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  • DrJovi, this works best in the longterm as marriage, worst for a shorter love affair. This matchup is a highly unusual and not necessarily stable one. In fact, you two may have to work consciously toward being more grounded and practical in your outlooks and actions if you are to preserve your relationship.There is a tendency here for instability to increase in proportion to idiosyncrasy. You two share visionary ideas with each other; it is a relationship more dreamlike than either of you is accustomed to, and can be a loving and caring one. You have the sensitivity and drive that your friend needs, and in return your friend is able to share aesthetic interests with you. You two may surround yourselves with beautiful objects, and spend as much time as possible in unspoiled nature. It will be very important for you both to be engaged in projects that will allow you to fully share the relationship's singular vision. There can be an imbalance of energies in this matchup and you will both have to work hard to keep yourselves on an even keel emotionally. Marriage or a working relationship is partticularly rewarding, since many opportunities emerge here to implement a world view or lifestyle that is to both your liking. Travel may also be important, providing new sources of inspiration for your principal endeavours. Care must be taken to manage the partnership's tendency toward impulsive behaviour and risk-taking. You should work to ground yourselves in daily responsibilities, which can keep your relationship afloat and steady. Problems arise when conflicting wishes clash. The relationship may satisfy both your desires for companionship but your individiual desires - notably those of your friend for material goods and you for more philosophical pursuits - may be at odds.

  • Hello, could you give me your insight?

    we broke up a couple of months ago, he seems to have moved on

    he: 17/03/71



  • Very of nice of you to do this

    My Birthdate is July 22nd, 1980 1:31pm

    His is November 18th, 1969 5:55pm

    Can't seem to figure out our relationship, it seems like we are a good fit, but I am not so sure

    Any insight is welcome, thank you very much

  • Lully09, hmm this relationship had good longterm prospects so maybe your ex will come back for another try. But who knows how long that will take so get out and enjoy yourself anyway. Pisces always have to get away on their own in order to sort out their lives - they can't think straight when others are around because they pick up everyone's feelings so easily and it confuses them.

    Once you two set your minds on achieving something, you are unlikely to give up until you reach your goal. But making up your minds in the first place can be a problem. You Lully can be hard to please, and your elaborate precision can drive your friend mad. You obsess over details that he is more than willing to overlook, being more interested in getting the show on the road. Although you two are both water signs, your relationship is ruled by earth, which means that it emphasises solidity, purpose, and responsibility.

    Your love affair can be sexually intense but also possessive. Your involvement is hard to get any distance from, or if necessary, to dissolve, without great pain. This relationship can last for years but can also go through a number of metamorphoses, including a more platonic phase that resembles a close friendship. You could also survive a long period spent geographically apart. Marriage usually lasts for life, since your emotional, financial, and social involvements are characteristically too binding to be easily broken. Marriage can prove mutually advantageous, since both of you take an equal share in work efforts and in reaping their rewards.

  • LaMordis, you two have very different temperaments - you are a risktaker from the word go (or would like to be) and your friend rarely takes a chance that would threaten his security. If these differences are kept in proportion, well and good, but if there is too much of one or the other, it can produce alternations between rashness and caution, or power struggles between the two directions.

    Your love affair starts out like a house on fire, then quickly burns out. Should this relationship move prematurely into marriage, there could be open combat between you, being the more aggressive, and your friend being more defensive, but ultimately retaliating and carrying resentment and hurt longer. At the beginning of the relationship, you two are fascinated by your different approaches to life and with each other but later, after you have shared many experiences, you will realise you have a lot in common. You should never rush things in the beginning, and later on should work to preserve and nurture the innocent and youthful energy in which your tie was conceived.

    ADVICE: Not so fast - make your love last or you will burn out like a shooting star. Appreciate your differences and let them enrich your life.

  • WOW...I thought I had done this but I didn't. I know this one isn't on my list of good candidates but it would still be nice to know what used to work and what didn't.

    July 16, 1964

    October 9, 1962

  • Thank you for the insight Captain. He and I have been in a romantic relationship for about a year and a half now & it has been EXTREMELY trying at times. The biggest issue that I have with him is that he has a total and complete lack of caring and consideration of my feelings, which happens almost on a daily basis, which is extremely frustrating and has driven me to the point of leaving him more than once. Not to mention the fact that he is horribly secretive and evasive when asked even the most basic question, and is a TOTAL miser with money, I have never known someone so selfish. Do you see any points in my chart or his that would cause these kind of problems? I was told since I have Scorpio rising to beware of treachery from someone who has Mars in Aquarius, plus the fact that my moon is in opposition to his Saturn and is not good for a life together? Your thoughts are much appreciated.

