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  • Thank you so much Captain !!!! Many blessings to you!!!!

  • Thank so much for this reading. This reflects us completely. We are currently apart and it is due to his not knowing where he is in life. I am waiting to see if he comes back but am torn between waiting and moving forward. I appreciate the insights into this situation. Blessing to you and yours.

  • TheCaptain. please can you do my reading . Me 31-01-53 Him 06-07-79 are we compatable and will I see him soon ?

  • TheCaptain, thank you so much for your analysis, it is very insightful! I do have one more question concerning this relationship, I hope you can help me. Will we have the opportunity to see each other soon? He is very concerned about job security and, because of this, has put off the prospect of us meeting in person for now. We live about 3 hours apart. You were right in your analysis about his strong personality and morals...He believes, for the most part, that he is protecting me by keeping us apart, because he says I deserve someone with a job. He can be very stubborn once he makes a decision. lol Thank you very much for sharing your gift and your time. 🙂

  • Hello TheCaptain could you analyze my relationship with my boyfriend my dob is 23Jan74 and his is 08Dec69. Thank you for your time.

  • Hi TheCaptain......this is so Kool and Thank you here is the info for my reading.... mine is

    30 Nov, 1953 and his is 19 July, 1977 Hope to hear from you soon.



  • Hello TheCaptain, What a great gift you are offering us all, My birthday is February 5th,1943 and I was born at 7:15 P.M. His birthday is May 6th, 1946 and he was born at 3:00 P.M. Thank you for your Knowledge& Time.......... LEONIDA

  • Thank you The Captian I very much appreciate the reading w

    hich has given me insight of my situation............

  • thank you The Captian for the reading very insightful....blessings

  • Hello Captian

    I would like any information possible me DOB 7/23 and Him 7/15 both year 1979 Peace and Light to all.

  • lindieloo I am sure he will get to you soon. He appears to be going in the order that was asked, which would mean I am next. ( :

  • lovinmylife I will await patiently.

  • Hi The Captain can you do mine as well 12 June 1984 and his 30 May 1986. I also have another one that i'm curious about 11 April 1985.Thank you!!

  • Captain,

    Thank you so much for getting to the analysis . I thought it had been lost amidst the number of request your kind offer has generated.

    Recently, my daughter heard her bf is ring shopping .... I'm sure she will say " Yes ". Your clear, concise report will give her a great deal of insight.

    Again, Thank You! Be well.

  • Yes please be patient everyone. I have a lot to get through but I will eventually do them all. I want to be as thorough and accurate as I can, so i cannot go too fast.

  • Captain - your kindness and generosity are greatly appreciated and your wise words are worth their weight in gold! You made me laugh and you made me cry a little, too.

    Everything is RIGHT ON, except that I'm not at all (unfortunatelly) emotionally detached when it comes to love (wish someone gave me the manual on "how to...", though). Maybe it has to do with the fact that I was born exactly at midnight and probably carry some of the previous day's vibrations? Or, it could be my lunatic Moon conjunct Pluto/Uranus in Virgo in the seventh house?

    Anyway, as I read your description of me I thought to myself : "Damn! I should have been more like that, a free-spirited Gemini, and scr.w.d all those pretty boys when I had the chance HAHA 😉

    Now I'm 43, too old and too set in my Virgo morals, the very epithome of boredom 😉

    Cancer guy is my husband of almost a decade and things started rapidly going down the hill when, after a very bad infection caused by a one of the tortures I underwent while we were unsucessfully trying to conceive (for years) left me completely infertile and embittered. I refused to subject myself to any further interventions, IVF included, and with him being a typical Cancer wanting a family - that was the beginning of the end. It also made me realize that, though I love him deeply as a person, I don't love him with my whole heart and soul or else I would not hesitate to go to H'.ll and back if I did. Now everything is just as you described, pain, guilt, terrible and very destructive arguments and I'm so very tired of it all. I told him he should go and find a good woman with whom he can have a child and be happy( I do want him to be happy), but he keeps insisting on this torture for whatever reason and I keep hanging around, ridden with guilt, thinking that if I give him a bit more time, until he's ready to let go, it will be less painful. I hate the thought of inflicting pain on another, because I've been in that place of agony more than once (even on the verge of suicide once, a long time ago). He is a good man with the heart of gold and I owe him so much, though he has a very messy family history, problem with authority and plenty of anger and resentment that he holds onto. But I myself am not exactly the golden standard of normalcy, whatever the word implies. Just want him to have his dream and be happy.

    Now, the Scorpio. Met him at the community meeting (I feed feral cats in my neighborhood) and the following reads like a soap-opera: he spilled coffee on me and wouldn't stop apologizing, though most of it ended on his jeans. He offered to buy me a coffee and I told him I didn't think my husband would have appreciated the idea, so he stopped insisting (which I liked) and ended up having an hours long conversation on my stoop instead. It was a completely crazy experience, let's just say we talked of life, death and suicide and both were very comforthable about it, like we've known each other for decades. He actually disclosed very private things about himself, which I didn't prod about, like that his Mom left his Dad and himself when he was just a kid, that he's bipolar and other information that one usually doesn't share with strangers.Can you tell I like my men as messed up as they come haha! I told him some stuff, too, though not nearly as much as he told me - so that comment you made about SHARING SECRETS, boy! You're so right!

