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  • Enjoyinglife, this relationship tends to work better for friendship than love. The emphasis here is on action. Excitement is essential if a slump in the relationship is to be avoided, and excitement will usually reawaken dormant interests and slumbering energies. If boredom sets in, however, the relationship will die. Both of you usually need to escape into life experiences rather than away from them, and both of you need a 'twin' with whom to share such experiences. The importance that the relationship gives to what may seem to be external issues, particularly in matters of technique and quality, may lead other people to see you two as superficial or not terribly serious. Such judgments ignore the fact that worldly interests do not necessarily preclude soulfulness or spirituality.

    You EL have the perfect blend of caution and courage to allow your partner to have a good time and forget his troubles. In a friendship here, he will find himself treated as an equal, even if there are differences in status, race, background, or age. This is a vitally important requirement for him. You, for your part, cannot stand phoniness in any form and will find your partner unlikely to hide his feelings or wear a mask. He may find it hard to accept your attachment to money and possessions however, while you may find he needs even more freedom in the relationship than you do. You will get frustrated by the way your partner can often just 'disappear' into his own wandering thoughts, even when his body is right in front of you, making it hard to talk with him (he may even disappear in body too from time to time), while he may feel you only want him to provide for you or don't trust him enough or are too mean to share your assets. Money issues can cause conflicts here, especially in a love relationship.

    Whteher as friends or lovers, you two must be careful not to do anything illegal, rebellious, or anti-social in your shared experiences. An extreme hankering for freedom and an uncompromising ethical stance may manifest as rebellion against any condition perceived to be unjust or unfair. The result may be that outsiders and the law view you two as anti-social or even, in extreme cases, sociopathic, yet the relationship tends to work to protect the downtrodden and the weak. When spurred on to action by noble moral sentiments, the pair of you can have an awesome power together. Just remember though - crusading isn't always appreciated.

  • Me:5/15/71

    Him: 10/24/71

    I had a reading a few months ago but would love to see if you are picking up on anything different.

    We have been dating exclusive since the end of march and it is going wonderfully, though I am keeping a careful eye out. Still a bit of distrust due to past hurt.

    He also has a kid I have to figure out how to deal with. Her birthday is June 26. She is going to be 15. We just recently met, she is ok with me but very cautious I think. Every one who knows her tells me to not push it.....

    Thank you for any advice on this relationship.

  • Sweetgem29, I feel this relationship will be more difficult for marriage or living together, even if the love affair goes well. But only time will tell...Don't let intellectual arguments or sarcasm get out of hand. As long as your relationship remains easy-going and pleasant, things will be fine. But if deeper and more passionate or serious negative feelings take over, the relationship could go down hill fast. That is why I fear marriage may be the breaking point. Help your man to relax more and life will be easier on both of you.

    You and his daughter: this does not work easily for a family situation. You will have to respect and understand this girl's need for privacy, though she certainly needs to learn to be more sociable and outgoing. She just hates being inflicted with too many new people at once. She wants her home to be her special sanctum and will view outsiders as invaders. The two of you are very different in your needs, wants and styles - you are the extrovert while she is the introvert. Misunderstandings are likely so be careful not to tread on her very tender feelings in your high-spirited enthusiasm to get along with her. You may mistake her introspection for rejection, making you prickly and nervous. Compromises will have to be made for harmony's sake.

  • Hello Captain,

    can you give me an analysis for me: September 24, 1987 and him: October 4, 1988


  • Thank you Captain,

    Oddly, he often comments how I have a relaxing effect on him.

    As for his daughter, you are spot on about her. We have had conversations that went well but mostly I feel it best to just let her come to me in her own time. My boyfriend seems more likely to want to push this along, stating "we are the adults here" but I know long term it will be easier on everyone to go slow.

    It is rough because he has her every other week so that obviously limits our time together. It also helps keep things from moving to fast though. Every thing happens for a reason. 🙂

    Thanks again.

  • Hey Captain, can you do a reading for my guy & I

    Me: 1/26/92

    Him: 07/21/90

    Thank you 🙂

  • Hi Captain,

    You are so kind. Not sure what I feel about this combo yet.

    Man: 3/3/65

    Me: 11/6/64

    Thank you!

  • ReinaKong, you and your partner share a determination to always be at your best and this trait is magnified by your relationship, which therefore grants you two little rest. You both hunger for up-to-date information, issues, news, and the latest trends. But you must also try to seek traditional values to ensure the success of the relationship. Not only quantity but quality is necessary for you both; indeed, the main focus of your relationship may be a relentless search for the prefect style, or house - in short, the ideal situation. Learning patience and becoming attuned to the right time to try something is important here. One danger of the relationship is an undeniably elitist attitude or kind of snobbery that will arouse antagonism and envy from other people if not held in check.

