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  • Aponnacross, this can be an exciting and deeply personal relationship, focused on being oneself and expressing highly individual emotions. Both of you bring to it the gifts of intuition, passion and empathy. These gifts reinforce each other and the relationship further contributes to them with a high degree of mental and physical compatibility. This matchup is marked by easy communication and sensuous enjoyment. It will never place undue demands on either of you, since there will always be a free and easy exchange between you. Neither of you will ever have to make excuses for your behaviour or suppress your basic instincts.

    This matchup's easygoing nature will make any type of relationship likely to succeed, including work or business. On balance though, it is best suited to love and friendship. As lovers, you two feel good about your relationship and are for the most part satisfied. You have a silent enjoyment and understanding of each other - you are on the same wavelength. Just one look tells the whole story. In such a relationship, love and affection can be expressed in an easy way, without overt displays of emotion or a need to impress others.

    Marriage can be successful too, as long as a stable financial and emotional foundation is established. Providing this kind of security will take some work, and both of you may have to give up some individual freedom and set some limits on your impulsiveness. You must be careful however not to give up too many of your individual privileges, particularly when it comes to other people. You both have a need and desire to share with each other, and you may well be open enough to share a circle of mutual friends. It is also possible however that jealousy and possessiveness may surface as undermining factors. Putting your relationship first while also keeping certain areas of your lives private and exclusive will provide the needed stability. Don't take too much for granted, and share but don't give it all away.

  • thank you captain for the reading... love and light to you in all things that you do...

  • captain Do you see this relationship becoming reality? Me july 22 1965 him march24 1962

    thank you for all your insight, just need alittle more info.

  • Hello Captain. I already have studied some astrology but I am no expert by any means. Sometimes it helps to get a fresh point of view into the picture. I have included charts if it helps any.

    Me Aug. 22nd, 1975

    Him Dec. 25th, 1961

    He confuses me to the point of insanity. This is romantic and there is a strong connection between us that transends anything I've ever expierenced. He once stated that if he had to pick a female that was most like him, a woman that was his female equlivant, it would be me.

    We're not on good terms right now. Do I give up, or keep the hope alive?

  • Aponnacross, not unless you divest yourself of all other ties.

  • AliceQ, your relationship has a powerful social awareness that is at once penetrating and detached. You two are able to step back and evaluate the machinations at work in any situation - even your own, as if you were a third invisible person in your own relationship. You two have a lot in common. You both tend to be private individuals hiding a secret or two, and you don't readily trust people. You also have the same elemental makeup - both of you are fire/earth combinations, meaning you interact well. Together you love observing other people, and you share a curiosity about riddles and mysteries, including your own, which you solve by applying both reason and intuition, like private detectives.

    However a love affair or marriage is not as harmonious as one might expect here; you both have a need to hide yourselves away somewhat, so that it will take someone really magnetic to draw you out. If you are brought together by a third person, however, you may opt for the safety of your similarity, rather than risking the possibility of further hurt or misunderstanding in a new relationship. Friendship is probably the most fruitful relationship you two can have. It often includes a shared interest - perhaps an area of study, an appreciation of the arts, or some form of physical exercise. If you meet in your student days, you will probably keep track of each other over the years, although the relationship may not continue to be close. You may share an involvement with a third person, whether romantically or as a friend, and this can give you overlapping knowledge and experience.

    Alice, you may have or have had an attraction to the wild side of life. You must learn to subdue or tame your passions through greater self-control. A sense of timing regarding telling your own or others' secrets will be called for. Before the recognition and position of influence promised by this lifepath can become available to you, you must learn about the management of information. Cultivate a near-perfect sense of timing for your revelations and become known for your strength of character. You may experience some unpleasant or uncomfortable confrontations with the spectres of your own past experiences, especially if your youthful rebellion manifested itself in questionable activities or associations. Still, being a person of quiet authority suits you well. If you take care to cultivate a willingness to trust and to make yourself worthy of trust in return, your natural charisma and flamboyance will prove to be good assets in life. However, you will attract envy and even jealousy as your power grows, especially in the workplace. Once you recognise it, you can use your considerable charm to defuse it. As you own the authority in yourself and take on more responsibility, old friends and lovers will drop away and new, more mature and self-sufficient partners will arrive. Relationships firmly based on an even balance of power nourish your growth and you cannot permit people to become dependent on you.

