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  • I was born on July 23, 1983 and he was born on May 23, 1981.

    Thanks so much for all that you've done for everyone so far!

  • Ale2423, complete and well-balanced, this relationship works magic. Your different personalities make a beautiful balance between them. Separately you two tend toward instability but together you can bring it all into one steady holistic structure. The relationship itself is governed by thought and feelings, which means that logical planning in areas appealing to the emotions will achieve success for you. Complementarity is the key to this relationship; you two are able to fill each other's gaps, making a synergistic whole far greater than the sum of its parts.

    In a love relationship, your friend's talents and ideas can hold your interest, Ale2423 - an essential ability for you. He meanwhile can find adventure and excitement with you. Instability, through either real or imagined infidelity, will always be an issue here, but your relationship's belief in itself, and in underlying desire, will sustain it through rough times. After each 'tilt', the essential balance can usually be restored. The wedding of logic and feelings produces a kind of emotional intelligence that will carry you two a long way. Rarely will irrationality tempt you to jeopardise your unity or work against your own interests.

    Anything you two produce, be it a creative project, a business, a home or even children, will have a magical element that will be irresistible or at the very least completely charming. The initial friendship between you probably had such good feelings and such a desire to see more of each other that it developed quickly into a love affair or even marriage. However, you two must now be prepared to give up some of your freedom in order to devote time and energy to each other and may even regret having done so at some later point. You both must retain your individuality, give each other plenty of free rein, and watch for over-confidence (don't take each other for granted) so that regret doesn't happen.

  • Captain

    Thank you for offering this compatibility reading.

    My date of birth is 17 Dec., 1962. His is 08 Dec., 1955. I seem to have trouble fully asserting myself, and I'm not sure if this is just my patterns and problems, or if he plays into it. Find myself fantasizing about leaving, yet not really wanting to.

  • Well Captain - across the board spooky - I wish I could invite you over for a cup of coffee and an egg salad sandwich. Thank you for all of the attention you have given my posts (and everyone else's for that matter). I think you are very nice and very talented.

    In return, I will affirm with a nautical rendering - My friend has been my friend for the past 30 years. We have been married for 25 years - most of them happy, stable, and forward moving in the sense that we tried to follow the rules and usually did. We had cool kids, gratifying professions, houses, cars, and golden retrievers - smooth sailing as they say. Along the way we road out many little storms but we stood strong and howled at the winds as we forced back the waves. An excellent and complimentary pair - the first mate and I.

    Together we have hit most of the highs, reveled in our own intensity, and shared many challenging adventures. But, not all of them were excellent. In a world of extreme highs and moments of glory - there exists a balancing force of extreme lows. For most of our years, when one of us accidentally slipped overboard, the other one has been able to pilot the craft, toss the lifeline, and administer the after-rescue TLC. So even though the first mate and I each had our shared and private rough seas to navigate, one of us always remained on the boat, at the helm, and ready to circle back for the rescue.

    Then, several years ago painful trouble and confusing challenges hit us in ceaseless waves. There was no time to recover fully from one bad wave before we were being slammed by the next. The kingdom of our ocean became unpredictable and roiling, and our once stable craft of life flipped over - leaving us both to do some desperate water-treading as we've tried to stay afloat and site the boat. The challenge for us (or maybe it's a lesson) is that at this point, we are both in the water at the same time. We have discovered that it can be hard to hold another person steady when you yourself are sinking. Salty eyes and sloshing ears can warp perceptions and breakdown communications.

    I think it can be agreed that treading water should be a solitary activity. It is exhausting and requires conditions where it is ok to focus on your own needs first as you find your own best way to survive in tact. Also, there is pain in watching someone you love struggling - this can turn to frustration when you realize you might not be able to save them. Frustration creates a sense of isolation and the sorrow of being lonely when you're not alone.

    What we have learned is that the same negative experience does not necessarily become the same struggle for everyone... Different struggles bring forth different survival strategies, produce different memories of what happened, and foster different intuitions about what needs to happen next.

    Still, the first mate and I stick together. Maybe because we've always been together. Maybe because our love is older than this lifetime and even if we don't always get it right we've kept each other ship shape. I'm the captain and he's the first mate - but he is the main sail and I am the jib so whether we're the sailors or craft of our creation - we belong together in spirit and form. But, one of us needs to get out of the water soon - or we both might drown. I think there is a positive and hopeful light on the horizon and most of the turbulence is now being caused by the kicking and thrashing of our own bodies. TBC...

