Compatibility analysis

  • toledo51, this is a relationship that thrives on difficulty yet does not expend a lot of energy solving problems. Its style, rather, is to go with the flow and attempt to resolve issues quietly, with little fuss. Actually, you both find public displays a bit distasteful and much prefer to go your own way without attracting a lot of attention. Your partner can provide stability for you, while at the same time often becoming enchanted with your charm. You two individuals can form a relationship that is quite sophisticated and refined, yet also one strong enough to maintain its integrity in the face of internal conflict or outside pressure. Love affairs between you are likely to be highly private in nature. Few outsiders are allowed to see the relationship's inner workings, and, truth to tell, its mysteries may be beyond the ken of you yourselves. The contrast between your partner's heavier and your lighter energies is marked— family and friends often find the success of your relationship puzzling. The secret, of course, is that without too much fuss, each partner receives what he or she needs from the other. What you need is a broadening of yourself; what your partner needs is deeper emotional understanding. Such love affairs may progress to marriage, maturing and becoming wiser through the years. Friendships that form in childhood, perhaps at school, show a tendency toward rebellion against unjust treatment from teachers and other authority figures. ADVICE: Be a bit more realistic in your expectations. Sometimes it's necessary to take a stand. Learn from those more experienced than you.

    You, toledo, are rather more easy-going than most Librans with your profile. You will find much success, provided you don't succumb to your mercilessly high standards. Transform your desire to fix things into a talent for making them grow. Back up and see the larger picture and embrace it with the master plan you have created. Relinquish some of your pet obsessions in the interest of the greater good. You may suiffer from being unduly restless or flighty, moving from one project to another with an odd sort of anxiety and being unable to find yourself in a larger scheme or structure. If you can overcome your resistence to risk taking and learn to practice what you preach, you will be rewarded with a better ability to assume and to delegate responsibility. Freed from the stress and strain of attending to details, you can be released to really enjoy your life's journey. Believe that you are worthy.

    Your partner has a profile that produces both saints and sinners. Whatever he does, he is unlikely to do it half-way. He has a tendency to become self-sacrificing in the extreme. He might be a bit of a hairshirt-wearer or a doomsayer, for he can be quite pessimistic about the future of those less interested in reformation than he is. For him, highly physical but not very sensual, his need for self-improvement may also manifest in the adoption of a strenuous exercise regime or, in extreme cases, a problem such as an eating disorder. He needs to turn his formidable determination outward, connecting with a social cause or system that will absorb his attention without narrowing his focus. His dedication, strong sense of morality, and loyalty to a cause will grant success to anything he decides to devote himself to. He needs to learn to loosen his overly high standards and cultivate the discipline of emotional detachment, in regard to himself and his approach to others. He has keen observational skills but they need to be put across in a gentle, helpful way.

  • GorgeousGal, at heart this relationship is quite complex, but at the same time it is one of the most natural and comfortable matchups of all. You two in many ways come at each other from different ends of the spectrum: your partner is a practical type, taken up with worldly concerns and the structure of power, while you are more idealistic about following your lifelong dreams. Yet because you both form a classic water-sign trine, this is an easy relationship with an emphasis on feelings. Because of the natural sympathy between you, you are capable of overcoming your differences, building acceptance and trust, and discovering what you have in common. The overall fit is relaxed. The relationship is especially strong in the social sphere. Whether a friendship or a marriage, it can function magnificently to bring friends or family members together. Together you have a knack for reconciling hostile individuals or warring factions, and are naturally suited to play the role of mediators or peacemakers. Your partner is realistic enough to recognize the essential truths of your philosophical outlook, and can work hard to implement such ideas. One might say that belief is the bond between you; belief not only in an ideal but in your relationship itself, which can accomplish so much in its concern for others. Given the relationship's service-oriented stance, whether in the professional, family or interpersonal realm, you two must be sure to leave enough time for yourselves. One difficulty here is self-denial, calling upon yourselves to make the greatest sacrifice of all: neglecting your own relationship and denying it a certain amount of the sustenance it needs for emotional and spiritual growth. You must be more selfish occasionally, deny the needs of others for a time so that you can deepen your own personal bond. ADVICE: Feed yourself as well as others. Don't put yourselves last. Let others contribute to you. Keep time free for personal matters.

