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  • Captain - Thank you so much. You really hit the nail on the head for guy #1! Explosive and fiery relationship and we cannot share our thoughts with each other as it just causes problems...! What a frustrating relationship.... guy #2 sounds right on as well. Thank you - I appreciate your help!

  • Captain - Can you do one more for me please? Thank you so much! You must be so busy - so kind.

    August 5th, 1990 (me) and October 3rd, 1989. I honestly felt 'love at first sight' with this guy two years ago when I first saw him! Ever since it's been a running joke that he is my 'future husband' We lost touch though... wondering if I should pursue or wondering why I feel so strongly about him. Maybe we were together in a past life lol. Anyway - thank you!

  • TheNugget and guy 3: this relationship is more like a brother-sister kinship than that of two lovers. It is in fact worst for romantic love. It is much more complex underneath than it appears on the surface. Although you two get along well, there are emotional and psychological barriers between you, which are most obvious in the role played by approval and disapproval - each person will use these judgments as a tool to try to get beyond the other person's psychological barriers - not a very healthy strategy. Differences in temperament can bring out both your nervous sides. Yet despite your areas of conflict, your entertaining and sparkling friend can lift your spirits and by example, you in turn can teach him how to be more assertive and to act decisively.

    Deep psychological barriers will prove to be the stumbling block in a love affair. Your friend can be extremely helpful in encouraging you to be introspective and gain insights into both yourself and the relationship. Too often however, he himself may grow to resent you and the relationship (no matter how much in love he may be) for putting such heavy psychological demands on him. His ambivalent feelings could well lead only to further indecision on his part. Too often this love affair will be left hanging in a void. In marriage too, positive attitudes and immense willpower would be needed to avoid judgmental attitudes and to encourage accepting ones if depression, bad moods, and uncertainty are to be beaten. And your friend has big problems with willpower and decisions.

    This relationship is best kept as a light friendship - a more serious relationship would almost certainly kill it.

  • Hi Captain, I would love a compatibility analasys for me and my boyfriend. From what I've read it seems like there are a lot of mixed thoughts. My birthday is December 18, 1982 with a libra rising sign and a capracorn moon. His birthday is June 24, 1975

    Thanks so much for you time!!

  • ASag, assuming the two of you are strongly enough attracted to each other, the chances of having a successful love affair or marriage here are generally good. Your BF however can often be wary of people like you, who get and demand so much attention from others, but beneath his distrust may lurk a secret admiration. You are often too busy to take the time to get to deeply know this very private individual, but his enchanting nature may draw you like a magnet. While you pursue your expansive goals, your BF can ground you both in a happy and comforting domestic situation, and the relationship can prove rewarding and successful.

    Care will have to be taken, however, that you do not dominate or smother your partner, depriving him of the opportunity to develop on his own. You know yourself who much you prize individual freedom. You may see yourself as being nurturing and protective of him, but he may interpret it as you being possessive and stifling. If he feels a pressing need to assert his individuality, he will not hesitate to move on. Don't work too hard to convince yourself that things are better than they are. If change is needed for the relationship to continue in harmony, then you must be willing to sit down and discuss with your BF what changes he would like to see, and what needs you yourself have that are not at present being fulfilled. The strengths of this relationship are its freshness, its ability to renew itself, and its protectiveness. Its weaknesses are dependency and stifling or claiming attitudes.

  • Alright Captain,

    What about 8(august)/5/1990 and September 10th, 1988? I have a really good feeling about this guy... but.. knowing my luck I am probably wrong!

    I have cancer in my venus and he has leo so I wonder if that helps? I think that makes him a little leo-y for me and more attractive.

  • TheNugget, this is not a very compatible relationship for love. It actually works more like a parent-child matchup.

    You both have a tendency to isolate yourselves which makes it hard for you to become emotionally close to other people. Your relationship would magnify this tendency, creating emotional distance even between the two of you yourselves. A conscious decision to become more open and trusting would help enormously if an effort is made from both sides. A love affair can be physically satisfying, even passionate, but usually in an objective sense rather than as a deep emotional involvement. The two of you will often be cool in such encounters, preferring detachment to merger. Yet marriage here can become a stormy battleground of personal struggle, often with unconscious sources. Complex dynamics are at work here - feelings may run the gamut from adoration to resentment, and from resentment to rejection. Periodic volcanic upheavals will indicate the depth of feeling (good or bad) involved, but also the shallowness of understanding of each other. You are two very different personalitites and as such will clash over many issues. Yet bridges of understanding can be built through patiently digging deep to fathom the nature of your problems together. But this course must be willingly followed by the both of you.

  • Oh my!!!!! That sounds HORRIBLE. Thank you Captain!

  • I've found kind of an odd dynamic with someone, and would like some general insight if possible?

    Me (female) april 21, 1977

    him (male, obviously lol) Nov 5, 1976

  • RestlezAngel, this combination makes for a highly unusual relationship, one of both passion and brilliance. It will be most successful when its demands are not excessive and when individual differences are respected. Freedom is a necessity here, yet given enough free rein, the relationship can endure, since neither of you will ever find another partnership as potent or unique. You are both powerful individuals and a relationship that outshines even the two of you singly is quite a draw. In fact you may find yourselves more attracted to the relationship than to each other.

