Compatibility analysis

  • Hi!

    I'm new to this, as I just signed up today. I found your offer to do readings on relationships, and I was wondering if you would please do one for me?

    Me: January 8, 1962

    Him: December 31, 1968

    I realize you're busy, so I really appreciate you doing this for me! Thank you!!!

  • Captain,

    Thanks again. I took your advice and ask him how he was feeling first. He replied "pretty good and how are you"? I then replied "Ok, just checking on ya" you see what I!!!!

    I think were both scarred to discuss anything. But hey, I did feel better for at least asking. Pondering my next move now.

    Cheers for now

    Sydney Girl aka Cap24

  • him feb 27 1984 me 30 dec 1990 🙂

  • AriesPiscesCusp, mutual protection, security, sympathy, and moneymaking figure strongly in this matchup. Despite these common goals and bonds of feeling, however, the relationship may also involve a lack of awareness that prevents it from attaining real emotional depth. If it is confronted by difficulties, whether from the inside or outside, this lack of consciousness will leave it open to psychological trauma and strife and ultimately will most likely break it apart. Yet the level of awareness can be raised. This may not be easy, for considerable emotional complexities will be involved, but conscious and determined effort must be made to bring it about. To guarantee the firm internal bonding sufficient to withstand adverse circumstances, a process of learning and understanding must be developed. Analysis is the key - face your problems squarely and strive to raise awareness of any weaknesses or vulnerabilities.

    Many people with a profile like your friend are aggressive types, who need to call the shots; but if he pushes in this direction, it is unlikely you will be able to assume a passive role for long. This relationship is more likely to succeed if your friend hangs back and lets go of control while you take the lead. In that case however, your direct, outspoken nature may wound your sensitive friend and drive a wedge between you. On the plus side, both of you share traits of deep emotion and sensitivity, which may enable you to perceive the lessons necessary for this relationship to deepen and grow. Learn from your experiences and work towards the common cause of improving your relationship.

  • Renzosluv, this relationship tends to look after its own best interests, and will encourage its partners to get along. For all your power drives, you two can be united in dealing with important matters, since you are quick to figure out what might be of mutual advantage to you. Onlookers may be surprised by the forming of a bond between you two people whose points of view and general characters seem so irreconcilable, and your relationship may indeed be a highly unconventional, even bizarre matchup from certain standpoints. Yet these incongruities are not the primary issues on your minds, since you are usually far more interested in dealing with whatever matter is at hand. This practial relationship has little danger of falling into idle speculation.

    Marriage is usually stronger here than a love affair since your relationship shows a marked tendency towards domesticity. Home may be the uppermost consideration for you two - making it safe, secure, comfortable, and functional as a place both to relax and to work. Children of such a marriage will probably be well looked after, although expected to toe the line. Disapproval and punishment must be kept within bounds, for the relationship can be excessive in both respects.

    The relationship can be very supportive but also highly competitive, particularly in sports, education, and love. You two may compete for the affections or attentions of family members, or more likely, your peers. Should this get out of hand, alienation and an inability to forgive can be expected. You can work well together in a company since both of you are usually able to mute your power struggles and can give the best interests of the group your top priority. When you want to, you can both be masterfully diplomatic and tactful, seeking to find mutually beneficial solutions and to avoid open conflict. But remember to take care of individual needs, too. Try to be more forgiving of each other - open your hearts a bit wider and don't punish each other or disapprove too much.

  • Cappy24, what is it you are both are so afraid of? Showing your vulnerability? A relationship must be open and honest about everything to succeed. Hiding your feelings and fears won't make it work. The fears eventually erode the relationship when the other partner thinks you are holding back because of them.

  • Katiesssss, although this relationship shapes up as a confrontation between the practical (you) and the spiritual (your friend), the emphasis here is on the power of the mind to seek out and find the answers to such philosophical questions. Inevitably, communicating such findings to other people is also important here. Thus, your individual strengths will be called upon, and your unique and profound understanding of the worlds of matter and spirit will stand you in good stead. it is precisely in trying to iron out your marked differences that you will stumble upon more universal truths.