    GG, your passage in life should be a relatively easy one, provided you can strike the right balance between a true sense of worth and too much self-satisfaction and complacency about your own unique talents and creativity. The need to be needed can be a substitute for genuine self-esteem and you must evaluate your relationships very carefully. Understand that a pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled. Find contentment in your natural sense of wonder and avoid smugness by injecting a dose of humility into your self-esteem. There is a big difference between approval from others and your own sense of self-worth.

    Your boyfriend is powerful both behind the scenes and in front of a crowd. Though he may have trouble breaking away from accepted social codes to venture on a quest for greater self-fulfillment, he has the drive, energy, passion and sense of commitment to achieve almost anything he wants. He is gifted with an ability to change and manipulate the circumstances around him but needs to explore a deeper understanding of himself. There is a danger he might take an excessive approach to life, as well as allowing his ambition to become all-consuming. Alternatively, he might just be content to achieve a certain level of competence, maybe even failing to challenge himself adequately. If he can cultivate an ability to analyse and process his experiences so that he can share his knowledge with others, and if he can avoid too much complacency, he will surely find success.

  • Wow, thankyou so much Captain! I don't know whether to take this info as totally negative or just difficult. LOL. In any case, this was so awesome of you, and I really appreciate such an honest evaluation. It helps to make a person more aware of pitfalls. Thanks a bunch!

  • sylvie71, the success of this relationship depends on how it handles problems of dominance and subtle forms of manipulation. In fact, its attitudes may be much too inflexible and controlling to allow those who share it to live together in peace. Despite strong initial attractions and mutually sensuous orientations, love affairs between you two are unlikely to reach the stratosphere. You like straightforwardness, but also demand flexibility and compromise, which your partner hates. Actually, matters of the heart between you are more likely to wind up where they should have started in the first place—as easygoing friendships, with few demands on either partner. Marriages too are unlikely to be very successful, particularly if they involve children or other relatives. Your partner generally finds it hard to give himself to people in a family setting, preferring to save his energies for other areas, like career, social activities or a favorite hobby or sport. You usually want to participate in the many aspects of family life when married, and this difference may cause irreconcilable problems.

    The relationship can, however, be highly successful as a friendship. Both of you demand strength in your deepest friendships, and this one can be outstanding in promoting talent, ability and depth of commitment to life and work. Each of you will learn a great deal from a friendship, which also has much to teach to others. Shared evenings, occasional vacations and participation in cultural happenings are all possible here. ADVICE: Let things be. Back off. Allow events to unfold without influencing them. Have faith. Compromise is essential. Get priorities straight.

    You, sylvie, have a lavish and exciting personality and are blessed with a profound sense of ambition. You have a rare capacity for prediction, particularly regarding money and investments. You have an ability to analyse what people want and when they want it and can also tune into what people will want in the future. However you can be a bit impervious to the concerns of others and should cultivate the common touch. You tend to immerse yourself in your career so much you cut yourself off from personal and family connections. Don't isolate yourself in a world of greed, and do soften your approach to relationships. You are made to step into a leadership role in your career, but don't leave your loved ones behind. Your myth is not who you are.

    Your partner has a natural passion that, combined with a certain objectivity, can keep him on the straight road. He has a richly imaginative side, and a healthy dose of self-interest and personal ambition. He also has a worldly disposition and a material side that is likely to keep him well-grounded in the moment. With a little personal discipline, the willingness to inject order and organization into his life, and the release of a tendency to blame or point the finger when life falls short of his idealistic standards, he can manifest his high and inspired creativity in ways that will show off his many talents and ensure success.

