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  • Chickennoodle, I did reply to your last post on the previous page but you didn't answer me. Is that 6 December and 1st February or 12th June and 2nd January ?(we are different with our dates here where I am in Australia).

  • So sorry about that.

    I was born June 12 1959 at 12 :59 AM In Idaho falls Idaho I am female

    Husband born January 2 1970 Youngstown Ohio

    Married September 9 1999 At 10:AM

    If you need anything more I will be happy to provide

  • Chickennoodle, this actually works more like a friendship than a love match. The relationship's attention is largely taken up by a search for an idealized form - a vision of an idyllic place to live, perhaps, or a vacation paradise, or a coveted aesthetic object, etc. These dreams may be beyond the imaginings of one partner alone, but together the two of you often long for a beauty that becomes a spur to your ambitions and efforts. In more reasonable or perhaps depressive moments, these longings can also become despairing, the visions seen as illusions, or impossible to achieve. The relationship can actually make the two of you wonder what your idealized longings really represent, and what metaphysical source gave rise to them. Such questions might induce a focus on philosophical issues of expectation, openness, self-reward and visualization, an examination that will work to the relationship's good.

    A friendship or marriage here is especially suited to metaphysical searches. If neither of you have dabbled in concepts like mind power, affirmations and visualization before, you may come to believe in them in this relationship. Extraordinary results can be achieved. It can also be dangerous of course to make dreams come true, confirming the saying "be careful what you wish for".

    The relationship may occasionally exhibit an inability to settle down in one place. To be always looking for the ideal setting or job can become a way of life for the two of you. Even as parents, you may adopt a nomadic existence, although your children will surely resent constantly changing schools and losing friends. Eventually your partner will dig his heels in at some point and refuse to move. He may likewise fight to free himself from the hopes that the relationship arouses, even coming to hate it at times. You CN accept change more easily and may resent his resistance to it. Such conflicts can tear the relationship apart, though they can also make you two sadder but wiser. Examine your values carefully and learn to be content with what you have. Constant change will not necessarily make you any happier unless you also make beneficial changes inside. You don't want to end up deluded, despairing or cynical.

  • Thank you so much, but I think I am more confused. I feel lost and not sure what to do.

  • Chickennoodle, fo you have a specific problem you need help with?

  • Chickennoodle, do you have a specific problem you need help with?

  • My husband told me he does not have the feelings he once had for me. Now after reading what you sad I do realize I have been belittling him. The problem started a year ago. Now I just want to put it back the way it was. He said he does not even know if he can get feelings again. While this is going on he is having medical problems. We have two kids 12 and 8 they will be devastated we have been here at this home all their lives. I just want anything to let him know I am sorry and I will never do that again. I am really afraid because I am 53 have been stay at home mom and now will have to find a job. My daughter has CAPD. I just don't know what to do.

  • thank you captain,

    The problem is me a d how to put my family back to Better relationships.

    I think I would fall apart.

  • I really need help captain I feel I have the weight of the world I know now I have dark clouds all around me. Could you remove it and help me change it to light.

    Thank you

  • Chickennoodle, since you ask, I am going to try and help you find clarity and enlightenment by doing a dark energy removal on you right now.

    We are discussing DE removals in this thread -

    • so let me know if it helps.

  • ScorpWolf, this relationship works best as companionship and worst for marriage or a long-term commitment. It does best when kept light and easy. Its orientation is mainly mental, which doesn't however rule out a satisfactory and pleasurable physical side. The element of change plays an important role in this matchup and, although necessary, may undercut its stability. Your friend is the very least worthy opponent for your wit and wordplay, but the energy of this relationship is rarely used up in idle chatter; for you two active people, life would have little meaning without new challenges.

