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  • Greetings, Captain!

    I stumbled into this site when I searched Google for "are capricorns indecisive," and landed in one of your other topics. Then I saw this very popular thread, so naturally I had to join and see what's really what.

    I (female-Sag) was born on December 15th 1970.

    He (male-Cap) was born three weeks later on January 6th 1971.

    Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

  • MK-Sag, this can work well for a love affair but may not have what it takes to go the longterm distance as in marriage or living together. As power-oriented as this relationship seems, sympathy and understanding are woven into its fabric, and its focus is the strong emotional bond that exists between you. You MK should understand well your partner's need for achievement and power. His work can become more important to him than anything else. Yet you are no slouch yourself when it comes to ambition. A collision may be inevitable in this relationship, unless one of you gives way. There are two possibilities - first, the two of you may not be headed for the same goal, or even interested in competing for it; second, one partner may be subordinated as a helpmate or assistant to the other who calls the shots, at least for the time being. Outright combat, or even fierce competition, is uncharacteristic however, since both of you usually have enough good sense to know it is not in your best interest.

    Because of your mutual understanding, whether you are love mates, friends or co-workers, you two may be invaluable to each other as advisors. Being able to comprehend one another's thoughts and to empathize with each other's personal feelings is a rare thing, and something you two would not care to live without. You MK can usually tell what your partner needs before he knows himself, and vice versa. In some ways though, this weakens the relationship as well as strengthening it, since neither person may want to make a move without knowing the other's opinion of it - and ideally getting his or her assent. The two of you impress other people as tough cookies but in your love affair with each other, you are surprisingly vulnerable. Allowing each other to see sides of yourselves that you rarely show anyone else is crucial to the success and longevity of the relationship as it indicates tremendous trust, as well as a belief in the relationship's permanence. You must be honest with each other about what you want, even if you risk rejection. And don't be so concerned with pleasing each other.

  • Thank you, Captain. And so quick too. 🙂

    It all sounds spot on! Especially: "Allowing each other to see sides of yourselves that you rarely show anyone else," and being able to "tell what your partner needs before he knows himself, and vice versa."

    We just need to get to: "a belief in the relationship's permanence."

    Fortunately, those two possibilities you presented are exactly where we are at. So I am cooling my firey eager hooves while his cautious horns drag dig through the earth checking every possibility and deciding in his own time.

    I'm definitely the helpmate. And that seems to suit me very well.


  • Hi Captain!

    Could you analyse August 5th and July 17th please? Thank you so much!!

  • LeoBethany, the strengths of this relationship are its active mental activity and a love of games and play. Competitive urges can emerge quite strongly here. The two of you are able to relax together and have fun. Gossip, video games, and solving mysteries are a shared source of pleasure. A love affair can be sensuous and enjoyable, but will rarely reach the heights of ecstasy. You two are often very wary of each other emotionally, and even at times suspicious of each other's motives. The relationship is rarely completely trusting. You two may have difficulty committing yourselves wholeheartedly to each other, and lengthy engagements may delay any plan to marry. Your doubts about carrying through however are often realistic, preventing later disappointments and catastrophes. Therefore this is best as a fun friendship rather than a match of loving soulmates.

  • Dear Captain,

    I have a deep spiritual connection with a man that has been evolving over the years - it feels a lot like soul mate or twin flame energy - telepathy, lots of synchronicities and deep love and respect for each other. We are so close, yet not in relationship. It's as if he can't see it yet and I know he has some uncertainty about being in relationship again because of a painful marriage he was in that ended years ago. He knows how I feel - I know I want to be in relationship and right now, it feels unfathomable that it would be with anyone but him.

    Me: March 10, 1966

    Him: Nov 15, 1952

  • Leslye, this tends to work easier for friendship than a love relationship. You would find your friend's possessiveness, suspicion and jealousy hard to handle in a more intimate matchup. A struggle for dominance can also ensue, not so much in a personal way but in the realm of ideas, methods, outlook and concept, since you both have very different approaches to life. Your friend is very attentive to detail and likes to control the events that unfold around him while you are much more accepting and diffuse, rolling with the punches and being flexible when confronted by obstacles. Differences like these could lead you two into polemical attacks on each other in almost every area of daily life if you shared it together, causing endless discussions and confrontations. It does give the relationship an edge however, a stimulus without which things would get pretty dull. Thus, your relationship is characterized by a contrast between a sharply divided mental orientation and a unified and comfortable emotional state. Your friend can bring out your more realistic side and a love affair here, although romantic, would be well-grounded. Your sexual connection would be more sensual than passionate, more pleasurable and long-lasting than agonizing and tumultuous. Empathic feelings generally guarantee respect and understanding between you. This might seem to augur well for marriage but your friend is cautious about taking this step, perhaps because he is quite aware of the differences between you and will take his time for a serious consideration of the pros and cons of getting closer, maybe even rejecting the idea altogether.

