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  • Captain, I have just read your follow up answer and that's exactly what he told me. Though, I am not a "drama" type girl which my close friends reminded me of as I relayed the story to them. I am really quite easy-going...and currently rather confused. He was the one that shouted at me in the streets about how much he was into me two weeks before the break, after he said he wanted to split, he deleted me from his friends list on FB, something that I found rather shocking and extreme...I am friends with all my ex-boyfriends so this guy's reaction(s) really surprised me...

    I have since emailed him and texted him once but have not received a reply (two weeks ago). I have been told that Mercury Retrograde is to be blamed for this sort of miscommunication, dont know what to think right now but prior to this situation, we enjoyed a highly charged situation for about two months during which we both wondered how come we got on so smoothly...

    Anything you can see to help me clarify this situation would be appreciated...I dont think he has someone else but of course, I have no evidence...just my "gut feeling"...

    I look forward to hearing from you...

    Bea x

  • This was your "follow up reply" that I have just mentioned above:

    "Titania1970, I feel you frightened your man away with your intensity - he felt you were wanting too much of him, more than he could or was willing to give. You wanted a heavier deeper relationship than this guy did. He prefers light-hearted and undemanding relationships. He found it hard to cope with your emotions and drama. He will never be the one who makes amends and will always be more interested in doing what he wants to do than what you want. You can be very jealous and possessive too and this guy likes to flirt and have other people show him he is attractive. You are very opposite in your personalities. A lack of communication is one of the biggest problems with the relationship."

  • Titania1970, your 'drama' is in the strength of your emotions. You feel deeply and it flows out of you in the way you experience your life. So even if it doesn't manifest in physical ways, your intensity and passion and desire for commitment shows. You and your ex simply wanted different things from the relationship. He felt trapped basically, because he prefers a looser arrangement and more freedom. Find someone who can match your passion.

  • Interesting. I agree. Though he did tell me that he was an intense sort of guy himself and he liked the fact that I was intense cos he could related to that. So far he is the only one that has reacted in an extreme way to things. I am still confused cos what he said and what he ultimately opted for do not what you are saying is that there is no way he will consider resuming our dalliance. We were having SO MUCH FUN together!

  • HI Captain,

    I am going to ask you as well seeing as you are always spot on. My DOB is 6th may 1972 and ny hubby's is 17th January 1967. Taurus and Capricorn. Should be the perfect match but I am all for family values not having any of that growing up and he is all about money and business (also not haivng had any family values growing up). I reckon we are soul mates but I have been so close to ending it all a few times, him too. Are we meant for eachother?

    Thank you for your insight.

  • Thanks Captain for the reading! He's pretty closed emotionally right now and this is a long distance relationship so you're right communication issues occur.

  • Paddifluff, this relationship often lacks a firm grounding in reality. Ideals, fantasies and dreams figure prominently here, which may be all well and good for creative work, but which makes it difficult for you two to get your dreams off the ground. This will feel odd and undermining to you both, since ordinarily you each have a talent for laying out plans. Underlying the relationship is a lack of dependability, which in turn arouses insecurities and undercuts permanence.

    Your flashy exciting partner may be very appealing to you, Paddifluff, and your earthiness, sensuality and mental acuity is in turn attractive to him. Even so, this relationship will have its stumbling blocks. Fantasy and the desire to follow your dreams may pull you Paddifluff away from your usual pragmatism and sensibility, but the results will not always be what you had wished. The disappointment of failed expectations on both sides may prove to be the relationship's legacy or its undoing, unless the effort is made to be more realistic and take things as they come.

    It is in the areas of friendship and love affairs that impractical expectations are likely to be the most damaging. It is characteristic of this relationship for both of you to be swept away upon first meeting each other and subsequently sharing your dreams and visions. After spending time together (perhaps quite a bit of time), interacting with others as a couple and being forced to defend your relationship against criticism, you will probably gain a more realistic view of things. Finally, when disagreements surface and closeness fades, you may realise that much you had hoped for can never be. Accepting this can be difficult and sad but, alas, is inevitable in most cases.