  • i agree with you, i can hardly wait for my reading! Lord knows I need it!

  • Captain, please don't leave me out! This is alertone. My question is on page 18 of Compatibility Analysis. I'm eagerly anticipating your reply. Tell me the truth, hold NOTHING back, because once and for all - Im acting on it! I've made a promise to myself and my future babies!!!!!!!! Many Many thanks!

  • Flowsco, this combination, like wine, often gets better over time. There is a limit, however, to how long its maturation will go on if it gets too little attention—the relationship has a tendency to stagnate, and then to start fraying around the edges. It needs care and hard work to keep moving in the right direction. You two have an innate talent for tending to your relationships, but unfortunately, in this case, you can be blind-sided and may just leave this one alone. To survive, then, the relationship needs good diagnosticians, and, indeed, the matchup's focus is often the understanding of its own mechanics.

    Love affairs and marriages usually find you taking an all-consuming interest in each other. This is not the same thing, of course, as paying attention to the relationship itself, which may be sorely in need. You can get obsessive about each other, perhaps even jealous and controlling, without realizing that this behavior itself may loosen the relationship's bonds rather than strengthen them. Learning to back off, give each other space, and work objectively on improving the relationship, much as one would prune and cultivate a plant, will produce noticeable drops in tension and forestall problems. As friends, your partner can give you excellent advice and you, in turn, can supply important lessons in how to build willpower and consistency. Should you two have met as students, you will probably be absorbed and united more by a common interest, as the years pass, than by your personal feelings for each other. ADVICE: Don't take things for granted. Regular maintenance is needed. Things won't get better by themselves. Be your own best diagnostician.

    Flowsco, expanding your horizons and charging into uncharted territory does not come easily to you. You are worldly and self-confident but you are not that adventurous. You have considerable charisma and can inspire others but you must set aside a tendency to be selfish or egotistical, and learn to relate to others more intimately. Complacency can be a stumbling block for you. Well-organised, efficient, and generally sensitive to others' needs, you can use your social talents to go far. But don't use your charm as manipulation. Exploring the depth of the human psyche or other inner worlds can bring you much satisfaction. Release the need to do everything yourself and find the joy of learning through exploration and discovery.

    Your partner may grapple with a need to retreat that often manifests as depression. However much dynamism and charisma he may have, it doesn't mean he should have a sense of entitlement or believe he deserves an award just for showing up. He must release hurts, slights, and rivalries in order to follow through on his ideas, inspirations, and considerable powers of observation. His high-voltage personality might find refuge in addictions or substance abuse as he tries to calm himself down. He must find constructive outlets for his amazing energy so that he can have a lasting impact on the world, especially in the realms of art and culture. His fulfillment will come when the world turns its attention to him.

  • Hang on, alertone, I am only four pages away... 🙂

  • Thefishes, this relationship usually begins in suspicion and distrust. Actions, not words, will be needed for each of you to convince the other and to engender mutual faith. If a bond is to be forged, the relationship's steel must go through the fire if it is to be tempered and dependable. But once you both have paid your dues and endured the trials and tribulations that the relationship requires, openness and honesty can be achieved. Much will depend on the continued investment of time spent in serious talk and in the airing of different points of view. Only then may sympathy and understanding grow, and with them a deepening of the relationship and a measure of permanence. Actions alone are not enough to convince your partner; ethical intent is vitally important to him. But you often do things impulsively, without thinking. Even if your intention is pure enough in your own mind, you may consequently get into trouble with your partner, who tends to be suspicious of your apparent innocence and often harbors nagging suspicions about you, finding it hard to believe that you didn't have something deceptive or downright dishonest in mind after all. Such suspicions may undercut this relationship, whether it appears in the realm of friendship, love or work. Furthermore, since neither of you is particularly strong in self-understanding, deceptions of all types may actually abound. You find your weaknesses and deficiencies harder to hide than your partner, who rarely if ever can be caught putting himself at a disadvantage, particularly in any kind of

    argument. Soon learning that you can be hurt by your partner, since you are more vulnerable, you may become less willing to open up, and more guarded. You cannot tolerate your partner's need to control, so the outlook is often not good. Although increased affection and protectiveness may surface through struggle, marriages between you are not particularly recommended. ADVICE: Don't always doubt intentions. Take things as they are. Faith is often more important than evaluation. Try to lighten up and have fun.