    A love affair or marriage here will likely be devoted to sports, travel and culture. It is in these and other areas that you two are likely to find the kind of complexities and difficulties you must grapple with and, eventually, overcome. The relationship will tend to be high-strung, and the many temptations that offer themselves to it along the way can increase its natural nervousness and upset its balance and harmony. Infidelity though is not the only danger area here - almost any interesting byway can prove temporarily debilitating to you both. As friends or lovers, the two of you don't always have the seriousness and commitment necessary to form a deep relationship. You may also begrudge the time needed to get over the bad spots before giving up. As occasional companions and acquaintances, as co-workers, or as sports partners, you can pass the time pleasantly enough, with little conflict and can serve a company long and well.

  • Thank you Captain


  • Hi Captain,

    Oct 9, 1981 (him) and Oct 25, 1979 (her)


  • Danceur, this is one of the most theatrical combinations of all. Play-acting is usually the focus of this relationship, either individually or as a couple. This man and woman get caught up in playing the roles of everyday life, and playing them well. As much as they play their fantasy roles for others, at heart they are both realists and they can enjoy their romance together but by no means fully, since both understand how much is put on and how little is deeply felt. Such a relationship will rarely fall in love with love, but rather will acknowledge the comedy inherent in many romantic attitudes. Laughing at themselves is perhaps healthy - but should they carry this attitude too far, they may become cynical and jaded, losing all innocence and the capacity for awe. A marriage here is likely to be very practical in nature. Parties, family affairs and quiet dinners with friends are the enjoyable events that would make up their life as this pair studies the many twists of dressed-up human nature. But perhaps it's not enough to last a lifetime...

  • Ok thanks!

  • Hi Captain,

    Him - 8-8-60 and her 10-16-56


  • Hi Captain,

    Mine is 18/3/1980 and his is 12/9/74 (format dd/mm/yy) we're both reside in Australia. Looking forward to it.

    Much appreciated. Xo

  • LibraLuli, this relationship is like two captains commanding the helm of a single ship. Both people have dominant personalities and may feel threatened by each other's energies, digging their heels in on many occasions. Power struggles and conflict may be inevitable but, if they can overcome their insecurities, the more aspiring elements of their personalities can meld so that visionary work projects can be launched and realized. The visionary or dream-like quality in this relationship can be unsettling in a romance, however.

    The big problem in love here is the Libran woman's flamboyant and dramatic nature which the Leo male may find highly artificial. She on the other hand may view his approach as too direct and unsubtle. But the first question that will have to be settled is "Who's the boss?" The only solution lies in compromise, with both people sharing 'the helm'. This will certainly be very difficult, however. A love affair is likely to be stormy and short-lived. The relationship needs clear boundaries, with the pair deciding which areas of their lives are the province of each person. However such reasonable efforts are often not possible or disregarded here.

  • Pisces1803, in a love affair or friendship here, feelings may go far beyond realistic boundaries. The two of you have a tendency for thinking that your relationship is the best, the most romantic, the most sensual etc. Learning to be a bit more realistic about what you have may be impossible and in fact you two may only learn how far off your perspectives were through hindsight. It is not so much the relationship itself that is lacking here than an objective assessment of it. Thinking big and fantasizing about money and power can also be another unrealistic feature of this relationship.

    This combination tends to involve itself with epic projects and grand-scale ideas. The problem is that it is usually unprepared for activtiies of such scale and would do much better cutting back on its goals. Small steps taken one at a time are best for this relationship in any type of connection. You two are direct opposites in nature and this polarity can energize the relationship and push it to go beyond reasonable limits. There is a danger here of getting swept up by inflammatory desires only to find you are left with ashes when the fire burns itself out or is extinguished by cold reality.

  • Hi Captain,

    Thank you for your reading above - A little confused as we're still in the early stages of getting to know each other (from a long distant 😉 - I'm in Perth and he's in Darwin ;-)) so my understanding is that it's best not proceed further as this relationship is destined to fail?

    I know he is very driven and ambitious and his career is his number one objective as he is very emotionally invested in it and in all honesty I don't know even if going forth this will work out as I am well aware of the fact that we are completely different, both in cultural and personal beliefs..distance isn't helping either ;-).

    Thanks again. 😉

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