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  • Captain,

    yes, you are absolutely right that I am detached NOW, because in my whole "love-life history" this was the first and only time that I went for "the safe choice", trying to be reasonable and giving up on my crazy dreams that had only caused me hearbreak and disappointment up to that point.

    My problem, as you nicely put it, is that I swing back from childlike trust to cynical attitude (when I get hurt) and back (when the pain wanes).

    What I really need is a complete FAITH and you diagnosed it for me perfectly.

    Thank you, oh wise one 🙂

  • DChell, of course, your man is job obsessed - he is a Capricorn, after all. 🙂 He is an extremely conscientious man also, so he really does think he is protecting you. But his Pisces moon means he is also very sensitive and kind and compassionate. So try appealing to that side of him - if he really thinks you're suffering from not seeing him, I think he might give in and allow a visit.

  • Scarsandstars said "Again, sorry for this long Gemini outpour, just consider it a very extensive feedback re. your reading, if you will. I also apologize for the typos and errors (I'm not a native English speaker) and hope that you at least were amused a little by my conundrum."

    I would expect nothing less than a long interesting amusing outpour from a Gemini. 🙂 I hope all goes well for you. You realise you need a fascinating exciting man who is a great communicator and thinker to keep you happy?

  • Hi Captain! Thank you so much for your generous offer...when you are able to get to me my birthday is December 13 1978 and his is June 10 1979.....a on and off again relationship for 15 years....Thanks again for doing this!

  • Captain:

    "You realise you need a fascinating exciting man who is a great communicator and thinker to keep you happy?"

    Oh, Christ - you've just described the Scorpio, damn his fiery, philosophical, eloquent stellium in Sagittarius! 😉 And it only took me 40+ years to admit it.

    When and if, there are new developments in "I got coffee-splattered by a Scorp" novella, I'll make sure to provide further amusement to you and the Tarot community here hehe...

    I suspect it won't be any time soon, since I'm in a mess up to my nose here and what's meant to happen (if it is) will happen in its own time...

    Thanks again.

    P.S. Taurus is my favorite earth sign, always remember fondly one of my boyfriends - you people are so naturally gifted at those naughty activities of the sensual kind, it's ridiculous! 😉

  • I'm amazed at how detailed you are with your readings, I'm saying a special prayer for you to help you not get too overwhelmed, to be able to keep your energy. Peace, Blessings and Love to you. It is so kind of you to do this for total strangers. We all appreciate it greatly.

  • BaeBae, you two have a tendency to merge with each other to the point where you shut out the world, but a bit of separation is good for you. So don't be too upset by your partner's withdrawal. It may actually benefit the relationship in the long run. Sometimes you two need to draw breath and come up for air, because you lose your social contact with other people and you should not neglect friends and family. Family and career ties help you stay in touch with the world. There is a danger here of you becoming too co-dependent on each other. This sort of relationship can build connections through religion, music, film or sports, which can bring an almost holy aspect to them, acting as bridges both between you and from you to other people. So a co-dependency is not good for your individual growth. Your love affair is probably highly sensuous, but you can equally sublimate sexual pleasure into other spheres, such as food ans physical comfort. The enjoyment here is rarely of the ecstatic, passionate sort, but is rather free-floating and diffuse. Sleep patterns can be especially important for you both. The relationship may also evolve in a non-physical dirtection, with platonic feelings predominating and intensity being reserved for more spiritual pursuits. You may continue as friends (and even sleeping partners) long after passion has cooled. Nonetheless, in a curious way, this relationship can work out, managing to serve the needs of both of you. Just guard against depending on each other too much. Also beware of anger, upset, and sometimes even jealousy and rivalry over the affections of a third party, such as a mutual friend. Strive for openness and understanding, and let go of possessive attitudes and in-fighting.

