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  • This is what I initially thought, TheCaptain. How about this other person whose b-day is 4/11? Thanks.

  • Gem06 and person 4/11: this is best as a working relationship. This matchup has a grounding effect on both of you, and your energies can often coalesce well on work projects and around the technical problems you're both so skilled at solving: in fact, you can accomplish a lot together work-wise, for your relationship can make you stay still long enough to focus. However, the relationship's grounding influence will take a while to be felt, and to help you both learn and grow.

    As lovers or spouses, you two will initially have quite an exciting time of it with good communication, but the tempo will slow as you get to know each other. You Gem may have trouble being faithful to this guy, who will show little sympathy for your gallivanting. Also, the ironic or sarcastic barbs that tend to emerge from you in any debate can wound or annoy him greatly. Eventually though, the relationship should settle down into something quite stable if the two of you can work through your issues of inhibition, sarcasm, and lack of sympathy. The Aries man will usually be quite understanding of your need for constant change as he also likes adventure and excitement and freedom. But he will be more understanding of you as a friend than as a lover. There would have to be a concerted effort to deepen the emotional bonds here if anything longterm were to be desired.

  • Thank you, TheCaptain for your great reading.

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  • Newsl4ng, your friend has deep trust issues so he can appear very closed or enigmatic at times. Protecting his privacy and his sense of personal freedom is almost a neurotic preoccupation for him. He hates to attract the kind of intense personal scrutiny from other people that he himself likes to apply to them. It's difficult for him to completely let himself go in an intimate relationship because of these issues. He has probably not had many deeply committed relationships before, if any. But if he has found an important person or two to share himself with, he can become quite dependent or possessive of them. In a way, if he starts to exhibit any jealous or possessive attitudes towards you, you will know he is becoming serious about the relationship. However, empathy and sentimentality will never be high on his list of priorities until he develops a more comprehensive understanding of his own emotional neediness, feelings, and motivations. Be warned that he can lose interest in someone and move on without so much as a backward glance - his quest for adventure and stimulation may take a very long time to be quenched, if ever. He tends to get close to someone very quickly, things can heat up fast, then go cold just as quickly.

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  • Newsl4ng, I think you may find December is a bit too soon to expect your partner to overcome all his big issues. I feel it will take him many years to completely resolve them as it does most of us.

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  • Newsl4ng, spirit gives me lots of guidance about my life but human beings tend to ignore good advice and learn the hard way by experience, and I am no different. I try like everyone else to sort out their lives - sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don't but I am learning to get better at it. The lovely people here are always helpful and supportive to me too.

  • Hi:

    me: july 30, 1973

    him June 3, 1980

    thank you!! i am

  • Slickcat, this relationship works best as a business partnership and worst as a love affair. This relationship can definitely build character. Although it is a potentially explosive mix, the two of you burn with a bright flame that melts away any dross in the hot crucible of experience. Neither of you is likely to hold back in your criticisms of each other, but if this testing of each others' personalities doesn't break you apart, it can strengthen your bond (assuming there is an equal amount of give-and-take on both sides). Should you form a team or partnership, your tremendous energy together is likely to overcome even the most determined opposition. Should you fall out or, through the vagaries of fortune, be set against one another as opponents, you two are likely to give no quarter and make no concessions to your former relationship.

    A love affair here will likely be intense, perhaps too much so to last. If the relationship is to continue, the two of you may have to get married, a kind of relationship in which your energies are likely to be more balanced. Friendship here may turn to love, or vice versa, as long as your respect for each other remains intact. A platonic relationship here would be no less strong than a passionate one, and ultimately may prove more satisfying and enduring.

  • wow, thanks so much! intense is the word...he is younger than I and needs to grow up some though before anything else...very interesting 🙂

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  • Newsl4ng, this can either be a good friendship a good rivalry, or a good competition. You are well matched for all these types of relationships and all of these elements may be present at some time. It can also be a highly spiritual relationship, no matter how physically based it may seem. In this sense the relationship often has religious overtones but not necessarily formal ones. You both put your whole hearts into whatever you do yet you both may ultimately leave the outcome up to fate or God. Fairness is usually important here. Whether you are on the same team or not, you can admire each other's skills and have few hard feelings about your confrontations. Your friend may suffer from some envy of your life, however. Problems would occur if you both fell for the same guy or wanted the same career option. The weaknesses of the relationship can be an over-serious tone, a directionless approach, and ego-deficiencies.

