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  • Nency, a friendship will not work well here, but a love affair can sweep both of you off your feet. Impetuosity can prove a problem however, but even if things don't work out in the long run, the memory of a natural and uninhibited love affair will remain. The detachment that you both sometimes exhibit in other relationships is understood and completely comfortable here. The relaitonship has the kind of verve and dash that will make it effective in helping this man fulfill his career ambitions. He will find you an excellent foil for his outgoing personality, and valuable if you ever serve as his assistant, advisor, or simply as a capable helpmate. The problem will be staying relaxed, for you Nency have a nervous side and may be unable to handle the social pressures to which your friend may expose you. He enjoys being out and about, mixing with many people and having fun while you tend to prefer your privacy and intimacy. Should you withdraw, or show signs of stress, the relationship's aspirations may be in danger and your friend may be unable to do anything about your state.

  • Jeah that's true im definitly private person, i dont like spending time with bunch of people or at places where there's lot of them, and he seems to like that. I also think that i could help him with his ambitions.I dont know, i like him but im afraid that our potential relationship wouldnt last long cos differences, i mean if he would understand my needs and that we are different things could work out, but im just really afraid he wouldnt. I dont know will see.

    Thank you for your inisight 🙂

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