    So, Captain, if you sailed past us and could only take on board the one of us who really might need outside intervention to weather this storm, do our birthdays give you a sense of which birthday you would pluck from the water?

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  • Thank you so much. He and I went to high school together but weren't friends, even though I thought he was absolutely gorgeous. I was probably actually too nervous to talk to him. Since we have both moved back to our hometown, we've become fast friends and see each other about 3 times a week. I think it might be starting to develop into something more, but I am trying not to get my hopes up too much.

  • BUMP

  • Bridget47, this relationship works well for friendship but is more difficult for love. With lots of energy to spare, you two are up for new and exciting experiences, and also for rolling back boundaries. You both may be highly original individually but the synergy of your combination magnifies this quality, making the relationship a potent force for change. Whether you work together directly or not, your presence in a family, social group or work team will give such organizations a tremendous impetus to move forward. Like an arrow pointed toward the future, you two will lead the way for others.

    A love affair can be passionate but also highly unstable and may not go very deep emotionally. A curious inability to express sympathy or kindness, which in no way implies that these emotions aren't felt, may make the relationship hard and uncompromising, though intense. Learning to slow down a bit and to place greater emphasis on understanding and acceptance are crucial to its survival. Explore emotional realms carefully but work on expressing feelings at a deeper level. Seek out compromises and conserve energies in order to make them last. Your relationship can be forward-looking, innovative and dynamic or without a more honest sharing of emotions it can become superficial, overcompetitive, and frenetic. Intimacy brings more challenges and conflicts with it than friendship. The confrontations that seem so necessary in love do not seem to appear in a less involved relationship and the competitiveness between you is limited to friendly rivalry rather than the more serious ego jousts of a love match.

  • Wanderingwonder, maybe it's more about whether you are dragging each other down under the waves by staying together. Are you holding on to save each other or because you are afraid you will drown in unfamiliar waters if you let go? If you don't let go, how will you know whether either of you can actually swim?

  • hello theCaptain, this reading is for a best friend of mine named Jade.

    her birthday: 10.31.96

    potential love interest: 9.3.95

    and she wants to know if a relationship between a good friend of her she's been experiencing some turmoil with COULD still be a love interest for her.

    his birthday: 2.6.96

    thank you 🙂

  • Danielleissmiling,

    Jade and the Virgo - Humour in many forms, but particularly irony and sarcasm, is prominent in this playfully competitive relationship. The Virgo likes to kid Jade, who although usually more serious, may tease him unmercifully in return. This joking around is usually light and can be quite amusing, but underneath there is sometimes something darker which cannot be expressed directly. These two try to outdo themselves and each other, and their energetic conversations can move from joking to more serious exchanges. Mock aggression can be their way of working out their resentments and frustrations, but there may come a time when their difficulties grow more severe and must be confronted honestly and openly. Trouble then can be expected here, mainly because there has been no real sincere talk between these two people, just joking around. So the two of them can have wonderful fun times together but things can grow more complicated and serious unless they know when to stop the kidding from going too far. The Virgo can get scared off by Jade's intensity and need to know everything about him. And Jade does not share her secrets in return with anyone easily. She may find the Virgo does not have the emotional depth she needs and he may feel hounded by her probing.

    Jade and the Aquarius - This extremely charismatic relationship can attract a lot of followers and admirers. The matchup is rather extreme, and the danger here is that because these two attract such edgy adulation, they start to believe in it themselves and begin to act inappropriately and over-the-top. Getting rid of their hangers-on can be difficult and these two should consider that before they encourage them in the first place. Jade will be the more dependent of the two in this relationship although both need the other's attention and approval. The Aquarian has a relaxed approach and seems to get a lot back for very little effort on his part, figuring the easiest way is the best. Jade is a little wary of this attitude as she usually takes the more difficult and challenging path which has more meaning for her. So their personalities are quite opposite in this way. She might also resent what she sees as her friend's superficiality while her friend can't understand why Jade likes to cultivate pain and suffering or be so intense. The relationship will not provide the kind of understanding that Jade requires so desperately but it is good for relaxation. Her friend can show how how to be more laidback but there's not a lot of passion here. These two will need to get away from each other when the relationship becomes unexciting and predictable.

