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  • Potential romantic interest....

    I'm november 20th 89(ascendant is libra) and he is august 3rd 86.

    Thank you!

  • I am Feb 25, 1974 and he is Dec 4, 1972

  • If I have done an analysis for you but you still have a question about you or your friend, ask and I can try to dig even deeper into your profiles.

  • TheCaptain who is the above message for ?

  • Ajahny, sorry, I misread the birthdate of your friend - I shouldn't do this when I'm tired. Here is the correct analysis of your relationship.

    The childlike exuberance of this relationship is such that the world is bound to notice it - you two have a certain capacity for fame. Fortune, however, may escape you. Youthful sparkle dominates here and can overcome your respective personality traits, which in both cases tend toward the severe. This relationship encourages you to show initiative, although to realise this drive you will both have to overcome a desire for overly careful planning. If you can add the insightful commentary and capable management that are common in this matchup to the other traits you both share, you can achieve a lot. In love. A third person often figures in your relationship, a person who occupies the spotlight and around whom you both revolve, whether as a complementary or a warring pair. Jealousies and competiveness can figure strongly in such triangles. Ideally, you both will recognise the inner logic of the situation (which may be fated to continue for years) and work out a kind of truce. But one problem here is that both of you are usually much better geared to social pursuits and physical activities than to matters of human psychology and emotional understanding. You may have difficulty coming to deeper realizations about the dynamics of your relationship, particularly with respect to others. A marriage between you will probably generate a lot of attention from other people. It should be a successful marriage, given both of you have a high degree of competence, but the matchup unfortunately seldom endures. You are both very opinionated, and too attached to your own approach, to work together for very long or even to live under the same roof. Friendship would work better than a love match, especially if you share an interest or pursuit, often involving the arts, travel or collecting. Your friends will not usually interfere in a friendship, but they can meddle in a love matchup.

    In love, ajahny, you have a lot of personal magnetism but you can be possessive and jealous. Sexual relations are very important to you and you need plenty as an outlet for your abundent energy. You can be a bit insensitive to your partner's needs and desires, preferring to dominate rather than share. Your relationships have probably all had an element of volatility.

    Your partner can get a bit swept away by your dominance over him and may even feel stripped of his identity. He is highly sensitive and sometimes even meek but also generous, giving and sympathetic. He sometimes gives in to his partner's needs at the expense of his own needs.

  • Hello Captain . Many thanks for your your care and extraordinary vision. I have taken the'big plunge' ! And moved in with a man for the first time in my life!- i am 43 yrs old!?!? So, any and all insight would be fabulous!

    Me- June 22, 1967 10:32 pm

    Him-August 31, 1964 1:30 am

    Peace, Clarity, Blessings....

  • Caprius, together you two create a naturally energetic combination, but your partner must be careful that that relationship's considerable electricity does not short out his circuits. Although you both have different temperaments, you will find this relationship highly satisfying and there should not be many deep conflicts. You both may have difficulty dealing with the darker sides of life, however, and during times of trouble the stress can be overwhelming. Caprius, you rely on your partner for stability and common-sense know-how, while he is entertained by your humour and fantasy. Love affairs can be challenging and sensual. You may be a bit baffled by his coolness and reserve at times, but will be intrigued by the mysterious aspects of his personality. He will be flattered by your attention but put off by a stance that can be overly aggressive, even violent. Marriage can be highly problematic, since you may find it difficult to live up to your partner's expectations or to listen to his continual criticism.

    Caprius, you can be a bit of an idealist, focused on a romantic ideal rather than the real thing. Although you treasure tranquility and peace, you are also rather high-strung and feel a constant urge to stay active. Thus, the harmony your desire can be elusive. Friends are vital to you and you are socially oriented. You need healthy, supportive relationships but your love life is often in turmoil. You can be more enchanted with the idea of love than with maintaining a relationship. You tend to place your lover on a pedestal. You can be led astray by flattery. Cultivate a little discrimination and a more realistic approach to love.

