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  • Hi Captain,

    If its not too much trouble, could u see if me and my friend are compatible? My DOB is 16 july 1982 and his is 26 Feb 1981. we had been friends for 6 yrs now.. i think i'm in "extreme like" with him but he is still nursing a broken heart. Is there a chance for the future? Thanks in advance.

  • Thank you Captain. Yes this has been a rocky love relationship & as you stated an emotional one for both.

    We just had a daughter & are seeking some type of counciling together. We want to make this work, but as you say; he isolates for days when upset & ignores me. Often my feelings of rejection will cause me to cling during this time & suffocate him.

    Do you have any more insight for me? I do worry about future fidelity & our age difference.

    Me 16 Feb 62 @10:01pm Mankato, MN & He 10 Mar 78 @12:10 noon Ft Ord CA.

  • Hi, Captain.

    My DOB is Nov 22, 1974 at 3.30 pm sydney and his DOB is Aug 26, 1977 at 08.15am Turkey; please help me tell me this can be true love as he asked me to marry him last week, but know he seems little bit aloof :((( i think he is virgo so do you thing this is normal? and you helped me in the past and you were 100% right, please help me again as i dont wanna cry again :((

  • and one more question according i m sag but you told me my sun sign is scorpion!!! what i am? who cares i just wanna be happy :))) thanks a lot

  • Piscesgirl4life, well you can start by thinking of your good points instead of focusing on your weaknesses. In other words, what do you like about yourself?

  • I don't know...

  • Pisces are usually compassionate people Are you?

  • Emergence, you two will build strong structures, whether ideological or physical. Your relationship is complementary: together you have the skills you need to create any system, no matter how large. You two may be especially talented in matters of procedure and efficiency. Your goals will tend to be extremely well defined. Your friend knows that to come between you and your intended destination is to court disaster and is understanding enough to know that the same goes for your moods. He is not stupid enough to attempt to rouse you from the grand funks into which you periodically fall. If you are mature-minded enough, you are likewise able to give your friend the latitude he needs, so that the relationship's tremendous drive to build something of lasting value - the major theme here - is rarely undercut or interrupted by emotional issues.

    This combination is best suited for working relationships and marriage, in which a business or family system needs to be set up, administered, and maintained. Not only the literal structure of the office or house will benefit here but also the ideas, plans and strategies that bring success to career and domestic endeavours alike. In marriage however issues such as neglect, favoritism, insensitivity, and rejection can become problematic and even explosive, whether expressed or repressed. Conflict here can bring things to a grinding halt.

    In a love affair, your friend will not enjoy playing second fiddle to your career, or being dominated by you. You two can build a friendship around shared activities, but your need to be in control, Emergence, may make it difficult for the relationship to achieve an easy camaraderie and equal participation.

    ADVICE: Lessen power struggles and don't let emotions interfere with the smooth running of the relationship. Increase understanding through mature attitudes and promote equality.

  • yes I'm very compassionate.

    I care for people..

  • Pinklily82, this relationship is perhaps better for friendship than an intimate matchup. If you have been friends for six years without him making any romantic moves towards you, it seems unlikely he is interested in that way.

    This relationship is usually concerned with the transmission of ideas, whether in financial, social, or spiritual areas or as an entertainment. The spotlight can be on the relationship itself or on what it is trying to say. Although you are both water signs, there is a thoroughly practical sensibility here. Your friend is not known for his materialistic side but in a relationship with you, he can learn a great deal about the world and how it works, financially, politically and socially. He is less interested in money for its own sake and more in what can be done with it to improve the quality of life.

    A love affair between you can be sensuous, sensitive, and understanding. You will both take your time to get to know each other, using the quiet time together to reach new levels of peace and contentment. But your relationship also has an outrageous and uninhibited side that it puts on for show. Humour can play a key role here, particularly when of the ironic and sarcastic sort. Marriage is not especially recommended unless you both are willing to undergo serious adjustments to each other's needs and to be willing to compromise and be flexible. Your shared fragile emotional states may make the relationship overly needy or unstable.

    A friendship can last for a long time - your bond is a hunger not necessarily for learning but for social maturation and development. It's often the most positive direction for your relationship to take as you age.

  • TGRL, you have a tendency to take yourself and your circumstances too personally, believing you are a victim of fate when you are forced to fight in the name of principle. You must learn to see conflict for the lesson it is. You can be easily hurt and generally touchy which makes you difficult to live with. But you also have a feisty aggressive streak that will stand you in good stead on your life's journey. The danger is that you may hold one set of inner beliefs and principles that is at odds with how you behave outwardly. You may appear to be calm and go with the flow but inside you are wracked with worry and fears. Find the courage to show your partner your vulnerability. Your fear of rejection can haunt you and cause problems in your relationships when you become too clingy. Your partner will sense that you do not trust him not to abandon you and your child, and you may be driving him to do exactly what you fear. Instead of running from your problems, you both need to find a resolution through sitting down and being totally honest about what you are feeling. Sticking with the relationship even when the going gets tough, will show how far you have learned and grown.

