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  • are we compatible? My birthdate is june 27, 1966 and the boyfriend is february 22, 1939

  • Are you still doing readings? 🙂

  • Ya know what? I will take a chance and just post it so I don't lose a spot. 🙂 Thanks for offering these reads. Even if you don't get to me, it was still very nice of you to do!

    This is someone I am totally smitten with. He doesn't know just how smitten I am though. Anyway, My bday is july 2, 1976 and his is November 16, 1969. Curious how you feel we get on.

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Ya know what? I will take a chance and just post it so I don't lose a spot. 🙂 Thanks for offering these reads. Even if you don't get to me, it was still very nice of you to do!

    This is someone I am totally smitten with. He doesn't know just how smitten I am though. Anyway, My bday is july 2, 1976 and his is November 16, 1969. Curious how you feel we get on.

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Dear Captain,

    Thank you sincerely for your very detailed reading. Yes, I found many similarities of which you spoke concerning both of us. I will try to remember these things and consider them very earnestly. You are so kind to do this for so many strangers. I wish I could do something wonderful for you.

    I will keep you in my prayers.

    Peace, Love and Blessings to You

  • My June 18, 1969 his July 31, 1968

    Thanks for doing this.

  • Hi Captain,

    I would so love a reading from you!

    I am female born on September 27, 1955

    My friend is male born on January 11, 1978

    Thanks so much!!!

  • Thank you so much Captain. You were dead on about everything. This helps me to understand a little more the true fabric of what we have together. We have never succeeded as friends only because we always end up falling in love and developing a an almost obsessive attachment to each other. We are like a drug to each other the more time we spend, the more we want to which isnt such a bad thing. But our last attempt at being together unraveled pretty quickly and ended with some very hurt feelings. I sometimes think I would like to be back with him because I loved the passion and excitement of being with him. And we were so affectionate and caring towards each other we nurture a very tender part that no one else can seem reach. Also all the things you said about him are the very things I adore about this man. I love him in every single way but our relationship has never been completely stable. I was hoping to break these patterns with him but it seems that maybe this is just the "nature of the beast" and if I want to be with him I would have to accept things as they are and quit trying to mold it into what I think it should be. Me the Idealist, yes. Him the common sense realist, definantly and thats the area that seems to bring conflict. I live through the dreams in my mind of how I want things to be and he can relate because of his imaginative nature but at the same time he sees the reality of how things are and gets frustrated and downright stubborn when I spend too much time in la la land. At the same time though we can really relate on this level and have spent hours laying around talking about all our wacky ideas and thoughts. The relationship has been huge in romance but never seems to bloom into a reality. Sigh, I guess its really a matter of choice when it comes to us and we can be happy as lovers if thats all we are both wanting, I think where I went wrong was thinking it could be something more solid. You have me thinking about this one Captain. I will probably read this a few more times so it really sinks in. Thanks so much, God Bless you. ( :

  • Hello and thank you for your offer. I would very much love a reading from you.

    I am a female born 17th March 1967 and my boyfriend was born 18th July 1968. Are we compatible?

  • Don't worry everyone, I promise I will get around to all your requests. At the moment, I can only do about five readings a day so your reading might come a couple of days after your request. But I will certainly follow up every single request.

  • Worthy1248, do you want to give me the birthyears too because I can supply you with more information if you do? I can do without them but the report will be less detailed.

  • Thank you for the offer x

    My DOB 21 april 1974 and his is 17 october 1979.

    thank you again xx

  • Yes, his is 1946/05/27 mines is 1963/01/23

  • Viktoria79, excitement and imagination figure prominently in this bright and lively relationship, which is apt to focus on dramatic happenings where change is the common denominator. Changes of residence, of mood, of financial status, of career - any and all of these, and more, may feature in the life of the relationship. This mutability has a shadow side, in that its insecurity can lead to dominating or controlling tendencies. You Viktoria like things to be clearly defined, and will try to take matters in hand if you feel out of control. Love affairs are likely to bring out the tempestuous side of both of you, with a tendency towards noisy quarrels. Behind these arguments, however, lies a respect that endures no matter how loud and angry the accusations become. Blame and guilt trips are likely to emerge, but also ecstatic moments and long periods of good feeling. The mood here is unpredictable, a bit like the weather. Marriage is not particularly recommended - it may feature a level of conflict and a lack of stability from which children can hardly benefit. Changing moods and attempts at control will not be conducive to either domestic tranquillity or mental health. On the good side, you and your partner can run a tight ship, using hope and good humour to roll with the storms of fate. You eschew snobbishness, promote fairness and equality, and are on the side of the underdog. You both tend to view highly ambitious, pretentious, or rich people with suspicion. Friendships can be pleasant enough, but emotionally they rarely develop far. Generally you both are too busy with work, love and family relationships to devote a great deal of time to the friendship. You can count on each other in times of need, however. If you do pursue a romantic relationship, make sure you set aside quality time for relaxation. Reduce your quarreling and just try to enjoy yourself. Don't get bogged down in work and responsibilites, and try to trust that all is well.

