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  • Thank you TheCaptain

    all that you said is true we are really like that.

  • Hello Dear Captain....I have been away a while from here. If you could offer insights in a reading for me I would appreciate it. After so long of being afraid to let new people in my life...I apparently felt ready to take steps with a man who outrageously flirted with me and sort of made it very easy for me to say yes. His birthdate is May 18th 1965 and my birthdate is November 4th 1966

    I am taken by surprise over how attracted I have become to him and have become riddled with almost adolescent insecurity. I dont want to blow it and I also wonder if it is worth it. Can you give me advice how to proceed???

  • Penancing, the deep almost heavy emotions in this relationship can be lightened and even resolved, leading the two of you away from the deeper wells of feeling to the airier realms of thought. This combination's objectivity and capacity for acceptance goes far in permitting you two to periodically detach from one another and process whatever may be going on emotionally between you, no matter how profound or difficult. Astrologers often ignore the Scorpion's fun-loving side, emphasizing instead your sexual expressiveness, seriousness, and need for control, but your partner can provide the humour necessary to pry you from your darker moods. He himself is often conflicted, lacking the tools to sort through his feelings - proximity to your profound understanding will help him towards greater self-awareness. The two of you are exact opposites in the zodiac so one person's strengths can complement the other's weaknesses and vice versa. You must allow however for very different points of view and attitudes to life. Acceptance is key to this relationship's success.

    A love relationship here will magnify both you and your partner's physical drives and appetites, and can be torrid and wrenchingly passionate. The need for detachment is acute here, and indeed you two lovers are often able to objectify and discuss any problems. Although this type of love affair is usually short-lived, it is both invaluably helpful to growth and extremely memorable.

    Marriage (if the love affair endures) and friendship often begin more casually, growing out of chance meetings or quite ordinary circumstances. You two may meet at a social gathering, a club or fitness centre, while travelling or through a mutual friend. (The connection rarely clicks however when arranged through matchmakers or planned introductions at parties or dinners.) Your nurturing qualities can meld well, making you sympathetic parents or effective caretakers of pets. Accepting each other without reservation will become an important requirement of your relationship, whatever it is, and this will be tested through your daily interactions. Your faithfulness and dogged determination can combine well with your partner's physical energies. Just keep the jealousy, and possessiveness to a minimum because your Taurus man values his freedom and independence. And don't hold back - you can be very private and secretive, Penancing, but your partner values highly sharing and openness. Above all, though, have fun!

  • thanks Captain! It has only been a few weeks and I am of the idea you have to attach before you can detach from a person or situation...sadly I think we became sexually intimate too soon. It has been mind blowing, but it seems to be all its about now for him I fear. We communicate much less now after I had expressed to him how important that is to me in order to get to really know each other. This has caused for me what may be too great an uncertainty about how he feels about me even leading me to think he just has no feelings for me. I love and accept the differences in our views and attitudes so far as I have been able to determine them...but in order to allow a partner freedom and independence (that is also a need and requirement of mine!) I need a foundation to be in place first. I may just be talking myself out of it due to fear...but it also may be me accurately reading signs that he just doesnt want to make more than a tiny bit of room for me in his life. This has made me feel sad and rejected. He has no idea of this, and if I were to express it He would just say what do you mean! I havent done anything to make you feel that way! and that in a nutshell would be my point exactly! LOL...after reading this whole post it is clear I need more help!!!! Perhaps I am too hungry for love and am leaving the banquet where I am only allowed the scraps.

    I wish you well and truly am thankful for the gifts you give selflessly. I wish I had gifts to return to you.

  • Captain, I hope this finds you well—it's been a while since I've spent much time here. I wonder if you'd be so kind as to shed some light on the nature of my relationships with two men? Both are good friends, and I'm dating J now… we differ deeply on so many points: political and religious views, music and food tastes, lifestyle preferences—I'm an introvert; he's an extrovert; I feel at home in green hills and near water, he prefers arid plains… but he nevertheless has a lot of qualities I value. We also have chemistry, and he's somehow physically comforting in spite of our frequent disagreements. We both have reservations about the depth of our differences but have agreed to just take things one day at a time, stay open, and see what happens (and Watergirl kindly did a reading for me a few days ago that confirmed me in this approach).

    In a couple of weeks, though, I'm going back to my hometown for a month, where I spent six months last year, and I'll be spending a lot of my time there with D, who was my neighbor and frequent companion there before. Unlike J and I, D and I rarely disagree. Our lifestyles, biorhythms, personalities, tastes, and views are in close accord, and the time we spend together is peaceful, creative, and deeply satisfying. We work very well together—he's an artist, and I've spent a lot of time helping him both in the studio and on projects like writing grants. We've never dated—we were both dating other people when I was there—but I know he'd like to. I'm not so sure. But since J and I are not exclusive, I'm free to date him if I want to.