    Love or marriage between you is seldom very noteworthy, yet neither is it very negative. Friendship is much better and more remarkable, especially when you can both benefit from your own radically different outlooks. It is no surprise for such friends to challenge each other mentally and to engage in heated debates, which should be kept objective and prevented from flaring into emotional battles. You two can bring your mental powers to bear with laserlike intensity on any problem at hand, whether emotional or financial if you remain objective. This is harder to do in an intimate relationship. You Katie may stifle your friend's creative spark if you are too overdominant.

  • Hi TheCaptain! I've had a crush on this guy for a couple months now. We just formally met a few days ago and I can't seem to get him off my mind. Can you tell me if were at all compatible?

    Me- March 1st, 1991

    Him- May 10th, 1989

  • hello Catain <my 22="" 1962="" 1965="" birthdate="" is="" july="" husbands="" 21july="" how="" can="" we="" overcome<br="">our communication issues, and what issues do we need to overcome?</my>

  • This post is deleted!

  • Amberalwayz, this matchup is better if you are friends or co-volunteers than anything more intimate. The thrust of the relationship would probably be social. Together you two are likely to explore the realms of thoughts and communication. Favored here are group activities within which the relationship can function as an integral unit. It would not be surprising to find you two actively involved in charity work or other causes that would involve you with others.

    A friendship or love affair would depend heavily on social interaction. Indeed the relationship's quality is often defined by the nature of its behaviour in social settings. You both are often interested in music, dancing, film, and other entertainments, and together you may prove the moving force in organizing a group of family and friends to share in such activities. Being with other people so much of the time moves personal problems out of the spotlight, and makes you two more relaxed, but also deprives you of the ability to confront each other, work out issues, and deepen the relationship. You are both able to enjoy intimacy of course, but it is the social dimension that provides the punch for this relationship. It does not function well on a deeper more intimate level where your differences become more obvious. The bond between you is unlikely to be a very profound or empathic one because you will not connect at a deep feeling level. It can be a supportive one however which makes it good for friendship.

    Both of you have a reclusive side that the relationship may suppress, almost certainly creating tension. Love triangles are common in this combination, often hiding behind a facade of friendship but capable of surfacing and shattering the fragile bonds of your relationship with each other. Then a hard and painful choice will have to be made whether to stay with a cheating partner or leave.

  • Aponnacross, both your personalities are prone to wide swings of mood, which this relationship magnifies - sometimes to the point where they become intolerable. Yet a workable dynamic can also be achieved, particularly if what you are doing together has to do with emotions, psychology, art and music, or the healing arts. In fact, your pooled understanding of the creative process and the human psyche can be invaluable to any family, social or professional group.

    You two need stability in your relationships, but you are unlikely to find it with each other. Emotions here can swing from sparkling and even wildly exciting to depressed and finally cold. Either a breakup or a breakdown is likely in short order. In marriage, you will certainly need the steadiness that comes from a solid financial base, from career commitments, a stable domestic situation, and adequate pay and benefits, yet even should all these be present you will still have no guarantee of success unless you two can achieve some kind of emotional balance. Disaster looms when one of you is either too upbeat or too depressed and a seesaw effect - whenever one is up the other is down - can be extremely frustrating.

    Even things out by striving for emotional control. Aim for objectivity and count to ten in emotionally charged situations. Both of you can benefit from learning to relax more - meditation, exercise, yoga, deep breathing, etc are all good helpful ways. Don't overreact, or be too impulsive, or lash out blindly.

  • Hi captain,

    could you tell me if this could go any where.. mine Oct. 22 1969 his June 17 69

  • Hey!

    That's so sweet of you. My birthday is 9th Nov 1970 at 00:24 (Asc Leo 28 deg), his is 27th Sept 1966 at 16:36 (Asc Aquarius, cant remember the degree).