    Thefishes, your challenge is to adopt a more spontaneous attitude to life and living. You have much charm and considerable insight into other people. Try not to get bogged down in striving for approval or a sense of unworthiness, or feeling that you are not loved. You may bury your truest nature and emotional complexity under a mountain of work and professional interests. A direct and fearless approach will actually work best for you. You have good hunches and instincts. Don't channel your awesome energies into a need to compete. Keep yourself open and there will be plenty of opportunities for self-liberation, self-expression and self-realization along the way.

    Your partner can be both elusive and profound. He has a conflicted personality with a tendency to go to emotional extremes. He is more discriminating and less likely than most Scorpios to become swept up in a cause of the moment. But he must be on guard against fruitless struggle, selfishness, and suspicion. When he gains a calmer centre and more perspective, and the philosophical humour and tolerance that comes with the passing of time, he will find much more happiness and satisfaction in life. Learning to slow down and steady his energy, and cultivating patience, will help him change his sometimes rebellious, superficial nature into a more inspired, expressive, and versatile one.

  • Hi TheCaptain

    I have a couple of people I am mulling over relationshipwise. The first one dob is 2/11/56, the other is 8/19/61. My dob is 7/09/59. I care about them both and will remain friends with the one I don't move forward with. How will this pan out with them both? Thanks in advance.

  • purpleiris, you and the Pisces man: The focus of this relationship is your responsiveness to each other's needs. But, although you two may be quite aware of what each other needs, you are not always sure of what you want yourselves. The result is that you have difficulty making strong, sensible decisions and definite choices. This problem may be related to a certain lack of desire in the relationship. Neither of you has a lot of objections to most of your shared activities, but neither of you has much yearning for them either. Thus you can live or work together in quite a bland, satisfied state for years without ever really making strong demands on each other, or on the relationship. Although happiness should not be sneered at, in this case one often gets the feeling that something vital is missing. Love affairs can be affectionate in some respects, quite cool in others but they are rarely passionate, whether overt or covert, they can last for years without having to face a serious crisis. Marriages, too, can be mutually satisfying, and also somewhat uneventful. Your children will benefit from the relationship's stability but might find it a bit uninspiring. Friendships can succeed in satisfying mutual needs and providing warm and caring attitudes. ADVICE: What is it you really want? Dig deep to find your heart's desire. Be more demanding, less easily satisfied. Liven up your life a bit.

    You and your Capricorn friend: this relationship often lacks a clear picture of itself and of what it does—it needs help in self-evaluation. The focus here, then, is often a mutual search for a standard or objective criterion against which it can measure or evaluate its achievements. Should debilitating arguments arise, both of you may need to consult a counselor or mutual friend who can serve as a mediator. In interpersonal relationships, your hard-working friend often enjoys your free and easy attitudes, which can help him take his mind off work and responsibilities. When he does relax, he can be great fun, so that you two may thoroughly enjoy your leisure together. On the other hand, you will also get on your friend's nerves, if he is in a serious mood or busy with a project. He sometimes finds you extremely irritating and distracting. Love affairs rarely develop, since your friend's dominance is usually more than easygoing you can handle. In marriage too, he is likely to set himself up as the absolute authority—a stance not acceptable to you, and unworkable within the relationship. Friendships generally bring out the best, and enmities the worst, in this combination. You both tend to define your likes and dislikes extremely clearly with each other, so that the issues in your friendship are usually all out in the open. ADVICE: Try harder to work things out. Don't let your buttons be pushed so easily. Enjoy goofing off together. Don't take things too seriously.

