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  • Spalma, this is good for both friendship and marriage. You are like two peas in a pod. The relationship brings out unexpected sides in both of you - together you will yearn to investigate universal ideas, and you will share a hunger for a variety of experiences that enhance and deepen consciousness. Neither of these tendencies could be considered typical of either of you individually. Furthermore, because the relationship brings out each other's 'higher side', conflicts that might be expected between you do not emerge. The synergy of the relationship stresses sensitivity and mutual respect and can also allow for a good deal of fun.

    You Spalma like a lively atmosphere, something your friend can usually provide. He, in his turn, will benefit from your attention and will gain comfort from your powerful physical presence. Strong attractions can appear, grow, and be sustained by the sympathetic vibrations between earthy you and your friend's fiery nature. Thus, this combination can become the basis for an enduring, family-oriented marriage.

    It will be unusual for you two to carry on a long-standing love affair - your relationship will tend to move either towards the permanence of marriage or towards a long-term friendship. Both of you tend to be reserved a good deal of the time, yet together you have a flamboyant side that you will enjoy sharing with family and friends. You function well together within a social circle and will like to pursue sports, hobbies, and club activities as a couple. Yet the core of the friendship is highly private - to gain fulfillment, you two will want to spend long periods of time sitting, walking, and dreaming together. But take care not to isolate yourselves too much or become self-satisfied. Stay objective.

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  • hey Captain, I'm torn between two guys. One I fell completely in love with but our timing was off. We still are close friends but by distance. The other one, well he's pretty awesome and I'm finding myself starting to get slightly addicited to him but I wanted to know which one I would be more compatilibilty

    Mine bday 6JUN80,

    first guy 18JUN85

    second guy 3NOV81

    Thanks, much love xoxo

  • Hello Captain, I was wondering if I you were still offering the compatablility analysis? If so could you please shed some light on mine & my friends? mine is May 27, 1973...his is June 19, 1979.

    Thanks so much! You have clearly helped a lot of peolpe!!!

  • thanks captain !

    we are actually split up at the moment, he has been taken by another woman, but that was very much how it was between us and maybe one day will be again!.

  • Slubear and first guy: better for work than love. Your relationship is lively and friendly. You both have a love of details that steadily develops to encompass the bigger picture. But if your feeling for adventure and excitement is not counterbalanced by a focus on security and dependability, your best-laid plans might well dissolve into thin air. Your love affair will be exciting but unstable. Sexual energy runs high, but feelings alone are not enough to hold this relationship together - you can both be pretty cool customers who know what you want. Sharing activities of all sorts, especially those involving communication, is essential if the affair is to continue. There is a split in your attitudes that may create conflict - you Slubear enjoy talking about things while your friend prefers doing them. So you may see your friend as a bit rash, uncontrolled, and insufficently thoughtful, and he in return may see you as all talk, no action. Marriage would see you both having precise plans for your home, children (if any), neighbourhood, career, vacations etc.

    Slubear and second guy: better for marriage than friendship. This relationship will bring out the shadow qualities of both your psyches. It draws out and brings to consciousness your darker, least acknowledged tendencies. In some ways, your friend is you turned inside out - his depth and emotional intensity actually lurks inside you, although you may not know it. Meanwhile your eccentricity and unusualness exists within your friend but are rarely exposed for others to see. The focus of this relationship then is likely to be revealing hidden truths, especially emotional ones, about the both of you. More often than not, the process is unconscious - neither of you is aware of what is happening. People may find you a strange pair together, since you Slubear are often sparkling and outgoing while your friend is quiet and brooding. Yet at heart you are less different than you seem. A major problem arises that, if either of you lacks unawareness or is not striving for it, that person will project his or her own shadow side, both positive and negative, onto the other, accusing them of the very behaviours or attitudes that they covertly harbour themselves. A love affair here often lasts and proceeds into marriage. You two for the most part are well suited to each other. If difficulties arise, it will be because you Slubear get hyper or your friend gets depressed or overly secretive - his verbal reticence can drive you to distraction, and potentially to frustration and depression. Dealing with anger and projection are the hardest problems here. For the most part however, shared activities, strong sympathy and understanding, emotional support and a powerful physical attraction are typical of this energetic and usually easygoing relationship.

  • Thank you Captain, you hit the nail right on the head.. I am going to go along and live my life, what will be will be.

  • Mystique36, the matchup fares better in marriage than a love affair. This fascinating relationship may feature participation in large-scale projects and a striving for monumental goals, though not always realistic ones. You two attend to the world at large, and all that represents it - books, philosophies, political movements, theatre, etc. You can take an adversarial stance to each other, for through conflict you can achieve results beyond the grasp of either of you alone. There are acute temperamental differences between your rawer energies Mystique and your friend's more sophisticated and refined approach.

    Although you may seem the aggressive one in the relationship, your friend is often more so, if subtly. He may take this stance simply to get something other than cool rationality out of you. In a love affair, such conflicts may lead to pleasurable resolutions, but you Mystique will ultimately tire of the mental energy required to maintain the relationship. Only after the affair has ended will your friend appreciate your electric energies.

