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  • DChell, this relationship is good for friendship, difficult for marriage. At its best, it is charming, amusing, and convincing. At its worst, it is manipulating, dishonest, and untrustworthy. This can be a dramatic and exciting relationship. Confrontational in nature, it fosters an atmosphere in which both of you will often attempt to use your wily powers of seduction to get from each other exactly what you are after. In highly manipulative interactions such as this, cleverness, perceptiveness, and experience are all part of the relationship's arsenal. In general, your partner relies on quiet insistence, while you tend to be more emotionally overwhelming. As a team, you can be extremely persuasive and charming, but since your knowledge is deep and you two usually prepare your arguments thoroughly in advance, you do not need to rely on the force of your personalities alone. Love affairs are usually very beguiling, enchanting - and filled with illusion. Beneath the romantic facade, some pretty heavy emotional manipulation may be going on, often out of fear that affections will be cut off or lost. Marriage is not recommended, but if it is seriously considered, both of you must work hard on building honesty and trust, rather than reverting to immature and childish feelings. Your game-playing can be amusing to an extent but it may eventually undermine belief and trust, and people may not take you seriously as a couple. Moderating the urge to achieve a peak experience either through drugs or physically challenging pursuits, and keeping in touch with reality will be the main challenges here.

    DChell, you need to release your attraction to the dark side and find joy in celebrating your unique view of the world. If you can overcome your fear of rejection or humiliation which can make you touchy or difficult at times, and dare to be different, you will find great happiness and fulfillment. Believe in yourself and honour what you believe. Your volatile emotions can boil to the surface in periodic eruptions of volcanic proportion - control your temper and don't justify it as a form of self-expression. Heal your more chaotic energies so you can channel their inspirations into more productive paths. Your biggest challenge is not to retreat into your rich fantasy world to escape a drab and uninspired existence in material reality. Use your fantasies to inspire and inform your life choices and gather your strength to take a risk on yourself. Working on behalf of the less fortunate will fulfill you.

    Your partner should release his need for more, and embrace the joy of creating harmony. Slowing down and steadying his energies wuill help him cultivate the patience to work with the information before him. He should stop and think about what he is saying and doing at regular intervals, becoming more reflective or moderate when it comes to his opinions of his own ideas. He has a truly powerful and formidable personality - he is a veritable ruler of men - so he should work hard to avoid pushing his ideas and methods on others. If he doesn't, he may suffer some unpleasant consequences because of his lack of essential diplomacy. Gifted with a high moral sense, he may have a world view that is missing in some necessary shades of gray. He may believe 'might makes right '- or worse, channel his prodigious strength and energy into purely selfish pursuits. If he cultivates his natural curiosity and works to expand his horizons, it will help him develop greater tolerance and the sense of acceptance that is always implied in the free exchange of thoughts and ideas. He must also allow himself to recharge and relax now and then.

  • Lindy1941, this is a good combination for marriage. You two attract a good deal of attention, both as a couple and separately. but your relationship tends to be quite intimate and private - few others will know much about it. You share a hunger for experiences of all kinds, and the theme of exploration will figure prominently in your relationship. You carry on your experience-building quietly though, moving relatively unrecognised on the outskirts of life. Not that you hide intentionally oe even consciously - most who view you as a couple are blinded to the real nature of the relationship by its brilliantly extroverted side. Nor will you go out of your way to correct others' misconceptions, being quite content to preserve your privacy and your ability to be yourselves when alone with each other. In such moments, you both taste the joys of anonymity. In marriages, love affairs and friendships, you usually present a successful, vibrant, and self-confident face to the world. In private, however, insecurities and frustrations emerge. These difficluties are seldom a result of the relationship itself but are personal and social in nature. Both of you tend to be somewhat irritable, nervous, and angry a good deal of the time over your treatment by the world. One of your principal functions for each other is to be sounding boards for negative feelings without fear of censure. Thus, your connection to each other may become essential to your psychological well-being. Your personal feelings towards each other, sexual or otherwise, often take second place to this aspect of the relationship. The split between the private and public persona of the relationship may be necessary for its well-being, but the two of you should try to deal with your social and personal problems directly, rather than simply retreating to it as a protective or neutral space.

    Lindy, you can find yourself caught up in an adventure even in the most ordinary of circumstances. You are restless by nature and can leave home with barely a backwards glance. You will never have trouble beginning a trip. You seem to be continually on the move, testing and probing your limits in your search for higher ideals. The best that life has to offer never seems good enough. You need to stay grounded and realistic. Find an ideal by which you can live. If you are unwilling to commit to anything, you may well resist the demands of the world of relationships and responsibilites. Worse, you may cut yourself adrift in a sea of unrealistic dreams and plans, never testing their validity in the real world. It's unlikely you will be pinned down to any single cause or ideal, but your dogged determination, your ambition, and natural subtlety will doubtless smooth many of the rougher stretches in your life.

