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  • Greetings Captain!

    What is the compatibility between 6 July 68

    with 21 May 64

    and also with 7 July 72?

    As always, thank you! Have a blessed day my dear 🙂

  • hi captain! my bday is sept 29, 1980 and my interests bday is aug. 12, 1976,, thank you!

  • Danr, both these men have similar personalities - they can be very emotionally unstable, even extreme. (Is there a relationship pattern here?) Though the relationship between you can be absorbing and pleasurable, it also runs the risk of becoming obsessive-compulsive, with you providing the compulsions and either of these men the obessions. Small insignificant details and actions can be blow up out of proportion, especially in a love affair. You and your partner(s) can become obsessed with your bodies and your health. You Danr can be fixated on examining your environment on a regular basis. Fears and anxieties may be magnified in the relationship and unhealthy behaviours can result. Marriage or a committed relationship with either man is unlikely unless greater grounding and stability can be brought in. Both your friends have a problem with imaginative even dark fantasies which may lead the first man to be unable to distinguish his dreams and goals from fantasy and the second man to want to escape into drugs, alcohol or overseas when reality bites too hard. Patience and calmness will be necessary in both relationships with these men.

  • Hi Captain...what's capatability look like between me: 7/9/73 & other: 12/31/65? Thank you!

  • Lilcrazy, your love affair may keep many secrets that not only never see the light of day but are never even suspected from outside. It's not that you or your partner has any great desire to conceal or hide things - it simply knows how to keep things to itself without arousing suspicion, an art indeed. This intense, interesting combination can strike sparks but you two can equally seem to get along in an easygoing and comfortable way day-to-day. The face your relationship presents to the world can be misleading, then. For one thing, the nagging question keeps arising as to what is on view here: something completely at ease or a perfect facade? In fact there is a lot more mystery here than anyone would care to admit. Although the relationship radiates self-assurance, insecurity lurks behind its doors.

    Marriage can develop a deep intimacy that precludes the need to talk about it to other people, even the closest family members. You two can form pacts of loyalty that are both unbreakable and unspoken, never having been discussed or openly agreed upon. Family secrets and the like are common here. Your partner can exercise a strange and puzzling power over you, and vice versa, as if each one was always on the point of revealing something damaging about the other, especially in the area of broken promises. A love of humourous games, riddles and paradoxes is characteristic of this relationship, which can keep both of you amused for hours.

    If something about the relationship doesn't make sense, ask yourself if you are being completely honest with each other. Have you solved your own mystery? Open up some closed doors and banish the secretiveness of this relationship - it's unhealthy and could ultimately be damaging for one or the both of you.

  • Watergirlie, this can be quite an unequal relationship, sometimes resembling a contentious parent-child pairing, with your friend as the parent. Part of the problem is that the matchup is distinctly success-oriented, with each partner wanting the other to be a star - which only makes you the more critical of each other. Your friend is likely to be condescending towards you who, after a period of enjoying being taken care of by him, will ultimately rebel against this disempowerment. The situation is sometimes complicated by the fact that your friend can project his thwarted ambitions onto you (or your children if you have them) and can push you or them to over-achieve in a field for which you may not be suited. In the short term these struggles may prove debillitating to both your self-esteems. In the long run, however, they can work positively, making you Watergirlie more self-confident. And if you truly earn your friend's respect, he will in turn be forced to be more accepting and less controlling.

    Love and marriage here can certainly involve power struggles with your friend fighting for control and you for integrity and individuality. Fortunately the relationship is usually quite private and its seclusion from other people saves you two some of the embarrassment your arguments might cause you in public. This freedom to work things out on your own makes it possible for you two to gain in power and stature. Quite often this relationship will improve over time, particularly in terms of increased understanding.

    This relationship is associated with intuition. You two do best when you trust your hunches and first impressions, and worst when you chew things over unnecessarily or get emotional about them. Equality can be more easily reached in a friendship between you than a love matchup where much work is needed for success. Promote respect in the relationship - neither submission nor rebellion is the answer here.

  • Thank you captain for all that you do here for everybody! ~HUGS~

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  • Thank you Captain! That was very insightful. My gratitude & best to you!

  • Any compatibility info for

    1 Oct 1986 and 4 Mar 1986?

    Thanks so much!

  • Libraire, this works best of all as a friendship. An unusual mix results from your precise and direct energies and the more sensitive diffuse ones of your friend. When these energies react in the formation of a relationship, the effect can be magical and can exert a strange enchantment over those it touches. Your friend has a social side that balances his primary need for isolation and you have a strong need for isolation to balance your tendency to be in the public eye. Thus, each of you has strengths that attract the other and lay a firm foundation for sharing within the relationship. Difficulties arise when you put too much emphasis on spoken communication and your friend on the unspoken but, given time and the will to get along, you two can usually work out these differences amicably.