    We spoke one more time when I ran into him in the hood, though he's not even from New York and he's only temporarily "crashing" at his friend's place. He's a musician, by the way, and so is my husband (can't live with them, can't live without them!). No foul play has been going on, like I said, although I feel this incredible energy exchange with this person, it's almost palpable to the point that this alone makes me feel like a cheater.

    The most insane part in all of this is that, about 10 months ago I had a weird dream in which a man whose face I

  • Lovinmylife, this relationship is good for love. The primary theme of this combination is the fight for personal freedom. This relationship will often involve power struggles, and is unlikely to be stable, especially since you two have trouble sticking to anything. There is a built-in desire to be free of everything the relationship creates, whether it be a commitment or other structure, or simply a joint interest. Romantically, you will have an interesting, varied and intense relationship. Your partner likes to have things his way, but his power to persuade and manipulate will be sorely tested by your resistence and willpower in both love and marriage. You two are better suited as lovers rather than spouses, since the relationship's conflicts, tensions, and searing passions go better with excitement, often sexual, than with stability and security. Your partner's liking for excess can be triggered if he finds himself playing second fiddle to your more worldly persona. At work, you want only to be successful (though this is vital), while your partner is driven to reach the top of his profession. Friendships between you two are likely to be unusual, since career, social, or economic competition is likely to take precedence over trust, sharing and just plain fun. Try and avoid unnecessary conflict in your relationship and respect each other's values. Seek stability.

    Lovinmylife, you are a fast-talking pioneer and jill-of-all-trades, definitely an individual. Don't fall into the trap of putting abstractions over personal considerations. You are an ideas person, easily caught up in the vision of the moment and a bit inclined to force your notions on others. You will undoubtedly learn a lesson in the workings of power when mere force of will fails to bring others around to your way of thinking. You are social in the extreme, regularly aligning yourself with groups, families, and larger networks. Use your experience in life to give you the confidence needed to assume the role of leadership. Don't let others take advantage of your generous and affectionate nature. Make sure you convey your conscience and depth of commitment to others. You are a lightning speed learner but tact is not one of your virtues. You need a partner who is tolerant and receptive to your constant flow of ideas. Learn to value the needs of your partner as much as your own. You can unintentionally smother your lover with an overbearing and overprotective attitude.

    Your partner is blessed with a rare combination of inspiration and common sense. His challenge is to apply his talents in a practical way to life. He will have to be careful not to ignore or discount his more imaginative or spiritual leanings as he pursues career or business goals. Highly emotional in any event, he must control a tendency to excess as his need for grounding can manifest as addictive or compulsive behaviours if not properly regulated. Keeping a check on his expectations, and developing his natural ability to deal with facts and figures with insight and an eye to results, will garner success. Honing his powers of observation and attention to detail, and not allowing his ability to structure and control his own needs to become excessive, leads to great fulfillment. He has a powerful imagination, plus flare and originality. But his imagination can backfire, making him prone to irrational fears, superstitions, and even paranoia. There is a danger of falling into deep depression or having a very bad temper if these excessive imaginings are not curbed.

  • Scarsandstars said "It also made me realize that, though I love him deeply as a person, I don't love him with my whole heart and soul ...'

    Are you SURE you're not emotionally detached? 🙂

  • Sorry, Captain, oops - anyway,10 months ago, long before I met him, I had a dream of a man who took me in his arms and all I could remember of his face were his luminous gray eyes. Yup, you've guessed it - the Scorpio has those same eyes!

    Now, what you've said about him not being as easy going as he presents himself to be is something I've vaguely sensed, though not necessarily in a bad way. I noticed that he is very charming, gregarious and funny among people and that must be because he only has Sun in Scorpio and in the twelfth house, while four of his planets and his Ascendant are in Sagittarius.

    Still, those secrets he shared indicate that underneath the happy Sag persona there is, indeed, a Scorpio in hiding.

    For now, I'm avoiding any further contact, because in spite of my ethical principles I will not pretend that I'm superhuman. Also, if he truly is looking for a perfect woman, and I have no reason to doubt your words, than I am most certainly not it, since you would be hard pressed to find a more imperfect human being than myself on the face of the planet.

    In that case, this whole twin soul feeling could be just a product of my very, VERY fertile imagination as fantasy is my drug of choice 🙂 It's very hard to be reasonable, though, since he's been on my mind night & day sigh

    Again, sorry for this long Gemini outpour, just consider it a very extensive feedback re. your reading, if you will. I also apologize for the typos and errors (I'm not a native English speaker) and hope that you at least were amused a little by my conundrum.

    I can't thank you enough for your time and valuable insight 🙂

    Live, love, be, believe

  • Hi. This is so exciting! Thank you very much. I would very much appreciate learning about my relationship. My bday- Nov 3, 1967 His bday- May 3, 1972

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