    Your partner is honorable, trustworthy, and romantic and can be a bit naive in love and other areas of his life. There is an innocence and charm about him that is very appealing to others. His sense of justice verges on self-righteousness. He can get confused by the rapidly changing sexual standards, and can easily be hurt if he discovers his lover has been unfaithful. He prefers giving to receiving, so needs a lover who is fully appreciative and deserving of his gifts and love. If he becomes frustrated by life, he may become bitter, pedantic, and tiresome to be around.

  • Everyone, Llindieloo.

  • TheCaptain>> so you not going to tell me if i'm compatable with my cancer fella ?

  • RE POSTING ( pg 2) Could you please analyze this > Her : 20 Jun 81 , Him: 15 Feb 83 . He is going to propose .... this mom is wondering ????

    Thank you for doing this and sharing your skills!


  • Stronginside, this relationship is good for love, not so good for friendship.

    It may sometimes seem as if the two of you have come together for one purpose only - to help each other on the road to self-realisation and to find your individual creative cores. Once you are both set solidly on the left-hand path of inner growth, the relationship may no longer be necessary. The success of this work may depend on your partner's ability to keep his ego under control and submit to a higher authority, whether moral, social, spiritual, or religious. You may have a strong influence on him in this respect, and may act as his spiritual guide, gently encouraging him to temper his egotism and follow the path of true inner work. In turn, your partner can share in your courageous and creative approach to this process. Love affairs will be passionate, but are in need of philosophical direction. Sufficiently pleasurable experiences may be shared, but if you both take the time to explore depths of feeling, and contemplate the many mysteries of life, you can add whole new dimensions to your relationship. Furthermore, such investigations serve to increase the likelihood of your staying together. Marriage may come to be squarely based on a particular ideology, whether formal or one worked out by you yourselves. Should this be the case, you must remember to be open to criticism and evaluation, and never cut yourselves off from the world's input. Listen carefully to the suggestions of others and don't put yourself above the Universe. Find your true selves.

    Stronginside, you are an optimist and a philosopher. Your fantastic imagination and charm are conducive to artistic and creative avenues. You cannot imagine being alone for very long. Open, uninhibited, and very romantic, you need someone with whom to share your life. Loyalty is your creed and you get hurt if your partner betrays your trust. Find a mate who is not overbearing, because you must have the freedom to be yourself.

    Your partner is a bit of a crusader, idealistic with a lofty vision. He can be intense, determined, ambitious, and very independent. He can appear distant and detached or totally lost in a haze, but really he is an emotional person with many biases and entrenched beliefs. Others may perhaps see him as arrogant, but he is a romantic through and through. He seeks a kindred soul - one who shares his idealism and love of freedom. It's not easy for him to be faithful with his deep wanderlust for new places and people, but eventually he should settle down to a real, long-lasting relationship. And his lover will be lucky to get him.

  • Taurus75, this relationship is great for friendship, not so good for romantic love. It's probably best accepted for what it is rather than analysing it for what it's not. At its best, the relationship can be stable, nurturing, and sympathetic. At its worst, it can be insecure, bewildering, and withdrawn. Marriage is apt to include the urge to have children or, failing that, another kind of creative endeavour. There is the need to give birth to something in this relationship. Your partner will benefit from your stability and practicality, and you will find him to be a caring spouse. The more lonely or withdrawn your partner is, the more he will bloom in a family setting with you. Nurturing activities, including sharing responsibility of children (not necessarily your own) pets and a garden, are particularly suited to the pair of you together. Your partner may lack the sexual intensity or romantic flair to keep you interested for long. Platonic friendships are more likely between you two, since kindness and understanding are often more important to your partner than physical contact is. This kind of relationship will allow you to express the more sympathetic elements of your personality, and your sometimes combative stance should soften if you have a nonthreatening partner. However, your partner can often have a chip-on-the-shoulder attitude that can well emerge around more threatening personalities, such as colleagues and family members. He can be aggressive as well as ambitious and can become increasingly insecure if faced with a confrontational situation. At such times, you will seek to make him more comfortable and less upset. Sometimes he may feel overly sensitive and misunderstood and will protect himself by building a wall against what he perceives as criticism or aggression.