    You, purpleiris, need to do a lot of soul work in order to face down some emotional immaturity, carelessness, and a tendency to take the easy way out of conflicts and confrontations. Light-hearted and rather lucky, you may find yourself attracted to people or situations that will help you to identify your shadow side or the places where your emotional and spiritual growth has been stunted or stalled. Of course, we all often learn our greatest lessons through negative experiences rather than positive ones. There is a definite pattern to what you are experiencing. You are youthful in your approach to life and are usually open-minded and flexible. Try to take on more responsibility and become more serious about life. The challenges you face are actually opportunities to develop greater personal strength and authority. Instead of caring so much about what others think, stand up for what you or your loved ones believe. Take up challenges and don't back down. Your best associates are freethinkers who are responsible and have achieved something through strength of purpose.

    The Pisces man: a little compassion and empathy would make this loner's life better. He doesn't take to others very easily, and can be downright timid when it comes to joining forces for a common cause. He struggles with basic social connection and interaction and thinks he can figure out the secrets of socialization and commitment wiithout necessarily having to participate. How the world works can become his major preoccupation. Still, he is highly intelligent and craves to be able to communicate his ideas. If he can stick to stable professions and concrete institutions, he may do well in areas concerning the written word, teaching, psychology, and service. If he can release the need for vanity and ego affirmation, he will begin to place the good of the group or his partner ahead of his own self-interest. Making and keeping promises is important. He is courageous and idealistic but his pitfalls are being overly emotional and petty.

    The Capricorn man: he has a fine talent for information gathering and detail work, although he could be a bit more sociable and friendly. He has a tendency to be aloof and not share his ideas and feelings with others. There is an inclination to keep the blinders on in situations or deal with himself and others too harshly. A softened moral stance will improve his relationships greatly. A restless soul, he always seems to want more but he burns out easily and might not accomplish what he set out to achieve. He must learn to live in the present moment as he usually is looking forward or back. Slowing down and taking the time to stop and think before he speaks or acts will greatly help. It may be hard for him to stick with one partner, given his philosophy of thinking the grass is always greener somewhere else. Given his passionate nature, promiscuity could be a problem - however a stable family life is the best form of grounding for him.

  • dear the captain,

    i cannot thank you enough! i am so touched by the time you have taken for me...and how much you have helped me. this was such a positive reading, and it made me so happy. and, the details were just amazing. i really appreciate your kindness...seriously, you have no idea how this has really lifted my spirit.

    peace and light,


  • arykkah55, with Sagittarius man: You two dominating personalities generally find yourselves interacting most successfully in the kind of social setting that stresses knowing how to play the game. Whether you are partners or rivals, you will do your dance with each other according to well-established rules of conduct. Strategic thinking plays its part in this relationship, for both you and your friend enjoy being able to bounce ideas about how to deal with others off a knowledgeable partner. Your friend can get a bit serious sometimes, and his darker moods may weigh heavily on you. On the other hand, he may sometimes find you a bit impetuous and premature in your judgments and actions. Privacy is important in the relationship, which nevertheless tends to be quite involved with family and friends. Parties, outings and social gatherings of all types attract you both, and you are likely to throw yourselves into these events rather than be found standing on the sidelines. This kind of active social participation usually bodes well for the relationship's longevity, for if left alone too long, you two may clash and fall into power struggles. Marriages specialize in advising other people and guiding them through difficult periods with compassion and understanding. The two of you respect each other, but more because you recognize each other's power than because you really acknowledge each other on a human level. Each of you knows well the other partner's ability to inflict pain. ADVICE: Reach agreement whenever possible. Don't waste time and energy in heavy disputes. Learn the art of compromise. Develop lasting values.

