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  • DreamingApe, you and your partner create a naturally energetic combination, but you DA must be careful that the relationship's considerable electricity does not short out your circuits. Although you two are temperamentally different, you both find the relationship highly satisfying and experience few deep conflicts. You may have difficulty dealing with the darker areas of life however, and during times of trouble you experience stress that can be great enough to be overwhelming. Your partner tends to rely on you for stability and common sense know-how, while you are entertained by his humour and fantasy.

    A love affair here can be challenging and sensual. Your partner may be a bit baffled by your coolness and reserve but will be intrigued by the mysterious aspects of your personality. You will be flattered by your partner's attention but put off by a stance that can be overly aggressive, even violent. Marriage can be highly problematic, since your partner may find it difficult to live up to your expectations or to listen to your continual criticism. Your judgmental attitudes can quickly puncture your partner's balloons, arouse his insecurities and dampen his enthusiasm. Try to pay attention to and use each other's strengths rather than your weaknesses, and keep criticism and fantasy to a minimum.

    (I'm presuming it's you and the child with whom you want a comparison)

    Virgo 2 and Virgo 3: this relationship is likely to be private, somewhat isolated, and quite idiosyncratic. An important element here will be in the realm of feelings, an area you both have problems with. Your relationship may allow you each to express yourselves more fully. At the same time, your twin difficulties with all that is not concrete may produce struggles. Tensions can arise when you try to make your child toe the line or keep to his/her word. Your child can bring out your procrastinating side, encouraging you to kick back a bit. More easy-going than you, he/she can win you over to his/her side more often than not. You two do have an understanding of each other, but great patience on both sides will have to be employed if peace is to be won. Your private jokes and humour can unite you and keep you in a good mood with each other but be careful not to shut others out.

    Your child has a lightning-fast wit and amazing verbal talents that may well dazzle slower minds and his/her powers of observation and analysis will grow to be formidable. But the need for acceptance and approval may see him/her hiding their light under a bushel in order to gain a more standard public image. Overcriticism or cynicism may form through their futile efforts to conform. The more you can help your child gain in confidence, the less he/she will feel the need to repress their original natural behaviour and talents.

  • 13 AUG 92

    30 APR 93

    Love compatibility thank you. 🙂

  • Hello Captain,

    Could you tell me love compability for 06 AUG 1975 and 21 SEP 1972?

    Thank you...

  • Hi Captain:

    I'm wanting to know what the relationship is between a Gemini, born on May 28, 1983, and an Aquarius born, February 15, 1975. Things started nicely but the Gemini has cooled off, wanted to be friends, and now neither are communicating since Aquarius has spoken her mind (Gemini sent an email instead of saying anything in person).


  • Lightwhisper, this matchup is good for work and career, not so good for love. The coalescence of your strengths here can lead to professional triumph - together you two are inspired, seeming to be able to intuit what's necessary for success. Both of you are dominant types, so work or a business relationship might seem difficult or impossible on the surface, but there is a subtle difference in your types of dominance. Leo 111 has to lead but not necessarily to control whereas to Taurus 1, leadership is less important than ruling the roost. Leo reorganizes, plans new conquests and leads the team into battle while Taurus guards home base and keeps things running smoothly. If trouble arises, it is usually because their duties and responsibilities overlap. But dedication and an awareness of what works best can minimise the power struggles and ego conflicts, making the working relationship more formidable

    Ah, if only you could run your love affair like a business! More intimate relationships are rockier propositions than a business partnership, despite a certain inspired romantic glow. Taurus may be attracted to Leo's energy but will ultimately find it too unpredictable, disturbing, or even violent. Leo on the other hand may bore easily with Taurus' soft sensuousness. The biggest single difference however lies in the issue of harmony which Leo mistrusts ( a boring or uneventful love or friendship, no matter how pleasurable, is usually intolerable for them) and Taurus needs. Leo can also find their Taurus partner too fixed and unwilling to change. Even when it's obvious that things aren't going well, Taurus may simply ignore suggestions for change or, if they are stated as demands, stubbornly resist them.

    Marriage works best when it contains a business component - when the spouses also run some kind of commercial enterprise together. The kind of division of labour that is a prerequisite in business will spill over into the domestic scene, causing greater peace at home. Try to be more romantic with each other and balance predictability with unpredictability. Minimise needless conflicts to bring magic into your personal lives.

