Compatibility analysis

  • Me July 13th 1978

    Him November 2 1983

  • Me July 13 1978

    Him November 24 1983

    Thank you kindly

  • CancerGirl7399, a love affair here can be explosive getting started - feelings are likely to fly at first, but are quickly brought under control. Still, the relationship can bring out your excessive side CancerGirl, making you feel you are getting in a bit over your head. Your friend will be attracted to your intensity, but if he tires of it, he may have difficulty freeing himself from your emotional claims. On the other hand, he himself has a tendency towards fickleness which unfortunately he may use somewhat manipulatively once he discovers how vulnerable you are to being wounded by it. Your lifestyles are quite different - your friend will want to be out in the world having adventures while you want to be safe and snug at home. Can you work out a compromise?

    Marriage here is more apt to be carried on dependably than a love affair with the two of you projecting a front of stability and unity. However, your insecurity and his fear often lurks behind this facade - yet these seemingly negative elements can often give the two of you the kick in the pants you need to make your marriage successful. You both would make attentive parents, guiding your children in the right direction. In whatever relationship you have however, there will always be a certain amount of rivalry and intensity that often seems to demand expression through confrontation. Your friend may lack the emotional stability you demand and you can arouse rebellion and a need for freedom in him. He may be a bit self-righteous at times and will hate losing control or may fear not appearing wise or intelligent. You may suffer from victim consciousness at times and you will need to balance your need for a public identity or a career with the need for successful intimate relationships. Try to even out your feelings and learn to trust and share with each other. Don't be afraid of rejection and spend time together away from work or family.

  • Very interesting, thank you! It has definitely been explosive so far although we are not dating. I have a couple of questions. When you say the feelings are likely to fly at first but are then brought under control, what does that mean? Also, what do you mean by victim consciousness? I know every relationship has it's ups and downs but do you think it could be a good match?

  • CancerGirl7399, it means that things can settle down after the first initial explosiveness if you both want a relationship. And it can be a good match if you are both willing to work on its weaknesses as pointed out in the reading.

  • Thanks Captain!

  • Hello TheCaptain 🙂

    my birth date is november 15th 1976

    and the other two people I"m curious about there birth dates are march 28 1969

    and august 10 1961

    Do I have a happy future with either one of these people?

    Thank You! ❤

  • Robin33

    You and March 28, 1969: This is best for business or a social relationship and worst for love. You two can make a dynamic and vivacious team socially or in intellectual and business endeavours where deep feelings don't enter into the relationship. Vivid imagination and practical skills can meld well, often in the visual arts. You know how to make money and your partner knows how to spend it, so any tendencies towards inmpulsiveness or taking on too much would have to be kept in check. If you can agree on your priorities, you can make a very good go of a commercial partnership. In a love relationship, your partner may disarm you eith his childlike innocence, completely captivating you. Once your defenses go up, they don't easily come down, particularly if they are built up through a number of failed relationships - yet your partner may seem to be able simply to walk through your walls as if they didn't exist. This relationship inspires positive feelings that can drag either of you out of a lethargic or depressive rut. Even so, the relationship's challenges may prove too much in the long run. Your partner may come to find you too demanding and controlling. Your possessive, needy attitudes can drive him crazy. Although perhaps gratified by your attentions, he will not easily share his deepest feelings, and after a short and enjoyable affair, may take off for parts unknown - and without a lot of goodbyes, either. Too often this treatment will result in your further withdrawal, and in yet another promise to yourself never to let it happen again.

    You and August 10, 1961: this works best for friendship. It's a highly entertaining matchup and the two of you will really appreciate each other for who and what you are. Good humour often prevails when you are together, no matter how little time you may have available to spend with each other. Your relationship can stay fresh and new over the years this way. It is also often somewhat unrealistic and naive about the world. You two do learn important lessons from your relationship and you can be unusually willing to put any feelings of being wronged behind you - in other words, to forgive and forget. This is because of the security you feel in the relationship, and the good feelings it engenders. This security through good feelings is especially evident in a love affair, friendship, or marriage. Although neither of you is too trusting in your relationships with other people, here you can open up to an astonishing degree. Conviviality is a big item here - you two will enjoy few things more than sitting around a table with friends, indulging in good food and drink and, of course, conversation. Your partner tends to seek excitement and challenge in many areas of life, but with you he can relax and be himself. You too will enjoy letting your hair and defenses down, and also not having to play the boss, organizer or director. Your dominant partner will want to take on those roles. Power struggles may rear their ugly heads here. But your partner may not have the emotional intensity that you require of your mates, though he certainly has the passion. In the end however, it may just be that you cannot make enough time to be together.

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  • That word starts with a 'V' and is certainly not rude.

  • Oh come on censoring one letter? Please fix this silly deletion, admin!

  • Captain.

    That read for who i was thinking off is nothing like him, he got no ethics, only care about himself,, must been someone totally radon with same birth date. Still i feel we should just been friends in another lifetime. thanks

  • Thank You very much for your reading TheCaptain!

    I really appreciate it. ❤

    I agree, the word censored?

  • LOL! That's hilarious! ^_^

  • Scully, perhaps you don't get to know the real person well enough to assess what they are really like? I feel a lot fo anger and frustration in you that could affect your judgment. Emotion always interferes with intuition.

  • Hello TheCaptain,

    I met someone new over the weekend and the physical attraction was great. He's been in contact since and I don't know how to take of this since we live in different countries. Anyhow, I'm just curious to as how our birthdates flair

    Me: Female Jan 9, 1980

    Him: Male Apr 11, 1973

    Thanks for your time.

  • I was really reading off what his ex wife said to that.

    I always felt we should been just friends, if we met in different circumstances we would. I know he needs the best of both world, he want the wife and needs the extra thrill, bit on side, just who he is, he misguided man. He dose,nt have much high standard as me on truth been honest,

    I think you have take step back and see it as your gut feels to trust your intuition, i feel he did care for while in his own weird way, i happy with that.

  • Hopelesslyromanticcappie, the keynote of this relationship is the establishment of firm guidelines and working operational structures. With this as a goal, a subtheme will be the exposure of weaknesses in the relationship, so that it can be repaired.

    If you fix on this Aries guy as a partner, you will usually win out, no matter how unfortunate the choice. The question is really whether any structure or shape can be given to a relationship in which you basically just want to tuck your partner away somewhere for your own private satisfaction. This will be a cause of turmoil if you do, since Aries people are not very 'tuckable' and your friend will want to be socially in the eye of things. The best answer is usually to legalise the relationship by marriage, giving it a more palpable and secure form that will quell your doubts or fears. Marriage can be very successful here (if the love affair goes that far), since both of you will usually be too busy with your own interests and careers to bother each other unduly. Children may not be recommended unless you can both decide beforehand who will take care of them.

    You HRC greatly need a special friend you can trust and with whom you can open up, and an honourable, protective and accepting Aries man may fit the bill nicely. You both like to work hard and play hard, so you would both be willing to invest time and effort in structuring a relationship in which you can sharpen your wits by testing ideas in one another, and compete in challenging physical activities. If no structure or direction is given to the relationship, it may fall into conflicts, unrealistic expectations, or nothingness.

  • Hello,

    My date of birth is March 25, 1954. My friend's date of birth is September 2, 1963. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

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