Compatibility analysis

  • My DOB 29th November 1979, his DOB 26th December 1983

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  • Hi Captain,

    First of all i would like to say thank you for taking part of this growing community and for the services u provide without asking for anything in return. Many thanks and blessings to u and your family 🙂

    my DOB : 9/17/90

    her DOB : 5/13/92

  • Oneofmany647, you do like those Taurean women, don't you? 🙂

    This relationship can work out very well for commitment and the long term. Here the two of you elevate the fine art of persuasion to a high level indeed - but in attempting mastery of this ability, you two are usually more successful in convincing other people than each other. Each partner will exert extremely subtle forms of manipulation to nudge the other in the desired direction, yet you are both usually aware of what is going on. These manipulations may involve emotional blackmail ("I love you!"), bribery ("That would make me love you") or disguised threats ("Maybe I don't love you"), in addition to devices like withdrawing attention or affection. Rarely however will such behaviour get out of hand or appear ugly or threatening, so skilfully is it employed. You are both indivduals who know what you want, so the issue becomes perfecting the skill of getting it from each other.

    People on the outside of this relationship may not see what's going on, mistaking a dynamic process of give-and-take for harmony or agreement. This may be part of your ability to be so influential with other people - by convincing them of the relaitonship's honesty, health, and good feeling, the two of you can effectively mesmerise them into cooperating. Even as just friends, you two will undoubtedly be sought out by others who are already prepared to be convinced when they come seeking ideas or advice.

    A love relationship may be the most notoriously manipulative of all here but it is curiously more honest than most. Once the relationship's romantic phase has settled into a more day-to-day pattern, persuasion and manipulation will no longer be so powerfully highlighted. Indeed the goal of a truly honest love relationship will be to phase these behaviours out altogether, usually in a conscious and dedicated way. As long as the two of you can be less selfish and more giving, this can be a successful matchup.

  • Hi TheCaptain, I know you have helped me greatly in the past and again more recently but can I ask for a compatibility reading?

    Me - 29/11/1979

    Him - 26/12/1983

    Thank you x

  • Cmazza, although you and a Capricorn are very different temperamentally, marriage can work out between you AS LONG AS you can come to an agreement on important points. Arguments, intellectual and philosophical discussions, and debates will take up a lot of your time and energy. The relationship's physical side is well developed as well which can lead to confrontations that are variously playful and seriously aggressive. It may be hard to bring up personal issues here and hash them out. Your inherent stability, Cmazza, and your partner's good money sense will be effectively balanced by his dynamism and your liveliness. When faced with defeat or disappointment however, the two of you will take it hard and may lack the resilience or self-understanding to cope.

    A love affair will rarely arouse strong sensual desires or empathy. Friendship is unlikely to develop past the stage of mere acquaintance and in fact, the more you two become involved, the more your relationship will take on an adversarial tone. Your partner's style is often objective and dispassionate, he will be apt to defend the status quo and defend tradition. Meanwhile you tend to be more imdividualistic and emotional and will take the more radical view. Thus clashes of personality are to be expected.

    It's hardly a matchup made in heaven. This is no meeting of romantic soulmates and you would both have to work very hard to make it succeed.

  • Hi TheCaptain thank you for the reading... very insightful, although this is not me and my husband (although he is a Capricorn too) this is a friend from the past.... Thank you again.

  • Hi Chaptain!

    That is so awesome you share your wonderful gift with us.

    BD 6/12/59 BD 1/2/70

    Thank you

  • Chickennoodle, is that 6 December and 1st February or 12th June and 2nd January ?(we are different with our dates here where I am in Australia). And is this a romantic reading?

  • hey captain its been awhile :0 anyways, april 4th 1991 and hers is March 15 1991 thank you again!

  • Aries44, this is a difficult combination for a love relationship. You both have a need to be needed but in different ways, and your ability to create a long-lasting relationship will depend on how much each of you is capable of fulfilling the other's needs over your own (and how deep those needs go). You usually like accomplishing tasks for others. thereby allowing yourself to feel indispensable. With your partner, you may be apt to emphasize your own necessity by pointing out how unrealistic, unambitious and impractical she is, though it is often not the case. This may wound such a sensitive and romantic person who, though appreciating your decisiveness and capability, will herself feel unacknowledged. She needs to be needed emotionally, something to which you would never admit. The two of you must become more fully aware of your different ways of showing love, and to accept that not all your needs can be filled. It may be wise for you to realize that your differences lie here in style, rather than in intention. You may not appreciate your partner's philosophical passive side because you are more geared to action than speculation. Unless you have a common activity or pursuit, you two may not even grow very close.

  • The Captain, Feb.16, 75 & October 8 1982

  • The Captain, Feb.16, 75 & October 8 1982 thank you so much

  • Annielan, a love affair here can be highly idealistic, but also frank and sensual. As long as the two of you share the same perspective of the world, things will go well enough between you, even if worldly success isn't quickly forthcoming. But if cracks begin to appear in the relationship's ideological foundations, trouble can be expected. Then recrimination, anger and resentment may rear their ugly heads.

    Still, the two of you can be of great benefit to each other psychologically, since you are often able to work through childhood problems and hang-ups through conscious role-playing, using each other to represent authority figures and others who caused difficulty in the past. As long as this process is undertaken with full awareness, the likelihood of healing is great. Marriage is generally the next step for a relationship as solid and unswerving in its commitment as this one. Just remember to keep your feet on the ground while following your dreams. Be patient and flexible with each other. This can be an high-spirited and expansive relationship where you can both heal and learn much from each other.

