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  • Hi Captain (Again ;-),

    Can you tell me then whether there's compatibility for 19/7/1958 and myself 18/3/1980?

    Thanks very much for your help and insight xo


  • Pisces1803, there is bound to be an element of unreality or fantasy in your long distance relationship with the Virgo. So be careful! Get the facts, not the fantasy.

    I will look at the other one first thing tomorrow!

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  • Pisces1803, no I don't see much compatibility for love here. This relationship will require an agreement to disagree. The energy between you will tend to be quite polite, but guardedly confrontational - you two often will not see eye-to-eye, but the acceptance of your differences of opinion implies respect, if not compatibility. Honesty will be a high priority here, though your friend may not expect it as much of himself as of you, and undeniably manipulative tendencies will emerge in your need to convince and influence each other. Your exchanges can appear witty, elegant, and charming to other people but may carry serious and powerful undertones for you yourselves.

    Seductive atttiudes are prominent in a love affair here, often being used to win or settle arguments. This kind of emotional manipulation (mainly on your partner's part) will cloud the original issue and blunt any impulse to seek out the truth. There is an element of the con man about him. While this relationship may be pleasurable enough, it can also be self-deceiving. You may just fritter away your energies and time in game-playing that keeps you amused but does nothing to help you develop a deeper connection.or grow personally. Basically this guy will easily be able to manipulate you and get what he wants if you take him at face value.

  • Captain, how compatible are the people: she 9 May and he 27 February

  • Moonalisa, since the main thrust of the relationship will tend to be social, I would say it is more compatible for friendship or charity work, than romance or working together. The woman may not be able to satisfy the man's need to be needed since she can be rather independent and self-reliant. If they are around other people much of the time, it would move their personal problems out of the spotlight and make them more relaxed, but would also inhibit their ability to confront each other, work things out, and deepen the relationship. Spending time alone would thus be crucial. Unfortunately love triangles are common with this combination and can shatter its delicate fabric.

  • Thank you Captain.

  • Thanks again Captain.



  • Hello Captain == What about August 5th (me) and July 10th?

  • LeoBethany, astrology predicts that this is a good relationship for love. The relationship will have two distinct sides and its energies will oscillate between them - between light and dark, outer and inner, and intuition and emotion. Little attempt will be made to tone down your contrasts or to arrive at a compromise or synthesis. Understanding the wide swings imposed by this combination's pendulum-like nature, and learning to go with the flow will go far towards creating peace here. Your friend will have an easier time of it - unconventional by nature, he may even enjoy the relationship's variety. You on the other hand have a strong need for balance and stability. You will tense up in this relationship, resisting its natural viability and creating the potential for conflict unless you can learn to let go more and accept your differences..

    Your love affair will probably be quite romantic, involving deep emotional interaction and exciting, often risky activities, either in career matters or socially/interpersonally. Your friend feels most comfortable at home, but dreams of and yearns for projects and activities that will blow him away. You may be just the opposite, spending your time breaking down barriers and reaching new heights of achievement but all the while yearning for a warm fire and a comfortable bed. An ideal arrangement for the two of you would be to spend long periods first at home and then elsewhere, perhaps passing one part of the year in your own city or country and the other part away or abroad. The more activities you two can share, the better. Both a love affair and a marriage will tend to be most successful when you are also engaged in a shared career/business endeavour or project. But as lovers who also work together, you may not even consider marriage a necessary step.

    In this relationship, you must find your real needs and satisfy them. Don't settle for less than the best for yourself. Unify some of the different areas of yours and his lives. Let go and let it flow.

  • Thank you so much for this Captain -- I appreciate your time/energy! I'm excited about this person, hopefully things will work!

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  • Sorry, I don't need any more work elsewhere.

  • Hey Captain-Im not sure if you've done this one yet but I would love to see if you could capture the relationship between me and my little brother-he is Jan 23rd 2010 (Richmond, VA) and I am May 6th 1992 @ 9:28pm (Dallas,TX)

  • Asia118x, I have already analysed the relationship between you and your little brother a while ago.

  • Dear Captain, Would you kindly run a new pair of dates for me, please? This one feels karmic, a bit unsettling, with apparent potential for both a creative business relationship and a passionate pairing (our Venus conjunct in Scorpio), only the intensity is such that I wonder if we have as much likelihood of burning up, or out, as of lighting a sustainable fire. Me: 17 Oct 1970; him: 19 Nov 1969.

    Many thanks, and I hope this finds you happy, healthy, and thriving in every way! gd

  • Gracefuldaisies, the focus of this relationship is often learning. Although competitive energies are part of the relationship, they are rarely destructive or out of control. In fact these energies usually serve to spur the two of you on to teach and learn from each other and share what you know. The two of you will always keep an eye on one another, whatever the type of relationship, watching carefully for indications that may have personal meaning to yourselves. This relationship rarely becomes the most important factor in the life of either of you, but it can bring about a sort of mutual teacher-student educational relationship. Your friend will be more often cast in the teacher role, however, with you the avid student.

    A love affair here will often be a free and nonbinding affair. The tie will probably be temporary or passing: it will rarely get heavy or possessive. If it does lead to marriage, however, its relaxed nature may help it establish itself more firmly than a love affair. Friendship is the most workable of all types of relationship here since its teacher-student nature would cause a love affair or marriage to feel rather uncomfortable.

  • Captain could you please link me the page where you discuss me and my brother?

  • Thank you, Captain! That sounds rather more peaceful than I had imagined it might 🙂 blessings and all the best, gd

  • Asia118x, it is in your records, not mine. Look back through your posts.

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