    We were together for a couple of months then on 2nd April he said he didnt feel it was the right thing for him and wanted out. This has saddened me greatly cos I found him inspiring and he came into my life like a thunderbolt (which I loved), had so much in common, sex was amazing and loved his sizzling sense of humour. I honestly thought he felt the same...until last Friday.

    So I am in a bit of a pickle and I wonder whether we would reconcile somehow...

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Bea x

  • Libralady2008, you two will attract a great deal of attention, both as a duo and individually, but your relationship tends to be quite intimate and private - few others will know much about it. You share a hunger for experiences of all kinds, and the theme of exploration will figure prominently, but you carry on your experience-gathering quietly, moving relatively unrecognised on the outskirts of life. Not that you hide intentionally or even consciously; most who know you however are blinded to the real nature of your relationship by its brilliantly extroverted side. Nor will you go out of your way to correct others' misconceptions, being quite content to preserve your privacy and your ability to be yourselves when alone with each other. In such moments you taste the joys of anonymity.

    Marriage, a love affair, and friendship usually present a successful, vibrant and self-confident face to the world. In private however, insecurities and frustrations emerge. These difficulties are seldom a result of the relationship itself but are personal and social in nature. Both of you tend to be somewhat irritable, nervous and angry a good deal of the time over your treatment by the world, and one of your principal functions for each other is to allow the expression of such negative feelings without fear of censure. In this way your connection with each other may become essential to your psychological wellbeing. Your personal feelings toward each other, sexual or otherwise, often take second place to this aspect of the relationship. If you can deal with any social or personal problems directly, rather than simply retreating to the relationship as a protective or neutral space, then this matchup can succeed in the longterm. But you must become something more to each other than just people who listen to each other's complaints and gripes. Aim for social honesty and don't take the easy way out. Minimise dependencies and come to grips with your difficulties.

    The strengths of this relationship are that it is sensitive, accepting, and understanding. Its weaknesses are that it can be irrititable, misleading, and escapist.

  • Titania1970, this is an intense combination that won't flinch when confronted with the truth. Realistic and tough, you two are not without personal charm, either. You have a much greater respect for the cold hard facts of life than for all the theories in the world about what things are supposed to be like. The relationship usually has the approval and solid backing of both of you, and you are both confident (at least at first) in your ability to withstand almost any onslaught through a united defense.

    Work partnerships are most favoured here. A love affair or marriage is more tricky. Power struggles are likely to emerge, particularly in the sexual arena. You Titania need to dominate physically while your partner likes to be mentally dominant, and the intensity of such encounters can reach seismic levels. Unfortunately, arguments and emotional conflicts of equal intensity often precede or follow such interactions. Some balance or compromise will have to be reached or this relationship will be headed for burnout. Moreover, the heavy emphasis on cold reality and the nature of power leaves a lot to be desired in the way of warmth, sensitivity, and kindness. Ultimately, even you two tough customers may find that passion isn't enough. Sex can be a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands.

  • Thank you, Captain. It is fairly on point, I have to say.

    Though currently I am trying to get to grips with why he called it quits last Friday not impressed by his silence either.

    Bea xx

  • The last line should be - "Sex can be a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands."

  • hi Captain

    You are so appreciated for all of your hard work and dedication to people. i have another compatability for you to check, please. My birthdate 22 July 1965 other person 24 March 1962

    What can you tell me about us?

  • Titania1970, I feel you frightened your man away with your intensity - he felt you were wanting too much of him, more than he could or was willing to give. You wanted a heavier deeper relationship than this guy did. He prefers light-hearted and undemanding relationships. He found it hard to cope with your emotions and drama. He will never be the one who makes amends and will always be more interested in doing what he wants to do than what you want. You can be very jealous and possessive too and this guy likes to flirt and have other people show him he is attractive. You are very opposite in your personalities. A lack of communication is one of the biggest problems with the relationship.

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