    A love affair will have temperamental differences that are pronounced but still reconcilable. You may be too demanding at times for your friend, who likes to be left in peace. On the other hand, your friend's inability to articulate his thoughts can prove exasperating to you. A marriage between you may suffer from indecision and procrastination - it will have a certain comic charm for your family and friends but can ultimately prove highly debilitating.

    A friendship can be surprisingly relaxed in attitude. Humorous situations of all sorts attract you two, more often as observers than as participants. With your special psychological awareness of human frailities, you two can gather funny material that will endlessly delight friends, family and colleagues.

    Flexibility and extreme patience will be needed here. Be sensitive to each other's needs and find a balance between your private and public lives.

  • Hi Captain, can I have some compatability advice between me - 17th March 1967 and S - 18th July 1968. Many thanks

  • Hi Captain....can you look at these two: 4/16/76 & 12/31/65....Kindly

  • Very kind of you to offer this. I would be interested in a romantic compatibility b/d is 15 of January 1963, his is 14 of November 1961

  • GorgeousGal, this is difficult for love. At heart the relationship is quite complex, but at the same time it is one of the most natural and comfortable of matchups. You two in many ways come at each other from different ends of the spectrum - your friend is a practical type, concerned with worldly concerns and the structure of power, while you are more idealistic about following your lifelong dreams. Being both water signs, astrology predicts an easy relationship based on feelings. Because of the natural sympathy between you, you are capable of overcoming your differences, building acceptance and trust, and discovering what you have in common. The overall fit is relaxed. Your friend has the potential to be realistic enough to recognise the essential truth of your philosophy, and can work hard to implement such ideas. Belief is the strongest bond between you, belief not only in an ideal but in the relationship itself, which can accomplish so much in its concern for others.

    It is especially strong in the social sphere. Whether a friendship or marriage, the relationship can function magnificently to bring friends or family members together. It has a knack for reconciling hostile individuals or warring factions and is naturally suited to the role of mediator or peacemaker. You both are service-oriented, but must ensure that you leave enough time for each other. One problem with a love relationship is self-denial, with the partners often calling upon themselves to make the greatest sacrifice of all: neglecting their own relationship and denying it a certain amount of sustenance it needs for emotional and spiritual growth. You two must be more selfish occasionally - deny the needs of others for a time so that you can deepen your own personal bond. Or else the relationship will wither and die.

  • Watergirlie, this relationship is better for a working partnership or friendship than love. Its success will depend on whether it contains or can develop sensitivity and responsiveness. These two people are objectively well suited to collaborating as equal co-workers or of forming a business as partners, but their combination entails a danger of power struggles, animosities and lost tempers. Situations in which one partner is the boss and the other the subordinate should be avoided whenever possible. Most Capricorns are authoritarian by nature and Aries, who is dominant themselves, is unlikely to find them easy to live with, whether as partner or mate. Furthermore, these two probably won't experience the kind of intense feeling of love that could lead to a deeply intimate personal relationship. Through hard work and resolve however, they are capable of developing enough sensitivity and empathy to make them the exceptions to the rule.

    These two can be quite close friends, since both of them value honour and a straight-ahead, up-front approach, with little fanfare accompanying it. In their dynamism and imaginativeness, Aries will inspire Capricorn and will serve as an excellent example of how to move ahead in the world. In turn, Aries will benefit from Capricorn's reliability and practicality, a good foil for their own tendency to become unrealistic and to fall out of touch with life's harsher realities. As long as power is not an issue, and sexual jealousy does not rear its ugly head, the friendship is likely to be stimulating, physically invigorating, and productive.

  • Loveapp, this relationship can shape up as a batle of the giants, complete with titan-sized egos and tempers that flare out of control. Whether physically large or small, both of you are big personalities who just have to be the boss in most situations, which makes you likely to clash resoundingly - nor is either of you likely to back off. Your friend uses very subtle methods to achieve victory, while you are more likely just to refuse to get out of the way. It will obviously be necessary for this relationship to establish boundaries and guidelines in its behaviour and to find a way to avoid direct confrontations.

    However a love affair or friendship here can often also be surprisingly passive. It is almost as if your energies cancel each other out. Thus you two may give up on the idea of dominance altogether and begin behaving curiously meek with each other. The problem here will be self-motivation, particularly when it comes to the effort to move forward with personal and spiritual development. Should you marry, you may overestimate yourselves and fail to live up to each other's promises and expectations. So, whether you meet in combat or passivity, you both really need to get to know each other and yourselves and what you want better before jumping into a more intimate relationship.

  • That was very enlightening, TheCaptain, thank you very much!

  • Hi Captain! would you look at these two...12/12/1967 and 08/27/1948. It's an unusual relationship, not romantic, but possibly? Thank you !

  • Thank you Captain for your advice x

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