    Taurus75, few people suspect the nervous tension and restlessness that is concealed behind your charming smile and graceful bearing. You are always seeking constant diversion and activity. Setting goals and priorities is difficult. You would never knowingly hurt anyone and cannot be angry for long as tolerance and forgiveness rule your relationships. Your calm, gentle presence alone can stop a fight. You probably have a strong bond with nature and you can best sort out your problems in a relaxed, open air, natural environment, maybe in the countryside or at the beach. You have a low threshhold of tolerance for stress. The state of your love life is the index of your overall happiness. Romantic and sensual, you need lots of love to keep you happy. You need a partner who shares your sensitivity and can understand your emotional delicacy. The only problem you may encounter in romance is vanity - without realising it, you may feel your partner is there simply to admire you.

    Your partner is leisure-oriented and often attracted to the prospect of an easy life. Often, he will choose a career that doesn't fully utilise his true abilities, one that offers no risks and few challenges. He can live in the past too much, and should try and live more for the present. No matter how otherworldly he may appear at times, at heart he is really a conservative person. He can sometimes find it hard to express his feelings and may cover this with a tough, macho-man exterior that is at odds with his true sensitive and very emotional nature. Romantic and sentimental in love, he is generous with his affection and attention. His imagination and sensuality make him an attractive partner, capable of great loyalty. He must guard against a tendency to be overly possessive, though.

  • Laie4, both of you are quite sensitive and the critical faculty inherent in this realtionship is likely to prick egos. There is a visionary capacity here, but its speciality is finding fault - with other people, morals, society, just the world at large. Your partner will take the lead here. in fact, he's likely to overpower you in the areas of values and decision-making, and to be critical and bossy at times. You actually have a lot to teach him - if only he were ready to listen! You may confront him with the primary challenge of his life - being open, dealing with his own irritations, and being more understanding in general. Love affairs bring you both to a level of parity. Through your quiet charm, you may even come to dominate your partner some of the time. Your partner has a lot to learn about himself, and often has problems understanding himself at a deep level. You can help him tremendously with this. An affair between you is likely to be warm, romantic and fulfilling, at least when it's on. Marriage will usually be dominated by your partner's critical attitudes. Your patience and calm will probably be stretched to the breaksing point by his needling and aggression, usually well-meant but insensitive to your needs. Frustrations can emerge on both sides - he will be frustrated at being unable to convince you of something, and you will be frustrated at feeling constantly instructed. he may often oush unsolicited opinuions and avice onto you and although the advice can be quite sensible, he must learn to back off and let you make up your own mind. Things need to be kept very equal between you.

    Laie4, you can mask your deeply felt emotions with personal objectivity and detachment. Your icy approach can be very rejecting. Reveal the warmth that is your birthright. You are blessed with a rare perception and insight into the more spiritual and intuitive sides of life, yet you may experience problems with personal connection, especially if you retreat into an unpenetrable private world. You are inclined to live in your head but you must work hard to develop a receptivity to others and avoid shutting out those people or feelings that challenge your pet theories about the world. Work to open your heart centre. If you can muster the courage and personal strength to reveal yourself and your deeply felt emotions, you will find success and love on your life journey.

    Your partner probably has strong clairvoyant talents and may sometimes appear a bit spacy. He needs a lover who appreciates his sensitivity and who gives him much love and attention in a demonstrative way. He may have difficulties moving from a solitary or independent life into a relationship and may even have contemplated being a monk at some point. Sharing his deeper emotions and opening himself on a more intimate level may be a challenge for him. But sometimes his sharing can sound critical simply because he hasn't learnt how to express himself in a more gentle and loving way. He really does want to help.He has an ability to accept others unconditionally but might not realise it. His greatest gift to his lover will be commitment, once he has learnt it.

