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  • Red35, something about this combination will be quite enigmatic to you and your partner, deeply perceptive individuals as you both are, who are bound to feel frustrated by the fact that you can't quite seem to see or emotionally touch each other. It is as if the relationship were a smoke screen preventing full understanding. Even when you two live or work together or are close friends, a great deal between you is usually left unsaid, or actively concealed. There seems to be an inevitability in operation here, a fated or karmic impulse that brings you two together will-nilly, regardless of differences in background, training, race, age, religion or career interests but that at the same time prevents a deeper union.

    A romantic relationship has a strong sexual component. From flirtation to outright temptation and seduction, your pairing tends to produce the kind of provocative behaviour that is likely to lead to some degree of sexual involvement. Both of you have a need to keep things hushed up, and you will usually be very discreet about when and where you meet. Should a third person be involved as the long-standing lover or spouse of one of you, a breakup between you or even all three members of the tirangle is often inevitable.

    This inability to be honest with each other can see one or both of you resorting to manipulative ploys to get their way rather than expressing themselves directly. You think your partner uses unethical tactics, and he sees you as selfish and controlling. Power struggles can emerge in this combination and compromise and negotiation is needed to work out problems. As long as the lines of honest communication can be opened up and a certain amount of diplomacy observed, this relationship can endure. But you must both be willing to let your guards down and learn to trust each other.

  • MOONRAIZ, this relationship is truly out of the ordinary. Magnifying the more unconventional apects of the two of you, it may prove quite remarkable to friends and family alike. Conventional friendship and marriage may not be possible for you two, who may replace them with unusual sorts of companionships, career connections, or living situations. Tremendous differences in age, body type, background, diet or religion may appear here, for example, representing not compromise but totally new, even bizarre combinations. Such a relationship must obviously grow strong and self-assured to withstand the criticism or public ridicule of harsher, less sensitive souls.

    As a couple, you are more likely to flaunt your differences publically than to try to hide them. Being the centre of attention is not especially disturbing for you two, who usually feel that others will have to adjust to you rather than vice versa. Colour, style, movement, speech, humour - all of these may be extreme, sometimes to a discordant or jarring effect, sometimes creating an overall impression that has been carefully calculated and designed. Show seems to be the obvious intent, but something quite unexpected may lurk behind the fanfare. The motives for your bizarre lifestyle are not easy to uncover. You two may feel ostracised from your families and seek mutual solace with each other as a form of defense.

    You can be very successful and achieve financial reward from working together in a small business or commercial outlet. Money is rarely the most important thing for you two however, and success if it comes may arrive completely unwished for, by accident. Mere friendship will not be successful between you two - a deeper involvement is called for if you are to stay together. Your friend will need a lot of freedom if your relationship is to be longterm.

    You two people can enjoy running circles around each other. Your friend is mercurial -- always fascinating and nearly impossible to keep up with, which you will find entertaining. That is until he starts the real monkey business. If you are serious about pursuing this ephemeral guy, you'd better be prepared to take what comes with it -- a wilderness of loose ends. Your friend will tend to rely on your sense of responsibility and organizational skills to a wearying degree. Still he is so charming it may seem worth it for a long time. You are so good at putting the leash on him. Courtship will be more like a skirmish than an all-out campaign. Your friend's religion is to keep it superficial which can be a constant irritant to your need for drama. He can be an inventive and entertaining lover, but he can lack the depth yearned for by you. There will be plenty of sex to be had, but you will somehow always leave the table still hungry. Be a good audience. You might use your great acting skills to pretend that you fall for his little boy charm and your business-like patience to tolerate his sudden whims and changes, which will drive you to distraction later on. You can display your organizational ability because secretly he wants someone to handle all the adult responsibilities in the relationship so that he can play the pied piper.

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  • Librawmn, this is better for friendship than marriage. The relationship is likely to create new outlooks and orientations, which might result in the realization of new projects, or more simply but more basically, in new ways of thinking - as long as you two let things gel between you, that is. If you two rub each other the wrong way, which is always a possibility, the relationship will not have the chance to work its good effects. Your friend can offer you a common-sense, practical approach to life and you in return can teach him about sensuous pleasure, enjoyment, and relaxation. You both have a grounding effect on each other. Once this quality enters your relationship, you two may decide to take off on a new undertaking, most likely an ambitious one. That this imaginative new effort should arise spontaneously may come as a surprise to both of you.