  • Hey Captain,

    I am May 24, 1971 and he is April 25, 1972. Very strange attraction, intense and meaningful. Wondered why. Wanna give us a go? LOL Appreciate it!

  • Lizuz, this relationship is apt to stir up deep emotions, and magnetic attraction plays a strong role here. So strong is the attraction in fact that you two would be best off laying down some ground rules or a moral philosophy on which you can both agree. Otherwise the relationship's tendencies toward addiction or codependence could cause one or both of you to be hurt by your own unrealistic assessment of what is going on.

    Your friend may be fascinated by your mind, and you by his physical endowments and prowess. But you may prove too fickle a customer for him: infidelity, jealousy and outright competition can surface here, marring an otherwise fruitful relationship. If forgiving, understanding or permissive attitudes are developed however, with the two of you allowing each other free rein in spending time with other people (although probably drawing the line at outright sexual infidelity), the relationship might well stand the test of time in love and marriage. You Lizuz can learn a lot from your friend about hard work and sticking to the task at hand, while he will benefit from your example of flexibility and adaptability.

    You two can work well side-by-side in either business or marriage, filling each other's deficiencies and appreciating each other's strengths. Your often strong physical attraction can lead to intense sexual encounters - this intensity can also be sublimated into mutually rewarding competition, on the playing field or in the board room. You make good friends, particularly if you can freely and easily exchange ideas in the intellectual or philosophical sphere. You Lizuz will not always meet your friend's expectations of fidelity and deep involvement, however, and he can become irritated by missed appointments and other irresponsibilities on your part. Your friend may find his patience severly tested at times by your energetic nature and you will have to indulge his need for peace and quiet after a hard day at work or else he will become quite frustrated. Keep a handle on any violent emotions that may arise in the relaitonship. Minimize rules and condemning attitudes. Develop tolerance.

  • Captain may I please have an analysis??

    Him - June 27, 1966

    Me - March 23, 1978

  • Dear Captain,

    Thank you for the analysis! You really had some key points that are applicable to us and the advice was welcome. I feel like my friend is my soul mate and even if the relationship part goes away, he will be my friend forever.

    Appreciate it!


  • LoveDetox, mutual protection, security, and moneymaking will all figure strongly in this relationship. Despite these common goals and bonds of feeling, however, the relationship can also involve a lack of awareness that prevents it from attaining real emotional depth. If it is confronted by difficulties, whether from inside or outside, this lack of consciousness will leave it open to psychological trauma and strife, and ultimately will most likely break it apart. Yet the level of awareness can be raised. This may not be easy, for considerable emotional complexities will be involved, but conscious and determined efforts must be made to bring it about. To guarantee the firm emotional bonding sufficient to withstand adverse circumstances, a process of learning and understanding must be developed.

    Many people with your partner's profile are aggressive types, who need to call the shots; but if he pushes in this direction, it is unlikely that you will be able to assume a passive role for long. A friendship or love matchup here is more apt to be possible if you take the lead while your partner hangs back, letting go of control. In that case, however, your outspoken, direct nature may wound your overly sensitive partner, driving a wedge between you. Your partner may have an insecurity about being sex*y and lovable (due to a childhood spent feeling unloved or unwanted) to the point where he may forget to conduct business and have relationships based on loyalty, not passion.

    On the plus side, both of you share traits of deep emotion and sensitivity, which may enable you to perceive the lessons necessary for the relationship to deepen and grow. Also, your empathic partner will know immediately when you are not feeling well and will know how to be receptive to your moods without coddling you. Through some hard and committed work, the relationship can grow spiritually and even financially (if you go into business together), allowing both of you to build the necessary bonds of trust and to learn the pragmatic lessons about each other - and about money - that will be crucial to the relationship's continued success.

    Not an easy relationship but it can work out if you two face your problems squarely. Analysis is the key to understanding here. Strive to raise awareness and learn from your experiences. Work towards a common goal or cause.

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