    Your partner values his privacy highly and will insist on being left completely alone from time to time, which can irritate you. A love affair here is usually more affectionate than erotic, but there is often a corresponding lack of tension and annoyance to compensate. Cooking, shopping, and decorating will be your special interests, whether you live together or not. Success in these and other domestic activities bodes well for marriage or a permanent living arrangement. Since neither of you are very self-aware, however, your relationship may at times be plagued by unaccountable depressions that can cause anxiety and bewilderment. Yet you Reina are quite adept at assessing your partner's capabilities and putting them to best use in your relationship. Watch for jealousies or rivalries over friends or family members.

  • AquaGyal, this tends to work easiest as a friendship. Little rest will be found here - emotions fluctuate like a roller coaster ride in this intense relationship. Your partner will find you fascinating but exasperating, while you will be drawn into exciting experiences with him but probably won't feel all that comfortable about it. Both of you need a stable partner on whom you can depend in times of need, but your relationship only seems to undermine predictability, permanence, and peace. Nervousness and argument often result, but at the same time the relationship can foster deep exchanges of feeling and allows you both to discover a great deal about yourselves. At its best, it may mark the beginning of a profound and thoughtful process in which you two individuals really start to grow and mature.

    This relationship often begins in an unserious way at the outset, especially in the areas of love and friendship, where both of you may start out just wanting to have a good time. As you get more deeply involved, however, it will become clear that there is potentially more to the matchup than a superficial hankering after excitement. A difficult period will then ensue in which more serious questions will emerge and the relationship will demand a more responsible attitude from you both. You Aqua in particular may resent such demands and want to escape, but not necessarily for good - you may obstinately find yourself hanging in there and going a bit deeper. Marriage between you may not survive the early stages of stress and demanding duties. Judgmental attitudes may make both of you so tense that you cannot function properly in the domestic environment. The prognosis will be more favourable if both of you can learn to let small things go without constantly laying on guilt. Time and patience are needed for this relationship to work. Don't rush things and learn to be calm, perhaps through meditation or relaxation techniques.

  • ScorpwithWings, this can work out well for marriage but the love affair can be more difficult. This is a highly seductive combination, and not just physically. Attraction and desire play a large role here, but the relationship's magnetism works not only between the two of you yourselves but between you as a pair and a goal you covet, whether it be social, financial, or family oriented. The relationship brings out both your most determined sides, enabling you to achieve together what you might not achieve alone. Usually though, this will benefit your more uncertain fantasy-prone partner than you. This should be an easy, sensuous orientation and can be very tightly knit. In some ways in fact, it can be indissoluble, since your twin watery natures are so fluid already. Yet it has another side as well, an earthy one, which is intensely practical and responsible. At times conflicts can arise between these two sides, with one pulling toward relaxation and procrastination, the other toward action and effort.

    A love affair here may be highly secretive. Family members and friends may think they know what goes on between you in private but they would probably be wrong. Much of the relationship's psychological import is often hidden from the two of you yourselves, and you may not be terribly interested in self-analysis. Marriage should prove more successful than your love affair, since it would satisfy your shared needs to take on responsibilities. Strong business or career ties could be the cement that holds the whole thing together.

    Don't get muddled or stuck here - decide where your priorities lie and make up your mind to act, in one way or the other.

  • Thanks Captain. "Muddled" is a good word for what is going on here right now mainly on my part. I go back and forth on whether or not to fully engage, mainly out of a fear of rejection--if I'm honest. Also, there is this whole strange telepathy thing going on which I haven't experienced before and sometimes it leaves me wondering what is reality and what is illusion.

    Having said that, all signs point to a very comfortable feeling between us and good vibes all around when we are together. But you are right--action is needed one way or the other. 🙂

  • Hello TheCaptain,

    I need your expertise once again, what are your thoughts for:

    Me - female, Jan 9, 1980

    Him - male, July 17, 1978

    Thanks a bunch, TheCaptain!!

  • Hopelesslyromanticcappie, this relationship works best for friendship. Instability is high here so a great deal of objectivity would be needed each time the relationship runs into trouble. If it runs off the track, a large dose of willpower would have to be mustered to right it. This is an attraction of opposites and though initially exciting, it would make a love affair or marriage highly unpredictable and unbalanced. The relationship can seesaw violently between emoitonal extremes, making any kind of settled life impossible. Your friend will generally engage in a lot of criticism and, unless his assessments are ultimately positive, they may only worsen the tension and lead to the relationship's demise. You don't react well to nagging, complaining, or even positive suggestions since you tend to resent all limitations on your impulsiveness. If your friend is the patient and mature kind however, he may try to doggedly and determindedly exert every ounce of his persuasive ability to put the relationship on a more even keel, before admitting failure.