    arykkah and the Scorpio: You both share a belief in being truthful no matter what. The relationship synergistically increases this quality, which may well become its core focus. Things aren't too easy between you, since both of you tend to be demanding and believe in giving your projects their all—or not at all. At the same time, you both often see the truth as something relative, rather than an absolute written in stone. For the most part, however, both of you agree that honesty, integrity, ethical behavior and sticking to the facts as much as possible are of paramount importance. Your stars are square to each other in the zodiac so there will be some conflict in the relationship. And given that you are two of the most stubborn individuals of the zodiac, friction is indeed a certainty. But friction can also mean passion. Although you are a fire sign and your friend is water, the relationship is governed by earth, an element here connoting a strong physical connection. Sexuality is usually important in this relationship. In love affairs, honesty continues to play its part, being combined with passionate and erotic intensity. Marriages may be no less passionate than love affairs but are certainly more demanding in terms of responsibilities. A friendship between you can be very close. Despite disagreements and emotional upset, especially because of the honesty, you two usually have a great deal of respect for each other and can count on each other in times of trouble. As much as you hate to admit it, both of you will occasionally be forced to take personal or mitigating considerations into account and to allow for lapses in truthfulness, even in yourselves.

    Your pride and your friend's perfectionism may have to be sacrificed at times to hammer out compromises; but once an issue has been settled or agreed upon, you both will generally keep your word faithfully. ADVICE: Be more human in applying standards of truth. Forgive and forget. Cultivate empathy. Beware of rigidity. Bend with the wind.

    You, arrykkah, are blessed with the ability to assert yourself and have a flair for the dramatic and the unusual. You are likely to atttract attention wherever you go, but you need to feel safe before you will reveal your true nature. Forget the drama and just show who you really are. Don't allow ego issues, or the fear of rejection or humilation, to hamper your progress. You have a very demanding side and must try to put yourself in other people's shoes for greater understanding. Be careful not to allow your attraction to the darker side of life to rule you. You are highly observant and very original and unconventional, but you can let your fears and imagination run away with you. Don't come on so strong and rein in your impatience.

    Sag male: this self-assured and intense soul might struggle to find a footing in a profession or the right direction for his career. Multi-talented, he needs to settle down to a single occupation or pursuit in the interest of developing greater expertise and even mastery. He has a tendency to overthink problems and situations and may retreat from pressing reality as a result. The demands of the real world may require more of his attention than he would like to give. He can grapple with issues of depression, and circumstances may demand that he regulates his mood swings and displays of temper. He can be very stubborn and resistant to change. Those overly big dreams and schemes of his are setting him up for failure, because he needs to do more than dream -- he needs to do it.. This guy wants to be the master of his domain and any attempts to pin him down or try and limit his freedom will result in him running for the hills. He needs a very long leash and may never lose his liking for wandering and escaping. His best friends and partner is someone who is strong and independent - any sign of dependency or weakness will turn him off. Conversely, he himself can be quite possessive, even codependent, in his more intimate realtionships. But he hates it in others. A simpler way of life that includes nature and natural living attracts this guy, and living in a more rural area will help him to avoid all the dangerous amusements a city has to offer.

    The Scorpio: his early life was probably characterised by rejection, misunderstanding, and suffering. So he has developed a sense of unworthiness, aloofness, and dissatisfaction. Yet there is an almost mystical aspect to him that, if turned outward in a sincere effort to connect with others, can be greatly satisfying. He must be careful, however, not to couch his fears in a pious or rigid set of principles, and gain a better grasp of what it means to live and let live. Learning not to take things so personally and releasing feelings of being unloved, unwanted, and badly used will prove especially important. Cultivating an ability to laugh at himself and reinforcing his sunnier, upbeat side will bring enormous and positive change. He has a gift for problem-solving for everyone but himself. Earrly in life, his love affairs tend to be short-lived and highly passionate, but rarely productive or meaningful. Romantic, creative, and sensual, it is usually him who gets most hurt in a breakup. Ironically, it is in living with someone - sharing the daily routines and negotiations - that he finds the best opportunity for happiness and learning.