    Your ex has or had an attachment to low self-worth that he must release. He feels different and set apart from most people. His insecurity and lack of self-confidence must be overcome if he is to fulfill his destiny and leadership potential. He may withdraw from opportunities in a somewhat sullen or misanthropic insistence on going his own way, regardless of the needs of others. Not inclined to care what people think, he may fancy himself so independent that he isolates himself unnecessarily. Failing to share his unique vision with others may hinder his higher development as well. He would do well to remember that the fundamentals of human nature are the same in everyone. If he can bring himself to teach, if only by example, that a sense of independence need not exist at odds with the need for love and validation, all will go well for him. Ego, hubris or narcissism can all be dangers on this lifepath and must be avoided. The need for approval or adulation and all vestiges of insecurity must be eliminated from the psyche so as to become immune to the lure of popularity. Only someone who can accept the role of foot soldier to his general would be a suitable partner here. Someone like you Alice with your own calling for authority and leadership would clash with this person's sometimes dictatorial tendencies.

    So no I don't see this would have ever worked out long term.

  • Hi Captain not really sure if i'm looking for u to tell me what i already feel or maybe you know/see something i dont... could you do a compatibility on myself July 23 1981 and him June 30th 1980. im a cancer leo cusp...not sure why after 6 yrs it still didnt work or i wasn't enough or why when i walk away he ends up back with his 1st love high school sweetheart "friend" who was the 1st and only person to really break his heart. Your insight Pease.


  • AliceQ I soooo completely understand what you're going through...the back and forths the rollercoaster. when its good its amazing when things are bad its like hell in your stomach, sometimes i have to remind myself to breathe

  • Captain, If you would be so kind as to offer insight to a couple of relationships I will be very grateful! I am June 23,1974 and I am Curious about March 27, 1973 and August 17, 1964. Thank you

  • Illusions4124, this relationship was unstable emotionally and had trouble staying on an even keel. It interfered with the achievement of worldly goals for at least one of you, if not both. Your mood swings coupled with your ex's emotional sensitivity produced an imbalance in your relationship that ultimately tore it apart. The challenge was to gain control over emotions without suppressing them. When threatened, both of you have a tendency to withdraw or shut down. The relationship needed to be expressive, open and accepting. You, Illusions, can be hard to reach at times, but if your ex had been more emotionally healthy, he could have used his empathic and psychological skills to unblock you. And if he became withdrawn or depressed, you could have been sensitive enough to know when to leave him alone and when to urge him gently toward more pleasurable activities. Patience, sheer will, courage, and understanding would have saved this relationship with its complex emotional states. Any tendency to procrastinate over problems or to escape through denial or drift would have doomed it to failure.

  • Mellove and the Aries: The most crucial area here is that of trust, for neither of you easily admits others to his or her private inner world. This trust, along with an ability to learn and develop together, may be slow to build, but if not harmed, will eventually emerge as the relationship's focus and indeed may prove to be the backbone of a long-standing friendship, love affair or marriage. But no matter how deep it runs, the connection between you is vulnerable to being irreparably broken if infidelity or betrayal occurs on even one occasion. Forgiveness is not characteristic of this matchup. You, Mellove, often have a soothing effect on your friend, who has a stressed-out side and can push themselves too hard and too fast. Your energy waiting at home may allow them to relax in domestic tranquillity. This is not to say you two will always have a calming influence on each other, but in general your friend's more intuitive side allows them to understand your sensitivity, while your emotional sensibility grants a sympathy with your friend's problems. Much between you remains unspoken, whether you are lovers or friends. In any connection here, objectivity may prove both a crying need and unfortunately an impossible goal. Should a friendship between you emerge, a decision may have to be faced as to whether to allow it to go any further. If limits are set (whether because one of you wants to avoid a romantic or sexual involvement or because one of you already has a partner whose jealousy must be appeased) they may take the form of simply restricting contact with each other. Such a decision will be hard to make as the understanding that can develop between you is subtle and magical and the relationship can only be scaled back with great difficulty and pain.