    Your friend - if he becomes your spouse - can offer a peaceful home life to you, although you will probably only upset this domestic tranquillity in return. But you can bring worldly benefit to the marriage, particularly in terms of social contacts, an eye for bargains, and handy shortcuts in official matters. Your roving eye may prove a problem, but your friend may be sufficiently enchanted and interested enough to keep the relationship going, demonstrating a romanticism, devotion, and refined emotional nature that may hold your attention far longer than usual. You two may be able to meld your different temperaments in the service of an idealistic common cause requiring vision and dedication. The trick to morphing your combative and competitive tendencies into more constructive channels is to turn these impulses into the kind of striving that fuels shared causes and furthers expansive endeavours.

  • Hello Captain

    I am submitting my nephew and his friends birthdays. They seem to be on and off and he is wondering what will happen. Are they meant to be?

    November 3, 1989 Him March 1, 1990 Her.. Thank you.

  • hello Captain,

    Hope i can get a reading too.Mine is july 5th,1977 and his is nov.22,1982.Thanks so much

  • Coju, I don't feel your nephew's relationship will be long term. It is more destructive than constructive. There is not much consistency or stability here. I can see why they have to take a frequent break from each other. It's an exhausting relationship. Your nephew can be hard to reach, especially in his darker moods, and although his girlfriend can understand him as well as anyone, his needs and demands always prove to be too much for her to handle in the long run. Your nephew can be aggressive but his girlfriend is certainly no pushover either and their battles will be long and hard fought. This relationship is based squarely on feelings. These two can get too close in love. Swallowed up by the relationship, they will struggle to maintain their own identities. Their private world is likely to be exclusive, shutting out everyone else to the detriment of the lovers. Drugs and sex are common avenues of escape here in the exhausting process of working through emotional problems. The longterm is not recommended unless both parties are willing to commit themselves to a lot of serious psychological investigation.

  • Sweetmoonbabe, this relationship can do well in the long term. It is likely to emphasize factual truth and dealing with reality. Your friend is likely to ground your fantasy life, giving it a base. It's not that he has no imagination himself or that he doesn't appreciate your unique and highly individual approach. But he knows where his bread is buttered and rarely does anything to compromise his worldly position. His relationship with you may encourage him to bring his vision far along the road of social acceptance and commercial success.

    A romantic relationship between you should be kept quite separate from any commercial dealings and career concerns you both might have. Both of you must feel loved for who you are, not for your financial or professional value. Also, when your friend gets behind your career plans as an adviser or manager, his autocratic side is likely to emerge, and you may feel as if you are being controlled by your powerful friend. Professional connections are less of a problem in marriage, and in fact form an important basis for such a relationship. The trick is to keep the romantic spark alive, for should it dim, your friend is likely to be attracted elsewhere. A crucial point and one on which the relationship can founder, will be continued openness and honesty in both personal and business dealings together. Beware of domination and submission. Maintain trust.

  • I'm an Aquarius here's my birth date February 6, 1986 and the young man that I like who is a cusp Taurus/Gemini May 19,1984.

  • MsVeroAquarius1986, this relationship works better for a love affair than marriage. It is like a childhood fantasy of a mythical kingdom in which young people play in paradise-like surroundings. You two may live in your own world, oblivious to everything but your own imaginations. The living out of fantasies is prominent here. Others however may see you two as a bit bizarre and out of touch with reality. Should you work in an artistic, academic, or business field however, your efforts may be applauded. Unself-conscious in the extreme, you two can gain enormous pleasure from music, food, or the entertainment of a small group of family or close friends.

    A love affair is often covert, and the feelings underlying it may themselves have been kept secret for years before the affair started. These feelings may have manifested as fantasies, or may have been completely unconscious. The moment when you two soulmates come together is exciting of course, but not necessarily dramatic, seeming almost inevitable or fated. You MsVero will want to be certain the relationship is what your friend really wants; he may be taking a "Here's my chance" or "Now or never" attitude. This relationship can continue for years, even through changes of primary partners, living situations, and family fortunes. Marriage is seldom on the cards; should it occur, however, it may succeed if it can give itself a healthy dose of practicality and awareness, although friends and family may never fully accept it.

    ADVICE: Take a closer look at yourself. Beware of delusions and of hurting others. Find what is really of value. Think constructively.

  • Thank you. Right now he and I are on " a break". He said he needed some space and it may be for a while. I am respectful of that and will give him time to do what he needs to do. It hurts because I really care about him. We live in different states, I live in Indiana and he lives in California. I am currently in college going for my associates in Culinary Arts and eventually I want to move to California and attend Cal State Long Beach to get a Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality & Management (in order to own my own business in the future). I want to finish what I started with school at least. I know he told em this hard on him , it's hard on me too. I finally met him this past summer when I went to California on vacation and for my cousins wedding back in August. We really hit it off, he even introduced me to his family. I just want him to be happy and successful in life, I wonder if he'll ever come back to me.

  • thecapatain

    thank you so much for your reading its greatly appreciated.

  • Thanks captain ! that was beasty. lol that means good.

  • Hi Captain,

    I have another man coming back into my life, his birthday is 27 September 1951, my birthday is 29 June 1942. Do you see anything good for us? Thank you.

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