  • imiwood, the success of this relationship will depend on your friend's ability to acknowledge you as the boss in appropriate situations. If this is impossible, a rocky road lies ahead for you two, assuming you wish to travel it. Both of you may be so determined to make this relationship work, however, that you will be willing to compromise. Thus, you will be understanding of your friend's need for freedom, and of his penchant for criticizing and making demands, while your friend may give way to you when a leader is required, meanwhile keeping hold of the reins of power through planning and behind-the-scenes decision-making. You two may see eye-to-eye on fighting injustice or oppression. When united on this front, you can be unstoppable. Romantic relationships can be satisfying for both of you, particularly in the sexual sphere. You are demanding and will put your friend's stamina to the test. Not at all understanding of infidelity, you will also keep a tight leash on him, but he will not enjoy facing your ultimatums. If anyone is guilty of a double standard, however, it may well be you: your flexible friend is probably more compromising and forgiving. In marriages and work partnerships, you will hold up your end of the bargain and expect your friend to do the same. This may or may not be wise, for too often your friend will tend to lean on you to get things done. Moreover, you can be long-suffering, and even if one day you realize you have made a bad choice in your frivolous or scattered friend, you will often hang in there and continue to shoulder the relationship's responsibilities. You may actually prefer your friend to be absent a lot of the time. Arguments over money are likely to plague this pairing. Friendship can work out well for you both, as long as your friend's complaining or criticism does not push patient you beyond your limit. ADVICE: Try being more diplomatic. Compromise can make the impossible possible. Be aware of your limitations. Insist on equal participation.

    You: Impulsive and often reckless in the extreme, you may expend untold amounts of energy in excitabilty, irritability, and an unwillingness to change. This might result in a 'me against the world' attitude, so transform your negative thinking into positivity. Erratic emotions and unpredictable tempers will be your biggest stumbling blocks. Try to develop more objectivity and a sense of humour and stop wanting to do everything your way. You are blessed with great empathy and a need to use your talents in the service and protection of the downtrodden - just know when it is time to give up on a particular course of action and move on. Don't let an overblown sense of responsibility hold you back from achieving inner freedom. Tear down those imaginary walls that you think are restricting you. Limitations are illusions.

    Your friend: Though gifted with stability and strength, he might have a rather instructive streak. He should avoid over-intellectualising or over-analysing his wilder and more expressive side or he may talk himself out of some of his best ideas and impulses. If repressed, he may be prone to complaining and blaming until he realises his dissatisfaction has a deeper inner cause. Once he comes to terms with his originality, creative impulses, and the fear of his own unconscious, he can pursue his goals fearlessly. He may grapple with the disapproval of others and needs supportive and appreciative people around him. Not everything can be controlled - he must realise that chaos can be creative. The need for material security can be strong in him but it can hold him back from the joy of unlocking his own resources. It can help if his friends are unusual or original becuase a traditonal lifestyle will just hold back his evolution.

  • Leobella, don't despair. Once my new site is up and running, I might be able to find you a new improved partner.

  • BenteStoker, what is the birthyear of your friend Charles?

  • Hi. Could you please help me? my birthdate is dec. 2, 1979, and my person of interest is march 27, 1978. I love this man, and I have since I was seventeen, but he drives me crazy. Does he want to be with w me, or not, or does he want his cake and want to eat it too? If I knew where his head was out, I could have peace. Anything you see would be great. Even if it is really awful I need to know. What does he want from me? Please help me, Please! U seem like u are honest and helpful to many on this site.

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  • Captain I also want to express my gratitude for what you have written. You have a beautifull talent don't let it go to waste. As for many others the reading for me was an eye-opener and will do my best to tend to the relationship carefully.

    I hope to see your website up and running.

  • My birthday is October 27, 1943.

    Her birthday is May 14, 1947

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