    BaeBae, you are blessed with great psychic and extrasensory gifts. You may have a lifelong fascination with spiritual and philosophical pursuits. You may have great material and/or monetary success in life by becoming an expert in your chosen field. Your main pitfall is an overidentification with others at the expense of your own development or a tendency to bottle up or repress your feelings in the interest of self-protection. You do have a natural need to withdraw from the demands of the world and, if you get in touch with your deepest feelings and insights, this will free up and exalt your hgiher nature. However, with your relationship analysis, i see there is a double danger of co-dependency for you so you need to be careful to disentangle yourself from time to time from your partner and focus on your own individual growth and goals. Distance will bring you greater emotional clarity so see it as a good thing. Also, don't get so caught up in self-preservation that you inhibit your generous and sensitive nature.

    Your partner is an intense individual who may exhibit some peculiar and even quite eccentric behaviour. He must not succumb to his darker and more escapist side under the guise of seeking wisdom. Life is a pretty serious business to him and he might well turn away from the higher challenge of crafting a solution to his problems and learning how to better negotiate and compromise with others. It will be especially important that he overcomes his selfishness, self-interest, and some of his more negative and suspicious attitudes towards humanity and be willing to exchange his sense of suffering for a sense of tangible accomplishment. Much of his misery is of his own creation, and martyrs are not problem solvers, so the sooner he realises that the better. A good health and fitness regime will help burn off his emotional stress. He should apply his love of research and puzzles in ways that help others. With his strong urge to help the less fortunate and his great sympathy and kindness, he could become a real humanitarian if he overcomes his dark side. He probably has a very healthy sexual appetite and can be quite possessive and jealous. He must learn to give his partner the freedom to be herself.

  • Scarsandstars said: "P.S. Taurus is my favorite earth sign, always remember fondly one of my boyfriends - you people are so naturally gifted at those naughty activities of the sensual kind, it's ridiculous! ;)"

    🙂 Heehee, wheeee.

  • Hi TheCaptain,

    i need your help to read the compatibility between me 20 january 1987 and

    my ex 18 july 1984.

    i often confused, i dont know whether i am a capricorn or aquarius T.T

    and thank you so much for ur last reply 🙂

  • Monisha5, this can work out as a love relationship. You are a couple of the most unusual types in the zodiac and when you get together, almost anything can happen. Both of you have an idiosyncratic view of the world, ranging from the 'out of the ordinary' to the peculiar to the downright weird. 🙂 Your relationship can be misinterpreted and misunderstood by other people because of this. Whether you two turn out to be friends or enemies, you usually have good insight into each other, to the point where each one may feel that the other is the only person who really understands them. You are both quite aware of your own values - you know what you want. Yet because you each often lack insight into your own selves, you don't always know what you need or how to get it alone. Your love affairs and friendships are highly complex emotionally, but the understanding present in the relationship can help you both gain self-awareness. You are good for each other. This self-awareness will inevitably involve pain and struggle but will also be highly meaningful. Through the depth and insight that this relationship affords, you both may finally come to terms with rejections and misundertsandings you have suffered in the past. Your bond can grow strong in the process, but beware of becoming too dependent on each other. Divorces and breakups can be very traumatic for you both. Still, if a split occurs, you both will be able to form better relationships with other people, thanks to what you learnt from each other. Traditional astrology predicts you two should have lots of friction between you. Certainly that would be true if you were enemies or rivals, but as allies, you strangely benefit from the constructively critical attitude that your relationship offers.

    Monisha, you may often feel misunderstood and unappreciated, but you can realise tremendous success and achievement in life if you work hard to overcome your deep-seated feelings of mistrust and alienation. You have a dynamic, imaginative, and scholarly nature. Avoid self-pity and keep your sense of humour. Your higher development can be hindered if you don't control your feelings of aggression or if you allow yourself to be driven by a need to be accepted rather than a more authentic sense of self. You will be lucky in life to find loved ones with whom you can form a bond of true intimacy. Give your all for love and you will doubtless find yourself loved in return. Look deep within yourself to alleviate your feelings of anxiety or lack of sefl-worth. Remain true to your heart's calling. You should have no trouble attracting lovers. Romantic and idealistic, you spend a lot of time looking for the perfect mate. But restlessness and a craving for variety can undermine that quest.

