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  • i'm July 7, 1988 - he's december 30, 1987. has been haunting my subconscious for the past couple years and only now made a move only to retreat again for the basic reason, he says, that he has yet to understand how to relate to anyone romantically. he's still the most taxing act of wizardry i've ever performed, so what's this all for? if you have anything to say on this i really appreciate it, wonderful holidays.

  • This reading was eyeopening because I not put the two pieces of our the interdependancy before now, we really do get dependant. I think it may be one of the things which has repeatedly driven us apart. We both are such independant people most of the time but together we get dependant to the point of it just being..... hmmmm..."icky" LOL.

    You were right on, this will help thank you!

  • Hi Captain, thank you for my report. It is very accurate about us both. My ex actually left after a full blown argument erupted a few months ago. He has started to get in touch again and it is inspiring to read that we can be good together. As I have had a couple of long relationships before and lost a partner, I am used to having to move on with my life, but with him I have found it hard to do this because I still have the feeling that we should be together, in whatever way we can. I will continue to be patient with him. What did you mean when you said but 'conventional astrology predicts a difficult time here'? Once again thank you for doing this for me I appreciate your time. Love and light x

  • Hello Captain, what is the website address for your Compatibility Analysis? Thanks again 😄

  • Thank you Captain! I benefitted from reading about the Cancer and Scorpio with Gemini in Scarsandstars' reading. I have a Scorpio moon, and can relate well to the keeping of secrets in a relationship as well as the Cancer man i had to break it off with due to my perception that (his self preservation) he was just needing my ability to produce income for paying all of his accumulated debts as the sole reason for his obsession with making me part of his life to the extent that he did. Had I understood that self preservation was the order of the day in his sign, I may have understood and overlooked that, realizing that it wouldn't have gone that far. hmmm I also had a Gemini mother who was a twin, and worked for a group of 16 Gemini physicians once. I loved them. I am a Pisces/Sag Sorpio moon with Venus in Aries in my fourth house.. Gemini in seventh. I remain independent but experiencing many relationships.. by choice.

    So this rendition you gave was very helpful in my own understanding of how some things work. Appreciateive.. S~

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  • Good morning Captain...

    This sounds so very interesting. My interest is peaked and I would love to hear your perspective about myself and my boyfriend. Many perspectives allow us to see the whole.

    My birthday is August 2, 1971

    His is June 17, 1964

    Thank you again for this opportunity and many blessings to you and yours.



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  • azure2, by 'conventional astrology I mean the usual one that uses charts and tracks opposing or squared factors in the zodiac like yours and your friends..

  • Molyn, the interpetation given might be close but if you want an exact analysis for yourself and your significant other, just give me your birthdays and months.

  • westering, this pairing can be quite unequal, sometimes resembling a contentious parent-child relationship with your friend as the parent. Part of the problem is that the matchup is distinctly success-oriented, with each of you wanting the other to be a star—which only makes you the more critical of each other. Your friend can be condescending towards you and, after a period of enjoying being taken care of by him, you will ultimately rebel against this disempowerment. The situation is sometimes complicated by the fact that your friend can project thwarted ambitions onto you and can push you to overachieve in a field for which you may not be suited. In the short term these struggles may prove debilitating to both his and your self-esteem. In the long run, however, you can work positively by making yourself more self-confident. And, if you truly earn your friend's respect, he will in turn be forced to be more accepting and less controlling.

    Love and marriage here can certainly involve power struggles, with your friend fighting for control, and you for integrity and individuality. Fortunately, the relationship is usually quite private, and its seclusion from other people saves you both some of the embarrassment your arguments might cause you in public. The freedom to work things out on your own helps make it possible for you both to gain in power and stature. Quite often these relationships improve over time, particularly in terms of increased understanding. Although Cancer is a water sign and Capricorn earth, the relationship is ruled by fire, associated with intuition.

    Friendships improve when you learn to trust your hunches and first impressions, and worsen when you chew things over unnecessarily or get emotional about them. Equality can more often be reached in friendships than in love affairs and marriages. Should you work together, you both can star in projects where your friend's practical and financial abilities coalesce with your imagination and flair. ADVICE: Trust your intuition. Be aware of your friend's dominating attitudes. Neither submission nor rebellion is the answer. Promote respect.

