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  • Suncrab69, this works best as a friendship than anything else, it's worst for working together. The central theme of the relationship is often a search for natural attitudes and renewal. In fact, the relationship itself can be very uplfiting to both of you - a place where you go to recharge your batteries and a kind of retreat or haven from the outside world. You two will feel very much at home in nature, taking walks, hiking, canoeing or camping. Your friend is likely to be protective of you and to try to guard you from a hostile world. You meanwhile are capable of putting your friend back in touch with his childlike self and with a deeper world of feeling. There are simultaneous dangers here then of over-protectiveness and of living in an unrealistic dream world.

    Your love affair can be tender and sympathetic. Affection is expressed easily here and is often considered as important as sex. Warmth and understanding are usually more the norm in this relationship than wrenching emotion. You can lead your excitable friend to a deeper understanding of sensuality, and can in turn be introduced to new heights of passion. But although your friend may appreciate your brand of love for a while, he may eventually grow tired of it, feel trapped or controlled, and seek to escape.

    Marriage and friendship value renewal, innovation, and play. Entertainment, both personally invented and commercially provided, is thought to be an essential element of daily life by the two of you. Avoiding boring or repetitive routines, as spouses or friends you are drawn to vivid, exciting and fun experiences, both within your home (or homes) and out in the world of clubs and restaurants. The emphasis here is more on domestic entertainment, though, with friends and family taking part.

    ADVICE: Beware of over-protectiveness and don't run from responsibility. Push yourself to achieve a bit more. "Childlike" should not mean "immature".

  • Jinglecwab, the 'commitment' comment was directed to your friend. I'm afraid you put more and invest more into this relationship than he does. I feel he is not as deeply into the relationship as you are - and may never be. You must start to consider you own needs more.

  • Gangstergabriel, you will have to curb your impulsiveness in relationships - don't dive in until you know the other person well. Your excitable nature can get you into trouble. Deep inside, you have a fear of being tied down or trapped in any way and will find it hard to commit to a love relationship for very long. You will search for the perfect person to become involved with but no such perfection exists. Don't look for an ideal lover - understand that none of us humans is perfect or your search will never end. Intimate involvements will be the best thing for you so become more realistic in your choices of partner. Learning ways to bring yourself peace like meditation and gentle exercise will help calm you down so that you can become more observant and discriminating of life and people.

  • Dixiee, this relationship works best as a friendship. As anything more intimate, it can become overdependent, unrealistic, and unstable. A friendship can be easy and comfortable between you. You both work and relax well together, sharing a sense of humour, and communication flows well. Your friend must respect your need to be left alone from time to time and you must not idealise or glorify him too much. He looks up to you and you are glad to have met someone who can match you in energy and intensity. You will loyally try and hold the relationship together even if your friend is unhappy, but he will not hesitate to look around for solace or a change of scene with someone else or even go on wild binges, leaving you doggedly hanging in there. Much pain will result if you refuse to let the relationship go even after it has outlived its healthy life span. For all your strength and self-confidence, you can react badly when forced to confront failure. Your friend is tougher than you, and the sight of him continuing blithely along after a crisis or setback in your relationship will be hard for you to accept.

  • Thank you Captain for your insightful reading.It was very accurate.I did learn things from him that will be useful to me but i don't think he has learned anything.

    Thank you again your readings help me so much bless you.

  • Thank you Captain,

    I find myself very conflicted when I'm with him. All that you wrote makes sense. "A love affair will go deep here. Sexual bonds are likely to be passionate and long-lasting, and your emotional encounters will stir you both profoundly. Negative as well as positive feelings will emerge."-This is right on.

    Would you tell me your insights on my ex. He wants me to take him back, but we've been down that road, and I don't think I want to do it again. My before mentioned companion has helped me to move on after my heartbreak over my ex. Problem is, my ex and I have kids together, so I always have it in the back of my head that I should try for the kids. He says he has changed, but I've heard that all before. His birthday is September 10, 1977.


  • TAIMA, your kids will never be happy if you are not happy as well. So don't go back to your ex unless YOU want to.

    Your ex has a need for vanity and ego affirmation that he must release. He is a highly moral and ethical person but he can be very critical and lacking in compassion. He also likes to be thought of as a bit mysterious so he might not reveal or share a lot of himself with others. He finds it difficult to relate to those who are more emotional and extroverted than him. In fact his social skills in general are pretty lacking and he does not like to compromise his high and often rigid standards. This makes him very hard to live with as he can be a very strict and inflexible parent and spouse. He does want to do the 'right thing' but it must be his 'right thing' or nothing. He must be willing to work hard to be worthy of your trust but unless he does a lot of soul-searching and puts aside his ego, he will just fall back into old patterns of behaviour. Having children is one of the greatest challenges he will have in this lifetime because it will force him to overcome selfishness and acknowledge the needs of others over himself. Making promises and keeping them, giving unconditionally, and fulfilling obligations without feeling resentment will do a great deal to build your ex's moral fibre and character.

    However, I don't feel he is ready to give up his selfishness yet. He hasn't quite suffered enough in order to have learnt to put other people on an equal level to his own needs.

  • Captain: many thanks for your efforts, time & graciousness!!

  • Thank you Captain, your insights are very helpful. I'm glad you chose to come on this site and share your gift.

