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  • Piscesgirl4life and Tommy: better for love than friendship. The core of this relationship is deeply emotional. You two may find yourselves engaged in a mutual exploration of the maze of twists and turns of the human condition. The particular intricacies that engage you may certainly lie within the relationship itself, but as a pair you two are also interested in investigating other people's problems - including psychological ones - and perhaps helping to solve them. You share an interest in mystery and horror, suspense and thriller books and films, and any other genre that piques the imagination. You two can become obsessional at times over the bizarre characteristics of your own relationship. Secretive about such matters, you will rarely reveal your interests to others. Your ex is among one of the few people who is likely to win your trust (not an easy task) and to continue to justify that trust for many years. You two usually take your relationships quite seriously. You are both aware of how important love and affection are, and you tend to treat your bond with the greatest respect. If problems arise, it is usually because too much delicacy has been in play, with the two of you virtually treading on eggshells to avoid disturbing topics or activities. In being over-protective of your matchup and of each other, you may deny the confrontational and toughening experiences that move a relationship forward. You should open up an investigation of many more areas of your relationship beyond the few you find especially interesting. In other words, there are many more aspects of your relationship that you must explore or it will be too shallow to last for long. Friendship here can be even more superficial than a love affair.

    You and Joey: better for the short term than for the long term. This relationship has the wisdom to recognise that all things are temporary. This viewpoint pervades all your interactions not only with each other but with others as well. Your sensitivity to the daily fluctuations of life fits with Joey's ability to see the big picture, so that your relationship shows an awareness of constant change within the context of life's overall scheme. As friends or lovers, you will share the wisdom to invest your money wisely and to understand major trends before making a decision. The longevity of a friendship or love affair here is enhanced by your shared philosophical outlook. You two rarely choose to separate or break up unless every avenue of compromise and reconciliation has been explored, over a period of years. The disadvantage of this is that you two also tend to suffer in silence, harboring the secret hope that things will work out without either of you having to do anything about them and that your troubles, like everything else, will pass. You will be particularly influenced by Joey, letting him run the show and give the orders. You will either struggle to retain your own willpower and individuality or you will simply give in to all his wants and needs over your own, leading to unhappiness in the end. Ups and downs will characterise your relationship with good times alternating with horrible times.

  • Oh Know I Get It. So I Should Just Give Him Time? But The Only Thing I Don't Get Is What Do You Mean By Process It All?

  • Ohh And Can You Do Another Reading For Me And My Bestfriend ;D Me; 1|29|97 Him; 11|17|96

  • Thunder07, you can come across to others as rather cold and forbidding so prospective mates can feel intimidated. A little warmth will go a long way to attracting the right person. Keep your heart open and available, instead of projecting aloofness and a mental rather than an emotional orientation. Try to base your relationship choices, personal or business, more on instinct rather than reason or logic. I know deep emotions are hard for you and, until you learn to deal with your feelings, some mood swings or depressions might occur. Cultivating a more positive and spontaneous outlook will help you fight that tendency towards cynicism or negativity. Put aside your need for security and detachment, and take a risk now and then. Generate a little romance or drama in your life to relieve that boredom you often feel - you do have a wild streak, you know. If you can do all this, you will then attract a wider variety of people and the quality of your relationships will improve. Look for someone with passion, a sense of fun, and eclectic tastes.

  • Gangstergabriel, by 'processing' I mean your friend needs time to work through all his issues. Stop obsessing over your friends and just relax and enjoy life a bit more.

    You and your best friend: this is not an easy-going friendship. You are both strong-willed and sometimes you clash. Your BF is more serious than you - you have much lighter energies than him. He can be moody, secretive, and withdrawn at times. He is very emotional while you live more in your mind. You can appear too flippant or cool to your friend while he seems overbearing at times to you. He also might not understand why you like to have lots of other friends and will need lots of reassurance. You can be loyal, but your BF will have to accept that it won't ever be a full surrender as you are a very social person. Still he is intrigued by human puzzles, and you are full of quirky traits to be curious about. The way you two experience life is very different - your friend likes to dive in deep and get involved in things whereas you like to observe from a distance. If you can accept each other's differences (if you can learn to show more of your feelings and your friend can use more of his mind) then this can be a lifelong friendship full of respect, freedom and intimacy.

  • Hahahaha I Call Him Mr.Serious For A Reason

  • HI Captain,

    This is a romantic relationship. My birthday is November 2, 1978, and his is June 25 1965.


  • TAIMA, this is good for love, bad for friendship. This is a pretty complex relationship emotionally. Its big challenge is to build bridges of verbal communication and to set parameters within which meaningful contact can take place. Your friend favours unplanned interactions, wanting as much breathing space as possible, while you push for rules and regulations that will guarantee you control. Power struggles are almost certain here, then, and will threaten the relationship's security if allowed to get out of hand. Patient diplomacy, compromise, and discussion will be essential if this is to be forestalled.

    A love affair will go deep here. Sexual bonds are likely to be passionate and long-lasting, and your emotional encounters will stir you both profoundly. Negative as well as positive feelings will emerge. Before the affair proceeds to marriage, you two should outline the roles and responsibilities expected of each of you, establishing general guidelines to guarantee the relationship has a structural basis.

    A friendship can be close but difficult to maintain. The two of you are unlikely to see the necessity for creating guidelines for your interactions, let alone agreeing on them. You may be suspicious of your friend's motives (which you find dubious) and actions (which you find sneaky). Your friend is likely to view you as an overly moral control freak. The result would be an off-again-on again relationship.

