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  • Thank you so very much Captain, I have found thus very helpul advice, just need to action it now lol.

    Many thanks for your time, you were spot on !

  • Hi Captian and thanks for your offer. This is a romantic relationship. My DOB is February 8, 1961 and his is March 12, 1959.

    Thank you.

  • Giblin, this relationship works best for marriage. It is characterised by a very close emotional or spiritual bond. Your differences of temperament seldon divide you but rather unite you, for there is a mutual fascination at work here. Intellectually you are a good match, usually being able to understand each other's intentions and line of thought, even if relatively unfamiliar with the subject matter. This kind of unfamiliarity is often a stimulus to learning: both of you often show great interest in acquiring more knowledge about each other's area of expertise, although such areas rarely overlap. Consideration and sympathy are of the highest importance here. Should you Giblin grow impatient with your friend, or should he feel you are pushing him too hard, the relationship will suffer not so much from stress than from having to acknowledge a lack of understanding. This is a very loyal pairing, dedicated to helping out in times of crisis.

    A love affair is usually empathic, accepting, and affectionate rather than highly sensual or passionate. You can go on for years, and if you have evolved from friendship, you two may ultimately return to that role. Should you as lovers try marriage, your chances of success are excellent, since you are both capable of showing so much consideration for each other. Should one of you fall in love with a third party, however, the primary relationship may be swept by storms of passion, and some hard choices will be necessary.

    A friendship can be outstanding but you both must beware not to isolate yourselves from friends and family. Taking up fixed responsibilities in social or family groups, if possible, usually serves as a tonic to the relationship's health and its well-being.

    ADVICE: Back off and give each other enough space. No one is the property of anyone else. Remember where your best interests lie. Seek challenge.

  • Dear Captain,

    I would love a love compatibility between myself and 2 others, if you are still available to do it.

    My b-day November 10, 1974

    His #1 December 23, 1973

    His #2 June 14, 1982

    Thank you in advance!

  • Could you do one for me?

    Me 2-21-80

    Him 7-10-76

  • hit the nail on the head "Your ex-partner's difficulty with trust will make his intimate involvements few and he will be very dependent on or possessive of those he loves. He has a need to feel superior that stems from deep insecurity and a desire for accceptance and approval. Before he can release his jealousy, he must learn a sometimes painful and difficult lesson in nonattachment by driving away and losing all those he cares for. This may take some time." Only questions is...things are not good between us (won't talk to me). Is there hope or should I simply give up and move on?

  • Thank you for your offer...My birthdate is August 28, 1956 and my interest is September 23, 1952.

  • WOW! you must be busy with these alone...

    but I'm in dire need I recently married a Gemini May 27, 1976, and things since we got married are on a downward spiral, not sure if my Leo ways August 10, 1978 are best suited for this individual. Please lend me your additional insight. It would be much appreciated.

    I thought my first husband was the cat's meow him having a birthday on April 2, 1974 guess I was wrong he wanted girlfriends during the marriage and I thought differently. LOL

  • Lilsweetpea, move on. These are your best dates for compatibility -


    • Cancer (week of July 3 - July 10)

    • Leo (weeks of August 3 - August 18)

    • Virgo/Libra (week of September 19 - September 24)

    • Libra (week of October 11 - October 18)

    • Sagittarius (week of December 3 - December 10)

    • Capricorn (week of January 3 - January 9)

    • Capricorn/Aquarius (week of January 17 - January 22)

    • Pisces (weeks of February 23 - March 10)


    • Pisces/Aries (week of March 19 - March 24)

    • Aries (week of April 3 - April 10)

    ** Aries/Taurus (week of April 19 - April 24: good for marriage and work)

    • Taurus/Gemini (week of May 19 - May 24)

    • Gemini (week of June 3 - June 10)

    • Cancer (week of June 25 - July 2, and also week of July 11 - July 18)

    • Virgo (week of September 3 - September 10)

    • Libra (week of September 25 - October 2)

    • Scorpio (week of October 26 - November 2, and also week of November 12 - November 18)

    • Sagittarius (week of December 11 - December 18)

    • Capricorn (week of December 26 - January 2)

    • Capricorn (week of January 10 - January 16)