    Marriage has a better chance of permanence than a love affair, partly because mutual commitment may come more easily here, and partly for logistical reasons - responsibility has a sobering effect on this relationship and, although somewhat detrimental to its romantic side, contributes powerfully to its longevity. In marriage, the relationship hopefully becomes less concerned with the personalities and dreams of its partners and more with effectiveness, efficiency and the attainment of tangible goals through group efforts.

    ADVICE: Keep your feet on the ground and don't be unrealistically hopeful or expectant. You can't eat a dream. Aim for short term goals - success can be achieved a step at a time.

  • The woman born 2nd April, 1989. The man, 6th March, 1983.


  • Inspiree, this is better for work than for love. The focus of this relationship is twofold: first, insisting on a more literal meaning in the patterns of thought and speech, and second, bringing a greater aesthetic appreciation to everyday life. Specifically, the relationship will force its partners to cement their plans in any kind of endeavour, with little allowance for vagueness or drift. Morever, the relationship itself can create an atmosphere that sharpens one's perceptions of beauty.

    The man lets very few people share his private inner life and will rarely allow entry to an outgoing and dynamic woman such as this one. But this is not to say that they won't get along, or will be antagonists, for as acquaintances or casual friends they may well work out a viable relationship. Marriage between these two is not recommended however, since the sacrifices that the woman would have to make in order to satisfy the man's desire for privacy and his need to create his own world, are unlikely to be realistic ones. A friendship here is likely to be quite unusual, with meetings being severely limited in their frequency and occurring in quite out-of-the-way places.

    A positive aspect of this relationship, whether it be social, professional or personal, is that it may bring the man into more meaningful contact with the world. Shared creative projects are especially favoured with the man's fantasy and imagination being brought to the attention of the public through the woman's dynamism. Furthermore, the woman's imaginative, creative side will quite likely be deepened and developed by contact with the man. These two can design and market original products successfully in freelance work as long as legal and fiscal guidelines are followed.

    The strengths of the relationship are that it can be appreciative, aesthetic, and organized. Its weaknesses are that it can require sacrifice, and can be both bizarre and impractical.

  • Hi Captain. My birthday is November 2 1978. I've been working with a guy born January 14, 1986. I have a strong attraction toward him(I'm usually not that attracted to Capricorns), but I don't like to mix romance and work. However, I won't be working directly with him much longer, so I was thinking of maybe letting my feelings be known. I've felt like I'm about to bust lately when I'm around him. What might a relationship for us be like? Thanks!

  • Cassandra2, this is better for a work rivalry than for an intimate relationship. The energy of this highly original relationship is spirited and all-consuming, but strong antagonisms are likely to appear here. The strongest feelings between you two often emerge in confrontations in which each of you tries to damage the other's reputation or to challenge the other's position within a familial, professional, or social group. Yet the relationship can lose its adversarial quality if both of you belong to the same group, and mutual defense against a common threat can become the important issue. Even at your best however, you two tend to be very wary of each other, as is clear from the kind of continuous vigilance you maintain on each other.

    A love affair can be torrid in its emotional intensity but will also feature power struggles and will rarely bring deep fulfillment. The inevitable emergence of negative feelings also augurs poorly for marriage, unless you two can show a special willingness to cooperate and work out differences. A friendship will have its own strange values and may or may not involve conflicts. It also may manifest as rather tame and disappointing, as though confrontation was an ever-present fear.

    The strong point about this relationship is that it is without ambiguity - both of you will know full well where the other stands and what to expect if rules are broken or limits exceeded. Professional rivalries and matchups may emerge as battles between your quick intelligence and your friend's willpower. Your friend will resist being unseated from his dominant position, but you are capable of applying many subtle pressures to get your way, knowing that a full-scale frontal assault might succeed only in arousing greater resistance. Intensity vs dominance - hence the inevitable power struggles and wars in this relationship of two wilful partners ensue.

  • Thank you

  • Hi Captain

    Thank you for your generous offer to help us find some sense in a sometimes senseless world. Can you tell me if this Leo-man and I are compattible and if there is any chance in getting back together, as we had broken up. My dob is 14 November 1963 and his is 10 August 1965,

    Thank you.....