    viktoria, release your yearning for an ideal world and become more decisive in practical, grounded ways. You need more structure in your life - physically, mentally and emotionally. You are a spiritual, compassionate, psychic person but your pitfalls are an escapist or unaware tendency. You must realise you are not the super rational, super organised, and super practical individual you fancy yourself to be. Learn to better compose yourself and order your thoughts as you can seize upon ideas as fact without doing the grounded detail and detective work needed. Easily frustrated, you may nevertheless have a certain distaste for confrontation. The resulting sense of disappointment or chronic lack of fulfillment can lead to judgmental or irrational attitudes about what is 'supposed to happen' or what are 'supposed' to be the facts. By avoiding confrontation you may calm the waters for a while but you will never resolve anything and will certainly never move forward. How will people know something is wrong if you don't speak up? If you can tap into your deep reserves of spirit, compassion, and understanding and use them to inform your sense of reality, life will become much easier. Pay particular attention to the mind/body connection. Work in a structured, thorough, and craftsmanlike manner. Sometimes you can be nit-picky, so try not to see fault before you see virtue. In love, don't get swept away by a domineering partner who strips you of your identity. You are generous and giving, but don't become over-accomodating to the needs of your partner - at the expense of your own needs.

    Your partner must work to manage his tendency to go to emotional extremes and must be more practical. He must focus less on himself and his resentments. In order to dull his pain, he might seek out avenues of escape like drink or drugs or just running away from his emotional ups and downs. He may suffer from feeling unappreciated for his abilties. Learning the value of patience and structure and planning will be important as will developing the ability to simply back up from emotional trials in order to gain perspective. Still, even if he plunges to the depths of gloom and doom now and them, he is unlikely to stay there for long. His high energy and natural enthusiasm are a fine antidote for some of his more negative traits. If he can detach and focus in such a way as to integrate his sense of inspiration with effective and well-planned action, all will be well. There will always be a sort of 'me first' attitude with him and other people's viewpoints can borehim, so he must take pains to think more of others. He is very smart but doesn't remember things for very long which is probably why he keeps repeating mistakes over and over again. His vitality imbues him with much sex appeal sohe is very hard to resist. However, though he is passionate and romantic, a certain mercenary streak inside him means his affections are usually reserved for those who can help him.

    These are two impractical, emotional people here - not a good combination for a long-term relationship.

  • Llindieloo, your relationship has a natural tendency to be analytical and to flex its mind power. The danger is that analysis can take the form of negative criticism - of nagging, complaining, and other energy-draining activities that wear both of you down. Your partner is more prone to worrying and complaining than you. You are seldom tough enough to deal with his behaviour and prefer a relationship with few, if any, hassles. If the negative criticism reaches too high a level, you may figure the relationship is not worth the effort. Turning the mental orientation to positive purpose, then, is a worthy goal here. Romantic impulses can be severely blunted by this overly mental orientation. Yet, the relationship's mind power can also be put to work thinking up more delightful means of enjoyment. A host of new activities and improvements for old ones - more fulfilling vacations, more imaginative and pleasurable love-making, more delicious and well-planned menus - all of these and more can attest to an intelligently hedonistic attitude. Positive criticism, then, can bring enjoyment rather than dissatisfaction to both of you, while not denying the relationship's critical focus. Marriages and friendships must be careful not to be destructive towards others. Quite capable of bringing people down with your insightful and penetrating barbs, you and your partner may be notorious in your social and family circles for puncturing overinflated egos. Although this behaviour is sometimes necessary, overindulgence in it can intimidate other people and make them uptight. Cultivating diplomacy, kindness, and consideration will allow others to accept your observations in a much more constructive spirit. Act out of consideration, not as a judge.

    llindieloo, you must ground your happy-go-lucky personality in a sense of self and an unassailable set of values. Simple immaturity could prove your downfall as you may have a kind of Peter Pan approach to responsibility and dedication. Release the need to live up to others' expectations and take the risk of striking out on your own in order to discover who you really are and what you really want out of life. You have the possibility of great transformation and you can develop an identity that is both tolerant and wise. Break out of your prolonged adolescence and you have the potential to shine. Avoid your attraction to troubled people, too.