  • The Captain Thanks so much for such a beautiful insight. I have taken your advice into consideration. I will continue to date him becaz I do love him but I understand him more now.

    Thx so much

  • Beleives, at its best, your relationship is energetic, supportive, and idealistic. At its worst, it can be rebellious, immature, and attention-hungry. Immature power struggles may break out from time to time between you two as you compete for the spotlight. Since this problem can be eliminated when you work together to secure worldly success for yourselves, all types of partnerships may be beneficial here, from business to romance. In personal relationships, your partner has a calming effect on the excessive aspects of your personality, guiding your energies in a more constructive direction. You in turn probably inspire him. Love affairs can be idealistic but also selfish. You can each get excessively hungry for attention from each other, in which case resentments can arise over who is more (or less) interested in whom. Childish rivalries can break out for the attention of a third person, often a mutual friend. Marriage is not recommended here, not because you are incompatible but because you may not be able to achieve the maturity and balance necessary for you to create a peaceful domestic setting together, let alone raise children. Career connections can develop between spouses, however, providing an outlet that will direct their attention away from problems at home. But you are better at initiating a project than running it day-to-day.

    Friendships between you two can be extrememly supportive and understanding. Your educational upbringings may have been different - your partner usually values education through schooling while you learn from life experience. This relationship needs to work at self-sufficiency. It must not waste its time on rivalry and rebellion or be so needy for approval. Constructive goals must be sought.

    Beleives, once you stop using your talents to attract attention and 'fit in', you are in for a wonderful time on this life journey. You have a deep need to be accepted but you must learn just 'to be'. You may expend your energy in futile attempts to conform with your social/religious background to the detriment of the adventure and self-expression that beckons. You have a great creative ability and a flair for business, but take care not to adopt a defensive or sefl-defeating attitude. Shake off your insecurity. You are not here to conform but to fully express yourself in your own original individual way. Very romantic, you will search for a partner who shares your good nature and trust and who will give you an equal amount of love in return.

    Your partner is a very proud person. Hay think he has a corner on the truth or that his is the only way to do things. He has a very strong impulse to impose his ideas and beliefs on others and probably has a healthy dose of ambition to accompany his sometimes startingly original concepts and ways of thinking. He is likely to have a fine grasp of philosophical and spiritual precepts. He may be very attracted to religion. He should align himself with a larger and more universal sense of faith and seeks validation for his ideas more than for his identity. Fulfillment will come from communicating his love of principles and high ideals in a simpler, less aggressive way. A secure and tranquil domestic life is crucial to his overall happiness. Highly romantic and idealistic, his natural curiosity will lead him through many affairs before settling down. Once settled, however, he is a loyal and devoted partner who can always be counted on.

  • TheCaptain, thank you so much for your comments 🙂

    i appreciate it 🙂

  • AuntBuck, this relationship can be quite close and understanding. It is often a bond of the spirit - loyal and true. Religion and spirituality are prominent here, and although you two might have quite different orientations, each recognises a kindred spirit in the other. However, your intensity may prove too demanding for your partner who needs to be free to fly, but who is capable of being quite content in the relationship as long as they don't feel restricted. The ties between you will be hard to break; you will share a lot, and having made this kind of investment in each other, you will both be loath to let go. Thus, the beginning of the relationship can be fascinating, the middle productive and trusting, and the breakup extremely painful, if indeed such a relationship can ever really end. Love affairs and friendships are often related here. You two are so natural with each other that you might be mistaken for siblings. Although physical, this relationship might be more secure in the spiritual or intellectual realm, in a meeting of minds and hearts. There is a quality of idealism here - the type not read about or dreamed but lived every day. You both might feel no need to get married - in the most important way, you are already spouses, making the ceremony an empty formality. You may try sharing occupational pursuits, but in the long run you are better off pursuing your separate professional interests. Try to avoid over-seriousness and be a little more realistic. Beware of undue attachment and make plans for the difficult times.