    Your partner is quite comfortable in his own private world where he retreats when troubled by his relationships and outer events. He yearns for sharing and connection yet he can be unwilling or unable to seek out those connections for himself. The resulting isolation can manifest as self-pity, depression, and extremes of personal touchiness. The need to control is strong in him and he may have chosen you hoping to exert an influence over you. He sets very high standards for himself and everyone else and may be disappointed when others don't live up to them. He must learn to put aside his perfectionism and understand that nobody on earth is perfect. He has a great capacity to give and receive affection but he must learn to apply discipline to his love of freedom so that he can maintain a committed relationship.

    The main problem here is that you can both be very touchy and take things way too personally. Neither of you is big on trust so you have to work on that. Sit down and talk about exactly how you both feel about the relationship and what you want from it. There will have to be compromises made if the relationship is to work. But, unless you are both honest with each other about how you feel, trust will not grow.

  • Cizzle, this relationship doesn't look good for love. You two almost certainly demonstrate a pioneering zeal in any endeavour you engage in. You may have problems relating to each other on an intimate basis however: you can sometimes see your friend as too formal and old-fashioned, while he sees you as trendy and less innovative than you claim to be. He will probably disapprove of your inconstancy. It is unusual to see a romantic involvement in this combination. Your friend can be too emotionally demanding for you, making you feel trapped. Neither is marriage recommended, unless you work together in a commercial or social endeavour which may unite you enough to keep the marriage alive for the length of the business's life. You are unlikely to see eye-to-eye on many issues and your friend may feel you treat him rather condescendingly.

    Cizzle, you were born on the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius so you will share some of each sign's personality traits.

  • Piscesgirl4life, you also probably have psychic abilities and are very sensitive.

  • i left my leo boy 30/7/88 hes a player he played games that made me walk away

    im seeing again the gemini 2 june 1987 but i cant deal with how he gets fussy and how he is emotional im looking hard for a bf but what im doing wrong? i know a change my mind a lot maybe its because my moon is in gemini i dont know

  • I'm extremely sensitive, and emotional.

    I'm probably one of the most sensitive peoples anybody could ever meet; though people may only see my hard exterior that covers everything up.

    Captain, I feel like I will never find happiness. Withtin myself or in my life.

  • Good day to you Captain

    Would you do a reading please. My date is the 13 Jan 1952, 7.30pm Sydney Aust. and my partner is the 24 August 1950 2.30am Sydney Aust. Been together for 2 yrs and now after some dramas are more committed to each other. Living for the moment and hopefull our future.


  • Katiesssss, you just haven't met the right person yet. Don't give up - you have plenty of time. It's not a race. 🙂

  • Piscesgirl4life, you are way too young to ever say 'never'. And don't expect other people to make you happy - you have to do that for yourself. Why aren't you out there living your life instead of brooding over what you haven't got? Love happens best when you're not looking for it.

  • TheCaptain,

    Thank you for the reading. I really appreciate it. I read it over and over again to make sure that I understand the message that comes with it.

    Thanks again 🙂

  • Smilelee, the transmission of ideas is of paramount importance in this relationship; you two have a great deal to talk about and share. A one-on-one learning situation often works well here. You both may be involved with a body of theoretical knowledge, possibly religious, technical, scientific, or philosophical, which provides a common ground of study. This learning project can be serious, but doesn't have to be - it is often tremendously challenging, but it can also be fun. Nor does the emphasis on study mean that the physical side of life is absent, for you two may well be involved in competitive sports and exercise. Whatever the area of study, your relationship usually settles on one topic and concentrates on it, rather than seeking diversity.

    In matters of the heart, you both tend to give your all, and your love may reach for the stars in its soaring bliss. It will rarely fail to be grounded in the here and now however. Although both of you can be stubborn and unyielding in arguments, you will usually make up your differences when locked in each other's embrace. Marriage may tend towards the prosaic, but neither of you will be disappointed, for you will feel instinctively that this relationship involves a whole different set of parameters from a love affair and that they constitute a sacred trust. Together your strengths are studiousness, commitment, and bliss. Weaknesses may be overseriousness, unyielding attitudes, and seduction.

    ADVICE: Don't take advantage of your power - respect the space and opinions of each other. Study is only one way - don't ignore the value of life experience.

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