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  • Blackladydiver, this thread is to compare two or more people's birthdates for astrological compatibility.

  • dear Captain

    Thank you for sharing your skills for us.It is a very kind of you!!!

    I do not know how you figured out but; the things that you said about distance are fully true...

    We are better when we are far away from each other..I know also all the problems that wait for us..However;hope and try is better thing for this moment..Because I love his heart,understanding of world....We will see.

    thank you

  • Dear Captain,

    I need a compatibility analysis: my dob is 12 November and he is 2nd of July. Its still very early but he has confused me as it is. He is very cute and sweet (runner), when we are together and he finally musters the courage to kiss me, its fireworks. He seems so tender and gazes into my eyes and does little meaningful things. He'll usually stay long hours at my place doing simple things like sleep and watch TV. But when we are not together, he is not too responsive on text, nor does he say anything sweet. He never plans for the next time, if ever, when we'll see each other again. I guess my question would be, how do I know if he likes me? Is he just playing around?

  • Scorpioinlove, too often the facade that this relationship presents to friends, relatives and the public at large belies the true state of things. It is enigmatic and hard to grasp, even for the partners themselves. The world mainly tends to see your differences and to view your matchup as somewhat vague and undefined. Only when the relationship can prove its efficacy and shows that it can survive some hard knocks will family and friends acknowledge it and take it seriously.

    Although you two are both water signs which is associated with feelings, the relationship is earthy, giving it a pragmatic, grounded and physical side that emphasises responsibility but can also be characterised as judgmental and prone to laying on guilt and blame. In a love affair or marriage, your friend is likely to resent your controlling attitudes and may feel you are pushing him to do only what you want. He is usually on the receiving end of your punishment and the relationship may have a slightly sado-maschistic character. Part of the problem is that your friend has a desperate need to express his feelings while you build your entire ego structure around controlling yours. Threatened by his displays of emotion, you may repress and dominate without even realising what you are doing - when actually you should be learning from your friend. Your friend on the other hand has an uncanny ability to provoke you. And since neither of you will act especially long-suffering if you don't get what you want, neither will hesitate to seek satisfaction elsewhere if this relationship fails to provide it. However, it must be said that you can be happy together, but only if dedication, honesty, and accepting non-judgmental attitudes prevail. You Scorpioinlove need to pull back and adjust your lusty needs to suit your friend's need for more affection if you want this relationship to last. But you must also be honest with your friend about what you need from the relationship.

  • Captain

    Can you please do a compatibility analysis for me? My DOB is 2/19/86 his 4/1/76. Thanks for all you do here. I always love reading your replys.


  • Nena1986, this relationship works best for friendship. It involves a refusal to be stopped by walls and defenses. It will break through barriers, especially internal or psychological ones, often through a verbal battering of many thrusts and parries. Needless to say, there lurks within this matchup the unfortunate tendency to use criticism as a weapon - verbal exchanges can become very sharp here. If a degree of empathy and sensitivity can be maintained, however, a lot of trust can result from the relationship's emphasis on openness.

    Your shared chemistry here allows your friend to break through the often heavy armour you wear and you will be enabled to express your deepest need: to acknowledge and affirm the sensitivity you had when young. For your part, while you can accept your friend's dynamic energies, you will also be able to encourage the emergence of buried sensitivities in him, often through a combination of aggressive, determined but nonetheless sympathetic approaches. His childlike energy thus melds with your capacity for intimacy, and you two may have a rewarding friendship based on honesty and trust.

    Marriage can also a happy matchup for the pair of you, but difficulties can emerge over the years if your criticism of each other becomes sustained. Your friend can be tremendously assertive in demanding your attention, and you are apt to feel a bit inadequate or unfulfilled in such a situation. You may throw up walls to retreat from your friend, with him being simply too direct for you being the more sensitive to handle.

  • thanks captain,but guy # 2 is an aries dob 4/13/80.. we were in a relationship for 8 years and he want's to get back with me but i'm just fed up with him. just wanted to see if it'll work out again. thanks captain. joe bull my dob is 4/20/81

  • I would love some insight. I am a Virgo, Sept 16,1948 who has been communicating with an old high school friend for a year. I feel an attraction which sometimes I feel from him and other times don't. He is an Aquarius, Feb. 9, 1948.

    This is long distance at this point and only online. Given our ages, is there any reason to think we may have a connection or not.

    Thanks for any input

  • Sorry Joebull, I made a mistake with the second reading. This is the correct analysis for you and the Aries: this matchup is often highly criticial and dramatic. Both of you are wilful, strong-minded individuals and your relationship magnifies those qualities to such a degree that you may argue about how almost anything is to be done. But this combination is a powerful one if unified and outwardly directed, so that its abilities to attack and to defend may guarantee the safety and security of those around it, whether family members or co-workers. As individuals, you both make fearsome rivals in matters of career and love and, since neither of you is quick to admit defeat, your sharp verbal combat can be prolonged and damaging.