    Westering, you are an unconventional person likely to be viewed by others as mysterious, even downright eccentric. You are blessed with a great sense of humour but be careful not to act out your unconscious or darker yearnings, or replay old scripts that have outworn their usefulness. The danger here is that you will spend all your time living in a fantasy world and fail to address the demands of material reality. Use your strength and imagination to access the truths and recurring themes of your fantasies to discover the powerful and archetypal energies needed for you to follow your personal star. Beware of self-pity and make sure you know the difference between obsession and devotion. Listen to what your heart is telling you and follow its message. But make sure it is a true message and not some fantasy generated by your over-active imagination.

    Your friend needs to relinquish a measure of his dependability and sense of control, and learn to 'go with the flow'. In a very real sense, he is the flow, not merely a mix of goals, responsibilities, and duties. Yet whatever his struggle with control, responsibility, and worldly image, he has a wonderful 'bottom-line' sense. As long as he remembers to acknowledge his feelings and include his heart's truest impulses in his sense of what really matters, his talent for getting back to basics will ensure success in life. He must realise he can make his own rules and let go of all his preconceptions, learning to live each moment to the fullest in order to realise the total experience of living.

  • If you have the time id love to hear what your analysis says for me and my boyfriend. My D.O.B is 05 june 1984 and his is 28 June 1983!! thank you!

  • keldjoran, something about this combination will feel quite enigmatic to you two who are deeply perceptive individuals bound to feel frustrated by the fact that you can't quite seem to see or emotionally touch each other. It is as if the relationship is a smoke screen preventing full understanding. Even when you work or live together or are close friends, a great deal between you is usually left unsaid, or actively concealed. There seems to be an inevitability in operation here, a fatal or karmic impulse that brings you two together willy-nilly, regardless of differences in background, training, race, religion or career interests, but that at the same time prevents a deeper union.

    The romantic relationship has a strong sexual component. From flirtation to outright temptation and seduction, the pairing tends to produce the kind of provocative behavior that is likely to lead to some degree of sexual involvement. Both of you have a need to keep things hushed up, and you will usually be very discreet about when and where you meet. Should a third person be involved as the longstanding lover or mate of one of you, a breakup between two or even all three members of the triangle is often inevitable.

    A marriage has the potential to be more successful. You both may still be unable to be honest with each other, however, resorting to manipulative ploys to get your way rather than expressing yourselves directly. Your partner thinks you use unethical tactics, and you view him as selfish and controlling. Even so, this marriage can be enduring and productive. As long as the lines of communication are kept open and a certain amount of diplomacy is observed, your matchup can develop its own contented style over time. ADVICE: Strive for honesty and openness. Let your guard down occasionally. Compromise can be beneficial. Face the consequences of your actions.

    keldjoran, you must manage your tendency to be over-demanding, and avoid expecting others to provide you with the sense of freedom that you must find for yourself. You will find fulfillment in standing up for the rights of other people, but you can be direct to the point where you may appear threatening or intimidating, and your formidable ability to articulate will have to be tempered with diplomacy in order to be effective. Provided you stay in touch with your deepest needs and desires and keep your mind open to all possibilities, you will find great success in life. Try not to be so stubborn in wanting to do everything your own way and transform any negative thinking into positive. You are blessed with a quick mind, good intuition and charisma - don't let yourself down with any self-pitying, tyrannical or cynical attitudes.

    Your friend is gifted with formidable powers of concentration and self-discipline, yet a certain suspicion and a tendency to become judgmental may prevent him from realising his full potential. Frustration can be a stumbling block and he will have to work hard to intergrate patience and compassion into his dealings with others. If he doesn't, he runs the risk of becoming dictatorial, even tyrannical as he grows older. He might have authority and command respect, yet fail to evoke love or concern from his peers, associates, and maybe even his children. He can have a difficult, demanding nature and must cultivate a sense of humour, developing the seductive charm he possesses to a high art. Not only must he become less judgmental but he must learn to take criticism himself. Releasing an attraction to the wild side of life and evolving gracefully will help him become more content with who he is. His strengths are his imagination, intuition and his resourcefulness. Weaknesses may include rebelliousness and a controlling, insecure personality.