    My bday is 17 Oct 1970, J's is 29 June 1965, and D's is 7 May 1951. (You've done a 7 May compatibility for me before, but that was someone else—same day, different year—oddly enough…). I'm just curious to know what the indications are—is either relationship likely to make a good long-term partnership, or are they best as they are—for J, friendship/love affair; for D, friendship/work?

    Many thanks and wishes for blessings heaped high in your days—gd

  • Ok hey captain

    I'm 4-4-91

    and she is 12-13-89

  • GracefulDaisies, this May 7 reading is the same as the other May 7, despite the difference in year. It is best for friendship and working together. Your friend may not be willing or unable to give you the attention you require in a love relationship. The fact that you both agree on everything means that you don't challenge each other to grow. Illusion and fantasy abound in a love relationship here. But it will be difficult to sustain a love relationship when you see each other on a regular daily basis. It can even become destructive to the relationship to do so.

    You and J: You two have a catalytic effect on each other where one person incorporates some of the other's attitudes and this in turn leads you both to discover or expose aspects of your own selves that have previously been concealed. The relationship urges your friend to be more outgoing and to reveal more of his inner life, and you to draw back a bit from your worldly involvements and to become more introspective. The relationship thus balances each person's innate tendencies. In encouraging you in these directions, it creates a movement toward wholeness and psychological health. Even should it end, it will probably leave each of you more of a whole person, not only functioning better but having more to offer. You GD often like a strong arm to lean on in your personal relationships but with your partner here it is his sympathetic ear that knows how to listen which will become more important and be of greater benefit to you. However, you both require a lot of attention in your intimate relationships and you could both feel resentful and frustrated if you don't get it here. You GD really need someone who is more independent and self-sufficient as a love partner. Still, your friend here can teach you about being more comfortable with your feelings, about expressing them, and the value at times of dropping a cool and unemotional facade. Learning to acknowledge and give vent to your emotions constructively will be an important lesson for you to learn. The dynamic of this combination seems to have a specific purpose to each person's personal growth so that, once that purpose is served, the relationship may fall apart, having outlived its usefulness.

  • Aries44, power struggles are likely to emerge here over who is to be the leader. More than most combinations, this relationship will also need to star in its own personal drama, but it will be hard for either of you to take a back seat, whether to the partnership or to each other. You Aries44 have trouble subordinating yourself to a more powerful personality, but this is precisely what your friend usually requires. Yet she can become so enchanted with you that she may drop her guard a bit. You may even be able to assume a secondary position to her, as long as your central, indispensable role in the relationship is not threatened or questioned.

    Once the first blush of passion has passed in your love affair, however, your friend may begin to turn the screws in her need for control. She must realize that this can only end in disaster, and should try to be more sensitive to your need for independence of thought and action. On the other hand, you are capable of feigning submissiveness while actually keeping control through subtle manipulation. You are well acquainted with the brand of egotism that feeds off the attention of others, and can alternately give to and withhold energy from your partner to great effect. You will both have to learn how to give up the spotlight occasionally if you want this relationship to work. Learn to share instead and be more responsible abut money too. This is often better for a shorter love affair than a longterm marriage or living together arrangement.

  • mine is 14/11/1991 his is 19/07/1985

    ive had mixed responses before im interested to hear back from you 🙂

  • SadScorpio, the dynamic between you two is complex. Although very different temperamentally, you can form an effective working partnership for innovating and developing new projects. Your partner is a risk-taker from the word 'go' (or would like to be) whereas you rarely take a chance that could threaten your security. Your love affair can start out like a house on fire, then quickly burn out. Should such a relationship prematurely move on to marriage, there is the possibility of open combat between your more aggressive spouse and you, more defensive but ultimately retaliating.

    The two of you are often fascinated by each other's different approaches to life at the outset of your relationship, and with each other generally. Later on, you also realize that you have a lot in common. In whatever type of relationship you have - friendship, love, or working together - you must be careful not to rush things in the beginning, and later on should work to preserve and nuture the innocent and youthful energy in which your tie was conceived. Going too fast here will only lead to conflict and even break-up. Unless you take the time to really get to know and appreciate each other, this relationship will fizzle out fast. It can work, but it has to have a solid stable foundation in order to endure, and that takes time and patience to build. Make love last. Appreciate your differences and let them enrich your lives.

  • Thanks, Captain—that sounds about exactly right with J, and confirms my experience of it—whatever the relationship's eventual outcome, its purpose feels positive. I seem to be having a spate of personal-growth-focused connections lately : ) Interesting about the two May 7s, too. The rest of their charts are so different (Capricorn vs. Aquarius rising, Leo vs. Gemini moon…), I'd never have picked them out as "birthday twins"... but that's my sense of it, too. As strong as the connection is in both cases, I think either of them would likely drive me crazy on a daily basis—and vice versa!