    Both of you are highly physical and your love affair is likely to be intense indeed, particularly sexually. Your friend tends to deny his emotions but with you he can exhibit rather theatrical expressions of feeling. And, while you can be a terrible procrastinator, this relationship's critical atttiudes and dramatic displays may have the effect of goading you into motion.

    A friendship is a better bet than anything more intimate. Your friend has more of a need for physical activity and the chemistry here can be catalytic for you who are usually content to relax on a beach - with him, you may be miraculously stimulated to scuba dive, hang glide or mountain climb. A friendship may also encourage your friend to be more openly affectionate and appreciative than usual.

    So unless you want to return to the battles of the past, I recommend you keep this as a friendship only.

  • Secondtimearound, a curious dynamic emerges in this relationship: a need to be supported and nurtured conflicts with an equal need for independence. Overall however, the relationship's energy is beneficial to both of you. Your friend often derives inspiration and strength from you, but the benefits he receives from the relationship may become habituating and his reliance on you can become a bad case of overdependency. Somewhat paradoxically, he will be able to turn to you for wisdom in helping him in his struggle for autonomy within the relationship. You too have much to learn here, though your lessons will be more absorbed than struggled over. In your own way you can be quite rigid and you can learn something from your friend about the freedom you might find by accepting things as they are and moving on.

    Your patience will be necessary in a love affair if your friend becomes too starry-eyed over you. There will be instability in the relationship, so maintaining a kind of dynamic equilibrium of feeling will be a principal challenge. In marriage too, your friend will need to come onto his own as an equal partner. A longterm relationship usually gives him the chance to do so. Your friend has a need to hide when times get tough for him - he can get depressed and anxious if he thinks any criticism or other form of carelessness has been directed at him. He must learn how to screen out any upset rather than hang on to it. It may take him some time to shed old notions of himself or the 'right' way to behave. Choosing a life mate is of paramount importance to him and he desires a true partnership, one which is beneficial to the social and/or career advancement of both parties. Family ties are normally vital and strong for him, even to the point of being part of a dynasty.

    So, though this relationship may struggle and be difficult in the short term, it can work itself out for the longer term if both parties are prepared to go the distance.

  • Hi Captain, If you have time... Him: 11-19-1960; Bethpage, New York; around 6:30am. Me: 3-15-1961; Eau Claire, WI; around 7:30 am. Thanks in advance for any insight or comments, WW

  • Wanderingwonder, this relationship is not the most stable one but you two can usually count on each other for a good time. You are the more serious one but here you get a chance to let it all hang out and your friend to give vent to his wild side. Few topics are off limits nor are you two afraid to put it on the line when it comes to challenging adventures. In order to maintain balance, it may be necessary to lower the level of excitement here, and for both of you to resist the lure of alcohol or other destabilizing drugs. Coming back down to earth can be a painful experience after a dramatic flight of fancy, but sooner or later you two will realize that escapes, no matter how pleasurable or exciting, often only take the relationship away from the real work that needs to be done.

    In a love affair, seeking ever more ecstatic highs may eventually prove enervating. Learning to balance mood swings or, in extreme cases, bipolar disorders that may manifest here is of prime importance. Professional help may be sought if this relationship lacks the resources to handle acute problems itself. Marriage is often devoted to the pursuit of pleasure, but this search will rarely take the two of you far on the road to self-realization or self-development. At its best, this relationship can be fun, challenging and expressive. At its worst, it is escapist, unstable and painful. It generally tends to works better as a friendship than a love relationship.

  • Thank you Captain for your brilliant insight. It has already been a struggle in the short term, but I am willing to wait it out.

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  • HELLO TheCaptain I do not think my question went through the first time soooo here I go again... just wondering what the compatibility looks like for myself T.D.V. 7/24/79 and my friend L.A.K. 3/4/? He is about 38.....thanks a million

    many blessings

  • MOONRAIZ, as different as you two are, your relationship is relaxed, natural and easy. Each of you compensates for the other's weaknesses without stress or strain. Your friend is strong on introspection and will influence you to develop your more sensitive and spiritual side. Your social strengths in return will help your friend to come into more meaningful contact with his fellows. Thus the relationship will repair any difficulties you both might have - your inability to get in touch with your feelings MOONRAIZ, and your friend's tendency to isolate himself. Actually, both of you risk becoming unduly dependent on each other and on the relationship. You must concentrate on assimilating what you learn into your characters so that you can augment your personal growth as individuals and interact with others more effectively in the future.

    In a love affair or marriage, each of you is usually open to the other, psychologically and physically. Your combination suggests a sensuous connection. The relationship's practical, grounded outlook benefits both of you, particularly your friend who sometimes has difficulty discharging everyday responsibilities. Neither of you tries to create problems here and both of you see your relationship as a relief from the stresses of other areas of your lives. It is beneficial for the two of you to face problems and difficulties together, for this will create closer ties and foster more understanding between you. This relationship is a good bet for marriage or the long term, as long as you both beware of overdependence and enrich and broaden your characters as individuals.

  • wow .....thanks sooooo much it is becoming a bit clear to me now...

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