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  • Thanks Captain :0) I laughed at the "dark sided" stuff though, anything scary or gory gives me the heebiegeebies! Definitely NONE of that! lol. You are so sweet for doing this for everyone. Do you ever get a chance to sleep? LOL... you are sooooo busy on the board!

  • TheCaptain,

    oh! you've got me thinking non stop.

    Is there anything saying that he didn't know what he wanted? his rejection still hurts my self-esteem so much, i can not think that I have been important to him during the relationship.

    I don't even think he thinks about me at all.

    I have to let go and I don't know how.

    (sorry to come to you with all this, but your words gives me calm somehow, thanks)

  • Lully09, he does still think about you but more as a puzzle than anything - he had trouble figuring you out and what you wanted from him. He never felt he was doing the right thing for you. He left to find someone who was simpler and less of a mystery to him.

  • Thank you so much, Captain. when you say concentrate on 'self-actualization" is there a specific area I should focus on? I appreciate your words and insight.

  • Hi captain, I would like to know my love compatability my birthday is feb.16,1973 and his is 05/11/1977.

  • Trueaquarius, I have already given you a compatibility reading in your 'Can someone do a love reading?' thread. It doesn't change.

  • Thoughtfulterry, eliminate all the aspects of your life and personality that are not really 'you' anymore. Shed all outworn habits, ways of thinking and doing, and people and possessions too if they no longer serve a useful purpose. Live an authentic life.

  • Hii there again, Captain! 🙂

    Well first off there is two whom I'd like to know about.

    The first one being a Cancer: July 12, 1989.

    Second, the Virgo: August 31, 1988.

    Mine is: March 8, 1990.

    Thaaaank youuu!

  • Hi captain, can you tell me if i would be compatiable with a person who's birthday is 10/17/72 ? and also are me and my mom compatible as friends as well as mother and daughter her birthday is 08/20/51 ? My birthday is 02/16/1973. Thanks.

  • Hi Captain I am wondering about compatibility with dates October 6, 1983 my rising is Sag and December 23, 1982 not sure what his rising is. Thanks!

  • Thank you so much, Captain! You have no idea how perfectly profound that is for me. I appreciate your words more than you can imagine and the peace and sense you have brought to me is yet untold. Thank you, thank you.

  • me; april 3rd, 1996

    him; june 9th, 1995

    i am so confused! please help me with this! i have very strong feelings for him and i am too scared to take the risk and ask him if he likes me. he shows no signs of love interest and we talk a bit, he's in my close circle of friends.

    please help me theCaptain!! thanks! 🙂

  • MsChaos and the Cancer man - the involvement here is usually quite profound, plumbing to such a deep level that most of your interaction may occur on a subconscious or even psychic plane. Since much of what occurs here is nonverbal, the overall mood is rather comfortable. While both of you tend to spend a lot of time alone, your emotional understanding runs high, and you find it easy to be open with each other. There is a tendency for you two to become mutually dependent, then, with each other emotionally. In a romantic relationship, you two rarely hold back your feelings with each other. Emotional interactions, sexual or otherwise, are prolonged and satisfying. You two can be quite faithful over the long haul, but an undeniable dependency manifests in this relationship, having both good and bad effects. The relationship functions very well when you both can give your all to each other only when you choose to do so, each having your own space to which you can retreat, whether you live together or not. Although outright sex and love addictions are unusual here, you may bond to each other so strongly that you are unlikely to become deeply involved with another person even when the relationship is over. In both a love affair and marriage, the relationship should aim to be more open and you two must form meaningful relationships with others. Friendship can be the most outstanding relationship of all between you two. The tendency to isolate yourselves is not as strong in friendship and emotions don't reach an over-intensity.

    You and the Virgo man - independence of thought can be considered the highest power in this relationship. You two are apt to craft your matchup into something wholly unique, and will seek to touch the sublime, whether physically or mentally. Creative and original energies run high here, with you both rarely doing anything in any way other than your own. Other people will see you as peculiar oddballs. Your independence is such that you may not get along well in situations that are forced on you rather than chosen - say, as family members or in working teams - but in interpersonal relationships that you do choose, you often appreciate each other quite fully. A friendship, creative activity, love affair or marriage can all do well here. The relationship implies passion and intuition, especially in a close personal matchup. Your friend admires your grace and emotional honesty, and you like your friend's physicality and forthrightness. You can have problems with what you see as your friend's cynicism, which is really however his refusal to bow down before models he sees as irrational. For his part, he approaches life with mocking wit, and may find you much too fervent and serious. Yet you two do have the ability to learn from each other, and to incorporate some of each other's strengths into yourselves. The nature of the relationship is such that any attempt to fit it into more traditional forms may bring its end, but after it is over, you both may carry on stronger and better equipped than before. As mates or friends, you two will be faithful to each other in times of need.