  • Hello all I am new here....a recent spread I did made me join a forum to ask what the heck this combination means. I did a relationship spread for me and a guy that has recently came back into my life....these are the cards I got....any ideas what all this means??

    relationship situation- King of Wands

    My conscious level-the magician

    on the level of their conscious mind- King of Cups

    My emotional level- The Lovers

    On the Level of their emotions- page of wands

    my behavior or attitude- Two of Cups

    Their outside behavior or attitude- Judgement

    I used raider waite deck. Doesn't two of cups mixed with lovers signal a soulmate relationship or did I just read gibberish?? Pretty new to tarot. Thanks for everyones help and if someone would want to do a reading for me and my relationship with my ex that would be awesome!!!

  • Gypsy06, I can do a compatibility analysis but I need your and your ex's full birthdates. For the tarot card interpretation, you need to post in the Tarot section. Here I do an astrological profile.

  • Thank you Captain for your insight. As friends we are so compatible, it's hard to imagine the level of mental discord you described for me but then, intimate relationship does change everything...

  • Hi Captain! I would like to have a reading. Mine is April 8 1985 an his is July 22, 1967. He's the love of my life and has been in my life for so long. Wanted to know if u see us get married eventually. Thanks!

  • Aprilca, your attraction to this man is because you cannot have him. If you did become intimate, harsh reality would strike and he would quickly lose his charm for you as he is demanding and not the type to stick with one person for long. He has had countless lovers, yet is never satisfied emotionally. You say he's been in your life for a long time but he's really been in and out, off and on. He needs to constantly prove his desirability to different people. And you have a problem yourself with intimacy so a fantasy man is easier for you to desire than a real person. This relationship is good for companionship only - it would be disastrous for a long term intimate relationship such as marriage. This relationship values excitement and danger, and can be adventurous and a lot of fun. But psychological support and deep emotional understanding aren't well developed here so that your relationship tends to get stuck at a relatively superficial level, with neither of you really deeply knowing the other person very well. There is little here to fall back on in times of stress or trouble. This man can get incapacitated by depression and moodiness a lot and there you can be of great support as a friend. You have a hard-working nature and a desire to meet the everyday practical needs of others. But you would have to do double the hard work until your friend's next emotional upswing. This man's delicate ego and inner security which he so desperately needs would also be terribly undercut by your popularity.

  • Hello TheCaptain, a couple of years ago I entered my and my partner's details and received a very accurate reading from you... I also remember you mentioned the book you were consulting so I wonder whether you could tell me the title? Thank you!

  • Actually, I just checked and it turns out I was wrong... you mentioned a book in relation to one's destiny depending on the day of birth. I would like to ask you for a reading again: Me: Dec. 25 1974, him April 15 1983. Cheers for the excellent work and persistence!

  • Snezhana74, this is an extract from "The Secret Language of Relationships" by Gary Goldschneider.

    This relationship may revolve around the investigation of future scenarios and possibilities, including those of a more personal nature, with self-assurance and resolve. Keeping an eye to the future, and all types of prediction, will be important in this combination; both parties are interested in looking ahead, perhaps even in leading others there. You need however to avoid dreaminess and over-optimism, and to remember to focus on the practicalities of the here and now. In a marriage or love relationship here, this man will often see great potential in your more hidden personality, and will seek to draw it out or develop it. Great objectivity and care must be used here, since if your companion gets carried away by his need to be needed by you, he may one day suffer a rude awakening when his beautiful creation comes down off her pedestal and, Pygmalion-like, walks away. Friendship between you may not get very far, since your companion counts on his friends for liveliness and enjoyment, and your moods may be just too unpredictable. You can actually be great fun, but when serious or withdrawn, you don't like to be disturbed. Your privacy must be respected and if your companion does not do so, he may well regret it. Furthermore, although your companion is indeed capable of full commitment, he is put off by the sort of complaining and other forms of negativity which you tend to indulge in. Thus, this is not recommended as a love relationship but is best for a working relationship especially on projects that demand stamina and endurance. You both have tremendous powers of concentration that can enable you to work side-by-side with unflagging purpose.

  • Thank you again Captain Taurus! By the way, have you come across a good source combining Western and Chinese astrology? Have a lovely day everyone!

  • No.

  • Hi The Captain, I was born Nov. 2 1978 central time zone USA and he was born April 13, 1980. You have read for us before early in our relationship. We married, and it was great at first. July 26, 2013 I left him. He became verbally and occasionally physically abusive. But yet I still miss him and I don't understand where we went wrong. I know for a fact he was never this bad with another girl he was with for nearly 8 years, but for some reason our fights would escalate to crazy nonsense. I can't stop thinking about him, and I think he's feeling the same way. As bad as our fights got I've never felt this way about anyone. I'm not sure what I'm digging for. I guess I can't help but hope someday we'll reunite, even if it's in another lifetime. He has a child from a past relationship, and I have two from a prior relationship. Then we had a beautiful baby girl together. But I can't put the kids through this anymore. I miss him so badly though....

  • TAIMA, your ex-partner hated being kept on too tight a leash (which you have a tendency to do) and he also found you a bit dominating. He was not comfortable with the relationship's firestorms and wanted to be free to live as he chose. Needless to say, this does not make him good husband or commitment material. Anger, emotional turmoil, and violence are part of this combination's inevitable problems so even if he came back (which is doubtful), things would be the same as before. You surely cannot be in love with his abusive side. Are you dreaming of him as he COULD be or as he really is?

  • me 7/semptember/1991 he 13/10/1992 are we compatibile enough?

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