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  • Dear captain,

    thank you for the reading. it is quite insightful. you are possibly right that this relationship is destined better for friendship. we just recently became intimate with each other but i sense it is most likely to be out of certain needs. not necessarily love on his part which is a bummer but hey, a friendship is better than nothing, right?

  • Thanx for your words of wisdom & insight.

  • Thanking you.



  • Well I Was Asking About Friendship But Were Not Really Getting Along Anymore And I Haven't Talked To Him In 3 Months. And Today Was The Day I Was Planning To Talk To Him But He Has This Attitude Now And I Still Want To Keep Our Friendship Going But I'm Not Sure If It Will.

  • Gangstergabriel, it takes two people to want to keep a relationship going.

  • I think he does but whatever.

  • Ganstergabriel, there is an odd mix of friendliness and hostility in your relationship. There is a wariness between you two that causes a kind of energy blockage that can hinder the development of your relationship. You two have a lot to offer each other but your different strengths and personalities are unlikely to merge well - but this is precisely what it would take to get the eneergy moving again. There could be a lot of envy present - your friend might envy your quick perceptions and creativity, and you might envy him for his practicality and good money sense. You will tend to overshadow your friend in this relationship but he can be your most valuable critic, adviser, even teacher. You will be drawn to his compexity and secretiveness - trying to work out his mystery will intrigue you. Your friend might feel he had to do all the work in the relationship, as you tend to want to just have a good time of it. Your friend might then withdraw and get depressed which he is prone to do. Most of the wariness in the relationship can be eased if both of you get the time and space you need away from each other.

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  • No, I like helping. 🙂

    AriesPiscesCusp - mutual protection, security, and moneymaking figure strongly here. Despite these common goals and bonds of feeling, however, the relationship may also involve a lack of awareness that prevents it from attaining real emotional depth. If it is confronted by difficulties, whether from inside or outside, this lack of consciousness will leave it open to psychological trauma and strife and, ultimately, will most likely break it apart. Yet the level of awareness can be raised. This may not be easy, for considerable emotional complexities will be involved, but conscious and determined efforts must be made to bring it about. To guarantee the firm internal bonding sufficient to withstand adverse circumstances, a process of learning and understanding must be developed.

    Your friend's particular profile often contains a tendency towards an aggressive attitude and he probably needs to call the shots, but if he pushes in this direction with you, it is unlikely you will be able to assume a passive role for long. A friendship or love affair is more apt to be possible if you take the lead while your friend hangs back, letting go of control. In that case however, your outspoken and direct nature may wound your sensitive friend, driving a wedge between you. On the plus side, both of you share traits of deep emotion and sensitivity, which may enable you to perceive the lessons necessary for the relationship to deepen and grow.

    The relationship may perhaps be most effective when put in service of a common cause in which you two are partners or colleagues.

    This has the feel of a karmic relationship where people keep meeting up time and time again in order to resolve some past issues between them. I feel you may have been siblings in another life who didn't support each other and are here now to give each other support and understanding when each of you needs it.

  • The Problem Is That I Hate Being Away From Him. And He Has Asked Me For A Little Space Before And I Gave It Too Him. And On My Birthday It Was The Worst Day In My Life. Everyone Seemed To Hate Me. Especially Him So I Really Don't Know Whats Going On.

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  • Gangstergabriel, just give your friend time and don't push. He just needs some time to sort himself out. He doesn't hate you, just gets confused sometimes and needs his space. Don't take it personally and try to be understanding. Your friend will return once he feels some positivity from you and not anger or frustration. He is very sensitive to vibes and picks up negativity from everyone around him - that's why he needs to retreat from time to time to process it all.

  • Thank you so much Captain. Sorry it has taken me so long to thank you. I did pick 3NOV81, and so far so good. I'm hoping it will continue. Thanks again! Much love!

  • Captain, you've done a few reading for me, including reading my vibes yesterday. I was hoping you could do compatibility for myself 1/31-69 and my husband 12/31/68 as I am feeling very much not connected at all.

  • How can I resist the pull of your threads Captain!! I am hoping that you're able to do compatabiltiy for myself 28 Nov 67 and my husband 17 Sep 65. We have been married 17 years next month!! We do have explosive rows when they do occur, but thankfully not so very often! Many thanks as always Captain.

  • Aquarian31, on a psychic level, I feel your husband played an important role in your old life - he was the anchor that kept you, as the 'balloon', tethered to the earth. This was necessary as you learned how to live the Earth way but now that you know who and what you are, you no longer need to be tied down and can fly free.

    Your astrological profile - this relationship may be a seesaw affair, oscillating between conforming your attitudes and trying to find a balance or middle ground between you. Your husband, who is used to struggle, may somewhat resent your views, prefering as you do to be spared the pain of work and even to ridicule those who view it as their reason for living. You both are apt to expend considerable amounts of energy trying to convince each other of your individual points of view. As your relationship develops, you two may discover that you can live a life in which you alternate between work and relaxation in quite a pleasant way, and avoid the excesses of either state.

    A love affair or marriage should be viewed not as either a frenzied or a hyperrelaxed work project in itself but as a moderate and highly enjoyable activity in its own right. As a mature couple, you two furthermore will learn from each other - your husband to be a bit less serious, and you to be more so. Your relationship can witness a splendid melding of work and love, supplying a steady flow of energy to both these aspects of your lives. Your husband has a judgmental streak, however, and you have a taste for silliness, so that collisions of irritation are likely to occur between these two moods. If you can avoid extremes and excesses, and achieve the middle ground by forgetting your differences, your life together will go much more smoothly in the longterm.

  • Intrigued - naturally lively and affectionate, you two are apt to be attractive to other people, even as you stand back somewhat detachedly and secretly analyse and criticise the very people who are drawn to you. Your relationship puts a high value on honour and integrity, but its true focus is likely to be a discriminating and critical approach toward the material world, and especially toward people. Your husband is attracted to your naturally expressive qualities, and you to his grace and cool elegance. Although your husband is more at home in this world, you will appreciate being able to express your more selective side and to share high standards with him. Another of the relationship's themes is the generation of excitement, and here you usually take the lead.

    A love affair can be highly romantic. Passion often manifests strongly, and physical involvement can reach a fever pitch. Yet discriminating and critical qualities are not left behind at the bedroom door. Both of you are very much aware of your ability to please and be pleased by your demanding mate, especially sexually. The strong feelings between you are unlikely to fade with marriage; in fact, they usually deepen. Such a marriage is temperamental, featuring bouts of explosive anger but also a tendency to kiss and make up. You, Intrigued, often play the role of rebel or activist in your relatonships and marriage is no exception. Your more mentally-oriented husband may clash with your intuitive side. His critical qualities may also unnerve you as you will often be unable to explain how you feel about a given problem to his satisfaction.

    Try not to be so critical of or evaluate each other and other people quite so much - life isn't a contest.. Work on keeping your opinions to yourself a bit more if you want an easier life. Take the time to understand.

  • Captain, thank-you. An emphatic YES! I just need to figure out how to stay and still be true to myself, difficult for me to avoid excess at the moment. I find the marriage as more of a partnership than a love affair and the urge for more passion is strong. Thank-you for this reading!

  • Hi Captain, wow as ever, many thanks for your time and efforts. It was very good!! take care Captain. Peace, love and happy days to you. 😄

  • Love and friend compatibility for both birthdates:

    Joey's: December 13th, 1991

    Tommy's, my ex: July 15th, 1992

    My dob: February 19th, 1994

    please and thank you Captain..

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