  • Leogemini, this matchup is difficult for love. The relationship will focus on building a solid and dependable structure within a social, family or professional group. Overcoming technical obstacles and subduing tasks or problems to a smooth-running system are the forte in this matchup, which makes for an excellent working arrangement with its partners sharing leadership and occupying clearly defined roles. Creative problem-solving comes naturally here.

    Virgo cusp needs a strong, reliable figure to depend on - a person quite like a Leo. Co-worker or spouse are relationships that are favoured here. But although Leo 11 enjoys feeling appreciated, there is a danger that Virgo will view them as infallible. If Leo also represents Virgo's ideal of physical beauty, Leo may have difficulty extricating themselves from what may become an exceedingly tender trap. In another scenario, Leo's aggressiveness may not be entirely welcomed by Virgo, who is often extremely particular about how they are approached or touched.

    Friendship or marriage will tend to stress tradition, solidity and purpose within the context of the social circle. Leo will find it immensely rewarding to put their powers at the service of such a group, and Virgo will benefit from using their creativity and taste to make life more enjoyable and confortable for those they care about. Power struggles rarely arise in this relationship, but unusually close attachments can blunt individual initiative, particularly in Virgo's case. Should Virgo become unduly dependent on the relationship, Leo may get uncomfortable and back off. Try and keep things in perspective and don't let needs and wants get out of hand. Ask what is in it for you and don't refuse help when it is offered.

  • Buckley35, this is a difficult relationship for love. Gemini 1s and Aquarius 111s tend to compete for attention. Although they are attracted to each other, their relationship can be torn apart if they both depend on the recognition of a third party. Should they totally accept and feel fully appreciated by each other, their competition may abate, but it will rarely disappear. Another scenario is that their relationship may become recognised as an important entity in itself, so that they occupy the spotlight and take their bows together, usually in business, sports or the arts.

    In an affair however, these partners are likely to be crazy in love at first, but may end up feeling rejected and dejected. it is not absolutely clear how the downward spiral begins, but it may start with the kind of picky criticisms of which Geminis are capable. If the more accepting Aquarius is not strong enough to check it, this habit can reach the point of being intolerable. Aquarian insecurities will begin to emerge, and trust will gradually be withdrawn. Meanwhile Gemini may be quite unaware of the catastrophic effect they are having on the relationship.

    Judgmental Gemini attitudes are also likely to surface in marriage and friendship here. They sometimes involve the Gemini need to be boss - Aquarius must frequently take a back seat, at least emotionally, to this vigorously assertive individual. An Aquarian spouse or friend will go a long way to accomodate their Gemini partner but sooner or later will reach the limits of patience and acceptance. It is sometimes only when they withdraw their affection or transfer it to another, that Gemini begins to wake up and realise what they have lost. But by then it may be too late to revive the relationship and perhaps that is for the best.

  • I am going on a trip to visit a friend this summer. I'm currently living in the mid-Atlantic, and she lives in the Pacific Northwest, so this is a pretty long distance, but while I'm there, she wants me to introduce me to a friend of hers. He's a Taurus (DOB May 12, 1983) and I am a Cancer (DOB June 23, 1983). I'm not really looking or hoping for a specific answer, but just generally curious what kind of potential might be there, if any. For what it's worth, it's very possible that I might end up moving to this city at some point in the future, but as that is probably at LEAST a year in the making, any insights on the long-distance angle would be appreciated, too. Thanks 🙂

  • Andiyana, your girlfriend might be onto something as there is good potential for love here. The relationship would focus on larger realms, foreign lands, and philosophical or religious systems, to which you two would apply independent thinking. The matchup would expand the higher mind but its problems would lie in the handling of mundane life. You two are quite different in your needs, wants and styles. Your new friend is high-spirited and extroverted while you are enchantingly introverted which makes you an unlikely pair on the surface. Still, together your relationship can emphasize initiation and intuition. If you spend your time originating projects/activities and pursuing dreams, allowing yourselves passion, excitement and challenge, this relationship will do well.

    Love will be charming and seductive between you. Intimacy both at home (your contribution) and in nature (your new friend's specialty) will allow meaningful sharing. Psychologically, each of you has a lifelong secret wish that can be satisfied only by someone who is your complete opposite - as in so many fairy tales, you two may fall in love with a projection of your own deepest, often unrecognised inner self. The differences between you become more pronounced in marriage or friendship. Your new friend will have to understand your need for both privacy and intimacy, and to restrain himself from flooding the house with guests at all hours and from being away from home too much. You in turn may need to learn to be more sociable. But hey - there could be worse differences, right?

