Compatibility analysis

  • Hopelesslyromanticcappie, the two of you make excellent helpmates. In working together so successfully, you often set a good example or model for family and friends, demonstrating the power of positive interactions and good feelings. It is often you who takes the lead while your Virgoan friend serves in a lesser capacity, but whichever the case, power and control are seldom issues here. What is most obvious in this relationship is that the two of you are enjoying yourselves. This gives you a lot of satisfaction, and indeed you both would argue that without this mutual pleasure, the value of even the most stunning accomplishments would be greatly diminished.

    A love affair and/or marriage here can be highly fulfilling. An easy sensuousnes usually permeates your shared daily life, the only downside being that things may not always get done in the quickest or most efficient manner. But the relationship is certainly responsible enough to guarantee that all concerned, including children, will be well looked after. Physical comfort is highly valued in this pairing which, however, is also capable of going without for long periods of time, and of living on the warmth that comes from within. At its least successful, this relationship is merely satisfying, but should it have an element of spirituality and a desire for personal development, you two can reach new levels of happiness and self-actualization. But don't get so relaxed or lazy that you forget how to push yourselves when needed. Enjoyment and success need not conflict.

  • Oh no I hope not to grow more in love with the gemini man than I am already. Than I meet him last year in august I think he liked me or was it my imagination? His last relationship was very hurtful for him and he won't fall in love again.

    What do you mean with this?: I still feel the person you love is not as important to you as it is to be in love and looked after. My english is good, but not perfect.

    The only one I love is the gemini and he is important for me.

    I don't know that will happen with the other, but I told him that I need first to know someone before more happen.

    Thank you for all the time you take for me to answer my questions. I really like your reading abilities.

    I hope

  • Thank you, Captain.

    The current situation asked me to take some time apart and end the "relationship" right now with this person and it is the right thing to do. It is unfortunate as I agree with a lot of the things you said here. I wonder if there is anything in our charts that indicates we would have a second chance in the future, or if we would be in each other's life for a longtime...

  • Jennifer12234, just take life and love as they come. Don't worry over it all so much. If the Gemini man gets in touch, then it may be meant to be. If he doesn't, just let it go, don't try to force it. Let it happen naturally. And take things slow and easy with your other love interest.

  • Hopelesslyromanticcappie, nothing in life is guaranteed - it is entirely up to the two of you whether you both want to be together forever, and if you do want it, you must both work hard on any issues that might be preventing it from happening. Even soulmates do not necessarily stay happily together forever.

  • TheCaptain, thanks for the wise words. That's exactly what I needed to hear today.

  • TheCaptain, thank you for your advice. I am making my decision and feel guilty but I want to make sure if it will work with the gemini man should I pick him at this point.

  • Arieslass, it sounds like you fear being alone or without support.

  • This post is deleted!

  • could I get a reading please?

    Me : female, 20/feb/1985

    Him : 16/june/1990

  • Hi Captain long time no see 🙂

    I have a question for a potienal guy I have in mind that likes me.

    Me: May 6 1992 9:28pm Dallas TX

    Him: December 23 1987

  • MsMonster, every person within an astrological sign is slightly different, owing to the other planetary aspects, so you cannot say that Cancer and Scorpio will always get on across the board. Each person is individual and different. And every relationship takes work from both partners to make it good. If you can deal with the weaknesses inherent in your relationship, that is, you two MUST not rush things - and a friendship with benefits is a bit of a rush - then there is the chance of success. But you must get to know each other thoroughly first before daring to move onto a committed love relationship.

  • FishyOne, this relationship's ideal is to carry a sense of style and image into all its activities. Charming and outgoing, it will be socially in demand. A work ethic is also pronounced here, with standards of quality being a definite priority. Interestingly, the need for style falls somewhat short in the area of communication, where this combination's piercing frankness may prove its undoing. If you two don't learn to criticize tactfully and sympathetically, you will come across as judgmental or blaming. Overall, however, your joint frankness helps you to grow and learn, so that the relationship affects you positively, bringing out your strengths and alleviating your weaknesses. First, it helps to bring your friend to greater awareness of himself and his feelings; second, it helps to push you more out into the world to achieve your goals.

    A love affair here will encourage you Fishy to be more open with your feelings too and your friend to dig a bit deeper into his own. This process must be allowed to unfold to its own rhythm rather than by applying homemade or textbook psychological methods. Counselling may prove helpful when roadblocks are encountered, but only with a special and perceptive third party. A serious love affair here can evolve into marriage, but should only be attempted when personal and spiritual growth has already been demonstrated in the relationship.

  • Asia118X, despite each person's predominantly physical orientation in other matchups, this relationship is likely to concentrate on the more ethereal realms of the spirit. Together the two of you may enjoy the exploration or study of esoteric or metaphysical topics. Your strong psychic connection often transcends barriers of space. Unspoken understanding and communication are more characteristic of the relationship than sympathy and expressions of feeling, however; you two have a tendency to merge with each other, in fact, that if too pronounced can create dependency and boundary issues.

    The success of a love relationship here generally depends on how far you Asia are willing to go in exploring the hidden depths of your friend's enigmatic personality. Often attracted to easier and more pleasurable relationships, you may be scared off by his intensity, or may pull back at some negative interaction. Should the relationship continue, both of you must be ready for the gamut of emotions that tends to arise in your more intense exchanges, from the more disturbingly emotional areas of resentment, frustration and jealousy to the more exalted spiritual highs. Ultimately the relationship may become an ongoing flow of merger, separation, merger, separation, and so on. Thus it will be easier to handle if this is a friendship rather than a love affair.

  • Hi thecaptain, I'm not really afraid to be alone, but I just want to make sure that if i pursue anything further with gemini, I can see long term commitment and it will be worth the risk. Thanks.

  • Thank you Captain! this was for a person I am not in a relationship with, but would like to be

  • Arieslass, you must be sure that someone who would happily have an affair with a married woman is someone who wants a committed relationship at all.

  • thanks again Captain

  • Hi! can I have a reading compatibility analysis please? Mine is 6/1 and the other person is 9/22. Thank you!

  • Gem06, a love or any other type of matchup here rarely goes very deep. This relationship cries out for stability. Unfortunately, grounding is unlikely here. On the mental, thoughtful, logical or intellectual side, things can go extremely well, with eccentricity and imagination the hallmarks of mutual creativity. In more physical, emotional or instinctual matters however, the relationship may demonstrate glaring deficiencies - not the least of them being the inability to be there for each other in times of need.

    Your friend may be attracted to your good looks and you will appreciate that, but you may also sense that you are being treated more like a beautiful object than like a worthwhile person. You may also find your friend's sensibilities somewhat snobbish, and think you are being treated patronizingly, something you will not tolerate. On the other hand, your friend is not about to find the dependability he/she sorely needs in you. This affair is perhaps better off if it doesn't lead to marriage which would not go well at all. The two of you actually make better acquaintances and occasional leisure-time companions than lovers or great friends. The problems begin when the two of you fair-weather friends don't take your casual but enjoyable bond for what it is, and may be disappointed when push comes to shove. Often this type of relationship does not survive such stress.

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