  • daisyfairy, a magnetic attraction can manifest between you two highly different personalities. The focus here is often unrealistic, however, featuring grandiose schemes or plans and visions of idyllic futures. You two could easily embark on the proverbial wild goose chase together. Part of the problem is a deep need to communicate, yet you both have such different styles that the only time you seem to meet is when dreaming, predicting or prophesying. In fact, you could easily squander a lot of money running to mediums, channelers, tarot readers or other types of psychics (not here, of course.) Your boyfriend is a feeling type, but his mental faculties are often stimulated by your verbal and intelligent style. He may often be frustrated by your indirectness, but ultimately he is up to the task of learning your language. You for your part will benefit from the relationship's characteristic kind of communication, which occurs on a nonverbal, often emotional level. Sharing strengths is an important dynamic here.

    Love affairs and marriages are not particularly recommended. Assuming there is a physical attraction, romantic feelings are likely to develop quickly, then just as quickly dissolve away. Relationships of these kinds usually lack a firm basis, sexual or otherwise. You two are quite capable of drifting and dreaming together, and of enjoying an easily shared affection, but unless painful problems arise that challenge this relaxed stance, the relationship rarely goes deep.

    Friendships are generally much more successful. A broad spectrum of emotions may be expressed here, and the conversation and interaction will range from the most humorous to the most serious. As friends, you may assume the status of family. Work relationships too may be favorable, as long as subjective elements do not intrude. Both of you have a knack for technical matters, allowing you to deal with serious problems as they arise. Well-defined daily tasks will give you two structure and direction, while entrepreneurial endeavors may become fanciful and lose touch with financial realities. ADVICE: Try to stay grounded. Hard work helps to keep you both in the present moment. Fight the tendency to focus too much on the future. Face problems and solve them.

    Daisyfairy, you are blessed with unusual style and ability in the area of personal communication but you may struggle when it comes to coping with your own rebellious or defensive attitudes. Authority issues can be a big stumbling block, as is a deep-seated need to be accepted by others, even at the expense of your own personal freedom. You probably alternate between loudly venting your complaints and resentments, and staying silent when it might be better to speak up. Still, your natural flexibility and flair for innovation will serve you well. If you can only realise that your overly defensive or negative attitudes are of your own creation, and choose the higher goals of self-realisation and a workable definition of personal freedom, you will gain an understanding of your own power to create your own reality - especially when that reality takes the form of another person. You need to come to terms with the originality of your thinking.

    Your boyfriend may have a tendency to isolate himself from others or retreat into depression, hurt feelings, or a sense of chronically unfulfilled expectation. Highly prone to taking on other people's problems, petty disputes, and even personality traits, he may have to undergo a necessary process of self-review before he develops a truly secure sense of identity. He must cultivate an ability to remove himself from dramas and get in touch with his place in the bigger picture, plus acquire greater objectivity and self-esteem. He is blessed with empathy and understanding of others and, if he can curtail a tendency to hold onto slights, ego wounds, and hurt feelings for way too long, his road will be less steep. He will find fulfillment in working out the business of day-to-day living with his loved ones, and achieving a balance between fantasy and reality. He needs to be open to a variety of experiences, no matter how small, and release an over-identification with his image. His big-hearted, warm nature can overcome any possible weaknesses of egotism, insecurity, or unawareness.

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  • CoffeeGem, your relationship has a strong sense of the relaxed, natural and unpretentious about it, and a strong dislike of fuss and bother. This is a good love match. Together you exhibit a simple, even inspiring grace. Your partner generally needs to be surrounded by admirers, but may give all that up, preferring one unaffected glance, kiss or embrace from you to all the starry-eyed attention of his fans. Since you give lavishly of your admiration and devotion if you are truly in love, this relationship can usually satisfy even the strongest of your partner's needs. Your partner may well respond with a passionate intensity that you will find sexually and emotionally rewarding. As married or live-in partners, you may have a little difficulty adjusting to each other, primarily because of your need for privacy, CG. Your partner will be prepared to give up a lot for you and can remain faithful, but his need for social contact may leave you sitting alone on many evenings, or worse, trying to cope with a houseful of unwanted guests. Should your partner make it clear to others that his door is always open, you may be forced to take steps to scale down the traffic, and conflicts are bound to result. In arguments, your partner's aggressiveness may prove too much for your sensitivity and you may withdraw. Yet conflicts can be negotiated and tensions diffused, simply through the relaxation inherent in this relationship. Your partner's robust career drives are unlikely to find favour with your more low-key ambitions so this relationship is not conducive in business or at work. Furthermore, if you truly desire wordly success, CG, you must operate in your own, highly individual way which will often limit your participation in group endeavours. Your partner's tendency to take the lead will reduce your ability to meld well with him at work. ADVICE: Try to compromise. Be diplomatic in making suggestions or demands. Be open to mutual social interaction, Beware of controlling attitudes.