  • Thank you , The Captain everything you had said was true but I'm being puzzled of his attitude lately. We together most of the day and were pretty open. We had a great day yesterday and I said to him that I'm going back to catch up my friends. After we're having breakfast I just let him go I guess he think that I ignored him cos his asking me if I'm going back late at night to be with him and I said no ill see you on Sunday instead and we both turn back. When I get home I said to him I wisjh I didn't go cos I just felt upset he never get back on my sms and call and now I'm still waiting for him I send him heaps of sms and call but keep ignoring me. I said to him before that his very detached to me and he answered me that he don't want to get hurt or hurt anyone. This is really funny were pretty open in anyways but if I was upset I can easily see the tension to him which is I don't want to happen again cos I was told that he doesn't want me to get upset so he won't feel the same . I don't know he had patient and I need to do the same hope he will sende sms cos I'm afraid he will gone as easy as that I guess we build trust to each other his just can't understand me sometimes cos I was to pushy though he said in a good ways

  • Annielan, your friend has a big fear of being abandoned and ignored. Remember I said that the two of you would work thorugh your old issues with each other by role-playing - well, he is seeing you as the parent or parents who weren't there for him or didn't care for him enough or ignored him and made himfeel insecure. Now he is acting out those old childhood fears with you. You just need to be the opposite of how his parents were - be there for him and help him feel safe and protected and loved. He is testing you to see if you will abandon and leave him like everyone else seems to. So be patient and understanding of his fears. Hang in there.

  • Thank you The Captain yeh his being ignored by his family. It's sad cos I can see his doing a lot of effort but he was tired of doing the work. His closed to his dad whom past away and just to keep his family together he spend too much money on them that was 2010 and that was the last time they spend together. I can see myself to him but the good thing to my situation is we do work things out and we respected each other decision. He saw some of my family pictures and how we get a long and travel together. His cool no jealousy factor and no self pity or comparing what we can offer in life. I know him since last year but I was intimidated cos I'm being friendly and since we get a long and I had no malice I asked him if I could save his number cos my friend who invited him using my mobile in one snap were click. I actually compare him to one of the guy u used to go out. Oh well the I guess right word is kinda surprise and showing me a bit of detached attitude after that. And I was surprise he visited me on and off cos I don't want him his just a friend and I always tell him not to stare at me when ever were together and I ca easily feel his still staring at me when I turn my back. We're pretty open he knew what had happen to me and to the cancer man. He said to me that he will not going to do that to me and he love to keep me company he enjoy the time being with me. Till I see myself always hanging out with him. He seems shy or scares to invite me to his place cos he knows how fussy I am and I do have to remind him some personal things which I was told that I'm to pushy but in a good ways. He really need attentions I do the same but his having a big loop hole or space to occupied. I know why he didn't pick up my call cos since I came out with friends I'm getting upset and disappointed cos the cancer man wasn't able to clear everything . I already move on and id rather keep this him with no condition and let things turn to positive I didn't see any since of infidelity to this guy words are truth though I hint some lies but white lies cos his protecting his self not to get hurt and be alone again. I called him up around 7pm and his just listening to my voice and when I send him sms that its not right if he will ignore me and its strange for him to do that in me. I said to him if I did something that is not right to him or I offended him he need to let me other wise it will cos me anxiety. After a few minutes sending me sms he say sorry he left his mobile to his friends place and I said to him and your friend pick up my call and read my thousand sms cos I'm worried to him. He explained to me that he had a big day and his really busy but deep down inside his controlling his emotion like what I asked him why sometimes his getting detached at me then he suddenly said to me that its not bad being detached cos his trying not to get hurt and his happy to look after his self. I said to him its not good to be alone and he knows how life can be if he choose to be alone. Yeh his testing me if I'm still patient to let him out and be his self. When I asked him about Chrissy I felt that his missing a lot of events in his life he always spend it with friends and the mum of his friends that's the way he feel love and care of the really member of the family . I do the same in my hometown but not in a important events like that . I'm always closed to my friends family especially to their mum and I was lucky cos I'm just spoiled to any of them things that I didn't get to my dad. With all honesty I had no worries of lies and pressuring each others needs to this guy the only worry that I have is when his attacking of being afraid to be alone and get hurt I'm being positive it will never happen and I will make sure it will not go happen.

  • Hi Captain, I was wondering if you had time to do an analysis of me (Leo, Aug 5th, 1990) and this Aries man I have started seeing romantically but have known forever (April 14th, 1988)? Thank you so much!

  • LeoBethany, astrology indicates that this may have been better left as just a friendship. This relationship is often intensely confrontational and its struggles can assume gigantic proportions. Neither of you will show much willingness to back down in a fight. You are both pretty well matched in willpower and the will to win, which often spells trouble. Marriage is not particularly recommended here, but a love affair may last for a while if a cease-fire can be worked out. Or if you are both united in a common cause or fight outside the relationship.

    The central issue of a love affair here will be love versus power. The level of the relationship's combativeness will often be directly related to its level of passion. This can be seductive for a while. Peace can come if both of you are willing to give up your struggles and commit yourselves to unconditional love, but this often won't be possible and the affair may bring great pain before it inevitably ends. Both of you are very physical types so that bodily harm, which in more extreme cases may even be fuflilled, cannot be ruled out. The two of you are also capable of a great deal of emotional detachment, and neither should expect a lot of sympathy from the other.

    Just bear in mind here : To win, you sometimes have to surrender.

  • Thank so much for doing this for me.

    My birthday 6-12-1959

    Hose birthday is 1-2-1970

    We have been together for 12 years

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