    Since your friend has much less need for attention than you do, and since he greatly prefers isolation to troublesome or messy involvements, it's hard to imagine him even entering easily into a love affair or marriage. If he did, he would have to periodically withdraw from the relationship's crazier aspects. His strategic retreats can actually promote objectivity but they would make you feel like he was abandoning you or that he didn't care enough about you.

  • I'm a Leo women and the guy I'm falling is a Gemini my dob is 7/27/90 his dob is 6/13/60 r we compatibly

  • Tangoprincess, a love affair here can click sexually but, if that first bloom of romance should fade, love of a less passionate nature (friendship or alternately marriage) may take its place. The friendship or marriage often can turn out to be more important than the original affair, which in hindsight may be seen simply as the means by which the two of you were brought together. Elements of friendship and marriage often intermingle here, with the personal and human element at the forefront of the relationship. You two are capable of a highly unconventional relationship - you are both idealists and innovative in your approach to life, love and work. You can even make money together. Kindness, affection, and sympathy are likely here - your friend can often provide the patience and understanding that a relationship with you requires, and he also has a sound business sense that can keep any shared projects or activities on the rails. The relationship is usually optimistic, but you two must be careful neither to avoid self-criticism nor to dismiss the valuable suggestions of others as unwanted negativity. Many people will find your relationship unsettling but you shouldn't disregard their advice altogether.

    You Tangoprincess can be a powerful influence in this man's life, but you may not always be a good role model due to your strong sometimes fiery personality, and so the influence may not be entirely beneficial. Your friend can be rather scatterbrained at times and may not be able to provide all the unwavering attention and recognition you need. The two of you may join forces in a political or social role as champions of the downtrodden. if your friend's expansive vision and motivating ability can meld with your leadership skills, your relationship can be a force for positive change in the world.

  • Thank you so much, Captain.

    Have a wonderful week! 😄

  • Hi, Captain! Would you mind telling me the compatibility between a male born on November 2, 1990 and a female born on March 1, 1991. Thank you so much! ❤

  • Amberalwayz, this works best as a friendship. Yet the physical attraction can be pronounced here, and highly sensual and easy interactions tend to result. In fact, you two may give yourselves over completely to the unbridled search for pleasure. The crying need here is for self-understanding. If the two of you fail to gain psychological awareness, you will feel helpless when struck by depression, anxiety, or grief. This relationship is prone to obsession and/or addiction, both of which seem to serve the dual purpose of providing pleasure and preventing pain, but eventually lead to breakdown. Jealousies and possessiveness can prove divisive as well. Serious thought should be given to such matters before taking the relationship further. This relationship does well in the fun high moments but can fail badly in more serious or stressful times. Friendship removes the stressor of deep feelings and jealousy, and can be a much better idea if you want the relationship to last.

  • Hi Captain - I'm not sure how this works but I was wondering.. Could you do a compatibility analysis of me and two people?

    My birthday: 8/5/1990

    Guy 1: 12/11/1989

    Guy 2: 7/19/1986

    Thank you so much!

  • The Nugget and guy 1: a love relationship generally doesn't work here. You both have fiery powerful personalities and the fur can really fly here. If personal feelings are not kept to a minimum, aggression can either explode or quieter frictions and irritations can gradually wear away at the relationship. Sharing thoughts and feelings here is almost certain to create challenges for the relationship to face. Tremendous power struggles over who will be top dog can tear apart a love affair or marriage. For example, if one partner has a better job or salary than the other, it can become an issue between you. Affection, tenderness, love, and kindness can get left out in your rush to beat each other to success.

    The Nugget and guy 2: this works best for friendship. A love affair can be intense, full of exciting and romantic moments. But this energy level will be hard to sustain. Your partner would need to periodically withdraw into himself to rest and recuperate, which can cause you to feel rejected and to withdraw in turn, showing signs of hurt or even paranoia. You are an intensely loyal and devoted person who wants to be appreciated by your partner. Compromises on both sides would have to be worked out to satisfy this relationship's needs. Your inner stability can strengthen this relationship, becoming its underlying strength yet problems will arise if you go through a depression or if your self-confidence is undermined by your elusive partner. Your partner will bring verve and excitement to the relationship, but he may come to depend too heavily on your strength and support and on the relationship's steadfastness, constancy and balance which are your contribution. Though you don't mind taking charge of a relationship, you would soon lose respect and tire of someone who leaned on you too much, yet was not there when you needed HIM.

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