  • As for the long-distance thing, Andiyana, as long as the time between you being away is short and not extensive as in years, I think it would work out OK if you stayed in touch via email or phone or internet chat.

  • Sorry, I thought I was more clear than I obviously was.

    Myself (15 September 1977) with both potential mate (21 January 1980) and myself (15 September 19770 with my son 98 september 2002)

    thank you.

  • Sorry, Captain. I should have scrolled down further before replying! In many respects the info regarding my son and I is correct. It will be interesting to see how it plays out as he ages. The romantic comparison was a potential interest so I haven't any feedback.

    I believe I read in earlier posts that this is from a book but haven't found the tilte or author. I would be interested in checking it out with this information.

    thanks again

  • hi Captain, my birthday is nov. 24,1981 and his is Aug 11, 1973... plz i need some insight, i feel like this guy is my husband..ugghhh, im confused. Thanks in advance.:)

  • Thank you again Captain... It's a bit strange relationship, i can't be without him, but with him... ups and downs...


  • DreamingApe, the book is "The Secret language of Relationships" by Gary Goldschneider.

  • Shinyluv, this relationship is good for friendship but much riskier for marriage. The matchup is bound to be highly competitive. Even though you two understand each other on a deep level and have the potential to get along quite well, the nature of the relationship is such that this only raises the stakes - and the machinations. As individuals, your friend is usually more needy than you but in this relationship both of you vie for the spotlight. Should your friend win his natural place as the star or boss of the relationship, or actually defeat you in business, love or sports, you will chafe at your humiliation and plot revenge. Fortunately, serious hatred is unlikely to emerge, since both of you see your competition as ultimately an exhilarating game - in fact you may grow to be close friends.

    In a love affair or marriage, your friend tends to make the bigger splash in front of friends and family, but you will usually hang back and wait for your opportunity to arise. It often takes just one well-aimed dart to burst your friend's bubble. If he tries to eclipse you or talk down to you in your domestic life together, he may find himself facing full rebellion and then all-out war. If he is the more sensitive type of Leo, he will generally avoid such a confrontation - at least after the first one.

    At best the relationship is stimulating, innocent and direct but at its worst it can be humiliating, counterproductive and vain. Give up childish struggles with each other and show some maturity. Have fun but not at someone else's expense - put your energy to a more positive use. Don't let power or ego competitions get out of hand and ruin the relationship.

    Your friend may want to take over your life and career and control things for you, believing he knows best. You must make your own decisions and firmly keep your friend from imposing his will and control on you. Only an equal partnership will work here.

  • Thanks, Captain 🙂 That's quite an interesting result, actually. "The relationship would focus on larger realms, foreign lands, and philosophical or religious systems, to which you two would apply independent thinking." This statement seems especially appropriate, because that's kind of where my own personal focus is right now. Whether anything romantic happens or not, the meeting seems like it will at least be timely and relevant which is kind of an exciting idea on its own. Again, thanks for the insight 🙂

  • hi Captain,

    my birthday is Aug. 18,1985 and hers is Jul 27, 1986 I need some insight, I feel like this is the one but she feels we are too different and its falling apart. It be cool if u could shed some lights. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  • Zadi, this relationship is outstanding for initiating and taking control of group projects and endeavours. Its focus is often a professional or social organization or activity that you two may head up. The striking attribute of this matchup is its ability to lend balance and harmony to a wide variety of endeavours. You two often achieve such balance through your physical presence, accompanied by solid intuition and dauntless self-confidence. Loyalty and unswerving dedication to a cause in the face of monumental obstacles are characteristic here.

    Marriage and love relationships are a bit trickier. in fact, the most intriguing and fulfilling of these may be hidden affairs, which arouse a wide spectrum of feeling and expression. Such clandestine relationships may go on for years, and can help both of you through difficult times you are having with other people. A friendship allows emotions to be more openly expressed, without fear of censure; indeed, you two as friends usually display outstanding loyalty and devotion.

    You both tend to be dominating personalities who like to wield power exclusively so there may be power struggles breaking out in a love match. Sharing duties and responsibilities without strife or resentment however is possible if you both agree to work at it. Any bossiness or insensitivity or forgetting to have a bit of fun now and then will ultimately drive you two apart. You are actually more alike than different so it could be these domineering character flaws that break the devotion and loyalty bonds you two have created between you.

  • in Turkey, it's day/month/year ,too 😄 thanks by now.

    ❤ 30/08/1988 (me), 10/08/1984 (that guy)

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