    Your partner needs to learn to live each moment to the fullest and to be fully in that moment. He needs to stop over-analysing and making assumptions and just experience. He must recognise when it is time to scale back and redefine his worldly preoccupations in the interest of self-evolution. The danger is that he may avoid understanding what it is to live one's passion, seeking rather to discover it in endless liasons, sexual peccadilloes, and short-lived love affairs. Too, he may be inclined to be overly critical or imbued with a prima-donna like attitude that serves as a projection of his underlying fear of inadequacy or indecision. Provided he is neither too impatient nor too unrealistic to apply himself to the business of embracing life on its own terms, he will find success. If he can simplify his life by overcoming a preoccupation with sensuous forms of beauty or experience and operate from the most basic and elemental levels, his life will be satisfying and fulfilling.

  • ajahny, this is a good matchup for marriage. Although there can be a lot of conflicts and differences of opinion, this relationship is often beneficial to both of you, and usually deals with carrying on the traditions and realizing the aspirations of the group to which you belong. The Libra-Scorpio will often have a greater feeling for tradition than the Leo, who can however motivate and encourage Libra-Scorpio in their worldly efforts. It is extremely important to maintain a diplomatic balance here, for if the relationship fails in diplomacy, it could be disastrously split by fierce confrontations and arguments from within. In love affairs and friendships, compromise is very important, too. You both must come to realise that it is in your own best interest to give the relationship your whole-hearted support. Too often, Libra-Scorpio will go too far in their lacerating criticisms of Leo, assuming that these faithful Lions will stick around to take whatever is dished out. Leo may be over-confident and may assume that their willpower can keep Libra-Scorpio in line. Keeping a realistic view and being more diplomatic will help in most areas. In marriage and business, the relationship will usually devote itself to practices that promote growth and development but will mainly use conventional methods that have worked in the past. In this way it ends up supporting and perpetuating the traditional systems on which those methods are based. The great challenge will be thinking creatively without getting carried away by the kinds of urges which both of you are prone to. True innovation will be difficult for you, but will be necessary for the relationship's continued success. Mutually adoring but extremely possessive attitudes are common here. Again a more realistic view is essential if disappointments and letdowns are to be avoided. Maintain stability and work for the common good of the relationship.

    Here the Libra-Scorpio must give up an attachment to low self-worth, releasing insecurities and believing in themselves. The goal is to be able to step into the role of leader, whether by example or as an authority. You must realise that being different doesn't mean there's something wrong with you. Own and embrace your own individuality. Trying to keep your uniqueness under wraps will be much like trying to hide an elephant under a handkerchief. Like it or not, you will be noticed, celebrated, and occasionally even reviled as you make your way in the world. Charming, versatile, and compelling in the extreme, what matters most to your higher development is your ability not to fall for praise and keep a firm hold on some larger sense of purpose. You have a tendency to become rather cold and calculating with others but you must control this if you are to find success. You have considerable personal, intellectual, and emotional powers at your disposal - don't abuse them and hold to a higher set of principles. Deal with your emotional oversensitivity that can prevent you leading others effectively. Inspire others through your words or example.

    Leo, you must lose your attraction to short-term amusements and find the joy of accomplishment. Develop the self-mastery not to permit distractions and remain focused on the long-term. It's not enough to have a goal in mind - you must have the intention to reach it. Avoid your tendency to become self-satisfied and overly entrenched in a narrow, materialistic view of life. You are capable of manipulating others financially and may try to control the lives of other people through money or worldly goods. But this will only bring you challenges and struggles. Refine your commanding approach to life and its responsibilities. Educate yourself in the ways and means of subtler forms of power. Become acquainted with issues of morality and spirituality far beyond that which can be controlled or manipulated through worldly means. You are commanding and creative with a fearless, forceful faith in your own abilities that can be used to uplift the hearts of those around you. Walk the high moral road in your relationships and you will find satisfaction in achieving your aims.

  • hi captain,

    thank you for your offer.

    can you please advice the relationship between

    me 20 January 1987

    and his 18 September 1987

  • Hello TheCaptain, my bday: 12/03/1985

    his: 08/12/1977

    Thanks for your time

  • Sorry, just re-read the post, mine 12th march 1985, his 8th dec 1977. thank you

  • Captain, my Captain 🙂 Help!

    An a-typical, overly emotional Gemini here in great need of insight.

    My DOB: May 28 1966

    Man 1: June 28 1976 (why, oh why can't I love him back the way he deserves to be loved?)

    Man 2: November 13 1971 (not a "physical reality" as of yet -I don't have it in me to cheat, never have and don't feel like starting now...but God, do I dream! Is he The Promised One?)