  • Trueaquarius, this would be a very romantic relationship with your friend but it might not have the staying power to last. You are certainly fated to meet but you both may be more starry-eyed than realistic over your relationship. There would almost certainly be strong external resistance to your affair which you would both endure well at first, but over time the relationship could wear down under the pressure of continual opposition. Neither of you stands up well under pressure. A close mutually protective and understanding friendship is probably the best option.

    No, you and your mother are not terribly compatible as family. You are complete opposites actually. Yet you do have a lot in common in your desire to hide your real selves from the world and to defend your cherished self-protective position. This desire is reinforced when you are together into an almost revolutionary zeal to be left in peace. But where your mother sometimes tends to conceal, sometimes to reveal herself to the world, you tend to build a wall around yourself so that no one can get in, ever. You can both be aggressive with people who don't understand you, especially authority figures such as parents or bosses - it's either 'like you or leave you alone'. Major power struggles can occur between you two when you both get older, as youthful rebellion turns into intolerance as you both rise to your own positions of power or authority. However, you would spring to each other's defense if either is threatened by a third party.

  • SweetMadness83, this is a passionate and emotionally complex matchup. Your dark sides are both activated here, bringing feelings to fever pitch. Although there is a marked empathy between you, the relationship can become a battleground, with conflicts arising from unacknowledged erotic fantasies or desires. Should this be a relationship that does not permit the expression of such intense feelings, frustration and animosity are the inevitable results. In this case it's best for you two to avoid each other. This is especially true for you, SM, who may be unused to this kind of scenario. Seeing the darker side of your nature at work could prove too great a shock.

    A deep and lasting friendship, love affair or marriage - perhaps even all three - can be in the cards for your relationship. Psychological projection is so intense here that the boundaries of your personalities are often blurred, making it impossible for either of you to form a clear idea of her or himself without the other. Although each ultimately has the other's best interests in mind, this is no guarantee that you will act fairly or sensibly. For periods of time, a more platonic arrangement can work, giving you two a rest and a grain of objectivity. Your frustrations and fantasies may run out of control, however, in the end plunging you back into a sexual relationship. The most difficult task for you two interpersonally will be establishing and observing your own boundaries. If this isn't possible, separation may be the only possible solution that guarantees your self-preservation. The feeling of being unable to live either with or without each other comes to the fore here. Love-hate, or at the very least, like-dislike polarities are common here, creating an emotional seesaw that affects both you and those around you.

    ADVICE: Strive for objectivity and consider your own survival - ask yourself if you're happy with things as they are. Think long and hard, then make a decision and act on it.

  • Danielleissmiling, there can be a mutual attraction here. You like your friend's liveliness, finding him entertaining and funny, while he should be attracted to your brighter side and your energetic approach to both work and play. You two can get on like a house on fire at first. But the attraction can fade just as quickly. Your friend can bring out your darker side and the result can be depression and emotional problems for you. You two can have a fun time together but eventually you might become annoyed by your friend's flakier side and he might get fed up by your over-the-top personality. His impatience and your dissatisfaction would bring the relationship to an end almost before it started. So it could be good in the short term as a light-hearted matchup but I don't see it getting very serious or lasting for long.

  • Thank you so much for your offer I am Oct. 26, 1972 and he is July 18, 1980 he also is not your typical Cancer man he can be but so much rage, we have recently moved into a new home together and I have always had strong feelings he is hiding something from me I have confronted him about talking to someone else behind my back please help why the secretive nature of him and shouldn't that be me?

  • hi captain...yup me again lol...i would like an relationship analysis if you have the 7/24/79 and him 6/21/78 ....yup leo/gemini is their any hope for a leo/gemini relationship....funny because this is not the only gemini in my life....gemini's have a way of hurting my feeling for some reason....i want to just create a baracade around my heart but i really do want true love but just not the pain anymore....urrrgh which way to turn,.....well thanks for listening/reading lol...

  • Hello Captain - I just ran across your forum and you are obviously quite talented in compatability analysis. I would like to take you up on your offer. My DOB is 23Sep68 and his is 18Sep62. Thank you very much for your insight. Blessings to you.

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