  • Scorpiann, this was a better relationship for friendship than love. It is a highly entertaining matchup and the pair of you appreciate each other for who and what you are. Good humor probably prevailed when you were together, no matter how little time you may have had available to spend with each other. But a friendly relationship can stay fresh and new over the years. However, together you two can often be rather unrealistic and naive about the world. You both learn important lessons from your experience, and you can be unusually willing to put any feelings of having been wronged behind you - in other words, to forgive and forget. This is because of the security you both feel in the relationship, and the good feelings it engenders.

    Although neither of you is too trusting with other people, in your own relationship you can open up emotionally to an astonishing degree. Conviviality is a big item here - you two will enjoy few things more than sitting around a table with friends, indulging in good food and drink and of course good conversation. Your friend tends to seek excitement and challenge in many areas of life, but with you he can relax and be himself. You too enjoy letting your hair and defenses down, and also not having to play the boss, organiser or director.

    This can endure as a good friendship but your friend's need for challenge will take him away often. His fiery nature is somewhat doused by your emotionalism. There is not enough compatibility to make a more intimate relationship endure. You can share the same love of life, but not love for each other.

  • Hey Captain!

    You gave me some insight before that was great...ready for another whirl? I am 8/30/76 and he is 2/2/74. Story is started dating approx 2 months ago and felt like a match made in heaven. Still does, but he is talking about relocating later this year. We are trying not to get too serious, but it feels like it could be true love (very early on, but still, it just feels so familiar) - we have lived a mile apart at times of our lives and never met until now, TONS of coincidences, saying the same things at the same time - almost finishing sentances for each other. There's this feeling like I know you but have never met you, which is very new for me and startling. My questions are this: what is your feeling on this relationship - could it be something significant? Also, how do you feel about this move? Do you see it as a for sure thing? Do you see anything in the future for this relationship, even if it is a long term friendship? I appreciate your input!

  • Lilsweetpea, this lasts longer as a close friendship than it does as a romance. This relationship often centres around promoting a cause or serving a particular purpose, one powered by tremendous, almost inexhaustible energies. Yet fun and structure are also built into its endeavours if one looks closely enough. Your friend certainly has something to show you about learning to let go, kick back and have fun. You in turn can show your friend a great deal about how to order his life more efficiently. When you come together, your respective playfulness and organizational talents can be combined, enabling you both to enjoy your work and structure your play. Luckily, both work and play for you two are usually imbued with an irrepressible energy. Tireless though you may seem together, you may need to watch out for the early-warning signals of burnout.

    A friendship, love affair or marriage will simply not be denied. Whether or not it works out in the long run, it will have tremendous drive and spirit, surmounting social disapproval and scattering critics left and right. Admittedly this can sometimes seem a peculiar choice of partners, even to yourselves, but you two acknowledge no laws but your own, which gives you a chance to overcome personal differences and difficulties.

    Your relationship can often move easily between friendship, marriage and a love affair, as if you don't recognise that, for other people, rather well-drawn boundaries generally exist between these states. The emotional versatility with which you two shift roles gives you a chance to stay in each other's lives for years - it's just that your relationship may not always be the same as it started out. Passive and active, masculine and feminine, extrovert and introvert stances can quickly be switched as well.

    You two must watch for over-confident or arrogant attitudes that may occur when you are together and don't become blinded by emotion. Keep your goals realistic and learn to orient your views intelligently. Beware of overrating your capabilities.

  • Hi Captain

    Thank you for your great words of wisdom. It is truly amazing, although I am a bit sad, I must also admit that you are spot on. Thank you again and may you be blessed for all the unselfish work you do for people like me.

    Greetings Scorpiann...

  • Hello again Captain 🙂

    I would greatly appreciate if you could check compatibility for me on 2 guys please. Not sure if either one of them is a good option. One seems to have great potential....

    My bday is Dec 19,1970

    Guy 1 is June 13, 1972

    and Guy 2 is April 8, 1969

    Also I lost the link to your site, could you either post it or resend it to me. I joined a couple months ago.

    Again thanks for everything you do for all of us 😄

  • ahoy there captain, thanks for the kind invite. my d.o.b mar.13,1962,his mar.25,1966.

    peace,and blessings.

  • captain, just read your announcement about your break til may, please forgive me for not reading this before submitting above information. you deserve this, and i hope it will replenish

    your soul thanks again.

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