  • Nillascorpio and the Capricorn : this matchup provides you two with that elusive commodity - freedom from yourselves. Weighty, perhaps even overserious individually, you both enjoy lighter, freer and more interesting times when you are together, yet do so without sacrificing your awareness of the deeper side of life. The energy here encourages self-reliance, but you both can also share ideal, even ecstatic experiences and tend to learn quite a bit as well. For such profound individuals, this pairing could be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. A love affair or marriage here is likely to be quite passionate but lighthearted as well. Strongly sexual, you two are also sometimes quite playful, which helps you on many levels. Nor are you lacking socially; you will delight in social occasions of all kinds, even while preferring those that are mentally broadening. Together you will love to observe the foibles of others but not in a mean-spirited way—you both have a strong compassionate streak. The sense of freedom that is important to both of you will not prevent your love affair from becoming marriage as long as the affair is structured properly. If it is not, you two might still part as friends; in fact, the relationship's strengths—its wit, its relaxing quality, its orientation toward philosophical pursuits in the arts and sciences—mean that continuing a friendship after a love affair is very likely. You both will be unwilling to give up what the relationship has to offer. Conflict can be expected in the area of work. Both of you are prone to be dominant in your field. You are unlikely to share power comfortably, and neither is apt to give in to the other's wishes. The same strengths that appear in a love affair will cut the work tension at crucial moments, but it is always best if each of you has their own clear sphere of influence. You value character and integrity and will rarely use underhanded methods to achieve your aims. ADVICE: Be sure not to become a circle of two. Focus on the need for freedom; don't assume it exists, and make allowances for it. Limit domineering tendencies.

    Nillascorpio and the Gemini: How deep will intimacy go? That is the question here. You two have different styles of closeness, and each will try to make the other conform to his or her own mode. Nillascorpio, your preference for removing the veil of your inner self slowly won't fly with your Gemini friend, who will want to jump into the fray of his activities and create closeness that way. By the very nature of the relationship, and through its involvement in the issue of intimacy, you two often become locked in together, making quite a tight pair. Your friend may find this a little uncomfortable. He is an explorer from the word go, but should he set his sights on the undiscovered depths of your personality, he may find more than he bargained for there—and you are in any case rarely interested in being explored. You are, however, able to give yourself passionately in love, which may leave your friend wanting to find out more. Initially passionate, a love affair in this combination may soon prove unsatisfying. You will want to please your lover, but it may be months or years before you trust him enough to admit him to your private world. Generally wanting things to move faster, your friend could feel rejected or unloved in this relationship, despite its sensual gratification. You two can have a highly physical friendship centering around sports, fitness, food or adventure. The relationship is quite self-sufficient, having little need to become part of a social or family circle. The danger here, and also in marriage, is that the relationship will cut itself off from normal social contact, becoming excessively isolated. During good times it may work fine, but in times of difficulty the presence of a support group will be sorely missed, particularly if children are involved. Co-workers in this matchup can function effectively together at work and at play, needing little if any input from a boss. In fact, an authoritarian presence is quite inhibiting to yo both. ADVICE: Take it slow, and savour deepening intimacy. Mysteries are better left alone. Keep your social and family contacts alive. Stay open to life.

  • PiscesParadox: you two may approach this relationship a bit like two lost souls who have had some disappointing experiences on the road of life, or just haven't yet met the right person. This matchup is truly grounding, and the miracle of its manifestation may come as a tremendous relief and a source of joy to both of you. Crucial here is the element of trust, for the past may have taught both of you that other people should be kept at least at arm's length and not allowed inside your guard. Just being able to lower your defenses a bit, and to be relaxed with another person, can be a tremendous reward. Once established, a love affair, marriage or friendship in this combination will usually grow steadily deeper and more dependable. Dangers of course exist: first, that the relationship will close itself off, making little if any contact with other people, and second, that if one of you passes away, the other will be left isolated, in despair. As to the first point, you both must look on your meeting as a stepping stone to establishing trust with others, both individually and as a pair. Second, even if one partner is lost, the other will have wonderful memories and, after a period of grieving, will ideally begin again. A work relationship, whether as business partners or as boss-employee or co-worker pairs, will do best setting up specific long-range projects and objectives and striving to implement them. Financial and organizational responsibilities will further ground this relationship. ADVICE: Establish trust at a deep level. Build bridges to the world. Open your heart. Be demanding. Stick up for yourself . Give-and-take matters.

  • Momcatfish, this relationship often focuses on its awe in the face of something bigger than itself, whether a belief, a vision of a strange world or a magnificent work of art. Your friend's beauty or aestheticism can awaken deep emotion in even prosaic you, who, spellbound by what this partner offers you, may quickly scrap your usual common sense, gladly trading it in for just a few moments of additional pleasure. Indeed the relationship can have a devastating effect on your whole outlook on life. At the same time it will show your friend, who often sees only surface beauty, how to look for deeper levels of meaning in life.