    ADVICE: Define your roles more clearly. Agree on division of labor. Beware of hazy attitudes and expectations. Seek common principles for daily living.

  • Hi captain could you do one for me?Do you see this going anywhere?



    Thank you captain i greatly appreciate it.

  • Can you do a reading for my friend and her boyfriend. Her : June|25|97 Him; December|29|95

  • Hi Captain you did a reading for me and piet on page 72, and for that i thank you !

    can i ask another question? do you see if he will he will want to come back to me ? we are apart at the moment, will his new relationship last long? will he get well soon ?

    hoping for some insight xx

  • Hi, Captain. Your insights into these: 7 July 1969 2:32amCST & 1 Dec 1962 4:30amECT

    Most appreciatively, thank you!

  • Magicsouldream2003, this is more like a teacher-student relationship than a love relationship. You both share a frankness and a facility of the mind that will surely hold your relationship together - sometimes past the point of usefulness. Still, you two should appreciate your relationship's honesty, which will be of a kind you experience with few others. You are both strong and dominating people and such a combination might be expected to produce difficulty. However, you two are quite capable of setting aside your power struggles in order to learn from each other. In this sense you each serve as the other's role model. Each of you admires and learns from the other's strengths. You are happy to pit yourself as a unit against the world, using your relationship's strategizing skills to achieve your joint aims. MSD, you are prone to idealize someone you know, and your friend may well be the one you pick. Lacking a certain self-confidence, you may see your friend as the epitome of the successful and self-assured person you yourself would like to be some day. The relationship can thus foster a dependency which ultimately is not beneficial to either of you and must be avoided.

    Love between you is exceedingly complex. Because you tend to idolise your friend, MSD, you cede the upper hand in the relationship to him, at least temporarily. In doing so, you may actually be unknowingly setting him up for a fall from grace in which he is totally rejected, having failed to live up to your image of perfection. Marriage is not particularly recommended unless you can both strike a more equal balance of power, or unless you two share specific worldly ambitions.

    Your friend may be quite aware of the marked influence he has on you but hopefully he will also understand how desperately you want to be your own person and not allow you to become too dependent on him. With his sensitivity and understanding, he can guide you in the direction of ever-increasing responsibility. Needless to say, if he is very unaware or too brutally frank, it can leave you with lifelong scars on your psyche.

  • thank you captain for your insights. Although I find it depressing that 'at its strongest, the relationship is hilarious, satirical, and unattached' which doesn't sound positive and am not what I really want in a relationship. Does your advice to 'consider a stronger commitment' meant for me to put more into this relationship? Often, i already find myself putting way too much into this relationship, I have lost almost all my previous social circle devoting time and energy to my current boyfriend and I am so serious about this, I dream about my relationship often when I sleep and of course, I've cried my hardest and felt the most pain in my life in this relationship. I went against my family's wishes to be with this boyfriend of mine, I gave my everything.

  • Gangstergabriel, this is not a good relationship for love. It is rather severe and demanding; perfectionist drives make relaxation and interaction difficult for both parties. These two are opposites in the zodiac, and as such there will be difficulties, tension, and pressure to be perfect. Your female friend can be very critical and will likely give her BF as good as she gets. They both share a tendency to worry. Their mainly mental orientation is not conducive to love. Both partners suffer from the need to perform well and the strain can lead to a lack of spontaneity and inflexibility, and even breakdown. Friendship might be a better option, as the pressure to be perfect will not be so evident then and the pair can lay aside their unrealistic expectations of each other.

  • Can You Tell How I'm Going To Act Romantically Like What Will I Do And Stuff? 1/29/97 Thank You Thank You Thank You ;D

  • Hello Captain! Here's my boyfriend's birthdate: 2nd Oct 1987 and mine: 5th July 1988. I have given almost everything to this relationship and want to know if it would work in the long run. Thank you sooo much if you could help!

  • Spalma, to be honest, I think your friend will come back to you but he won't stay for long - he is too much of an explorer and needs to be out in the world, following his career dreams which are more important to him than love. I think you can have a long-standing on-gain, off-again friendship but I don't feel this man will be there enough for you to be the good and supportive mate you want.

  • Jinglecwab, as long as you two respect each other's space and refrain from judging each other, this relationship can be successful in the long term. Sensitivity and acceptance are enhanced here and both of you could find yourselves fully appreciated. But your BF tends to appreciate the matchup for what he can gain from it. He might not always be aware of what he has here, failing to realise that critical, demanding and condemning attitudes can easily tear the vulnerable fabric of the relationship. And you must take care not to be overly critical or withdrawn yourself.

    Love, marriage, and friendship can all represent evolutionary stages in the relationship's development, or at the highest level, may even be combined in one. High ideals and challlenging ideologies appeal to you both. You are often consciously engaged in self-understanding experiences either together or separately. New age techniques, workshops, and reading may be of special interest here. Care must be taken however that new ideas do not become rigid dogma, inhibiting the healthy impulses they are meant to foster.

    At its strongest, the relationship is hialrious, satirical, and unattached. At its weakest, it can be distracting, resentful, and superficial. Try to take things a bit more seriously and consider a stronger commitment.

  • Captain.......a certain person has "coincidently" appeared in my life 3 different times over twenty years, and each time has suddenly, unexpectedly disapeared. I sense we keep meeting because of some kind of karmic partnership that hasnt yet worked out. What is your insight of our connection? Aug 3, 1970 and April 3, 1964 Thanks so much!

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