    An opposite sex friendship doesn't usually work too well here. More rewarding would be a love affair which can be deep, passionate and emotionally challenging for both of you. One issue however might be physical appearance. You RestlezAngel can be sensitive to comments on this subject and your partner can be highly critical about such matters. Arguments over finances too are common here as your partner is usually very careful with money while you can be a bit impulsive or free spending in his eyes. Your partner tends to be controlling in all aspects of his love relationships, and this can create great difficulties for you as you will not be subdued or dominated. Conversely, your toughness or lack of tact can leave him feeling hurt or misunderstood. This relationship can be an incredible experience both emotionally and sexually, but the two of you must be able to arrive at a point of mutual acceptance, openness, and sharing.

  • Thank you for the reading 🙂

    I'm absorbing at the moment, so hesitant to elaborate to any great extent lol But I will say this - though i was hoping to hear something a little different, you've sort of (ok, just about completely) confirmed the gut feeling I had. Imagine that - a Taurus hoping to be wrong?! lol 😉

  • I know what you mean - I am a Taurus too! 😉

  • Hi Captain!

    You did a super duper reading for me and a Virgo fellow.

    I'm now in/out of a relationship with a Gemini (hence in/out).

    Please advise?

    My birthdates: Feb 4 1970, 6:22AM, Ottawa Canada

    His: May 27 1964, 4AM, Cork, Ireland

    Many many thanks!!!

  • Aquacappy, social interaction is this relationship's specialty. Directed out toward the world, and particularly concerned with establishing links between your own social or family groups and a wider public, the two of you can act as a kind of group representative, working to bring people and groups of people together and strengthening social ties. In short, the two of you are the ultimate networkers. Even a love relationship between you is rarely isolated. Together you enjoy sharing with others the warmth and good feelings of your own relationship. This is not to imply a lack of intimacy - affection and love are usually prominent here - but there is a need, particularly on your part Aquacappy, to be appreciated by more than just your partner. The approval and appreciation of family and friends is quite important, then, and its absence may weaken the relationship.

    A marriage here would be a true social contract. Family, friends, children, even co-workers will be made welcome in your home. Feelings of fellowship and conviviality will receive a high priority, but your partner unfortunately may need this kind of socializing a little less than you who are the more gracious of hosts, and he may come to resent having to open his doors at all hours. Should this become a bone of contention between you, your somewhat crusty partner is likely to withdraw to his workroom, garage or bedroom and refuse to come out.

    Friendship here is of the easy and no-hassle kind. The drawback is that it may be a fair-weather variety which may not survive even a moderately stressful period. By serving as a strong support group here, other friends and family may help preserve the relationship, providing the persistence that this combination itself does not have.

    Whatever the type of relationship here, it will suffer should the two of you become too dependent on each other, or isolated from the rest of society, showing great strain and ultimately leading to breakdown or breakup.

  • Hi! I'd like some insight into a relationship I'm currently in that is a bit complicated.

    His DOB is 04/08/1980

    Mine is 11/18/1975


  • Oops! Wrote the DOB backwards!

    His: 08/04/1980

    Mine: 18/11/1975

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Feel like I've known him forever! 🙂

  • Adamsmamy, this relationship works best and easiest as a friendship. It is a highly polarized matchup that can present a calm, unemotional, perhaps even carefree face to the world, but hides a dark, volatile side. This act of camouflage is often quite studied and conscious; some very private goals are being assiduously worked on far from the public eye in this relationship. As a pair, the two of you want to be taken seriously. You are finely attuned to each other, which also means you can push each other's buttons at will, especially in a love relationship. Great trust and honesty will have to develop here if any kind of stability is to be achieved. Through this relationship, however, both of you can go far in developing your own strengths and abilities.

    Your partner's desire to dominate and control comes to the fore in his personal relationship with you. Unfortunately for him, you are a tough customer who doesn't take orders blindly, and will not hesitate to give up any relationship that is unduly negative or unproductive. Thus, if he cannot learn to back off, he may be sowing the seeds of his own undoing. At the same time, though, a healthy amount of aggression is needed to penetrate your defenses, and your partner may know exactly how far to go in disturbing your composure on first meeting. Such encounters may lead the two of you to become acquaintances, companions, and finally fast friends. Your partner may be incapable of understanding you at a deep emotional level, but he has an intuitive understanding of your needs, and knows how to treat you in most situations. Because you may choose to live alone, giving up the benefits of life with a lover or family in favour of privacy and solitude, you do value your friends highly, and perhaps none more so than this man.

  • Thanks TheCaptain! It is a romantic relationship and I'm unsure of how it's going to go. The more we learn about each other, the more we realize we both need to compromise a little to make it work. Only time will tell I guess...

  • Thank you so much Captain. Spot on. Again. Bless you!

  • I visited this forum 5 months ago and just came back today to read all of the responses to my questions. They were all true. I found this very interesting. Captain, if you have a chance, can you please do a new vibe reading for me? I'm wondering if things are different at all now. I really appreciate the last two things that you helped me with. Thank you.

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