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  • Thanks Captain:

    I know i sometimes have high expectations from me..and then i get demotivated.

    About my Aqua you think i should give it a try with him.. or we will spoil the friendship then? I dont want to loose him...

    Thanks for the help 🙂

  • I am no longer in a relationship with tifarah brown 05/30/1978, and my name is renard edwards 07/30/1983 , I would like to know if ther is a chance we will get back together ? We have been together for a little over 3 years. But now we don't even talk or see one another because she works 2 jobs.

  • Irishgirl2010, the only communication your friend understands comes from the heart. If you want to have a relationship with him, you will have to reveal all your feelings to him in a sincere way. Curb your impatience with him - he needs to retreat into his shell from time to time to re-energise himself. Your friend is an empath who can absorb easily other people's feelings and their negativity. He also has his own demons of self-doubt, unhappiness, a thin skin, and a fear of loss and abandonment to overcome. You must be calm and relaxed around him or it will affect him badly. This will be a hard thing for you to do, I know, because you often suffer feelings of boredom and restlessness. Your friend also fantasises about romance a lot and the fantasy might be better than the reality for him. In the end, a more intimate relationship might collapse under the pressure of your very different needs and personalities.

    Career-wise you excel when you use your incisive mind in the service and support of others. Writing, acting, or high-tech fields, espionage, work as a chemist, surgeon, lawyer or choreographer are all good for you - any profession that requires deft thinking ability and skillful hands, especially if that work allows some quiet space. You are insightful and private, so a career as a researcher, scholar, physics professor, or computer expert will be successful. You have an adventurous spirit so you need to find work that is innovative and exciting in order to stay interested.

  • Pinkpearl, I feel you are being pulled in too many directions at once. My advice is to concentrate all your energies into your career, but maintain a friendship if you can with your Aquarius. Once you get your career direction sorted out, you can focus on love. I feel this relationship needs more time to evolve and for you to sort out what it is you really want. I don't think your friend is really sure what he wants either.

  • Lamont26, this is not an easy relationship nor does it look good for the long term. The outside world might view your relationship as sparkling and radiant. But your combination is explosive, especially in romantic and sexual interaction. Yet there is also an ease of interaction here that promotes ease in others. This relationship is governed by feeling and its focus is on empathy. This points to the matchup's more private side which the world is not permitted to see.

    You are both very different personalities. Feelings and emotions often swirl and spin in a love relationship but are ultimately kept under control by your good sense and objectivity. Both of you tend to be detached and cool in personal matters and your relationship magnifies this trait, making it hard for you two to admit to the depths of your feelings - which can be very deep and passionate. Further, although empathy is high between you, you both may ignore or even use it as a manipulative weapon to gain ascendancy. This can be the relationship's central tragedy, cutting off its best part for the sake of control and power. There is a tendency for one of you, or both, to take the relationship for granted and will suddenly find one day that it has disappeared altogether.

    The relationship's objectivity will do better in marriage than in a transitory love affair. Both of you are more likely to hold fast to the former rather than the latter, and can even come to depend on it as the anchor in your lives. The security of marriage however does not guarantee faithfulness or monogamy; both your friend and yourself are likely to stray. If your confidence in the marriage is less great, you might both remain more faithful, although frustrated. Neither of you individually is known for their nurturing qualities or devotion to children yet together oddly you can make great parents.

    A mere friendship is unlikely to work here so, if you cannot make it work in love, then you will probably never stay in touch.

  • Captain, thanks for the reply and time you have given to me , hope all is well in your world! xxx

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  • Bianca, what you have with your friend is a very close emotional bond that works well as long as you two don't get any closer. Your darker emotions kick in the nearer together you draw until it becomes harmful to you both. A love relationship will not work here. You are fantasising that this could be much better than it would be in reality. Both of you would quite quickly tire of the emotional dramas that would flare up in a more intimate relationship. I advise you to leave it as a close friendship.

    You and your husband are very sensitive individuals but your combination is a very practical one. Apart, you are both good with money managment and together you are even better at it. But sometimes you can be too practical and hardheaded together and need to take more time out for fun and romance. I feel you two are very close and supportive, and that you don't realise how badly a separation or crisis between you would make you both suffer. Your husband needs more emotional contact and sympathy than even you do.

    Your friend's wife likes to be out in the world doing her thing while he sits at home looking after the house and feeling bored and unhappy. When he complains, she feels guilty and they kiss and make up. His wife's efficiency and his money sense make them work well together in a practical sense, but emotionally they are a bit of a disaster. While he can often fall into a pit of despair and self-doubt, his wife can only stand by helplessly, nervous and acutely frustrated. So he turns to you for emotional support when his wife is not there for him. But a Cancer like your friend will never give up his established relationship for anyone else, especially if children are involved. Home and family mean more to him than anything else, even a love affair.

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  • Bianca, I hope things work out for you.

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  • Captain! Could you do mine for me? Jan 20 1990 , and hers is april 25, 1990 .

  • Thanks Captain:

    yeah you are probably right..i need to focus on school now..sometimes i feel like i am getting old..maybe wont find love again.. will see...

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  • Bianca:

    its a lovely picture.. 🙂

  • Hi Captain thanks for the offer!! obviously a very popular topic !!

    when you have time can you look into me 11 Jan 62 and P 31 March 74 ,,

    Thank you ! xx

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  • Phoenixlyhenry, this relationship works better as a teaching relationship for the short term rather than long term. You two have very little in common. The problem is how to reconcile manifestation and mystery, two very different concepts indeed. The ongoing struggle will always be how to pin down the unfathomable and to spiritualise the tangible - in short, how to make sense of life while keeping one's awe of it; how to understand love in more than material terms yet express it in the real world; and how to approach abstract beauty closely enough to give it material form. These elusive goals can well keep this relationship together for quite some time, as each of you seeks what he or she lacks - rather like chasing butterflies.

    The relationship will certainly be a safe haven for you Henry to escape the chaos of the world to, but it will also put you in touch with your dark side, either impelling you to understand it better or arousing worry and concern in both of you. Your friend on the other hand will be mesmerised by the relationship's more enigmatic aspects and will seek to unlock its puzzles. Thus the relationship will guide both of you toward inner psychological realms, the exploration of which will deepen your connection but also help you along your own individual paths of self-realisation.

    In love, your friend is likely to be attracted to your exciting personality but will also gain satisfaction in being able to ground you in the physical plane and to involve you in a relationship with a calming effect. You Henry will appreciate your friend's earthy sensuality and will enjoy relaxing into a less frenetic relationship than you might ordinarily choose. You two can be an effective team as spouses or career partners, for you both know how to work hard on a daily basis, and this relationship will bring out your more responsible side. You both have a strong tyrannical side however which the relationship can magnify, presenting grave problems for your children, employees or co-workers, and for each other. In the end, Henry, you will need to be free to fly to heaven and explore other realms, leaving your friend firmly attached to the earth where she belongs.

  • Bianca268, I feel your son can be reached through music which will draw him out of himself.

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