    You, CG, have a tendency to over-romanticise the little hurts, slights and problems of the world which may interfere with your ability to rise above the personal and cultivate stability. Love can make a fool of you and you may experience a number of disappointments in this area before you learn that you are complete without a partner - able to exist, function and succeed on your own. You are highly sensitive and possess the objectivity and perspective to tap into a higher source of inspiration than the merely romantic and to share your knowledge in a wider arena through some artistic or even metaphysical pursuit. If you can avoid the pitfalls of cynicism, selfishness and ruthlessness in achieving your goals, you will find great prosperity and fulfillment. Your self-esteem will be built up through professional success and you will be able to consolidate who you believe yourself to be. Release your need to be mothered and create a firm internal structure and identity through your gifts of empathy, financial astuteness, and your caring nature. Do not be too miserly or overly structured.

    Your partner is both diplomatic and charismatic. It will be essential for him to find the right balance and venue for his efforts, which can include both people and ideals. More than capable of forging ahead towards new frontiers, he might find himself without the necessary support for his inspirations unless he can make time and effort to cultivate warmer relationships with coworkers, family and friends and not view those around them as mere satellites, sycophants or minions. Capable of great dedication and hard work, he knows how to get what he wants but he must be careful to take others along with him as he makes his visions reality. Treating people as collaborators rather than servants and releasing the need to do everything himself will make the path much easier to climb and may even result in some degree of celebrity.

  • Hi captain,

    Mine is 26 feb 1978 and he is 25 aug 1973.

    Thanks 🐵

  • Hello Again Captain

    sorry for not replying-- maybe because it is the x- mass and the time of year-- I was just contemplating on what you said and yet again u are right-- I realize that most of those things i expect are based on what I would or wouldnot do-- and no two people can be the same-- I think that's the hardest part to accept and detach from as judgments are made.maybe it's due to the "contemplation" but now that whole letter sherade seems a little childish and maybe a little naive though it was a result of impatience. He has a lot on his plate-- and he probably just did not want to deal with any of it, or he had a reason to be otherwise occupied and not give it enough though.people make mistakes but if there is two -- than one can always pull the other in

    I do miss him and am not sure what I want from him, given his reaction--whatever the reason 4 the response-- in the end when push came to shove -- he just let me go-- I think, the null bday wish is a clear indication of that. And though, I could write and put my pride aside-- I am not sure I want to burge into someone;s life espcially if and after they show no signs of wanting me in theirs.

    I think( i realize this is a lot of i thinks) at the end of it -- I just don't want the hurt anymore-- so maybe moving on and letting things be would be best-- he probably though the same-- he is stronger than I. somehow even when we were not togther as a couple--we always seemed to still be around each other-- just talking about today, yesterday and tomorrow. In a way, that just pulled us in a circle where boundaries got blurred--though he called me almost everyday-- i assumed it was just freinds b/c it was not said outloud--maybe it was supposed to be assumed, unitll one day it felt otherwise. I started talking about other guys-- not ones I nessarly liked but what happened in my day and he assumed i didn't like him anymore and stopped calling- and I realized I missed him-- Talk about a sad story-- I am sure there r sadder ones, But maybe this space apart it a strange way a good thing. He might have seen it as such faster than I.and maybe one day, we meet --if it's ment to be:)

    Thank you for u're help-- what u have said has made me think and realize that not all my actions were entierly justified.Thank you for that, and doing what you do-- I think --it's great, though I am sure it takes up a lot of u're time.I am stuborn, I am sure u can see, but I think i have grown a little since the my first post here and for that -- thank you:).

    Wouldn't it be funny if the person asctually read this, though I think they are busy enough-- to have this post as the last thing on their mind.I bet u're used to writng a lot and not read a ton instead. Oh, well-- and though it's easier said than done, I'll try not to think about the past anymore-- though I might, make a wish and hope for the best this x-mass for the ones I love and I care about and for those who love and care about me. I hope u're holidays are good and warm, u seem wise and maybe one day -i'll get there too 🙂


  • hi captain

    mine is 2-23-62 and his is nov 27 1967 ( i think thats his year he is 42)

    thank you


  • oops mine is feb 23 1962 his is nov 27 1967

    thank you


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