    Mellove and the Leo: This relationship can sweep both of you off your feet in a storm of passion. Its mood is romantic, intense and compelling. The focus here may well prove to be the realisation of fantasies and imaginative impulses. Your friend, who usually seeks and demands admiration, may find themselves worshipping at your altar, and you will not hesitate to exert dominant control over your friend once you feel you are in the driver's seat. Your influence is rarely destructive however - in fact, the attitude of both of you towards this relationship tends to the devotional. A love affair or marriage is likely to be sexually exciting. Both of you are often stirred by your love to the very depths of your being, and these feelings tend to endure over time. You, Mellove, may find yourself responsible for maintaining the home base and providing a stable foundation for the relationship while your mate is out in the world overcoming obstacles and attaining success. On the domestic front, your mate will appear to be the boss but you will be the real power behind the throne. Friendship between you is likely to be understanding and supportive. Your friend may be impatient from time to time with your more passive attitudes and you in turn may simultaneously resent and rely on your friend's aggression. If you both exercise care and patience and beware of burnout by keeping emotions balanced and steady, this can be a successful relationship.

  • So Captain is it fair to say that I need find a way to let go emotionally and for me cont. to break chance what do you see for him june 30th 1980 and the one from his past dec 4 1981, is that where he belongs?

    Thanks so much for getting back to me.

  • Illusions4124, his other relationship is a meeting of kindred souls who appreciate each other's unconventionality, even though there are temperamental differences here. This is an all-or-nothing matchup where they either click or they don't. Marriage can either work out wonderfully well or end in confused disaster, depending on whether this pair rushes into it or sits down and considers it from all angles. If there is no objectivity or if enthusaism is used instead of good judgement, things could go badly wrong. Unless there is a common hobby, work projects, or artistic or athletic pursuits for this pair to share together, it is likely that their differences in temperament will see them disagreeing vehemently - and often.

  • Thank you Captain, i think i've heard what you're saying with out actually saying it. Have a good night

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  • Moderators, could I please edit my post?

  • Captain, many blessings to you! Your generousity and insight are both astounding and humbling. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

  • illusions4124: Hey sister, your preaching to the choir here. LMAO! What you said reminded me of something I've told him on several occasions. When it's good and we're together its PERFECTION but when it's not good and your gone it's HELLFIRE and BRIMSTONE. Our relationship can and does swing from one extreme to the next.

    Captain: I can totally dig what your saying and I see what your saying. The most funny part is is that we are both obsessed with some kinda equality. It was our agreement that a relationship was based on equality and similar goals/a willingness to work towards a brighter future. I was into the yin/yang aspect that we was/could/used to be together.

    You said ~He may withdraw from opportunities in a somewhat sullen or misanthropic insistence on going his own way, regardless of the needs of others. Not inclined to care what people think, he may fancy himself so independent that he isolates himself unnecessarily.~

    Oh boy does he ever. And then he would beat himself up for acting that way, and preach on how much he wanted that equality in his life. His dictatorial tendencies never fazed me. But I think with time in his life he has learned to involve others close to him in decisions. As for his ego. I played the cheerleader alot of times and I never minded doing that.

    But I can see what your saying. Don't think I can't. There was alot of unequal hardships between us. Alot of times I felt I was only in his life 'at his convenience' when he wanted me there. At times when I really needed him close, he would be gone. (With many excuses) I felt what I needed did not count to him. He once asked me if I thought he was 'life time mate material' and I said yes, BUT I was willing to bet that anyone he's ever spent life-time with (his ex W. ect) would say that after a while he made them feel more like a roommate then a lover that he actually wanted in his life.

    Me? A wild side? Ohh totally guilty. I accept that, I attempt to grow with that and I'm fine with that. I have friends in hi and lo places. At this moment I am in the middle of a life redo. I am working hard for the goals I have set for myself and I have a vision of my future that makes me happy. Successful and secure and one day... One day maybe I'll find my equal. I thought I had. Which is why it's been so hard for me to let go.

    But after its all and said and done, when he comes back around (and he will) I don't know if I'll have the ability to send him on his way, such is the pull I feel for him. Just his natural scent invades my better senses and I have no resistance to him. Wish me luck.

  • Thank you for the reading. I'm still confused about where this relationship is heading, but I appreciate the insight on how we relate to each other. We have admitted we love each other, I'm just wondering what is standing in the way of us being together full time, and is it something that can be overcome?

  • Lightwhisper, your link has expired. Just give me your birthdate and your friend's and I can do the compatibility report for you.

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