    When a love affair is on, your friend may trash your taste for preparation and planning in all things: your friend emphasizes spontaneity and the manifold surprises of coincidence and accident. If your friend is of the more conservative kind, he may also be amazed at the things that can happen once he gives up control. Ecstatic peak experiences can emerge unpredictably here, dazzling both of you. Marriage need not dull this richness unless you two feel too much need to structure your activities, perhaps fearing that you are acting irresponsibly. A career matchup is best off when you two can share your sense of wonder with other people—perhaps in some spiritual field, which, however, can overlap with commercial possibilities. In fact wealth will seem to come of its own accord to you two as a couple, who will not view it as antithetical to enlightenment. You may well view money as just one more link in the amazing chain of miracles that seems to permeate your lives. ADVICE: Keep hold of awe and wonder but also of reality. Find beauty in the common things of life. Everyday things have their own magic.

  • Thank you Captain! After reading your post I'm still not sure whether this relationship is a good thing or bad thing! haha It was right on the money though. I can't see myself with anyone but this man. 🙂

  • Samaesa and the present husband: the success of this relationship will depend on your partner's ability to acknowledge you as the boss in appropriate situations. If this is impossible, a rocky road lies ahead for you two, assuming you wish to travel it together. Both of you may be so determined to make this relationship work, however, that you may be willing to compromise. Thus you Samaesa will be understanding of your partner's need for freedom, and of his penchant for criticizing and making demands, while he may give way to you when a leader is required, meanwhile keeping hold of the reins of power through planning and behind-the-scenes decision-making. You two may see eye-to-eye on fighting injustice or oppression. When united on this front, you can be unstoppable. A romantic relationship here can be satisfying for both of you, particularly in the sexual sphere. You Samaesa are demanding and will put your partner's stamina to the test. Not at all understanding of infidelity, you will also keep a tight leash on your partner, who will not enjoy facing your ultimatums. If anyone is guilty of a double standard, however, it may well be you: your flexible partner is probably more compromising and forgiving.

    In a marriage or work partnership, you Samaesa will hold up your end of the bargain and expect your partner to do the same. This may or may not be wise, for too often your partner will tend to lean on you, being the more powerful, to get things done. Moreover, you can be long-suffering, and even if one day you realize you have made a bad choice in your frivolous or scattered partner, you will often hang in there and continue to shoulder the relationship's responsibilities. You may actually prefer your partner to be absent a lot of the time. Arguments over money are likely to plague this pairing. A friendship can work out well for you two, as long as your partner's complaining or criticism does not push patient you beyond your limit. ADVICE: Try being more diplomatic. Compromise can make the impossible possible. Be aware of your limitations. Insist on equal participation.

    Samaesa and the ex-husband: this relationship will often feature an original, even unique outlook on life. Ethics and idealism are the order of the day; this is a moral, courageous and loyal pair. You two are well suited for domestic life, whether you are married or living together. You also share a great many positive qualities, which blend harmoniously in this relationship and can be taken to the limit. The matchup is also characterized by a need for privacy, with both of you demanding honesty from each other in your everyday interactions. Your partner however might not live up to his side of the bargain.

    Acting naturally, and being comfortable with assigned roles, you two mutually accept each other and, together, are at ease with yourselves. There is an intense dislike in this matchup for pretension and disingenuousness. On the other hand, the relationship may not be completely stable, depending on your ability Samaesa to stay emotionally balanced. You have strong passions that can run out of hand, and love/career problems and failures can bring out a streak of masochism in you that can lead to serious depression. Unfortunately, your partner may not be particularly good at bolstering your sagging self-image. Neither of you are comfortable with strong expressions of feeling, and the relationship may consequently show signs of repression, particularly in times of stress. Periodic outbursts of anger may bring violent confrontations but, more characteristically, will result in expressions of bewilderment, frustration or helplessness. Others may not like or understand your relationship, particularly in its somewhat wild and wacky tastes and its idiosyncratic ideas or lifestyle. So relaxed are the attitudes here that the relationship may be ineffective in the workplace, lacking the push to advance a joint project.

  • Hi Captain! Can you do a reading for me? My DOB is 07/02/1972 his is 11/02/1967.


    I just opened "The only astrology book you'll ever need". used paperback. Wish me luck!

  • Hello Captain,

    May I ask you for another reading pls. My dob 3 Jan 1968, his 19 Jul 1968. It is a romantic relationship.

    Blessings to you.

  • Thank you so much Captain, I appreciate you taking the time to share this with me.

  • Moonbeauty, this relationship is apt to be pretty complex emotionally. Its great challenge is to build bridges of verbal communication and to set parameters within which meaningful contact can take place. You Moonbeauty favour unplanned interactions, wanting as much breathing space as possible, while your Scorpion friend pushes for rules and regulations that will guarantee him control. Power struggles are certain here, then, and will threaten the relationship's security if allowed to get out of hand. Patient diplomacy. compromise and discussion will be essential if this is to be forestalled.