    AuntBuck, there is a touch of the miraculous about your insights and perceptions but don't fall into the trap of confusing your ability to control others through emotional means with the experience of genuine love and spiritual connection. Learning to trust is crucial for you. If you can come to terms with some rather daunting security issues and hypersensitivity, and develop the openness needed to turn your deep need for connection into opportunities for growth and fulfillment, then the world will open its arms to you. Set your deeper needs free by allowing yourself to love. Support and inspire your loved ones. You have a rare gift for bringing your most inspired visions to fruition so divest yourself of objective and professional concerns and turn your talents to the personal, universal, and spiritual realms. You long to be needed and are deeply romantic. You seek a partner who can give you emotional support and encouragement, but you have a tendency to idolise your loved one, exaggerating their good points and ignoring their bad ones. Conflict can ensue when reality intervenes. Adopt a more realistic attitude in love.

    Your partner will falter through life until they come to a better understanding of where their true interests lie.Though likely to be voluble and well-versed in any number of subjects, deeper understanding or expertise may elude them until they make the connection between concerted personal effort, painstaking groundwork, and real authority in a particular field. They should align themselves with a particular set of principles or ideals to develop the kind of core philosophy or belief system that is part of their learning challenge in this life. They must overcome the obstacle of self -deception and ground their visons in concrete reality. Their fear of loneliness and isolation borders on phobia but is largely baseless. They are usually popular with everyone. They are rebels in thought and spirit, and romantic idealists in love. Many affairs are likely until they find the one. Romance can often become the whole meaning of their life, energising all other areas. Easily hurt by separation or rejection, they are suited to a happy, long-lasting realtionship.

  • Thank you very much for your reading, it was insightful!

  • Scarsandstripes (Ah, you Geminis, you always have two people on the go, eh?)

    First, you and the Cancer man - Embedded within the relationship is a desire to seek the answers to broad questions, such as discovering the reasons for life's events, or trying to find one's place in the world - questions that in some way relate back to the individuals involved. You may enage in activities that generate either experience or educational opportunities. Interestingly, even though the quest is shared, the answers will be different for each of you. Your friend will want to know the reasons for his feelings while you want to expand your awareness of how you think. The relationship's search may ultimately be for personal values that you both can share. Love affairs start off well, but may quickly nose-dive when independent you flies off to your next adventure, leaving your friend sitting at home, bored and unhappy. When you finally call, his reply will be full of guilt-inducing pain. Consolation, kissing and making up will work until the predictable cycle begins again. Should you marry, you will be out in the world doing your thing while your partner ensures your home is well-kept, well-repaired and in general, a comfortable retreat. This works well in the practical domestic sphere since your efficiency and his money sense are a good combination. Building domestic situations together, or seeking value in a religious or spiritual pursuit or success in a mutual career endeavour fulfills some of the relationship's needs. But emotionally the relationship is a disaster, and all these wonderful plans may grind to a halt as your partner falls into a pit of despair and you stand by helpless, nervous and acutely frustrated. Tensions rise, arguments and resentments fly, and painful breakdowns result. These relationships rarely bring harmony.