    Your partner has good taste and high standards. Sensitive and discriminating, he should have little trouble rising above his origins. Still, he is unlikely to share the details of his upbringing with anyone, prefering to keep his personal business private. Highly ethical, he will have no trouble attaching himself to a higher cause or ideal, and may be attracted to organised religion or spiritual/philosophical studies. He believes that self-improvement is always and only the result of personal moral effort. The principal danger here is that his insistence on self-reliance may make him fail to form meaningful relationships with others. He can be quite guarded, which might appear as cold and calculating or simply disinterested to others. But underneath that daunting exterior is a passionate, sensitive soul who longs for closeness and the attainment of romantic ideals. He must try not to be overly detached. Yoga or meditation would be good for him and peace can be found in nature. Simplifying his living space as much as possible will bring serenity. He likes a physically attractive partner in love matters, but really needs someone who is as senstive as he is, who can support him emotionally and encourage his dreams.

  • qaijar, a desire to work together lies at the forefront of this relationship, but underlying power plays create a curious difficulty in doing so. Open conflict is generally absent. Instead, there is wariness and playful competition. As in the martial arts, no one lets down their guard but such defensive postures prevent real intimacy. Ego and pride stands in the way of openness, unconditional giving, and sharing. Trust will have to be built up over several months and even years; it will not come easily. Your goal must be to realise that kindness, acceptance, and love (which only can be tapped by giving up the power games) have their own kind of strength. You two rarely feel completely comfortable with each other. Mutual respect is fought back at first; only later will appreciation of each other's talents and abilities emerge. You have many differences in your natures but, as the relationship progresses, his fiery intuition and your earthy sensuality dominate. If power games are put aside, then the relationship can flourish in the area of physical activity, whether sports, sexual relations, or adventure. Business, too, can prosper. Initially, your partner was probably more attracted to you, with your flair and energy, than you were to him. In fact, you may have found his emotional complexity a bit offputting. Eventually however, he proved too fascinating to resist. Then the pendulum may have swung the other way, with you coming on too strong and his sensibilites being offended - he gets scared off. Given this to-and-fro tension, the relationship often finds its greatest success in the workplace, where you are forced to spend time together getting to know each other. Only after you are both on the same wavelength will love and marriage become possible. Use the power you generate between you on shared goals, not on each other.

    qaijar, slow down and take stock of what you have and where you want to go. You are very intense and emotional and you would benefit from meditation, yoga, sports, and all other mind/body/spirit avocations. Take a walk in the fresh air amidst nature.To really succeed, you must allow yourself some breaks and get in touch with the things that truly nourish your spirit and gladden your heart. You have so much energy, but running around at a mad pace does not make up for not knowing where the heck you are going. Your inner restlessness needs set goals and priorities but you are often too busy tearing around to make them. Time out, please! People are drawn to your magnetic vibrancy, your worldly wisdom. and sense of justice. You need lots of love to keep you happy and a partner who shares your sensitivity and can understand your emotional delicacy.

    Your partner must release many of his more defensive attitudes towards human relationships and embrace the infinite opportunities for increased understanding available to him. Greater refinement and sensitivity is called for, especially in interactions and negotiations with others. He must not let overambition, workaholism, or a failure to develop empathy and tolerance hold him back. If he can turn his attention away from himself and loosen his rigid principles, he will have a better chance of succeeding in life. He must open to his sensitive core and eliminate that ruthless streak that knocks people over with the sheer force of his argument. His courage, energy, and enthusiasm make him a born leader. Despite liking to control and dominate his relationships, he is very romantic, affectionate, and giving. He will give up much for his partner's happpiness...but maybe not his need to be in charge.

  • To TheCaptain,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. It is very gracious of you. I am very curious about my marriage relationship. My birthday is April 1, 1976 and my husbands is September 25, 1982. Any info you could give us to make the relationship better would be very much appreciated.

  • Hello,

    I am interested in knowing how campatible my friend who has also been more and I are for love. I am not sure wether he wants to be just friends or more than friends. Any help is greatly appreciated as I am so confused about this. My birthdate is 02/02/1977 and his is 01/11/1975. Thank you again!