    A love affair can go deep here. Sexual bonds are likely to be passionate and long-lasting, and emotional encounters will stir you both profoundly. Negative as well as positive feelings will emerge. Emotional manipulation, love, resentment, kindness, and a host of other feelings are likely to intermingle. Before this affair proceeds into marriage or any long term arrangement, you two must outline the role and responsibilities expected of each of you, establishing general guidelines to guarantee the relationship's structural basis.

    A friendship can be close but difficult to maintain. The pair of you are unlikely to see the necessity for creating guidelines for your interactions, let alone agreeing on them. Scorpio may also be suspicious of your motives (which he finds dubious) and actions (which he sees as sneaky). You are likely to view your Scorpion as an overly moral control freak. The result of all this is a sort of on-again, off-again relationship. As co-workers, you two get along well when your tasks are clearly defined.

    ADVICE: Define roles and desires more clearly. Agree on division of labour. Beware of hazy attitudes and expectations. Seek common principles for daily living.

    Moonbeauty, your extreme sensitivity can be both the biggest blessing and the greatest curse of your life. You must learn to objectify your views and cultivate a measure of distance. A tendency to cling to the values and traditions of the past may interfere with your higher development and you may display an almost maudlin preoccupation with old hurts, slights and personal losses. Learn to broaden your perspective while at the same time allowing your intuition to inform your worldview more. If you can embrace conflict as a creative tool rather than a destructive force and divest yourself of the fear of abandonment and the need to escape, you will have a rapid and even joyful journey towards enlightenment. Allow the nearly electrical current of inspiration to course through you without being spooked by it and use that inspiration to help others. You are not especially well suited to family life. Coming from a place where emotional oscillation is usual, you must struggle for evenness and normality in matters of the heart. The best partner for you is someone quiet, peaceful, and stable who has their own agenda but can still be an appreciative audience. You may crave excitement but it is the very last thing you need. Since you have a great deal of trouble knowing what is best for you, good friends or family may be needed to keep you from going over the edge into burnout, especially where drugs or alcohol are concerned. A major issue is trapped, unexpressed emotion - especially anger - which you can hold in or intellectualise because of a fear of others' opinions or because you fear the power of your own emotions. Negativity needs to be discharged, not stored. Be honest and direct about how you feel. A sense of self-worth, self-sufficiency and self-contained power are the keys to good relationships here - when you feel needy and want someone to lean on, you fall into games of control and manipulation. But when you approach others from a secure place inside, appreciating your own attractive energy, you stop giving away your power.

    Your Scorpion friend has a need to win which comes from a deep lack of self-respect and self-love. He has trouble reconciling the lighter and darker aspects of his personality. Issues of guilt may be at the root of his feelings of unworthiness and he can swing from lighthearted and essentially escapist episodes to the depths of depression until he finds the emotional balance he seeks. Overcoming negative thinking or patterns, stilling the critical voice of the internalised parental figure, and recovering from addictions are some of the battles he will face on his journey through life. He is blessed with the ability to look himself squarely in the eye. He must learn the power of forgiveness for both himself and others, and accept his own and other people's flaws. Giving up power can also be a powerful and healing action especially when the desite to control others or to win is released, and a path of kindness adopted. Often it is through loving another that he comes to love himself. If love is equated with sexual excitement, control, and competition, he can expect to encounter setbacks in his ability to relate. Learning to listen to his heart rather than his head is his biggest challenge in life.

  • Fanofkmm, this relationship brings out both you and your friend's more flamboyant and theatrical traits. Dressing up, partying, and going out to clubs and to dinner are all given top priority. Your friend may be a little unhinged by such exciting activities, but your dependability and responsibility can anchor him. The relationship then is potentially not only dramatic and vivid but directed and balanced. You are usually intrigued by your friend's energies and are well able to handle his mood swings and occasional depressions. The relationship is not possessed of great insight, but you both do understand and are able to satisfy each other's needs.

    A romantic relationship can be exciting for both of you. Sexual expression is electric and powerful, intense and fulfilling. Both of you are liable to take the relationship seriously enough to contemplate marriage. That step should be considered carefully however, since a subtle shift often takes place when the knot is tied - financial matters become more important, domestic and job pressures increase, and cracks can appear in a once rock-solid relationship. You are likely to show your upset with silence and your friend to be more emotionally volatile.

    A working realtionship can go well, since both of you will respect each other for giving their all. In fact a friendship and love affair between you two often starts at work.

    ADVICE: Dig a bit deeper. Find quiet time together. Monitor your energy output and beware of overload. Ease into new responsibilities.

  • Thank you Captain, much appreciated.

    Love and light.

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