  • Hey captain, can u do a reading? Thank u 🙂

    I'm 22 May 1984 and he's 27 June 1986

  • Geminirain, this is a difficult relationship for marriage or a longterm live-in arrangement. The tendency of this relationship is to push the boundaries to their furthest limit. Big ideas and grand passions will be explored, either through discussion or actual experience. It is also possible for intellectual discussions to get carried away by the heat of argument, and for feelings and experiences to be examined logically, thus blending areas of thought and emotion.

    Your expansive love affair may carry desire to new heights, but frustrations can arise through an inability to satisfy overblown expectations here. You GR can often lack self-understanding and your partner's tendency towards depression can prove a debilitating combination. In marriage, both of you would need to be realistic, which means knowing when to scale back and when to encourage patterns of spending - whether of emotions, finances, or life energy. Too often an imbalance here can lead to financial problems in which the relationship has few reserves to fall back on and little to give. Friendship is also tough here, with anger or irritation emerging. It's often hard to gain the mutual respect between you that would make for a successful relationship. Moods and high expectations can be disastrous here.

  • Hey Captain,

    Would be forever grateful for a reading. I have been talking to this guy every day on the phone for nearly 3months. We met by chance on a night out and have been talking ever since but have not taken it any further yet due to my hesitations and our differences in what we are looking for.

    My details: 2nd September 1987 20:15

    His details: 29th December 1986 birth time unknown

    We get on so well but also seem so different and alike all at the same time. Sometimes I think he is really annoying and cave man like and sometimes I think he is clever, charming and attractive.

    Are we a good match? Do our charts match?

    Thanks for the help, Virginia 🙂

  • xVirginiax, both of you have very definite ideas on how things are done. If your ideas coincide, you will get on quite well, but if not there can be the devil to pay! You Virgina will not be interested in playing a secondary role to your partner in this relationship, though he will want to be the dominant one - things usually work best here when you two share the power between you, with each person having their own area of expertise or influence. In certain departments however, in particular the financial one, neither of you is likely to give ground easily. You can both be somewhat tight-fisted when it comes to money (you would say thrifty, while others would say stingy). But what good is money if you can't enjoy it?

    Your relationship can be quite intense, though traditional astrology predicts an easy time between you for the most part. You are both earth signs and as such can collide with the force of two tectonic plates if you disagree. A love affair here can be sensuous, even passionate, but an element of control is always present - control of emotions, control of power, control of choice. No matter how gratifying the physical side of the relationship is, strains and stresses will eventually surface, undermining the pleasure factor. Power is even more of an issue in a marriage between you, but here you two may be able to work out compromises and even outright deals (if the love affair survives into wedded bliss, that is). Marriage here can be enduring, being virtually impervious to the buffeting of external factors that could penetrate a less unified front. But sharing and compromise will have to be achieved if your relationship is to have any chance of succeeding. Also you will both need to loosen up and not take things so seriously. Your partner can be quite obsessed with his work and with being successful, to the point where he can lose sight of the intimate connections he really needs for sustenance. He may even suffer from the illusion that someone else is going to make him feel successful, but onyl his own achievements will do that. Virginia, you yourself can have high hopes of all your relationships, but this can mask your fear of being unable to sustain them. Positive or negative unrealistic expectations can be unhealthy and damaging so make sure you stay in touch with the reality of your situation.

    The good thing is that you both want the same thing in life - to experience happiness, harmony, fairness, and support with one partner whom you love. You are both looking for the ideal, committed relationship to make you feel better about yourself. But to achieve this, you both need to be your own partner and best friend first. A feeling of completeness will never be the result of a relationship, even with a soulmate. It has to come from inside you. By getting to know yourself, you will begin doing the things that bring you joy and increase your level of self-nurturing so that you feel strong, confident and supported inside. As you treat yourself more fairly, you will feel the sense of balance and justice that you seek and only then will you be able to establish a healthy partnership wherein two people share equally with each other without feeling debilitated.

  • Thank You Captain. So true Im a bit of a scaredy cat because I dont wanna be the one to mess things up or not be what he expects. I think I need to spend a little more time pursuing what I want from life before Im ready for anything more. Perhaps it's me that isnt ready for a relationship! The truth eeeeek

    Much appreciated Virginia 😕

  • "A feeling of completeness will never be the result of a relationship, even with a soulmate. "

    Could we be soul mates!?! Perhaps its just not the right time for us?

  • xVirginiax, I don't get the sense that you two are soulmates...but I think you are looking for one and hoping each person will be him. But like I said, if you are hoping for a soulmate to make you happy, then it won't work. It's quite the opposite - you have to be happy and give off positive vibes first before you will attract your soulmate.

  • thanks captain

  • Hello Captain,

    A reading please between:

    My DOB June 4th, 1976 (birth time 22:30)

    His DOB June 13th, 1968 (his unknown)

    Thank you

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