    In a love afafir, your friend's somewhat stern attitude to anything he considers immoral may soften under your persistently sensuous tutelage. At any rate it should, and if it doesn't then you may start to chafe under your friend's severity of judgment. He would do well to learn to relax and enjoy the spontaneous affection that this relationship offers. In marriage too, his expectation that his spouse will toe the line can arouse your resentment and bewilderment unless he learns to temper it. Selfish, possessive, and controlling drives may manifest in the relationship that can lead to conflict and arguments.

    Your friend's common sense and your good taste can make a successful commercial partnership but care must be taken to guard against his tendency to be overly critical and you for being overly trendy. Working or living together will require much patience and understanding.

  • This is an accurate compatability analysis. We are very good friends and enjoy each other very much. Thank you!

  • Me 06 23 1967

    Her 01 05 1976

    Lots of stress in both our lives right now, not dealing with the two of us, but affects both of us none the less. We apparently Love each other a great deal, but the times are tumultuous, makes things difficult. What chances do we have, what should we do?

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  • TheCaptain, You are pretty darn good in your analysis, and it is very generous of you to do all of this. May it be returned to you many times over.

  • How bout this one? What is your take?

    me 27/10/1986

    her 23/10/1987

  • Zelkari, this can be a productive matchup full of good feeling, or it can fritter its time away in debates and arguments. Part of the problem here is deciding who will take control or make the major decisions. It is often impossible for you two to come to a mutual agreement, and if any situation is to be resolved, one of you must take a leadership role. It is at this point that power struggles usually surface, sometimes resulting in a no-win situation where things just wind up staying the way they are. Actually, you both may prefer it that way, since you secretly enjoy the debate and stimulation that would be eliminated by agreement or strong leadership. This relationship is paradoxical: it seems to involve strong-minded individuals who know what they want, yet you two are beset by indecision, and by fuzzy even irrational thinking. Beneath your daily interactions lies a streak of perversity that sometimes threatens to subvert all your constructive efforts. This self-destructive tendency undercuts many of your endeavours together. If however you can devise a way of reaching agreement, such as giving up your power struggles, you two may find you get along quite well.

    A love affair or marriage here can be lively, even hectic and stressful. Sexual interaction either goes like a house on fire or not at all - an extreme reflected elsewhere as well. Sympathy and understanding, for example, can alternate with coldness and incomprehension, leaving you both uncertain, frustrated and bewildered. You two may only have eyes for each other, sometimes making others in the vicinity feel left out, a problem of which you yourselves may be blissfully unaware. This is unusual behaviour for two people like you who value attentiveness and conscious awareness. If a little more objectivity can win through and personal differences can be prevented from interfering, a good long-lasting relationship can be achieved here. If you both can stand back and take good long looks at yourselves and become aware of the forces driving you, you can decide to end self-destructive behaviour and strengthen your willpower at the same time.


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  • hello captain could you do another compatibility for me? jan 20 1990 and august 28 1992 thanks !

  • Phoenixlyhenry, this relationship emphasizes the sharing and transmission of ideas and observations. Both these people appreciate each other's thinking, so that even if they disagree over details, they invariably agree on the big issue. The relationship shuns both the false trappings of sentimentality and the phoniness of snobbishness, and tries to express itself at a rather basic level. One problem with this approach is that those around it may consider it nonsensical, particularly if they are bound to more tightly traditional approaches. The relationship will have to be steadfast in its beliefs if it is to stand up to what could become overwhelming criticism.

    A love affair or friendship may attract attention through its partners' unaffected and spontaneous behaviour. The Virgo partner will appreciate this relationship, which does not force them into a conservative mold, or insist that they repress their more outgoing side. Here they have the freedom they are often denied elsewhere. The Aquarian feels at home here too, and will rarely burden their Virgo partner with duties or inhibit them by encouraging their desire to serve. Feelings are expressed openly here and without censure.

    A long term relationship or marriage may not function so well in a standard social setting, since both the partners demand something more out of life than just the ordinary. They will often rejct the idea of marriage, doubting that it is really necessary or appropriate for them.

    This pair are usually on the same wavelength, and often seek each other out despite any differences in age or social position. They may outrage more conservative members of their family and friends with their unusual behaviour and thought. They can often clear the air within their circle, stirring up animosity and resentment in those who refuse to take them seriously. These two must learn to walk and talk a bit more softly - to be aware that they could arouse antagonism amongst others. They can do their own thing, but must allow others the space to do theirs as well. They must neither compromise nor provoke.

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  • Jan 9 1978 me

    May 13 1969 him

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