  • OOps sorry our birth dates are mine February 2, 1977 and his is January 11, 1975. Thanks again!!

  • ILoveFish, this relationship generally centres around providing effective leadership. Your partner would seem to be the boss here, since you appear incapable of or even uninterested in dominating your powerful partner. But things are not as simple as they appear in this respect - although you cannot govern your partner, you probably demand to be on an equal footing with him in terms of power and control. It is often the relationship itself that assumes a leadership role in its immediate social, professional, or family environment. Since the relationship carries the possibility of passionate involvement, ironing out these issues may prove far from easy. In love affairs, passions are likely to be uncontrolled unless the relationship has some direction and purpose. You can be highly unconventional, and baulk against social restrictions, while your partner may insist on following the rules. Marriages are not usually recommended unless agreement can be reached on social and financial matters. And if the relationship founders, it may generate extremely painful and destructive energies. However, you two can show great empathy towards each other if you remain friendly and often find great joy in discussing the latest ideas and trends, from fashion to politics. You can call on each other in times of need.

    ILoveFish, you may have to tackle issues that centre around basic connection and socialization in your life. You can be a bit of a loner and don't take to others easily, even being downright timid when it comes to joining forces for a common cause. Relationships may have to be formed and reformed with considerable regularity. On some level, you may think you can fiigure out the secrets of social interaction and commitment without necessarily having to participate. How the world works can be your major preoccupation. You are highly intelligent and crave being able to communicate your ideas. If you are careful to devote your energies to concrete concerns and socially stable professions, you can do immense good for others in the areas of the written word, teaching, psychology, and service. Even if it's only superficial at times, try and force yourself to interact socially. Your fulfillment will come in the feeling that you are a card-carrying member of the human race. Concentration is difficult for you but your compassion is boundless. The world of fantasy may have great attraction for you and you do need to escape from time to time, but remember to come back to reality now and then. You have great imagination and creativity but this must be tempered with discipline. Though you are extremely sensual and romantic, your sexuality may be sublimated to a spiritual ideal and celibacy is a possibility. Avoid a domineering person as a mate even if you are attracted to their innate self-confidence. It may be difficult for you to fix your attentions on any one person for long. Don't make yourself into a martyr in your relationships.

    Your partner is a curious mix of rebelliousness and repression. His distrustful outlook was probably shaped by early, less-than-accepting environments. Yet as he comes into his own, he might find in himself a tendency to imitate his former oppressors on the one hand, or to become entirely too self-sacrificing on the other. As he matures, however, he is likely to enhance his ability to accept people as they are, and to accept himself as well. If he can take that process one step further and find the courage to reveal his truest nature without too much concern over convention or tradition, the resulting sense of security that comes with genuineness, simplicity, and a renewed hope in the future will prove life's greatest reward. He must not allow himself to be sidetracked by issues of dominance and self-control; instead, embracing openness and devotion. Behind his cool, detached, aloof exterior, your partner hides a very sensitive and romantic soul. He loves all the flowers and poetry giving associated with love affairs, but may have some sexual insecurity. He needs someone who can make him laugh and who has the sensitivity to help him overcome all his insecurities.

  • Hi I would like one please my is 63 Oct 21 and his is 60 March 11 thanks in advance......


  • Hello Captain, I really need your assistance. I am a Leo Female (DOB 8/10/1959, born at 6:13 am) currently dating a Cancer Male (DOB 7/1/1969). We are discussing marriage but I'm not sure if it will work. I had been married to a Gemini for MANY years (23+) and have been divorced for the last 5. My Cancer is so different from the Gemini....some ways better, others...just different. I find myself I ungrateful Leo? Can you please tell me what my chances are at marriage with my Cancer? This information is so important to me.

    I thank you in advance for your time and may blessings always find you....

  • Captain, thank you for your reading. Your insight is correct and I will take your advice. Thank you once again!

  • I'd love a reading. My birth date is 6/7/1971 @9:01 AM my husband is 10/19/1961 @10:12 Am.

  • Hi can you please also do a reading . His is 5/27 Mines is 1/23. Thanks

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