  • Hi. Thank you so much for even looking at my question. I was born on February 2, 1977 in Seaside, OR and he was born on August 8, 1984 in Tillamook, OR both in usa. Can you tell me anything about what may happen between us? I love him more than anything and I believe he loves me the same. I have never felt so comfortable around someone or been able to read my significant other like I can him. We had our last fight and breakup after I told him I was pregnant. He is a very kind and uncruel person, however when he feels pushed or scared he says things I believe he does not mean and has said himself in the past he doesn't mean. Then he runs back to an ex that treated him horribly. How can we or even can we get through this? Thank you again!!!!!

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  • Ahoy Captain, I just found this. Ok here goes.... he is 04/10/62 mdy and I'm 11/20/65. This should be interesting. Thanks!

  • Mandysfun2000, this is a highly magnetic relationship. No matter what difficulties you two encounter, the strength of your bond is usually enough for you to overcome problems that would stop others in their tracks. In fact, solving problems can become a way of life for you two. The saying "opposites attract" definitely applies here.

    In a love affair, you Mandy will always be amazed at the depth of feeling aroused in you by your friend - indeed, you may not always feel adequate to handle it. Your friend is comfortable with the relationship's sexually charged passionate nature, but he too feels a little intimidated and puzzled by the complexity of his own emotions in the relationship. This matchup challenges both of you in the area of feelings - traditionally an undeveloped area of your personalities, and one that you both often prefer to neglect or ignore. In grappling with such issues, you two may progress immeasurably in your personal development.

    Marriage or a working relationship, which you two often combine, is usually of a very high order. Your partnership may do even better professionally than personally, being characterised by an ease of communication and strength of common purpose that may be missing from a love relationship. Conflict can arise between you, Mandy, being the more relaxed, and your friend, who is more aggressive, but the relationship can also be characterised by soothing and stimulating attitudes that do both of you good.

    Your friend will always be an erratic type of person and will often feel that people want more of his time than he is prepared to give or just fritter his energy away on too many idle pursuits or involvements. He must learn to monitor and adjust the energy he gives to relationships to find the middle ground between selfishness and selflessness. His life will be about trial and error, for he has a tendency to get emotionally invested in things before he really understands what those things (or people) are about. A restless soul, he can flit from one interest to another, only to drop each one as he chases the next 'butterfly' until he finally understands what he really wants from life. Once he learns to distinguish between playing his hunches and playing with fire, things will improve for him. His lesson is to regulate his impulses and mood swings, and to stop and think before he acts or speaks. His principal challenge is that he is secretly unwilling to change. Still, if he uses his gifts of endurance, patience, devotion, and tenacity, avoids a tendency to push himself too hard, and channels his fiery energies in a direction that creates more harmony than drama, he will find success and happiness.

  • Dmick59, this relationship fares better as a friendship rather than a love affair. It has a mix of amicability and animosity that keeps both parties on their toes. The guardedness that results causes a kind of energy blockage that can hamper both the relationship's results and its development. You two have much to offer each other, but your respective strengths are unlikely to merge, coalesce or complement, for this would demand exactly the free flow of energy that the relationship lacks. There will be distance and other blockages here, plus a certain enviousness - you towards your friend for his quick perceptions and creativity, and him for your practicality and money sense.

    Your friend will tend to overshadow you in this relationship but you can exert your own subtle influence and can be your friend's most valuable critic, adviser or even teacher. Your friend will be attracted by your complexity and secretiveness, perhaps trying to unravel the intriguing mystery of your personality. Observation is a hallmark here but is usually to no avail as inherent blockages keep the relationship from progressing. A love affair brings out nervousness in both of you and insecurities abound. You two tend to worry about whether you are pursuing the right path or were really meant to get involved in the first place. In marriage too often you will be left doing all the work while your spouse is off having a good time. The resentments you feel may consequently be kept inside, resulting in depression and withdrawal.

    So no, this would not have been a good love relationship in the end.

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  • Poetic555, this relationship often progresses from a brilliant and precocious beginning to a sense of boredom and a yearning for freedom from the rigors and exigencies of everyday life. It is a relationship that demands a great deal of inventiveness and free-spirited play if it is to last. Traditional concepts of commitment will not work here.

    This would actually be better to remain a solid friendship and not allow it to evolve in a more personal, physical, or romantic direction. It can turn combative as an intimate relationship. The people who get closest to your partner are often more likely to be his advisers or friends rather than his lover or spouse. He may lack the sensitivity to form a deep emotional bond with you, and you may become frustrated with his selfishness and self-centredness. But you also admire his directness, particularly in the professional sphere. In this respect he can help you by teaching you, through example, how to further your career. Your partner's ambition often strikes a responsive chord in you, and his energy may be just the career catalyst you need.

    Marriage is not strongly advised, because of the problem of boredom, but it can work out if it's built on a solid financial partnership. Both of you know something about power, and may enjoy sharing it in the form of money or property. There is more than a hint of the aristocrat in you both, and you are united by a common admiration of a sophisticated lifestyle. Variety, and deliberate restraint of a tendency to tie each other down, are very much keys to success here. Money can help, allowing travel and other pursuits that can give marriage a sense of freedom.

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  • im 2/21/90 and hes 9/23/89

  • how rude of me...hello TheCaptain

    my birthday is 2/21/90 and the person of interest is 9/23/89

  • Dmick,59, you have to identify what the blockage is and remove it by removing its cause. For example, you might feel old resentment towards a parent so you must forgive and understand them and release all negative feelings about them.

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