    You vacillate between self-assertion and over-accommodation, authority and acquiesence - you want to be a nice person and friend to all but this is unrealistic. You seek the comfort and stability of a family and someone to love and look after you. You are devoted and loyal but you can also be moody and unpredictable. Make sure your partner appreciates your rather complex emotional nature.

    Your partner suffers from being too passive and can easily be swayed into doing something he would prefer not to do. His considerable sensitivity is both a blessing and a curse. It gives him a unique and undeniable sense of connection to others, yet he will have to wrestle with self-doubt, a negative outlook, and a tendency to be very thin-skinned. He needs to develop a more optimistic outlook and grapple with his very deep-seated fears of loss and abandonment. He can over-indulge in fantasy - particularly of the romantic kind. Still, if he believes he has the strength and instinct to overcome any obstacle, his deep emotions need not be a liability. He should refuse to accept his own unhappiness or suffering and stand up for what he really wants. He needs to learn how to deal with people more effectively. Often a workaholic, he wants desperately to feel needed. So he will stay with the person or people whom he perceives need him the most. His desire to serve and his generous nature can get him into trouble when he tries to please others before himself. He enjoys giving affection more than receiving it.

  • WOW! Thank you for the indepth reading. I totally see that in both of us. We have known each other for 15 yrs and friends is what we have been but recently it took a different turn. I was curious to know if we could work it out as a couple but this is too true to look past.

    Thank you


  • OMG, these comment s that he is coming back with are so interesting and cannot wait to read mines. Very interesting....

  • Captain, thank you so much for the analysis you did for me. It was very informative and accurate. It has really helped me.

  • Angel3330, your relationship is an interesting mix of give and take, with affection, attention and absorption in each other's lives and work all playing a part. Since you are both very private and need to be alone a good deal of the time, respecting each other's space is a requirement you both can usually meet. On the other hand, you both are prone to escapes of different kinds, and should you fall into a habituating or outright addictive form of escape together, your bond could easily become unhealthy. This can be an emotionally complex matchup. Youur partner does not like anyone to be too dependent on him, and you can sometimes be very needy. The other side of the coin is that your partner has a need to control his lover which you usually meet with little resistence. Emotional manipulation can be quite common in your love affair and/or marriage. The fine art of persuasion can reach a high level of sophistication here, often manifesting as a series of compromises, trade-offs, mildly coercive acts, and other clever strategies, which guarantee that each of you will get their way a sufficient part of the time. These maneuverings are not necessarily serious and may even be quite playful in nature. Withholding sexual favours or limiting them in certain respects are also possibilities. You both are likely to stick together for years. If you do break up, the separation will be extremely painful. Face your emotional problems squarely and don't foster undue dependencies.

    Angel, don't be afraid to express your feelings. You are emotional, empathetic, kind and sympathetic, and possess genuine understanding, but expressing these qualities can be hard for you. Learn to be gentle and achieve an emotional connection to others. Early rejection or repression may have proven difficult for you and you probably shut down your emotions as a means of self-protection in a harsh world. Your extreme sensitivity may cause you to exaggerate the need for control of yourself and others. Time will no doubt mellow you. As you grow in self-confidence and understanding, your ability to connect and express yourself will improve in proportion. It will help to open yourself to pets and small children, as a start to making connections with adults. Erect better emotional boundaries bu using your capacity for structure. Don't let a melancholic or gloom-and-doom outlook or pessimism ruin your life. You probably channel a lot of energy into your career. You are unconventional in love. You want to be romantic and starry-eyed but something inside holds you back from giving all you've got to a relationship. You will have trouble with intimacy until you find a partner who makes you feel secure. Of course, before real love is possible, you have to love and appreciate yourself.

    Your partner has a need to be popular but he needs to be more true to himself and live an authentic life. He may vacillate between conformity and independence. He may conceal his more radical inclinations under a calm, charming, and easygoing exterior, and the image he presents to the world may reveal little of his true self. A complacency with material comforts may set in and hamper his higher development until he gains a better grasp of what he really wants, and finds the courage to leave his former ideas of success and achievement by the wayside. He is gifted with great resourcefulness and resiliency and his sense of ambition must be truly tuned to his inner needs and desires. Indecisiveness and laziness may be something that can hold him back though as can excessive reliance on everyone else's opinions. He tends to judge himself by how others see him, rather than how he see himself. Idealistic and romantic, the quest for truth can become fanaticism. Highly sensitive to visual stimuli, a career in photography, interior design or film might beckon and his intelligence and talents could also encompass the law, politics, or social work. Loyal and devoted once firmly attached, he may go unhappily from affair to affair until he finds the perfect lover he is seeking.

  • I can't believe you cannot say sex* here in this forum without being censored. Haha.

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