, no matter where you two might roam, your relationship will make you feel physically and mentally comfortable, relaxed and natural.

    In you, your friend will meet his match in the areas of adventure, trailblazing and the tendency to spend hours in activities like wandering, climbing, swimming or flying. You are usually unable to stick to one partner for long without looking around for new interests and horizons; but both of you have extremely independent personalities and enjoy having a partner who is just as free, so that you can avoid the guilt, worry or concern you might feel with someone more dependent. You two may not plumb any great emotional depths together that would give you a history of sharing feelings, private struggles and personal problems to fall back on in times of stress or trouble. You would probably do well, then, to keep things light, avoiding quarrels or heavy confrontations. The mutual stimulation that is a trademark of this relationship can also manifest itself at work, where you two can comfortably share tasks as co-workers, or can head up an innovative and dynamic business together. ADVICE: Don't avoid problems. Dig deeper emotionally. Fight the good fight. Suffering is sometimes necessary. Acknowledge your needs.

    Redgemini, you are blessed with a great sense of adventure and a yearning for wider experience. You will eventually form a clear definition of what freedom means to you. There may be painful trials and errors that precede this however, especially if you succumb to periodic bouts of disillusionment or resentment. Take care not to allow frustration of your own sense of freedom to turn you into a miniature tyrant. In your quest for freedom, you might refuse to take on some of the more ordinary challenges of life, and you may find the responsibilities of relationships, family, or career burdensome. Your impulse to control or manipulate others is really only a device for keeping you as free from pressure as possible. If you can understand and regulate your sometimes volatile and unpredictable impulses, you can expect to find great personal fulfillment. Experience the joy of finding liberation inside yourself. There are many brilliant scientists, artists, scholars, and philosophers who have this profile. Once you have mastered willpower and self-control, there is little you cannot accomplish. In love, you like variety and have a 'love-'em-and-leave-'em' approach. Fixing your affections on one person is as difficult for you as fixing your ambitions and goals in life. Though you have high standards of loyalty and honor, you are usually the first to break them.

    Gemini man: he needs to keep his more abrasive tendencies in check and rein in some of his autocratic, even tyrannical, inclinations. Giving free rein to his aggression may rob him of the necessary perspective of his own personality. He is probably the sort of person who 'talks you to death' to get his point across and he's rather good at getting his way. He tends to question himself as much as he questions everyone else, and needs to cultivate more calm, and combat distractibility, in order to find self-acceptance and inner security. Tempering his tendency towards argumentativeness will be a great help and will make him believe in his own self and ideas. Hard knocks in his youth taught him to repress his feelings and an air of detachment conceals his inner sensitivity and emotional vulnerability. He often takes on the moods, impression, and ill-feelings of those around him. Religion is often an excellent source of solace and comfort. Attractive to the opposite sex* but easily hurt in romance, he needs a mate who can be perceptive to his needs, and supportive.

    Aries man: he has a deep understanding of the human condition, combined with a powerful impulse towards expansion and exploration. He may devote himself to improving social conditions, advocating the rights of others, or employing his talents in the political arena. If he loses his fear of criticism or rejection, his impulse towards self-sacrifice will be rewarded by finding faith in himself and the world and rediscovering his innocence. He must overcome a compulsion for secrecy however. Status and power are very attractive to this ambitious person, but he must retain a tolerant, respectful, and forgiving attitude. He probably took on a lot of responsibility early in life with little time for fun and games so he is driven to prove himself now again and again. In love, he is vibrantly sensual, but there can be deep-rooted insecurities which may inhibit the growth of satisfactory relationships. As a partner, he is affectionate, loyal, and generous but he mustn't get so carried away by his ambition that he neglects his partner.

  • wendyann, this combination will encourage its participants to lighten up and have fun. You and your partner are opposite each other in the zodiac, making you apt to bring out each other's seriousness and wariness, yet the relationship also has a lighter side, sidestepping some of the weightiness in favor of a more playful or youthful outlook. Your aversion to power struggles and problems is such that you both will want to maintain a healthy balance of power, carefully drawing lines of defense that both are equally careful not to transgress. A friendship may be this duo's best chance to relax and enjoy life's more amusing side. Fostering humor and easy camaraderie, this relationship often works as a safety valve for the pressures and difficulties that you both may face in other areas of life. Love and marriage, on the other hand, may involve problems with stress, emotional blockage and missed communication. Your partner can be very understanding, but a daily diet of your depression and self-induced pain may push him beyond his tolerance threshold. And if aggression and resentment start flowing in his direction, he may back off or disappear altogether. Passions may run high here at first, but there is a danger that intensity and romance will lose their appeal over the years, and that deeper emotional areas will be closed off. At the same time, the relationship is likely to function quite well in more mundane areas, with daily responsibilities being faithfully discharged. In group endeavors, whether at work or in the family, the relationship is likely to prove reliable and

    productive. ADVICE: Stay youthful but be dignified. Accept maturity but don't be too serious. Loosen up and have fun. Don't close off or shut down.

    wendyann, be careful not to get bogged down in life by a need to shore up your sense of self with extremes of material acquisition and a quest for power at its most manipulative. You like to pull the strings and set the stage, and though you may not be onstage yourself, you will be a formidable player behind the scenes. Know that money, power, and sex will never make you happy. In your own loving nature, you have the greatest power of all. Extremes of emotions are likely to lead to any number of revelations about your true nature. Turn away from your "What's in it for me?" attitude and stop being so preoccupied with other people's motives. Self-love is the greatest gift you can give yourself. You have a powerful sex drive but you could use a little more tenderness and attentiveness towards your partner.

    Your partner has a truly charismatic and magnetic personality. The danger here is that he will become too obsessed with abstract pursuits and lose his audience in a preoccupation with the theoretical. He can be a highly provocative and innovative visionary with well-developed communicative abilities. If he is careful not to allow his ideas to become too morally or ethically polarised and to stay in touch with the needs of the group, he can realise great rewards, especially in philosophy, religion, academia, or spirituality. Humour is one of his greatest gifts, yet there is a deep-down sadness that hardly ever reaches the surface. Self-doubt and worry about the future - fears of poverty and a loss of control - can keep him from enjoying life. Holding in feelings of frustration and anger is unhealthy and such feelings must be dealt with openly. He may have musical/artistic leanings and has matchless organisational skills. His search for love is a search for security. Once he's learned to appreciate himself and gained self-confidence, he can have a successful and sharing love relationship.

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