  • Hello TheCaptain, I'm wondering about the compatibility of the guy I like and I.

    His name is Zach and he was born November 19, 1997.

    My name is Alissa and I was born December 18, 1998.

    Thank you! 🙂

  • Greetings Captain, am wondering about the compatibility between myself, DOB October 15, 1957 and new boy friend whose DOB is February 11, 1957. We both have Cancer moons, his ascendant is Gemini and mine is Cancer. Thank-you for your time.

  • Hi there and thank you!

    My date of birth is 26th January 1967 and his is 7th November 1976. I was born in Durban RSA at 12:13 AM. he was born in Cape Town, not sure of his time of birth

  • Alissaisme, you and Zach can talk pretty easily together, but you can also get into a lot of big arguments, and bad feelings can arise between you. It's doubtful whether you two can ever be very close or even casual friends. Neither of you may have the time or interest to spend with each other on a regular basis - in fact, things go better if you don't see a lot of each other. Zach can get pretty intense and this will scare you off. It doesn't look like this relationship will ever really go anywhere.

  • Marguerite, this relationship carries with it a unique brand of generosity, whether of feelings or of finances, and an inherent optimism. Committed to honesty and openness, you two will find it difficult to hide things from each other, not so much out of a need to reveal the truth, or a moral imperative, but simply because you both prefer it that way. This is partly because your relationship doesn't fixate on details but tries to understand the bigger picture, so that any one detail or secret may not have that much importance. Being both air signs, your relationship indicates following intuition and not holding back.

    Generous and spontaneous though the relationship may ultimately be, however, love and marriage will put these attitudes to the test. Being only human, you two may feel jealousy, competition, and possessiveness in relation to each other, but you will strive to overcome and let go of such responses, and are usually successful. The feelings between you are seldom of the heavy sort that lead to depression or power struggles and, in a love affair, this can be a great relief for both of you after quite different experiences with other people. You both will enjoy this matchup then. Even so, you may be unwilling to invest what it takes to make a long-lasting relationship possible. In general, you two prefer a casual approach. Be careful your combination doesn't make for you two together to be a bit naive and easily fooled by others.

  • XenaB, when you two combine your energies, the results can be nothing short of miraculous. Indeed, the chemistry between you can be somewhat unfathomable and you both have trouble figuring out how two such different approaches to life can yield such wonderful results. XenaB, you don't always understand your friend that well, seeing him as a person who always does things the hard way. Meanwhile he is usually amazed when you do something in half the time it would have taken him, but he remains a bit suspicious of your methods. You two should not delve too deeply into such mysteries since things often work best when their underlying mechanisms stay hidden. You two can be divided by your idealogical differences too so it may be best to keep your opinions to yourselves in order to get along.

    A love affair can be highly romantic. Your friend is usually solidly in control of the relationship, but since he should find you thoroughly captivating and charming, he can easily be manipulated, so that his dominance is not oppressive. Should the romance lead to marriage, however, he may find you troublingly flighty and unable to share his own serious approach to things. But few people can take his mind off his career worries when he gets home after a hard day's work as easily as fun-loving you can. In fact if you should tire of your friend's heaviness and seek excitement elsewhere, his depression could hit an all-time low. So a love affair would seem to be easier here than a long term or more committed relationship.

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  • Lola6862, this can be a good online friendship with a lot of sharing of emotions and much self-expression. Your friend appreciates how you listen to him and share your problems and, from a long distance, the relationship can be very seductive. Each of you has a dark and complicated side (especially your friend) but each of you is also capable of gaining mutual understanding by persuading the other to reveal him or herself. Your friend helps you to emerge from your private world and in return, you can express yourself to him as never before. Communication is important for you and your friend seems to be acute enough to understand your unique way of expressing yourself.

    However if you two ever met face-to-face, the relationshiop would undergo a severe shock and dangerous outbursts and depression would result. You would become frustrated because your friend would misunderstand you in the real world. And he prefers the computer world where he can have his privacy and be autonomous.

    Your relationship is a harmless fantasy online but would become a nightmare if you should ever get the urge to actually meet.

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