  • LaMordis, I don't do extensive chart readings or comparisons but there are people here who do.

  • AuntBuck, I think I have done you before but here is a recap - this is good for friendship, bad for marriage. There is a bond of the spirit here more than that of the flesh, and you two can be quite close, loyal and true, and understanding. Religion or spirituality should be strong here, and although you two may have quite different orientations, each recognises a kindred spirit in the other. Your intensity AB may prove a bit demanding for your friend who needs to be free to fly but who is also capable of being quite content in the relationship as long as he doesn't feel restricted. You two are so natural together you could be mistaken for siblings and the ties will be hard to break.

  • Thank you very my much TheCaptain

    I didn't know pisces come back to people, actually I read somewhere that once they are gone, they are gone for good. Also I think he is already dating someone new.

    You are right about going out and enjoying myself advice, I am trying on that.

    Do you think there's still a change he might come back? I don't beliebe I am the same as I was when I was with him anymore.

    thanks for your help once again

  • I looked and looked and couldn't find my original request but I finally did after you posted this. I was clear back on page 6. :0) Thanks for the recap. Very true...very true.

  • hi well im oct 6 1988 and his is nov 17 1986

  • Lully, of course people can come back but will the new you still want him?

  • Watwudjldo, your relationship can be strong both professionally and interpersonally, because it imparts stability to both of you. You are usually able to take orders from your friend and he can give effective leadership and direction to the relationship. This arrangement usually averts the problem of your indecision, although your friend must be careful not to become too over bearing, for you also have a rebellious streak. The important thing here is that decisions be fair and equitable, and that the best interests of the relationship be served.

    A romantic or marital interaction is likely to form around an easygoing, relaxed outlook that encourages a stable mixture of independence and responsibility. In such an environment, love and affection can flow easily. Should things get a bit too pleasant and relaxed however, such a relationship may become a means of escaping harsher realities. You both need to be aware of a tendency to isolate yourselves and to be overly protective. Beware of running away from problems and keep in touch with what is going on around you. Preserve equality in the relationship as much as possible and stick to the original 'plan'. With care, this relationship can prove to be very durable.

  • Hi Cap'n , i would like to know where i stand with this person. I'm a capricorn (jan 6)and he is aquarius. i only know his bday 4th Feb. Dont know wht year though, refuses to divulge his year.

  • Ashponderer, excitement and plenty of it is the keynote of this relationship. There is never a dull moment here - indeed you two are likely to wear each other out, as well as those around you, if you don't moderate your drives a bit. Prone to overstressing himself, your friend must be careful to keep the relationship from pushing him beyond his limits. You Ashponderer are usually tough enough to stay the pace but you may come to resent the relationship's tendency to seduce you away from your work. The attraction towards ever more imaginative endeavours however is hard to resist for either of you, and you both may wind up sacrificing whole areas of your lives to keeping its insatiable flame burning brightly.

    A love affair may be seriously dedicated to having as much fun as possible. Laughter plays an important role here, not only as an indicator of good times and close feelings, but as an escape from more serious matters, often ones that desperately need attention. The relationship is characterised by a tendency to avoid the unpleasant, whether it be feelings, duties, or deep psychological problems. The relationship is capable of being enjoyable for years on end but may one day come crashing down under the accumulated weight of those years of inattention to problems.

    Marriage will seek to maximise pleasure while minimising effort. Here your friend's energy will predominate, at times baffling the more workaholically inclined you, but also seducing you to do what you most need to do - take it easy. Although capable of feeling guilty, you usually get into the swing of things, and learn through your matchup with your friend to stay loose in the saddle. Your friend can feel pressured and hemmed in by rules and regulations at times, but you do offer him safety and security and he might even become dependent on your inclination for responsibility.

    Try to be more serious - laughter and fun are great, but they may be used as avoidance tactics. Solve problems as they arise and don't let them accumulate.

  • hello TheCaptain!

    I was just curious...will my ex (birthdate: 9/23/89)actually more inclined to return to being in a relationship or just leave our relationship to just friends( my birthdate: 02/21/90)? I ask because we broke up a year ago but we still casually chat; however the tension of our past relationship still lingers.

  • TheCaptain, I really don't know.

    If he broke up with me, and a couple of months later is dating someone new, it's because he wasn't that happy with me, and I wasn't that important to him, I guess.

    Why do you think he might come back?

    (thanks for your insights, are very helpful)

  • Hi TheCaptain,

    I hope you are well.

    My sister would like you to do a compatibility analysis / reading for her and her boyfriend, if you don't mind.

    Her birthdate July 11, 1986

    His birthdate September 18, 1985

    Thank you so much. This will really means a lot to her. She really need this.

    Bless you.

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