    I myself love and practice Astrology, but am completely useless to myself due to my extreme subjectivity. From the bottom of my heart I thank you and may The Light be with you!


  • Hi Captain, you are wonderful for doing this. So detailed to Thank you. My birthday is 18 april, 1980. His birthday is 17 july 1979. thanks again. ( :

  • Oops my birth time is 2:30 pm and I was born in the united states in Ohio. I am unsure of the time for the guy but he was also born in the same location. thankyou.

  • Dorluv, at its best, this relationship is passionate, exciting, and challenging. At its worst, it can be impractical, incompatible, and uncompromising.

    This relationship focuses on larger realms, foreign lands, and philosophical or religious systems, to which it needs to apply independent thinking. It expands the higher mind. The problems lie in its handling of the mundane - you two are quite different in your needs, wants and styles. You are high-spirited, exuberant, and extroverted, your partner is enchanting but introverted and moody, making you seem an unlikely couple. Still, although you are an earth sign and he is a fusion of air and water, the relationship emphasises fire, the element of intuition and initiation. If you spend time originating projects and pursuing dreams, allowing yourselves passion, excitement, and challenge, the relationship will prosper. Romantic love between the two of you will be charmed and seductive. Intimacy both at home (his preference) and in nature (your speciality) will allow meaningful sharing. Psychologically, each of you may have a lifelong secret wish that can be satisfied only by someone almost your opposite; as in so many fairy tales, you and your partner may fall in love with a projection of your own deepest, often unrecognised inner self. Your differences become more pronounced in marriages and friendships. You will have to understand your partner's need for privacy and intimacy, and to restrain yourself from flooding the house with guests at all hours and from being away from home too much. In turn, your partner may need to learn to be more sociable. You might mistake his introspection for rejection and he might feel your liveliness treads on his tender feelings at times. You both must learn to compromise. Fulfill each other's dreams. Give many gifts to each other. Copy each other's strengths.

    Dorluv, release your need to be accepted and learn to cooperate with others. Put yourself in other's shoes for greater understanding. Rebelliousness and the need for personal validation may be your biggest stumbling blocks. You are fun-loving and lighthearted, but there is a danger of you scattering your energies in frustration, superficial dabbling, and a tendency to talk a better game than you ever get down to playing. A lot of snake oil salesmen and women have this profile but there are also great orators, diplomats and musicians with the same astrological combination. Depersonalise your vision for the key to success. There is a wealth of natural talent and even the touch of genius here. If you can gain a better grasp of yourself as the instrument for a more universal source of inspiration, and abandon your preoccupation with personal security or public image, you can achieve a brilliant life.

    Your partner knows how to use seduction as a tool. He needs to learn how to commit fully to something - a person, cause or project. He can be flighty and amoral and a bit paranoid, living by his own set of rules. He must avoid the dangers of excessive sensuality or romantic delusion. He does not feel the need for one lasting romantic relationship or a strong need for companionship, yet conversely he desires warmth and security. Partners may have trouble understanding his moods - he can be kind and sympathetic one moment, and cold and aloof the next. There is a tendency to seek seclusion when he feels dissatisfied with himself, and he might escape his inferiority complex through drugs or alcohol. He needs to develop greater discrimination and keener judgment or he will risk wasting his time with people who don't appreciate him . Also there can be extremes of passion and emotional expression that can place heavy demands on those he becomes involved with - his best partner will be able to remain calm even in the midst of the emotional storms he generates. As he matures, he will gain greater confidence and become less needy.


  • Hello The Captain,

    Thank you for your offer, My interest is a romantic relationship My birthday is December 5, 1969 and his is September 5, 1978.

  • Hey there Captain! You are generous with this offer....My dob 5-19-67 and his 3-24-64

  • Captain, thank you so much for the very good information. It has really helped me..

    Lindy 1941

  • Captain,

    Thank you for your very generous offer. His DOB is Jan. 15, 1948, mine is March 9, 1959. Thank you again.

    Peace and Blessings to you

  • Hi, Thank you for offering your services. My bday is Sept 11/79 and his is May 23/79.



  • Captain thank you thank so much for your analysis just one little question the oher sigh was Virgo not Leo...but i thank you much for everything ....again here is the birth date ...

    10-23 -1961


    thank you again...

  • captain Mine is the 31-01-53 . His 01-07-79 . Are we compatable ?

  • Hi TheCaptain,

    Wow! What extremely insightful readings you give! Thank you for your generous offer.

    My DOB is March 7, 1964; His DOB is November 13, 1971.

    What does the future show for this relationship?

    Peace and Many Blessings!


  • Hello TheCaptain, and thank you for doing this, I'm sure you'll get many requests, but hope to recieve a response from you. My DOB Jun-22-1960, his Nov-16-1975. Two water signs, sometimes feel like soulmates. Thanks again.

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