    S&S, you are gifted with a more refined outlook and a less abrasive character than most Geminis, but you have to watch your manipulative tendencies. Temper your rather cynical attitude with a childlike trust. A call to simplicity and faith is your answer here. You have a wealth of plans and projects but you may get entangled in any number of games, intrigues,and psychodramas before you realise the value of a simpler, more trusting lifestyle.When you strip away your camouflage of a worldly image that is not in keeping with your deepest impulses toward freedom - particularly the freedom to be yourself - you can make great progress. Learn you can and must answer only to yourself. You don't like to be alone - you require an audience for your sharp wit and perceptions. Just don't choose anyone too sensitive to your advice or you could end up destroying them. A very detached view of love makes you not as romantic as you want to appear. Variety is what you crave and you will have many affairs before you settle down - if you ever do. You can be considerate, thoughtful, and appreciative as a lover, but you can be overly critical of your mate, too, especially if you are having problems in other areas of your life.

    The Cancer man - Born with a fine capacity for hard work as well as a natural sensitivity to others, this person will nevertheless struggle to find a balance between personal comfort and the need for a broader perspective. In fact, he can get so preoccupied with emotional matters that he loses sight of the bigger picture. Controlling his impulse to withdraw will be a challenge and he may erect psychic barriers between himself and others out of sefl-protection. Single-mindedness of purpose will give him worldly success as will avoiding a tendency to over-indulge in sensual pursuits. Alternatively, greater experience and exposure may harden him somewhat and manifest as an aggressive and unduly controlling attitude in both personal and professional areas. Still, if he can take care to maintain a meaningful social life and loving family relationships, he and everyone with whom he associates will benefit from his astute financial gifts, fine technical talents, and comforting and truly understanding presence. He has a very generous nature but giving love is not easy for someone so caught up in self-preservation. If he can be less fault-finding and less sensitive to criticism, he may find the permanent give-and-take romantic relationship that is necessary for his emotional maturity.

    You and your Scorpio man - Something makes these two keep secrets from the world: the inner workings of their relationship will always be private. Perhaps this is because they reveal sides of themselves to each other that they never show to anyone else, engendering a closeness that they may fiercely protect. Much energy will be tied up in how and when they confide in each other. Since they can't help but share their secrets, each of them ends up knowing a lot about the other, and they may hold a kind of unspoken power or control over one another. One can't help but wonder what happens when the revelations or secrets run out - will the well of the relationship run dry too? The Scorpio calls the shots here, usually deciding how much of the relationship is revealed to the world, and when. His sefl-sufficiency and stability inspire confidence in Gemini who may come to depend heavily on him. Love affairs are usually covert, particularly if either partner is already involved with someone else. Scorpio loves secrets but Gemini is a communicator and has a difficulty keeping secrets to herself - should she reveal Scorpio's confidences, or information about the affair itself, she will be severely admonished and even threatened with rejection. In such situations, Scorpio will rarely give a second chance. The couple's passion is often directly proportional to how much of their relationship remains hidden. Marriages are extrememly private primarily because of Scorpio, and freedom-loving Gemini might finally become fed up with this and seek solace elsewhere. Should she stray, she must be extremely good at hiding it from Scorpio who may prefer not to know what's going on, or to suspect it but suffer in silence. Scorpio depends heavily on his friends, but Gemini must be careful not to take advantage of his good will. More independent Gemini will get along just fine in friendship with Scorpio, but if she becomes in any way dependent on him, she will be shown the door.

    Scorpio man: he will wrestle a bit with issues of conformity versus those of independence. He may in fact conceal his more radical inclinations under a calm, easygoing exterior. The image he presents to the world may reveal little of what he is really about. Complacency or a preoccupation with material comforts may hamper his higher development until he gains a greater grasp of what it is he really wants and finds the courage to leave his former ideas of success and achievement behind. He is gifted with great resourcefulness and resiliency and if his sense of ambition is truly attuned to his inner needs and desires, there is very little that can hold him back from success. His greatest challenge is to not battle the shadows he projects on others and to lay to rest the inner conflict that plagues him. At heart a libertine, devotion is conversely one of his favourite words. He may search the globe to find that perfect someone worthy of his attention and fidelity. Failing that, he will go from one unsatisfying love affair to another. However once attached to his ideal woman, he can be very loyal. Just don't let him down or be less than perfect.

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